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I harp on about this a lot, but I think it is worth repeating. A gentle skin care regime is a good thing for your rosacea. We know from some small studies that rosacea sufferers can benefit from a moisturizer that improves the stratum corneum skin barrier function.

How do you go about finding a good moisturizer for your rosacea? There are so many on the market, some from big name cosmetic companies, and some from relatively unknown companies.

Well, one way, I hope, is to look at the user reviews collected here at rosacea-support. So far there are pages for moisturizers such as RosaclearCetaphil RestoraDERM, Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, CeraVe Moisturizing LotionClinique Redness Solutions, Rosaliac, Rosacure, Aveeno Ultra Calming, and Eucerin Redness Relief.

So what about Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream? Vanicream has one of the shortest list of ingredients you are likely to find. For many rosacea sufferers, simple is good!

This product does contain cetearyl alcohol, propylene glycol and petrolatum which may raise some concerns to those with hyper sensitive skin. A useful background post from Dr. Sy on Cetyl Alcohol and Liquid Cleansers may be worth reading here too.

The makers of Vanicream, Psico tell us that it is formulated without common chemical irritants like parabens, irritating preservatives, dyes, lanolin and fragrances.

Vanicream is available as both a Skin Cream and Lite Lotion. The ingredient listings for both contain the same items, but it appears that the lite lotion contains more propylene glycol and the skin cream contains more sorbitol solution.

Vanicream User Reviews

So with no more ado, lets look at some reviews from real people who have tried Vanicream.

Artist said “I then switched from Cerave moisturizer to Vanicream Lite Lotion (found at the drug store). I chose the Vanicream because it is very simple and specifically made for super sensitive skin, no frills. I was then able to tolerate the Finacea, which has since helped my skin quite a bit. It’s not perfect, but it’s more normal acting and looking if that makes sense. So, the big idea is that I found a moisturizer (Vanicream Lite Lotion) and my skin is better for it. I think moisturizing enabled me to tolerate the topical medication, Finacea, through the rough beginning period when your skin adjusts to it.”

further Artist said: “I like Toleraine Dermo Cleanser to wash with and Vanicream Moisture Cream to moisturize with. I use a hat in the sun since sunscreens tend to irritate. I use a good, soft scarf made of that soft felt-type material to protect my skin from cold winds in the winter.”

Linda said: “The Vanicream seems too thick when first applied, but soaks in well. In about 10 – 15 minutes I can put on my Bare Escentuals mineral powder makeup.” as well as “I have found Vanicream products to be the absolute best. When I developed rosacea, I had to drop all the moisturizers that I normally used. Even Cetaphil moisturizer and cleanser burned.”

Pinky said: “Mild soaps such as hypoallergenic Dove, etc. burned my face during my first flare of Rosacea. My dermatologist offered me a sample of VaniCream, a bar soap. Extremely gentle. Didn’t feel any sting while using it.”

seachange said: “I read some of her [Artist] backposts and discovered Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream a few days ago. My skin just loves it and feels totally protected and moisturized. I had a bad flare-up last week from some harsh wind, and subsequently got that oh-so-sexy red blotchy face. Almost all the redness and irritation is gone. I use the thicker cream at night then the lite lotion for daytime wear. I also splash on a bit of jojoba oil with water for cleansing, and that has also really softened my skin. It does have petrolatum as a main ingredient, and I think that might be a issue for some rosaceans, but luckily my skin can tolerate it. The most amazing thing–to me at least–is that Vanicream is only $15 at Walgreens and you get a ginormous container. I probably won’t need lotion for the next decade or so. The thing is biiiig.”

Maureen said: Like many rosaceans, I have extreme facial sensitivity and can’t tolerate most cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, etc., all of which sting and burn. I use Vanicream moisturizer, which I want to mention since it’s not on the list above and it works for me. You can occasionally but rarely find it in drugstores; I buy it from Has a very simple list of ingredients that you can check out on the website. Also, surprisingly inexpensive. It comes in a light lotion and in a thicker cream, which does take a little time to melt into your skin, but is altogether worth it.

Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream Ingredients

Purified water, white petrolatum, sorbitol solution, cetearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, ceteareth-20, simethicone, glyceryl monostearate, polyethylene glycol monostearate, sorbic acid and BHT

Where to Buy

The Vanicream Range is easily available from Amazon and other online stores like and Walgreens.

Your Thoughts

Vanicream is not a product from one of the large or well known pharmaceutical companies so might be a little unknown. Would you recommend it to your fellow rosacea sufferers?

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7 Reader Comments

  1. Comment via email from bill

    “68 yr old male. Have used Vanicream creams ( lite and moisturizing) and shampoo for maybe five years.

    Have only good things to say about them. No sensitivity to them. In fact my rosacea does “best” avoiding the sun and hot baths and using only Vanicream as topical. Not so crazy about their sunscreen.

    ( I like Blue Lizard.) (No antibiotics for stomach reasons.)”

  2. hemp says:

    Like some products Ive tried before finding the right Olay moisturizer for me the Vanicream lotion irritates my nose.

  3. RR Starr says:

    I haven’t tried the Vanicream moisturizer yet, but the sunblock has saved my skin. I was just diagnosed with rosacea, and I also have all sorts of allergies. For instance, I am allergic to the newer sunblock ingredients, and also allergic to a lot of scented products. I stopped using sunblock years ago because I couldn’t find one I wasn’t allergic to. My dermatologist recommended Vanicream, and I can see why. I live at 5,000 feet, so I went for the 60SPF. It is a little thick, and takes a while to sink in, but my facial (and decollete) redness went away the first week of consistent use. It also really moisturizes my skin in the process.

    I am impressed enough that I am going to look into the line of moisturizers as well. I get awful annoyed at buying a moisturizer, having a bad reaction to it, and then passing it along to various friends who aren’t so allergic. I would like to find something that isn’t scented, doesn’t have reactive ingredients, but is also effective.

  4. Are any of these products cruelty free – not tested on animals? It’s sometimes hard to find products for sensitive skin that aren’t tested on animals.

  5. Angie says:

    I would not use Vanicream. It contains a horrible ingredient…BHT.

  6. Michelle says:

    I have mild rosacea on my face, severe itchy/dry/eczema/hive prone skin. I found vanicream (tub) along with Vaniply (tub)(sometimes separate to be my lifesaver! I can’t have soy, parabens, lanolin, methosulfates. Most of Cerave products have the last 2 in them. And I’m allergic to all steroids. I do use Elidel rx when my insurance will cover it. Otherwise Vanicream/Vaniply are heaven in a tub. The lite lotion NOT moisturizing enough. I’ve tried Cetaphil, Aveeno baby, 1st aid beauty, which are ok. I’m no t diabetic, but my other go to is diabetic daily lotion by Skinfix(has a bad smell though. I vanicream because it soaks in my skin in less than 5 min. It doesn’t burn, it’s noncosmagenic, short list, & my dermatologist said vanicream is 1st, Cerave, then Cetaphil. But also said it depends on everyone’s skin and tolerances. She said her patients tolerated vanicream/Vaniply best. It’s best bang 4 my buck. I use vanicream cleanser or cleansing bar too. I used to use high end and less results
    I have very sensitive skin, I break out in hives @ any given time because of temperature and airborn irritants etc. I’m a walking allergy with alligator skin. This is my main staple. Target has the cream in a travel size. Hospitals use this as well. I would be bloody if I’d not found this. Ice packs are in my routine from swelling if I ever run out of it. There may be typos as I couldn’t get my hands on vanicream in Friday and decided to try cerave moisturing cream. Broke out in hive. Never again I’ll go dry 1st and if your allergic to sulfa once can have an allergic reaction the methosulfates per pharmacist

  7. Dawn Honey says:

    All of the “reviews” I find for Vanicream appear to be thinly disguised advertising. I have gradually been getting roseacea over my lifetime, and when I tried vanicream a few times my face burns and looks like a bright red tomato. I have never had this issue with any other moisturizer. The one I use most frequently is cerave.

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