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The Galderma rosacea promotional site Best Face Forward has a new section titled Rosacea Rescue Squad. The site features some video tips from Dr. Hilary Baldwin and Charla Krupp. Dr. Baldwin, who is a dermatologist from New York tells us in the video that she has been treating rosacea patients for 20 years. Krupp is introduced as a style and beauty expert, author of How Not to Look Old.

The video tips are very simple and probably only interesting if you have just been diagnosed with rosacea. I was left wondering why we couldn’t hear more from Dr. Baldwin’s 20 years of experience in treating rosacea though. Of course the reason is that this site is a promotion for Galderma. Now that Galderma owns Oracea it makes sense that they try to promote them together as something to ask your doctor to prescribe you. Further it would make sense for Galderma to cross promote the Cetaphil range of products as well.

The site has been created in conjunction with the NRS:

New Survey Shows Impact Of Rosacea Leaves Sufferers More Than Just ‘Red Faced’

In response to these survey results, the NRS, in partnership with Galderma, has teamed up with beauty expert and The New York Times bestselling author of "How Not To Look Old" Charla Krupp and leading dermatologist, Dr. Hilary Baldwin, to offer a new resource for rosacea sufferers called the "Rosacea Relief Squad," which aims to empower people to recognize their rosacea "triggers," establish a customized treatment plan with a dermatologist and find ways to better manage and cope with their condition.

If you have just been diagnosed with rosacea, and perhaps never seen any information about Oracea or Metrogel then you might find Best Face Forward worth a visit.

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