Zinc Sulfate Trial Underway

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A recently published paper Oral zinc sulfate in the treatment of rosacea: a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, (Int J Dermatol. 2006 Jul;45(7):857-61) concluded that “Zinc sulfate was found to be a good option in the treatment of rosacea, as it was safe, effective and lacking important side-effects.” (Interestingly, this trial was from patients who attended the outpatient Clinic of Dermatology and Venereology at Baghdad Teaching Hospital between October 2002 and August 2004).

A Clinical Trial is now recruiting up to 80 participants to  `determine whether oral Zinc Sulfate treatment is an effective treatment for facial rosacea.’

From Zinc Sulfate in the Treatment of Rosacea: A Randomized, Controlled Trial :

Zinc has been found to be effective in managing several dermatological conditions, especaily acne. It has also been found to be of benefit in dermatological conditions such as viral warts and cutaneous leishmaniasis.

No studies have been published on the use of Zinc in the treatment of rosacea. This will be a prospective, double blind, randomized, controlled trial, comparing the effects of supplemental and placebo on the severity of rosacea. Enrolled subjects will be assigned to one of two study arms.

Be sure to visit the Clinical Trial page for links to the impressive publication listing of research related to zinc, zinc sulfate, acne and other skin conditions.

Oral Zinc Salts, such as zinc sulfate were listed recently as an up and coming acne treatment.

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