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Good news for those wanting to be able to purchase Linda Sy products again. There is some possibility that a selection of her rosacea products will be sold through another online skin care provider.

This online provider has asked me which products I think would be of most value to rosacea sufferers. I gave my personal opinion and also offered to poll rosacea sufferers.

So here we go. Feel free to vote for the products that you miss the most and are considering ordering again.

There are no promises that the results will be followed, but hopefully the results might give some direction to what happens next.

Please note that if the poll is abused I will edit out suspicious looking results.

So go for it and have your say !

 Note: the poll is now closed.

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31 Reader Comments

  1. BB says:

    Linda Sy was very selfish in the way she walked away from her customers. We used her products for over 16 years, used nothing but her products, and used them EVERY day – I repeat using nothing else. We bought directly from her office in Lafayette California and did so for over 16 year like clockwork, buying the exact thing for over 16 years. Without any email, call, or letter she no longer sells it. She did not even have the courtesy to let her customers know.
    I bet if she ever goes to sell anything again she will let us know. I would never treat anyone the way she did us.
    She is more than aware that she sells products for people that have trouble finding products that work. She knows how hard it is to replace what works. If she told us we could have started looking for another product or stocked up and not been left high and dry. She would never want to be treated this way by someone she bought products from.
    Everyone retires and that is fine but you let people know who are dependent on your services. You dont just take the money and run
    It really made me think poorly of her

    BB – California

  2. Just for the record there was a notice period of several weeks while people could stock up on her products.

    I understand that some people are finding it hard to come to terms with the products not being available at the moment. Many rosacea sufferers that I know love her products and feel some panic at having to find something new. In life there are sometimes things you need to come to terms with.

    Having said that I do believe that we can be confident that her products might become available again in the future. Here’s hoping for that to happen.


  3. jules says:

    Can anyone tell me if a take over of Linda Sy products has happened yet.

    I live in the UK. I was using vita oil…it was great…

    If anyone has information please email me..

  4. Hi Jules,

    Nothing has been made public yet, but I remain hopeful that there will be an announcement some time in the future. I’ll be sure to mention it here should something happen.


  5. Bob says:

    Very well said BB.

    I never received any notification either and there was NO mention of her closing down on her website. By the time I found out, the products I used were sold out. I was a loyal customer for 7 years and I was astonished, disappointed, saddened, and frustrated at how poorly she treated me after buying her products like clockwork.

    And all I received was a “form” letter basically saying “opps sorry.” How shameful!!!

    I look at it this way: I have a disease and this was my medicine. She just took away my medicine with no notice. That is self centered, hateful, and deceitful.

    It’s difficult to come to terms with because there really is no replacement “medicine” that is even close to on par with her products. And not treating this disease properly results in disfigurement, embarrassment, depression, and anxiety.

    It’s really sad that something as simple as soap, moisturizer, and susnscreen can have such on impact on roseacans, but that is the complexity and frustration of this disease.

    If you don’t have rosacea you can’t really understand what it’s like to live with. Maybe that is why lindasy really didn’t have any empathy for us rosaceans. She’s never had the disease and she’s never had a close family member with this disease. If she did, come hell or high water, she never would have shut down.

  6. Bob says:

    And for the record I hope this potential distributor comes back with the bar soap for normal skin.

  7. Linda says:

    Any word yet on whether zinco tinted will be sold again online?

  8. Anna Dougall says:

    I too was cross at having been given no warning of close of business. In fact when I noticed the soap bars were out of stock I actually e-mailed LyndaSy and asked if the business was closing. I received no reply. This was about 2 months before closing so, I agree, that was a shabby way of doing things. I live in Scotland and have been using the Body Shop’s aloe vera range for sensitive skins which is the best of all the options I’ve tried so far, but I’m sitting here with a skin which is smarting+stinging after even the small amount of time I spent in the sun today. I am THOROUGHLY fed up. I thought I’d be able to purchase the vita oil Zinco and Oatmeal cleanser for ever! Please someone e-mail me if and when they become available again. Thanks and good wishes to all fellow rosacea sufferers

  9. maureen says:

    I also found out to late to stock up on any products like the soap for combination skin (normal to Oily) and The Acne Cover Lotion, which I used for many years and love them.
    Hope these products also come back.
    Thank You==Maureen

  10. marie hartman says:


  11. Susan Crane says:

    My dermatologist just advised that Dr. Sy “has gone out of business” and his office no longer has much left of her products. I have been using the Optimal Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF 15 (8fl oz)for many years and am devastated that it is no longer available. I am 72 years of age and am constantly complimented about the youthful texture of my face. Is there any source where I might purchase her product? Susan Crane, Jacksonville, FL

  12. Hi Susan,

    Sorry but you can’t buy the Optimal Light-Textured Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 15 anywhere anymore.

    RosaceaCare is selling Tinted ZincO cream, Vita-Oil with untinted zinco and the oatmeal cleanser to come, but that is all.


  13. Linda says:

    Is there any place to get the normal/oily cleansing bar?

  14. Hi Linda, no-one is making the cleansing bars anymore so I suspect you will find them almost impossible to find – sorry.

  15. John says:

    Does anybody know of any “Linda Sy Acne Cover Lotion” alternatives!?? I’ve been using this for years and it works perfectly and I’m on my last bottle! 🙁 Are there any plans for renewal of the product through Rosacea Care??

  16. Sorry John but I haven’t heard of anyone planning on making the Acne Cover Lotion. RosaceaCare only have plans for the 4 products they announced, as far as I know. All I can suggest is Tinted ZincO – it won’t cover as strongly as the ACL can but will offer some colour.

  17. Catherine Mann says:

    i am willing to trade a new vita-oil for a recreational sunscreen spf 30.

    is anyone willing? send me an email at

  18. Joan says:

    I would like to know if anyone finds these products. I only used Vita Oil and Zinco tinted and nothing else. Would love to be able to purchase again.

  19. Hi Joan, reposting my answer here
    is where you can get Vita Oil and tinted ZincO Cream.

  20. erik says:

    BB you are soooo right!!!

    I haven’t been able to find a product like ACNE OIL CONTROL GEL!

    It was the ONLY thing that kept my skin clear!


  21. burned says:

    i bought monthly for 18 years without fail. i did not get one form, notice, call, email, or anything

    just went to make my regular order and the site would not work….spent days on that…and trying to get thru via phone…
    I found out through rumor on the internet….
    18 years…..shipped to my house -18 years
    no excuse

  22. Hello Burned,

    We were all sorry to hear that she was retiring. Her most popular rosacea products are now available from Rosacea Care – that is the good news.

    Just wondering when you last ordered, though. Linda told us that she was closing down in September 2008, more than 2 years ago. Have you only just discovered this now?


  23. burned says:

    no it was about that long ago when all this happened

  24. linda sy no more says:

    i bought a lot of moisturizer and powder that i found around the country to stock up. it took many many weeks and many many phone calls but i did get some products.
    the products I use: translucent powder and the moisturizer

  25. Dana Boufon says:


    I’m looking for a substitute for Linda Sy’s Moisturizing Oil. Of course I have Rosacea along with EXTREMELY dry skin (entire body) that makes life miserable. I had a couple of bottles of her oil that has helped tremendously with my constant itching ( from the dry skin). I went online to order more and found out that the products are no longer available.

    I’m suprised that the products, other than a few of the Rosacea products, have not been produced by another company. Lets face it, Linda Sy was not cooking up theseproducts in her basement–somebody was actually manufacturing them. Any ideas for a substitute for the moisturizing oil? Based on the reviews I am going to try to Vita Oil– I cannot use facial moisturizers because of the Rosacea– maybe this will be a life changer for me.
    Thanks so much
    Dana in New Orleans

  26. Susan Crane says:

    I would love to find a legitimate source to purchase the SPF 15 (30 would be better) Lynda Sy moisturizing lotion from anyone out there in cyperland, if such can be found. Susan Crane, Jacksonville, FL

  27. Dana, hopefully you will like the Vita Oil. It is lighter than the Moisturizing Oil for Face and Body but I think just as effective as a moisturizer.

  28. Martha says:

    I´m looking for Acne Cover lotion from Linda Sy, does anyone know a product like this?

  29. Jon Davis says:

    actually, I had gotten considerable notice that the products would be discontinued, though, I forgot exactly how….maybe directly from my phone orders, so I bought many years worth of the acne control gel….however, it will soon run out, and would surely love to be able to get more….thx….Jd

  30. Albert says:

    i just ordered some vita oil and zinc-o from the rosaceacare site. thank you so much david for posting that information. i’d been living off small supplies that i had stocked away. mostly i use the moisturizing oil in small amounts every day. i knew linda sy closed and dreaded what my options would be once i ran out. i’m glad i googled again.

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