Zilxi Coupon – pay just $35

If you have commercial health insurance, but that insurance does not cover the full cost of your prescription for Zilxi, then this coupon will enable you to pay as little as $35 to fill the prescription.

Unfortunately if you getting access to Zilxi via a state or federal funded healthcare program (Medicare, Medigap, Medicaid, TRICARE and others) then this coupon is not for you.

You must already have a prescription for Zilxi and present this card to pharmacist at the time that it is dispensed to you. You can use the Zilxi coupon for up to 12 prescription dispenses.

Full Terms and Conditions

There is a lot of fine print, sadly. See here for all the gory details.

OK, I’m in, where do I go?

If this applies to you head to Zilxi Coupon Get Started to download a PDF file that contains your unique ID#. That is all, just keep that PDF and take it with you to the pharmacy.

Rosacea Coupons

All manufacturers of rosacea prescriptions have coupons or promotions. Some come and go over time. See Rosacea Coupons for links to all of the known rosacea prescription promotions.

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