Topical Ivermectin 0.5% being trialled for Demodicidosis and rosacea papules


A just listed clinical trial shows a continuing interest in the usage of Topical Ivermectin for rosacea like syptoms. This trial will see how well Ivermectin can treat Demodicidosis and the associated symptoms of redness, dryness, itch, roughness and scaling.

What is Demodicidosis?

Demodicidosis is a condition where there is an infestation of demodex mites. This infestation may induce symptoms that look like the papules or pustules normally associated with rosacea.

For a sufferer of demodicidosis , the eradication of demodex mites can lead to the relief of the demodicidosis symptoms and also the relief of the papules and pustules.

There has been recent interest in Topical 0.5% Ivermectin because of Sklice and CD5024.

What is Sklice?

A recently available topical 0.5% ivermectin called Sklice, has been targetted for the treatment of head lice. Although officially this treatment is only for use on the scalp and hair, it may provide an option for an alternative treatment for demodicidosis.

What is CD5024?

Galderma are also in clinical trials for topical ivermectin, via a product they are currently calling CD5024. This product hopes to become a treatment for rosacea symptoms proper i.e. this product, if approved by the FDA, will be allowed to be marketed an official rosacea treatment.

Clinical Trial NCT02036229

Topical 0.5% Ivermectin Cream for Treatment of Demodicidosis

The purpose of this study is to determine whether 0.5% ivermectin cream is effective in the treatment of demodicidosis (including papulopustular rosacea)

Primary Outcome Measures:

  • A decrease in mite density in skin surface biopsy after treatment with topical ivermectin (≤5 mites/cm2 for skin lesions).

Secondary Outcome Measures:

  • Clinical improvement

    Clinical improvement will be assessed by objective evaluation of erythema, dryness, scaling, roughness, and/or papules/pustules in skin lesions and subjective evaluation of itch and dryness.

  • A comparable dermoscopic improvement in the demodicidosis features

    dermoscopic demodicidosis features:

    • number of demodex tails
    • demodex follicular openings
    • reticular dilated vessels.

Principal Investigator: Rina Segal, MD, Rabin Medical Center

Health Authority: Israel: Ministry of Health

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