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An interesting looking patent application proposing a water based sunscreen for rosacea sufferers has surfaced at the USPTO. Many rosacea sufferers will know the trauma of finding a sunscreen that is gentle enough to not cause a bad reaction and effective enough to protect from the harm of the sun.

For me the sun has always been my worst trigger. Certainly physical sunscreens such as those based on zinc oxide have been immensely helpful to me. Having another option of a gentle sunscreen sounds like a win for all rosacea sufferers.

This patent application is proposing a sunscreen that is not waterproof, so would need to be re-applied regularly. The patent application, which actually reads in part like a product announcement, suggests that in dry conditions protection will be effective for about 2 hours per application of this proposed product.

Composition of a Water-Soluble Sunscreen Preparation for Acne Rosacea, 20090202460, Nieuwenhuijsen; Bart.

The object of the invention is to provide a topical preparation for (acne) rosacea and other sensitive skin types that protects the face from harmful UV rays without the use of chemical sunscreen ingredients. It has long been found that chemical sunscreen ingredients (most popular are oxybenzone and avobenzone) can cause an increase of rosacea symptoms (flushing, erythema, papules) (Nedorost (2003) and Landers et al., 2003). Furthermore, typical waterproof sunscreen preparations also contain various forms of silicones that are used to increase the hydrophobicity of the sunscreen. These waterproof sunscreen preparations impair the release of heat from the skin. The combination of this "trapped heat" and a sensitivity to chemical sunscreen ingredients, is harmful to rosacea skin. Therefore, a sunscreen preparation that is water-soluble and uses alternative UV absorbing and UV scattering ingredients would be very useful in protecting rosacea skin from harmful UV rays.

Claim 1) describes the formulation, including an extract from a woody climbing shrub native to west and central Africa known as Griffonia simplicifolia. The amino acid 5-HTP is one of the building blocks to the neurotransmitter serotonin. Histidine and N-AcetyL-Tyrosine are also amino acids.

1) … The formulation is comprised of titanium dioxide to reflect harmful UV rays and a blend of UV absorbing amino acids, 5-Hydroxy-Tryptophan (from Griffonia simplicifolia extract), Histidine and N-AcetyL-Tyrosine in a gel base.

The Griffonia simplicifolia extract is slightly brown in color, which can offset the white appearance of the Titanium Dioxide.

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    I’ll have to be on the look out for this, sounds great!

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