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From: rvanstock
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 00:41:33

Hi Group:

I see a lot of questions that come up about hydrocortisone and experiences with accutane and redness etc. I have learned a lot since my experience with a strong glycolic acid peel that caused my first outbreak of rosacea. I hope by writing my experience it will help someone stay away from these products or help anyone in any way who thinking of using glycolic acid or AHA. I mentioned a little about my experience since I joined this group a couple of weeks ago. But for the sake of possibly saving others and from going through what I have (which ultimately lead to my rosacea) I thought I would write about what happened to me.

I guess it started from vanity. At 34 many people told me I looked everything from 18-26 but mostly 22. Seeing many of my friends starting to show signs of aging, I felt it just may be a matter of time for mine to show as well and I read a book called the Youth Corridor by a plastic surgeon who states 30% glycolic acid peels in your 30’s causes fresh new skin to surface and continuously stay youthful and keeps you a “jump ahead” on aging. It says to start before you see signs of aging otherwise it is not soon enough. Since I had none of the signs he listed, I patted myself on the back for reading this book just in time (yeah right) and scheduled an appointment with a dermo for these peels (my first mistake). This doctor asked if I had any sensitivities and I said none. I use basically anything on my face including moisturizers daily with AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) and had regular facials with stronger AHA’s used and never had a reaction. He had me start on 13% glycolic acid before bed each night. Wow this seemed a little strong but I thought he’s the doctor, right, he must know what he is doing (not). Within a week on nighttime usage I didn’t like the way my skin looked it was dry and shiny looking and very pale yet a slight burning. I complained and my dermo said that is normal then gave me my first (in a what was supposed to be a series of six) 30% peel for 30 seconds. I didn’t notice any adverse reaction. But then a couple weeks later of using 13% on my face each night I developed a light pinkness and slight burning sensation. My dermo said this meant it was too strong for me yet had his staff give me another 30% peel for 1 minute. This really burned and I couldn’t wait to wash it off. By the next morning I was welted up red and peeling terribly (perhaps my first severe rosacea outbreak?). When I called my doctor frantic, he prescribed what I learned later was the worst thing he could of for the redness and peeling…. HYDROCORTISONE. Suddenly after that peel I could use nothing on my face without irritation. No sunscreens (which are absolutely necessary post peel which my doctor forgot to mention and since it was summer I needed it on at all times), no moisturizer to help the extreme dryness, nothing.

Of course, I related this sensitivity to the peel since I had none before the peel and spoke with a few women online with severe sensitivies who said it took over a year to go away. I tried seven different dermos who all told me it would all go away in a couple months. My skin looked shiny and burned but interestingly was pasty white after the redness went away. I used Desowen lotion as often as possible (as my first dermo told me) to help the constant burning sensation. I did this for a couple months. Now I’ve learned a peel thins your skin and so does hydrocortisone longterm (Hello, what was he thinking!). Does anyone think I may have a good lawsuit?

For the first time I started to see signs of aging… thin, sensitive delicate skin with fine lines around my eyes. The peel is supposed to stimulate skin thickening and I was never able to get that far. To worsen matters I was prescribed several things to combat my new severe cause of acne, bencymicin, differin, retin A, azalex, clindamycin (which was the gentliest) and Klaron. All irritated my skin and caused it to peel. I even tried internal steriods prednisone for two weeks and all sorts of allergy meds. I had allergy testing done, you name it. In my search for others like me, I found this is a very common problem after a peel. Ok, so I attributed these things to temporary peel sensitivity, just like everyone else who had a bad reaction to a strong peel, right. I couldn’t, wouldn’t believe it was rosacea, I didnt have this red sensitive skin before the peel. So I waited, and waited, and waited for it to GO AWAY. When the white pasty skin went away 3 months I got red welts to which I applied more hydrocortisone. I complained to my new dermo and he gave me a different hydrocortisone to use. I stopped after two tries when I learned myself hydrocortisone is a no-no. I now had become sensitive to the things that initially made me feel better. Go figure.

In the meantime I researched a lot about skin products, etc. While I missed much work and hardly went out because I thought I looked hideous. I kept getting worse and finally one dermo said she thought I had developed rosacea to which I was predisposed but brought on by the peel, worsed by all the irritating products I was using, then further aggravated by steroid usage. I didn’t believe this at first but the more I research rosacea the more it sounded like all my symptoms.

So six months later my skin looked worse then ever. I was severely depressed, had lost 15 lbs and rarely went out. I now had a psychiatrist, was on antidepressants and constantly stressed (thus making rosacea worse). Oh by the way did I mention a month after the peel, I was so stressed I was diagnosed with colitis? I blamed myself for bringing this on for vanity and I caused the very thing I was trying to put off…aging! Ugh!

Now my skin has many fine lines and seems to be aging before my eyes. My skin aged 10 years almost overnight. And now I had developed rosacea whose irritation only made me look worse. I desperately search for products to use and also still hope I can use some anti aging products but the constant seb derm and redness and peeling remind me I may never be able to again. What did I do?!

Now what I have learned…. So much I feel I sometimes know more than my dermo’s. I have learned so much about cosmetics and skin peels, ph and acid, good cosmetics and bad cosmetics . Ironically, I should have done that research first. Anyway finding this website with all of you has helped me greatly with rosacea questions. I know we are all different but all these theories help to put some perspective on my own condition. I know now that I was playing with fire. I did the peel, caused irritation and somehow always thought this was exacerbated by my stomach problems. Now I know from many of you this is a big link. Colitis is a inflammation of the intestines (sounds close to leaky gut syndrome, interesting).

Another interesting connection… A lot of you talk about a weakened immune system. My rosacea symptoms were mostly related to products applied to my face which caused flare ups. But in December six months post peel for the first time I started having rosacea flare ups for now reason. This was right after I had a bout with strep throat and bronchitis. I took Zithromax for it. Then prednisone for two weeks to again combat redness which I didn’t know was rosacea. A vicious cycle.

Since then I live with rosacea every day not just occasionally when I try a new product. Some days are better than others. Some days I flare for no known reason. I did everything the same yet all red and welty. Everything triggers it…sun, wind, cold, cosmetics, alcohol, emotions. I havent yet figured out any food triggers. But since my stress level has calmed so has my redness in just the last two weeks. Perhaps acceptance… I noticed since I have joined this group I am less red. Or maybe its all of your tips!

I learned my lesson but it was a hard one to swallow. Now for vanity, I must suffer with this frustrating disease probably the rest of my life. Wouldn’t a time machine be great right now?
Thanks for listening for all of you who have made it this far without nodding off. I thank all of you for putting up with this long email. I too just get very frustrated some days with not knowing how to heal it.

Hope this experience will help someone. I am so happy I found this group to help me cope. It lead me to Dr Sy whose Zinco is the first sunscreen I can use in over one year. And for that I am very grateful! I am starting to get back my life by going outdoors.

Renee 🙂

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69 Reader Comments

  1. Jon says:

    I am a man 45, have rosacea for 20 years or more. My dermatologist has me on Finacea, have been using it for a number of years and its the only thing that keeps it under control. He recently put me on a 4.7% glycolic acid face wash twice daily, so far I think it has made my skin look much better. I work out and sweat heavily 5 days per week wich can wreak havoc with rosacea, the glycolic acid has cut down a lot of the blotchyness on my cheeks and has reduced some of the redness on my neck where I shave…so far so good.

    One other thing I will mention, not sure if any of the products mentioned thus far have sunblock in them. I found myself becoming allergic to zinc oxide sun block, this stuff caused me to have some of the issues decribed such as redness, peeling and burning. Took a while to figure it out. Just an FYI.

  2. Shelby says:

    Yes, when the face is irritated anything can cause it to get more irritated and even induce an allergy, including sunscreens. Like I said the first month and a half, I made my face so much worse by applying cetaphil, sunscreens, vinegar. INstead of sunscree, I use a pull up sock from coolibar, it actually looks pretty trendy.

    I wash my face with water. My face is starting to really heal itself, two months of doing this. The derm. says if you take care of your face like a baby it will still take you almost two years for complete skin healing.

    I am suprised that you can use any acid on your face; but awesome that you can see some improvement.

    • shelby says:

      I just want to update you all. That I have been confirmed as having something called Neurogenic Rosacea from Doctors at UCSF and Stanford. Although they call it this, it is most likely a bit different from rosacea. It seems that a nerve was hurt when the lady performed an ultrasonic facial on me 3 years ago, and since the whole sensory nerves have gone haywire. The doctors say this happens a lot with people who have rosacea or are prone to rosacea and have a minor procedure done. Best advice, is don’t put anything on your skin and take an antideppresant at night. Worst thing I have done was get the v beam laser and try finacea. Vbeam caused textural changes and my face swelled up for 6 weeks. Finacea just made things worse. This is a pain syndrome; if anyone has Neurogenic rosacea and needs help fining a doctor or maybe you can help me with what you have tried, please respond..

      • Ash says:

        I too have been recently diagnosed with Neurogenic Rosacea by doctors at UCSF. I have found that I can use very little on my skin and that any increase in temperature can cause a flare. Redness is all over my face and my skin has become rough which has led to an increase in anxiety. Anxiety also makes me flare up is this can create a cycle of flares with little to no relief. They said treatment for this would be with Cymbalta. I have not started it as of yet but will do so soon. What treatment did they put you on to ease the pain, burning, and redness? Hoping we can both heal as time goes on.

        • vignette says:

          Worse thing I ever did was get a vbeam after the onset and the use of azaleic acid really did me in again. So Timothery Berger at UCSF knows the most about this thing. I take doxepin at night 20 mg. he put me on minocycline, which is an antibiotic to calm inflammation and a lidocaine topical. If that doesn’t work I go to a pain doctor, which I should have done 2 years ago. How long have you had this for? I have had it about 2.5 years. 6 months ago, I started to get really bad exaggerated muscle soreness after working out, so I guess the research shows that it causes fibromyalgia as well. He thinks I am healing.. I think that it has gone from being sympathetically maintained to Centeral nervous system maintained. This is the worst thing I think people can get. I have three beauitul boys, and have a hard time dealing. I have really a wonderful life.. and even then ever ytime I take a walk at night.. I think should I just end it.. Have you done anything that caused your symptoms to worsen.. I regret the vbeam sooooo much, because it was like starting over again,,

          • shelby says:

            Vignette is me shelby

          • Ash says:

            About 16 months ago I did fertility treatments that sent my body into a downward spiral. My skin became very dry and irritated with lots of pimples on my forehead and cheeks. I have scars now from that time. After the treatments didn’t work I noticed how dry my skin was and so I went to a derm a he said it was dehyrated so I changed skin care products and did a hydration treatment which helped a little but not much. The pimples began to flare up again and so the derm gave me some topical a to help and recommended that I do a light peel to exfoliate all of my dead skin build up. Skin looked good for about three weeks and then the pimples came back full force with some more dryness and now some really red spots too. Derm then said maybe not acne after all but likely Rosacea and so began the topical merry go round and everything I tried only made it worse. Then on to antibiotics which helped a little but not much. Things seemed to get better, then four months ago my hormones went crazy so we tried to regulate that to see if it would improve the skin as well, but WOW did it do the opposite. The birth control they prescribed set of my Rosacea big time and I have been red ever since. Now my oil production is worse and my pores seemed to have all grown in size. I look and feel awful. The burning is horrible! Finally looked up UCSF and found a derm up there. Within a few minutes she told me about Neurogenic Rosacea and sent me on my way with cymbalta and a lotion. Lotion made skin worse and cymbalta – just started that. Not sure if it will help but I need to get this to stop its progression. My face is now starting to swell every morning and I am worried about the swelling leaving my nose permanently enlarged. I told my husband I feel that I look like a monster and I have more wrinkles on top of all of it. I just want this to stop – I need it to heal because this is no way to live.

  3. Janet says:

    I no longer believe any professional when they tell me something can’t be cured. Sorry, no it won’t be cured but it definitely can be controlled. I got rid of my hair loss/dermatitis/rosacea through diet and cleansing habits. Cleansing habits are huge. I use Dr. Bronner’s bar soap to wash, followed by coconut oil and when needed for a blemish or reddening I use Penaten (diaper rash cream). My personal diet no’s are alcohol (wine specifically because of sulphites), sulphites (topically or ingested), chicken, dairy, high carbs, gluten and grapefruit. I no longer use any medications at all and the diet changes cleared most of my arthritis. SLS is a huge irritant for me and many others I suspect and it’s everywhere – shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes, soaps, moisturizers.

  4. Julia says:

    I’ve been doing an at-home 30% glycolic acid peel once a week, along with using a retinol every night, and have experienced no ill effects. I think your doctor overdid it and burned through too much skin too fast. On another note, I had several peels done at my dermatologists office to get rid of some acne scarring when I was 19 or so, and he was very careful with me, never did a peel close to a previous one (only once a week, tops), and I did have some peeling (which is expected), but no lasting effects other than my scarring being completely disappeared and my skin looking amazing.

  5. jjj says:

    Have you tried products from La Roche Posay?
    I have acne from hormone imbalances (brought on to myself from years of using birthcontrol). Like you, used too many products and now trying to let my skin heal. I highly recommend the Spring Water. Sounds stupid to buy it, but the Selenium in it really calms my skin… I also like their Tolerian Fluid moisturizer (and Toleriane ultra if it REALLY dry, but can get goopey). The toleriane foam wash is good but maybe too stripping so I mostly just wash with water. I have tried their sunscreens and a lot of other products but I wouldnt recommend. However I would highly recommend the Spring water. It is miraculous.

    • ANNA says:

      I also have calmed my acne rosacea by using this water. it hasn’t cured it, but makes it much less angry and sore. I always have it with me.

  6. Lauren says:

    The same exact thing happend to me. I could not even take a shower hot or cold did not matter. Breakout in hives everytime I washed face. Did not leave the house at all. Its been a year and a half since the peel. I still have sensitive dry skin with cytic acne breakouts and scars in which i did not have at all before peel. What helped me most was running! It helped calm my anxiety and stopped my face from flushing out of nowhere. Eating healthy. What helped the dryness ance was 10 percent alpha hydroxy lotion and cerve moisturizer.

  7. Lauren says:

    Did you find anything that helped your skin out?

  8. Sarai lopez says:

    Wow I am a master esthetician and just amazed with what you went through. I know rosacea is a hard one to deal with try using a cold compress on your face when you get flare ups. Doctor peels are a lot stronger than what an esthetician can do. I do know you can do chemical peels on people with rosacea you just gotta know what to do and I do know a lot of people don’t understand much about rosacea so many are not willing to attempt it. I’m sorry you had to go through all of that but glad that you have put this on here for many to read.

  9. Paul says:

    I am a 23 year old male who resonates so much with so many of these comments above. I became incredibly stressed my senior year of college and my acne reached the point where my only option was accutane. The treatment has left my face incredibly damaged and now I suffer from severe rosacea even though I’ve done several v-beam treatments and am treated by a top ranked dermatologist.

    I’ve been dealing with my flushing for about 9 months now. Some days its non-existent and some days it’s absolutely unbearable. I’m starting to face the reality that this may be permanent and don’t know how to deal with it. I feel nauseated as I write this. 80% of my mind at work is focused on my face and either how red it is or how I don’t want the stress of my work to trigger it. I also feel undateable and really am just at a loss to envision what a good and normal life could possibly look like given my condition. I feel so weak.

    Any advice on emotionally and mentally dealing with this would be really appreciated. Thank you.

  10. cyndi says:

    Does anyone have a favorite makeup that has no sunscreen? I have a patch that
    is dry and makeup tends to make it worse and look cakey. So far I found Covergirl Regular
    sooths my I like Makeup Forever HD but it can be yellowey. It is hard to cover a dry patch
    that keeps coming back. I am glad I never put TCA on it because I had a TCA peel years
    ago and that may have been the cause to begin with! I just know I can’t use makeup with
    any sunscreen because I get cystic acne from it.

  11. Shelby says:

    So I have been been on doxepin for awhile. It makes you very tired. I take it at night. I use toleraine to wash my face, it is expensive, but literally the only thing that is gentle enough. And I have tried everything,believe me. You can get it at cvs in the expensive section. I don’t put sunscreen on. I have tried and it makes it worse. My skin needs to breathe. I use a hat and sunglasses, I think a little bit of sun helps my face. I was just prescribed lidocaine cream and minocucline last week. My skin actually starts itching with the lidocaine cream, if you can believe it. You sound like you really have neurogenic rosacea. Mine is more like a complex regional pain syndrome. I had a red burning circular area on my skin when this first stared that spread all over my face and on my scalp. I can only wash my hair a couple times a week with Burt bees. The doxepin will help with the anxiety. Don’t be surprised if you get something like a fibromylagia, it happens to most people with this at about the 2 to 3 year mark. I was also given gabapentin at the beginning, this might help you. I have a hard time taking prescription meds, because that causes me more anxiety. I hear gabapentin and doxepin or cymbalta combined will help. Best of luck.. And next time you got to ucsf try seeing dr. Berger he has written the research on this’s, he knows the most. I am 37 by the way..let me know how the cymbalta goes.one more thing. They say the early you start treatment the better chance you have at recovery.

    • Ash says:

      Thank you so much for talking with me Shelby. I am 34 and truly scared that life as I know it is over. My skin is really intolerant to heat and humidity which makes summer really rough and I LOVE summer so it’s been tough. I may try the tolerainne wash – it sound nice. I recently added a bit of hyralonic acid to help hydrate my skin because it was painfully dry and the more dry it became the more oil my skin seemed to produce which really irritated my skin. I am tolerating it ok. They switched me to metrocream for my cheek area and want me to try an ulta sunscreen but sunscreens usually irritate my skin. Have you looked in to the Zinco everyone talks about? I am tempted to try it. Metrocream is ok but seems to make me break out with bigger zits on my nose. Still have not started cymbalta – it is such a scary drug. Will start after the next appointment. They are easing my into treatment. Did you have any further flushing or redness when you started your medicine? Also, do you notice it’s worse after you take a shower? It seems that whether I shower warm or cold, my skin freaks out for about an hour after. Also, does your skin peel and flake? That symptom is really getting annoying. I hope recovery is still an option for me, but keeping up my hope is getting harder as time goes on. How are you doing?

  12. shelby says:

    I was prescribed Prozac about a year ago. I just started taking it a week ago because I was too scared, and I think it is really helping, if you can believe it. I can barely believe it. I have an appointment with a pain doctor tomorrow, to talk about doing a block. I have rough scaley red skin that tingles, burns or becomes numb. I wish I had started taking the medicine I was prescribed right away, but I was too scared and also in denial. it took me going back to Stanford two more times and UCSF for me to finally get it in my head that I have neuropathy. I went against my doctor at STanford and got the VBEAM and that really made the texture of my face awful and my symptoms became much worse for three weeks, I think you should take the Cymbalta. Because I have had pain in my face so long that it has sensitized my central nervous system and I have like a fibromyalgia now. I cannot believe that the Prozac has worked so well in a week, but it has. my skin still looks terrible, but I don’t mentally notice the pain. How long did you say yu had this for? I have had it for 2.5 years. It literally wrecked my life..I cannot concentrate on anything but my face.. Let’s keep in touch, I will let you know what happens at the pain doctor tomorrow,

  13. shelby says:

    it looks like the next step for me is going to be a ketamine infusion. it was approved by the pain doctor today. I would say don’t put any sunscreen on your face. Get a good hat. the toleraine has only a few ingredients and is very gentle and washes off. sunscreen even the zinc type would not allow my face to breathe and my face would get hot and hurt. I want to say that if you have neuropathic rosacea. it is not really a subtype of rosacea, it is a subtype of complex regional pain syndrome, it usually starts after a minor injury or burn of a the nerves in your skin or like an irritant dermatitis. it took me a long time to get over that it wasn’t really rosacea.. rosacea just means red face but doesn’t address the underlying mechanisms..

    • Ash says:

      I did not realize that it could be connected to a pain syndrome. I have had fibro for ten years and did not think about a connection between the two. All I want is to get my skin settled down so it doesn’t hurt so bad and so I can tolerate warmth again. Even my hair around my face can make it go from red to super deep red. Good days are getting harder and harder to come by. What is a ketamine infusion and did you get it done at UCSF? Is your face red or is it only painful with little redness? Sometimes I hurt really badly but can’t see too much redness and other times little pain but lots of redness. My redness seems to be a little more permanent – hope I can still make it go away. Oh are you feeling now?

  14. Ash says:

    Sorry for the typo. I meant to type how are you doing now. Are things feeling and looking better?

  15. Lauren says:

    I feel that this is exactly what happened to me. It does get better. Don’t give up hope. I could not take a shower without my face hurting, turning red and itching. I couldn’t use any moisturizer. My face would peel like crazy. When getting out of the shower I would see my face full of dead skin, break out in like hives. I would rub my face and would come off like a sunburn peel, very thick. I got cystic acne and scars. I tried many things. My face got this way from getting a bad chemical peel. I was so stressed about how my face looked that I stayed in my house for a year. Anything I needed my family would get for me. What made me come out was my Uncle who was diagnosed with colon cancer. He made me see and realize what I was doing was wrong. He’s here fighting for his life and I’m here not living because I’m depressed about my face.

    What helped my face stop from hurting, itching and turning red out nowhere like a hot flash:

    1. ACCEPT how your face looks right now (will get better with time) and stop thinking how your face looked before we damaged our skin. STRESS makes it worse. I can’t say that enough.

    2. Alpha hydroxy glycolic acid 10% lotion, Purpose Johnson and Johnson gentle cleanser
    -I use only bottled water to wash face (saving up for filter to put under sink)
    -mornings just clean face with water and applied the lotion.
    -only cleansed face with purpose at night before going to bed and applied lotion
    -did this routine for about 4 months. I stopped using lotion because hated how it tightened my skin and sometimes would leave skin dry, turn red and still get cystic acne( in which the chemical gave me as well). But this lotion did help me because it brought my symptoms down. Lesser redness, cystic acne and dead skin.

    3. Then I switched lotions. Cerave renewing SA lotion instead. Still same routine as the first except new lotion. Symptoms I only had was that I was still getting cystic acne but pain and redness gone except for the red scars from cystic acne. I used this routine for like 2months.

    4. I take a shower every other day with warm/cool water (more on the cooler side). NO HOT. I also put a Paragon shower head filter in my shower as well from Home Depot.

    5. What I do now which I believe this is going really well for me: I wash my face with water first, do not dry face, then rub jojoba oil (7or more drops) for about a good 3minutes. Splash a little bit of water on to face( I poke a hole on the top of the water bottle and squirt the water), dab face dry just enough to take off water. And for night same thing but you cleanse with Purpose cleanser first. This drastically helped with cystic acne. My pain and redness been gone since I’ve been stressing less and around the times was using the Cerave routine.

    I felt that the other routines before helped contribute to healing my skin. Because I can tell you right now oil would not do for my face 6months ago. It would leave my skin red and dry. But I would like you guys to go straight to the oil routine. Try it for awhile and see how it works for you. If not go through the routines how I did.

    PLEASE believe me when i say that stress is the #1 problem from us healing. Everything is going to be fine. It’s going to take time and lots of patience. Bless you guys.

    I am 24 years old and this September coming up would be the 2nd year mark from that horrible chemical peel.

  16. shelby says:

    well mine started out as the skin problem first, that morphed into fibro. If you look up complex regional pain syndrome, neurogenic rosacea is related to that. I will see the facial pain doctor on the 29th, but I think I will be getting the ketamine infusion. Which is five days, may or may not work. I saw that somebody had posted that they use oils and other lotions on their skin. I woud say use hardly anything on your face. I thought I had to wear sunscreen even though it was provoking my skin. turns out if I wear a hat and my skin can breathe it is a lot better. I would get on the antidepressant right away though.

    • Ash says:

      Hi Shelby,
      How did your appointment go? I have also been seeing a naturopath who diagnosed me with adrenal exhaustion so I am working to fix that as well as some low stomach acid issues. The redness has let up a bit and some of my pain has gone down but as soon as I get too warm (like a room over 80 degrees) it flares back up. Still following my Rosacea treatment and have found that I can now tolerate metrogel in some areas that I could not before. Maybe that is a good sign? I sure hope so. Hope you are finding some relief.

  17. shelby says:

    I have a decision to make about taking the ketamine infusion, or doing a stellate ganglion block. They have more side effects, so I really need to think about whether it is worth it. I have a phone appointment on the 21st of this month to make my decision. I want to let you know that I do reiki once a week, for the last 3 months, it is an energy healing thing. I think it has calmed me down a lot, maybe has gotten me to a point of acceptance. I hope you have started taking the antidepressant, because as I have said my biggest regret was not starting that sooner. I have felt so much better since taking it. I would say I have improved 60-70%. just remember to be gentle with your skin. The healing process is so slow with the skin. I kept thinking early on that I was going to find a product that would help me, but it wasn’t to be. I had even given up sun screen, which is a no no in the dermatology world, and I have to say that not provoking my skin is the best relief you can get. I washed my facewith only water for a year, and now I use toleraine, and I don’t use any other products. Metrogel felt to drying for my skin…I will give you an update. it is so ice to be able to talk to someone who has the same problem. remember that this is neuropathic and it has a process of healing on it’s own time.

  18. Monica says:

    I am sorry to hear your story but you can’t know for sure that glycolic acid peels caused or triggered your rosacea! There are many triggers, including sun and heat — you said this happened to you during the summer and you weren’t wearing sunscreen. Also, you were the right age for rosacea to begin, so it could have just been your time.

    People who are educated about research and statistics know that one person’s story might be interesting and might be the basis for more research, but conclusions should never be made based on one person’s experience!

  19. Celes says:

    Sorry to hear about your poor skin – I had rosacea quite badly for some time and eventually had a couple of sessions of IPL which definitely helped clear it up, however, all the creams and lotions I tried never really helped that much. The best thing I did was change my diet for other health reasons. I cut out all sugar, gluten and alcohol for several months and my skin looked really great. (Sugar, spicy food and alcohol in particular are triggers for rosacea). I also took evening primrose oil capsules (you can also apply epo directly on the skin ) and zinc supplements and I think this made a big difference. I use a very gentle moisturiser which does not contain sodium laurel sulphate which irritates the skin and a soft cleansing cream and I have not had any flare ups for years. As you mentioned, gut health is also incredibly important for many reasons. It might be worth seeing a good naturopath who can advise on diet because it is so crucial to be healthy on the inside and that will then reflect in your skin. I am SURE that your skin will recover; stay out of the sun, treat it gently, change your pillowslip often and also try a satin pillowcase as this does not absorb moisture from your face as you sleep. Other supplements such as tumeric are anti inflammatory but a naturopath can advise based on your personal sitiation. Really – don’t stress – it can be fixed. A link to an article that may be of interest

  20. NiciN says:

    I used many products with AHA’s to control my acne – and they work for 1-2 days, but after that they are too harsh! People with acne do not need to use really harsh products because they have sensitive skin. My dermatologist recommended the Citrus Clear Face Wash – it has AHA’s in it, but it is gentle enough to not strip my face and make it super dry. Citrus Clear is the only products i have been using for a year now, and I have not had any acne, AND, no redness or sensitivity. Too much AHA’s is no good!

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