What is the best Rosacea Cream?

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If you are new to rosacea you might be hoping that rosacea will go away with just a quick treatment with some cream from the doctor.

Sadly what you can expect from a rosacea cream is likely to only modest relief. If only rosacea was the sort of condition that just required a cream that comes in a sexy looking tube from your local pharmacy!

Strictly speaking a cream is an emulsion, often with mineral oil, designed to make a treatment smooth and easy to apply. This would restrict rosacea creams to Metrocream, Finacea and Noritate.


Metrocream is the cream based formulation of metronidazole 0.75%.

Metrocream does not seem to currently be available.

The market leader for metronidazole is Metrogel 1%. Metrogel 1% is a topical gel that is said to be a formula that “that combines three ingredients that together improve how the METROGEL 1% solution works on your skin, enhancing absorption of the active ingredient, metronidazole, while also helping to retain your skin’s natural moisture. There is no generic equivalent for METROGEL 1%.”


Finacea is a cream that contains azelaic acid 15%. Finacea has been extensively trialed as a rosacea treatment and does generally offer relief from the papules and pustules of rosacea.


Noritate is 1% Metrondizaole Cream from Dermik. Not commonly prescribed for rosacea sufferers it seems.

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  1. Christian Honey says:

    Hi there,

    I just want to share my experience with a creme called ProSkin Rosacea. It’s from a small manufacture (ProSkin) in London who apparently only use well known skin-supporting substances to blend their creme. The Rosacea creme contains Aloe Vera (which on its own helps my rosacea a lot), Tea Tree Oil (works against mites) and Calendula (dont know what it does) and a few other things.

    This creme is the first that helped me massively with the Rosacea symptoms almost completely gone (no papules/pustules and almost normal color) as long as I use it. When I stop for about a week the full symptoms come back but my aim is to keep the inflammation down to avoid rhinophyma or how its called.



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