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Now that 2010 is over, a quick look at the overall most popular pages on

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Rosacea News put up 108 new posts during 2010. Not a huge number, but hopefully everyone might agree that quality is more important than quantity.

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  1. Jim says:

    I had rosacea for the last 5 years and after extensive research comprising visiting dermatologists, removing alchohol and various other bad rosacea products, trying creams, eating really healthy etc, I have finally found the solution.
    I imagine this could be the case with many people.


    The rosacea was the way my body was telling me that it could not cope with the quantities of wheat that I was eating. i.e. I would have Weet Bix for breaky, multigrain sandwiches for lunch and sometimes pasta for dinner or bread with my dinner. Top that off with other snacks with wheat in them.
    So for me and it is usually the case that the food you crave the most is the one that’s doing the damage.
    The recommendation was to cut out wheat for around 2 – 3 months (1 month for every year you’ve had the skin problem), but I noticed a great difference after 3 – 4 days. One week and a half in and my rosacea had almost dissapeared.
    I will be able to reintroduce wheat back into my diet once the rosacea dissapears, however it is vital not to eat the quantities that I was eating wheat before.
    I have conducted an allergy check for all the popular allergy foods such as wheat, dairy, cat hair etc. and I do not have any allergy.
    So whilst wheat was OK growing up, the body can only take so much until it develops an intolerance.
    I hope this can help others.

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