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Rosacea News is featuring series of articles that I’m calling “My Rosacea Story“. There is real power in hearing other people’s stories. We’d love to hear from you too. Feel free to send me an email, and to use the following questions as a starting point.

Thanks to Trish for sharing.

How long ago, and how did you discover you had rosacea?

I was due to return to work after maternity leave in 2010 and got unwell. My doctor put me on antibiotics and within a day of taking them my skin all thickened and I thought I was allergic to the medication. I returned to my doctor who diagnosed Rosacea.

 What feelings can you remember from when you first found out?

Honestly I didn’t think much of it as the chronic nature of the condition was not explained to me and I thought the new antibiotic would clear it up. I’d had lovely skin one day and gone the next. When I researched and discovered the condition I was really upset.

What did you start doing to find relief?

I still haven’t found anything at all that helps and I have tried everything I hear about. Only thing I can do is cover it. I use Veil camouflage cream and setting powder and it does help to disguise the condition. I use a salicylic acid face wash, after patch testing
various treatments with a dermatologist, as it’s the only thing that actually doesn’t sting my skin to use, oddly enough!

What things did you try that didn’t help?

Antibiotics and prescribed creams. Also, doctor told me to use emulsifying creams and they had opposite of desired effect.

Where did you find the best advice?

On this forum and online. I know more about the condition and emerging
treatments than my doctor so usually give him the information if there
is some new treatment available.

Please tell us what advice you would offer newly diagnosed rosacea sufferers?

Go straight to a dermatologist. This is something that was never suggested to me and I waitied 3 years before visiting one having read online. You general doctor is not a specialist in this area and I wish if I had gone sooner the condition wouldn’t have progressed to my current stage. It now also covers my neck and whole face.

What hopes do you have for the future for yourself and for rosacea sufferers in general?

Same as all others, a cure! Or at least to have some periods where my skin was normal. We live in hope fellow Rosacea sufferers!

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  1. Comment via email from Anita.

    “I developed Rosacea not long after childbirth too..I suspect that the condition might be a link to hormones involved in pregnancy…”

  2. “Try the Whole30 or Dr Amy Myers diets. Essentially, anti-inflammation diets. I completely avoid saturated fats. Be careful eating out! Even steamed vegetables are coated w commertial saturated oils, so they don’t stick to the steamer…”

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