Theory: Ivermectin is Metrogel’s Cousin, Help Needed

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OK, bear with me. I don’t often just waffle here as a Rosacea News item. Maybe I should. Anyway this post is just me exploring an idea.

From my high school organic chemistry it seems to me that Ivermectin and Metrondizole are in fact chemically akin to cousins.

I started to think about this because of the huge investment being undertaken by Galderma in developing a 1% Ivermectin Cream for Rosacea.

Why would Galderma believe so much in an anti-parasitic?

Is the message that demodex is so rampant in all rosacea sufferers that an anti-parasitic is to become de rigueur?

Well I’m no fan of the `Demodex Is the Root of Rosacea’ theory so it got me to thinking about what is really happening here.

Thinking Out Loud

So, could it be possible that both Metronidazole and Ivermectin are actually related chemically.

Calling Organic Chemists

If you are an Organic Chemist please feel free to help me out here. Is it correct to say that as both Ivermectin and Metrondizole are `Nitro-5-imidazoles’ then they will exhibit similar properties?

I’m sure if I kept looking I could find more compelling chemical structure images. Below you can at least see the carbon ring with a NO2 hanging off it and something that could be similar hanging off Nitrogen at position 5.


Metronidazole belongs to a group of nitro-5-imidazole and is active mainly against anaerobic microorganisms.

My one sentence summary of how Metronidazole works is “metronidazole breaks down into a substance that kills the DNA of the cells of some particular bacteria and protozoa”.


Chemically,metronidazole is 2-methyl-5-nitro-1H-imidazole-1-ethanol. The molecular formula is C6H9N3O3 and molecular weight is 171.16.


Ivermectin is a part of a larger chemical family known as the nitro-5-imidazoles which, alternatively, has been termed the 13-deoxy ivermectin aglycones. The nitro-5-imidazole family of molecules includes invermectin, ivermectin, avermectin, moxidecion and various derivatives thereof.



Speculate Away

Experts please chime in below !!

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