Tinted Zinco Cream, cleansing and weird rosacea skin

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From:  “Linda Sy MD”
Date:  Fri Jun 2, 2000  12:06 am
Subject:  Re: Zinco Cream

Hi Chris,

The ZincO Cream is not comedogenic. As a matter of fact, for some, it dries up acneiform papules. Why are you breaking out then? There are several possibilities:

  1. Rosaceans have sebaceous glands that behave in a strange fashion (that’s the best I can describe them).
  2. When you start applying several layers of stuff on your skin, these glands may “act up” in the course of days, especially on the chin area (a common area for breakouts due to preponderance of sebaceous glands).
  3. Rosaceans are afraid to wash their faces adequately for obvious reasons. Many have sensitive skin that feels dry or gets irritated by more effective soaps/cleansing products. Therefore, they opt for cleansing products that are soothing but will not cleanse the skin properly, leaving residues that over time, accumulate. Others just wash their faces by splashing water umpteen times – not harmful, but in my opinion, a process that will not do enough, not to mention a thorough job.  Try splashing water on a dirty, greasy plate and see if you can clean it without the help of sudsy soap or detergent.
  4. As the weather warms up, higher temperature makes it conducive for the skin’s resident microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, saprophytes etc) to propagate in this milieu of sweat, oil, unexfoliated stratum corneum (dead skin cells), dirt and product residues. As you know, microorganisms play a role in rosaceans with acneiform component. Inadequate cleansing coupled with microorganism, in my opinion, may be a reason for breakouts.

What can you do to prevent this? Here are some suggestions;

  1. Take great care to cleanse your face gently, carefully and effectively at least once a day with soap or cleanser and water – end of the day is a good time. Your skin will feel tight and dry after washing (this is an expected natural event). Apply Vita-oil immediately. If this is not adequate, add a moisturizing lotion. I am sure that you will be asking: what soap or cleanser? I have been recommending our Soap for Dry Skin. However, just like the ZincO, it works for some but not for everyone. Perhaps my next project with the rosacea group, is to develop a friendly cleansing product for rosaceans?
  2. If your skin can tolerate it, use a beta-hydroxy acid exfoliant (this works better than alpha hydroxy acid for many rosaceans).  Again, use only in the evenings after moisturizing and only as needed. 3.  Spot treat acneiform lesions with topical anti-microbial. You can ask you derm for a rx or you can use OTC products with sulfur or antiseptic. We do carry a controversial product called Acne Oil Control Gel that will do jobs
    # 2 & 3.
  3. AOCG contains salicylic acid (beta hydroxy exfoliant, anti-inflammatory), alcohol (the reason for controversy – it dissolves oil, kills microorganisms without causing resistance) and a moisturizing hydrogel. Topical alcohol by itself, is not good for rosaceans (and for most people, for that matter). It is irritating and drying . However, one ingredient does not a product make. Efficacy depends on the whole formulation as well as on one’s individual skin and sensitivity/tolerance. I recommend this product only to rosaceans with oily acne prone skin, seborrheic dermatitis and earlier stage rosacea. As I get to know this condition more, I am beginning to postulate that rosacea may not be a primary skin condition but may in fact be a secondary condition; an end-result to many various etiologic factors. Should you venture to try AOCG, I suggest that you use it for spot treatment and only when your skin requires it.
  4. If your skin is in the advanced rosacea stage and cannot tolerate all of the above, then my suggestion is that you apply ZincO alone your chin without Vita-Oil or anything else and see what happens.  Chris, your most challenging question raised an important issue that should be addressed to rosaceans. In the interest of time, I hope you don’t mind if I forward this message to the rosacea support group. I have a feeling this message will raise !?

Linda Sy M.D.
Linda Sy Skin Care

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From: “Chris ”
Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2000 8:02 AM
Subject: Zinco Ointment

Hello Dr. Sy

I have been applying my metrocream and Nizoral ointment after Vita Oil twice daily now for a few months and my nose is much paler now. I’m very pleased. However, I have just begun using the tinted Zinco and I have had breakouts on my chin on two occasions. I suspect it is acne. Is the zinco supposed to be a non-comedogenic product or are these breakouts caused by something else?

Thanks for your help


Note: Tinted ZincO Cream is no longer available from Linda Sy, but is available from RosaceaCare.

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