Topical Oxygen being trialled for sun damaged skin

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A trial seeking participants interested in being treated with topically disolved oxygen (TDO) has been posted to Aria Aesthetics is listed as supplying the `Aria Regimens’ in 0.5%, and 0.25%. As the trial is double blind and placebo controlled, a third group will receive no TDO during their treatments.

Zoe Draelos MD is listed as a contact for the trial. Dr. Draelos is well known to rosacea sufferers. You can read some more of her research via the popular Rosacea News items: cleansing and the management of rosacea, finacea is good for acne and hyper pigmentation as well, and cetaphil gentle skin cleanser well tolerated.

Not a lot can be found on the internet about the company or the product mentioned in this trial. It seems that Topical Dissolved Oxygen has been trialled as a wound healing stimulant – an alternative to hyperbaric chamber therapy. If you have any more information, please post in the comments below.

The Role of Topically Dissolved Oxygen (TDO) to Ameliorate Signs of Photodamage

This study is an evaluation of the role of topical dissolved oxygen to lessen visible signs of photodamage using a select regimen of topical dissolved oxygen containing cosmeceutical products. Evaluation of the overall skin tolerability of topical dissolved oxygen (safety) utilizing the regimen of products.

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