Treating Chalazia with Injected Tetracycline

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An upcoming trial will see if injecting Tetracycline into a Chalazion will result in the rapidly clearing of the lesion.

30 patients will a Chalazion will be injected with 0.05mL of 2% tetracycline solution and examined after 4 weeks. A further 30 patients will receive no treatment and be compared to the first group after 4 weeks.

Chalazia eventually resolve themselves without treatment, but that can take several months.

A successful treatment in this trial will be declared if a lesion decreases by two-thirds in size.

The detailed description of the trial tells us that the tetracycline family of compounds were involved in 130 trials “in an astounding variety of conditions from gingivitis to Alzheimer disease to brain cancer.”

The use of tetracycline used in this way is thought to “offer antibiotic, sclerosant, and lipid tear film augmentation, in addition to their anti-inflammatory effect.” The similarity of the effectiveness of tetracycline in treating acne is also thought to be important for treating chalazia.

NCT01763437 Intralesional Tetracycine Injection in the Treatment of Chalazia (TET)

We propose a study to investigate the role of tetracycline injection into chalazia versus observation alone. We hypothesize tetracycline injection will result in a significant decrease in lesion size when compared to observation alone.

Estimated Enrollment: 60

Study Start Date: March 2013

Estimated Study Completion Date: March 2014

Estimated Primary Completion Date: March 2014 (Final data collection date for primary outcome measure)

No Intervention: Observation

30 patients will be randomized to observation alone. These patients will return 4 weeks (+/- 2 weeks) after their initial visit for lesion measurement and photographs.

Experimental: Tetracycline

30 patients will be randomized to treatment with an intralesional injection of 0.05 mL of 2% tetracycline solution. These subjects will return 4 weeks (+/- 2 weeks) after treatment for lesion measurement and photographs.

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  1. ladyesther says:

    Wow, I just got a chalazia this week. I had no idea this was related to my rosacea. My eye doctor gave me a steroid / antibiotic eye ointment. I would like to get this unclogged. Its very uncomfortable. I’m not that concerned about the appearance anymore I just want the dry eyes and pressure to go away. Any suggestions? Also I just got diagnosed with migraines and I have gastritis. Let me guess…its all related? Huh?

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