You are not alone – brave #RosaceaNoFilter sufferers post selfies online

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The annual rosacea awareness month is underway. Most of what happens during the month is barely worth highlighting, but this is different. Rosacea sufferers have been encouraged to post a makeup free, instagram filter free picture of their symptoms. The photos have been posted under the hashtag #RosaceaNoFilter.

Here are some pictures of fellow rosacea sufferers. You are not alone. I hope you find a fellow kindred sufferer here that you can identify with. Double thumbs up for those brave enough to post a picture.

You will need to visit the web page at to see the instagram images load. Visit You are not alone – brave #RosaceaNoFilter sufferers post selfies online.

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13 Reader Comments

  1. comment via email.

    “I just wish some of the creams like Finacea and meds like Oracea weren’t so expensive. You finally find something that helps and they are to expensive to get and insurance companies will not cover them for you….that is why you get insurance!”

    • JimR says:

      David I use the 1% injectable Ivermectin. It is liquid and the same concentration as Finacea and cost less than $30 at Amazon. It works for me
      Here is a link to it on Amazon

      • JimR says:

        Oh, I do not inject the Ivermectin. I apply the liquid to my face and neck when I start to see the bumps and they go away after a few days.

        • Maria L says:

          Brave and beautiful women. Courageous. Jim, the soolantra works well for me tho I’m still struggling. I’d like to use this product but am a bit hesitant. Please explain what you did when you first used it to make sure you didn’t react to any other ingredients in it. Thanks so much!

        • I would love to know how this works! I was just diagnosed and I’m at my wits end with these giant red bumps that a dermatologist can’t seem to help! Any info from you folks with knowledge would help. I was prescribed Metrogel and my face blew up worse. Still taking doxycycline but wake up daily with more gross bumps.

      • I checked on this and realized it is meant for animals?? Well, I just got my rosacea diagnosis less than a month ago and it has gone from a few tiny bumps to covering my own tire face on giant red disgusting things.

  2. barbarelli says:

    you are all so amazing to show your photos . thank you i’m not so brave to post mine We are very fortunate here in the UK to have our NHS & can obtain a ‘script for abut £9 per item .but we all pay in to it as soon as we start working . I find the Bioderma range help me to cover it and help with the pain of it . i never even stay at home without wearing my AR BB cream . I wish someone would find a permanent ‘cure’.. .

  3. mj says:

    Brave begets brave. I don’t know how to do selfies or however one says it; but you have made me brave enough to write here. Have had R for many, many years starting with the usual red cheeks that got redder and redder. Stress is my dragon. I do not think I’ll ever tame it, for I’ve tried to no avail. Please know I’m one of you and I certainly am proud of your sincere beauty.

  4. says:

    Dear all,

    you are all so bold, to show your selfies on this platform.
    I am a german woman, 53 years old and for me it works mineral powder from La Roche Posay to cover my skin.
    First I take Soolantra, and after it the emulsion antirougeur from Avène and finally the powder.
    It’s excellent for me.
    I always had pustles on my head and I use “Teebaumöl-Shampoo from Swiss-o-par.
    So the terrible itch ended fortunately 🙂

    May greetings

  5. says:

    ….and by the way: This forum is gratefully! My compliments for David and all the other poeple, who post their comments here. Very helpfully. There isn’t such kind of forum in Germany for Rosacea.


  6. Rebeca says:

    I have been using the cleanser for sensitive skin from Derma E twice a day, it has helped a lot with the redness and the bumps

  7. Sandra Hall says:

    I’m in the USA and I urge all of you to watch Dr Dray’s YouTube vlogs on Rosacea. She is a dermatologist in Texas and is an excellent source for information and tips. Since simplifying my skincare routine and…this is vital…healing my depleted moisture barrier, my skin has improved immensely. I’m so pleased that I don’t have to miss going places or avoiding social situations because of my embarrassing and painful skin condition. Not perfect, but almost.

  8. Julie says:

    I’m allergic to fragrance. If you have not had an allergy test to test whether you are allergic to products or other chemicals, you should maybe have your dermatologist test you for theses allergies. I was diagnosed with rosacea, tried all kinds of treatments, doxycycline, different creams, etc. I kept noticing that I would break out with no rhyme or reason. I kept thinking to myself it is like I’m allergic to something. So I went on a mission to try to figure out what was causing my “triggers” of Rosacea. I did food and outside allergy test. I stopped dairy, nuts, etc. Nothing food wise helped. So finally I did the testing for allergic to products. Amazingly found out I was allergic to fragrance. Fragrance is in everything. The first change I made was mascara I was almost out and got a fragrance free mascara. Miracle my eyes were not watery or irritated or inflamed. Changed laundry detergents, all cosmetics, etc that are fragrance free. No symptoms of rosacea. I’m not sure I ever had rosacea but maybe “chemically rosacea”. Maybe this will help someone.

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