The Rosacea App: A Rosacea Web Site in your pocket


This is a first. A major pharmaceutical company has released a smart phone app for rosacea sufferers.

Intendis, the makers of Finacea, have created a program that you can carry around for easy reference.

Built with the help of the National Rosacea Society (whom Intendis supports through corporate donations), the application can be summarized as having a consumer website for Finacea and a few simple lifestyle tools in  your pocket.

The Rosacea App is available to download for free for Blackberry, iPhone and Android.

[update:] it appears that this mobile phone application is no longer available.

The Rosacea iPhone App

The iPhone app failed to run at all on my iPod Touch so the following screen captures are cropped from an iPad capture. The application is only available from the US iTunes Store and by default only supports weather forecasts for the US.

Below are some sample screen captures of the application. Hopefully it will give you an idea of what it actually does. Click on an image to see it full size.

Introductory Screens





Pop Up Disclaimer

Rosacea Screens



FAQ and General Rosacea Information from the NRS

Managing Rosacea Screens


Managing Your Rosacea

Tools Screens


Trigger Tracker



Food Substitution Finder



Food Substitution Finder

Finacea Screens


Finacea Product Information



Finacea Coupon Information



Finacea Coupon Information



Before Using Finacea Photograph



After Using Finacea Photograph

Product Safety


Product Safety Information

My Thoughts

While not promising to doing anything you can’t already achieve using the internet from your desktop, the application is really quite well done. I’m encouraged to see this much investment in public education from Intendis. Of course they want to promote their product Finacea, but along the way they have created a worthwhile program that you can, thanks to your smart phone, carry around in your pocket.

New rosacea sufferers will particularly benefit from the application as will those who are heavy users of their smart phones as an alternative to a desktop PC.

What Do YOU Think ?

If you download the app and use it for a few days, please let everyone else know below in the comments what you thought about it.

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