The One Thing I Wish I Was Told About Treating Rosacea

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Do you have something that you just wish you were told when you were first diagnosed with rosacea? What little pearl of wisdom would have made the biggest difference to know straight up?

Often when someone is diagnosed with rosacea, their first trip to the internet is a scary one. Those pictures of the worst cases of severe rosacea are enough to depress anyone.

So what do you wish that you were told when you were first diagnosed?

What one thing has made the most difference to you that might help someone else?

My 2 Cents Worth

I took a long time to get on a treatment path that saw me getting consistently better.

I wish I was told about the importance of a physical sunscreen and of a gentle cleanser and moisturizer.

My skin was so inflamed and so un-cared-for that the regular rosacea treatments like antibiotics and Metrogel struggled to make a decent impression on my symptoms.

Only when my skin was able to recover and heal and be supported by a gentle skincare regime was it able to say goodbye to rosacea.

For me being a bloke I would probably never have thought of this as being important. I took a long time to believe it for myself. I could have saved so much time and grief if I had known this one tip.

Please Jump In

OK, even if you have never posted a comment on the Rosacea News Blog before, please help out everyone who has just been diagnosed with rosacea.

Leave a comment below and tell us the one thing that you think was the best bit of advice that you have gotten since you started in your quest to beat rosacea.

Thanks on behalf of everyone who comes to this page looking for good advice!

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275 Reader Comments

  1. Tracy Morris says:

    Having ‘sailed’ through my teens, twenties and early thirties with hardly a blemish, at the age of 35 I started to get large angry red lumps down both sides of my face and chin which became gradually worse. I had been through a traumatic time for a few years before, when my son was born very prematurely and my husband had been made redundant and started his own business. I was also in a very stressful nursing job too, so I assumed that it was related to all this.
    Gradually, my skin flushing got worse and I just despaired, I couldn’t moisturize or cleanse, I couldn’t exercise either which was very hard for me as I had been very fit as a gymnast and swimmer and I just became very depressed and began to isolate myself from people. I tried several antibiotic gels with no effect so eventually went onto tetracycline tablets and continued to take them for about 2 years. By about age 40 my skin was really beginning to clear up but the flushing continued for a couple more years, albeit a lot less severe than it was. During this period I felt confident enough to try some new cleansers and moisturizers and settled on one by a lady called Liz Earle which is really natural, calming and non irritating to my skin.
    I still have to be very careful but I don’t get the red lumps and my face is generally free of redness as long as I stay away from spicy food, cold air (as far as possible) and I now power walk instead of going to the gym and running.
    I am now 46 and considering for most of my life (before Rosacea) I always looked 10 years younger than I was, I now really look my age due to being unable to properly take care of my skin for so many years. I have really resented this and been very depressed but over the last couple of years but have slowly come to the conclusion that it could be a lot worse and am thankful that I have a wonderful healthy son (now 16)and husband who have been very supportive of me over the years.
    I just wanted to write and tell people that there is hope and I will always be thankful to my Dermatologist for putting me on antibiotics as for me, it was life-changing..

  2. Dennis says:

    It is starting to get very cold in England now and true to form my symptoms are ramping up. My face is red and feels hot and itchy. I stopped using metrogel several years ago because after some success it started to make the symptoms a lot worse. I also started to suffer from dandruff and tried Nizoral shampoo. It worked and as I was so plagued by skin itching and burning something made me wash my face with the Nizoral shampoo. It immediately reduced the symptoms. I mentioned this to my doctor who then prescribed Nizoral 2% cream. It continues to reduce the red itching and and has eliminated flaking and scabing. The active ingredient is ketoconazole, an antifungal. The only con seems to be my skin gets even dryer so I moisturize three times a day with a simple olive oil cream (colour and preservative free).
    I was the first in my class to get teenage acne (from 12) and had it continually into my 40’s until it converted to rosacea. I have now hit my sixties and despite all the years of problems my skin is still in good condition and youthful because I moisturize.

    Following on from Tracy’s experience I would urge people to continue to moisturize and not get fixated on the immediate problems. It is so easy for the skin to age beyond its time with this condition.

  3. carolyn says:

    OOps, in my earlier post, I meant to say vitamin D, not E…

  4. eldictator says:

    Hi everyone hope everything is ok..My rosacea is in a good state at the moment. I haven’t used metrocream for about 2 months..NO pustules or flare ups, I’m a good 1 on the scale, 0 being what i was before rosacea.. Trying to still eat healthily and take and consume omega 3 and healthy oils and also maintain moisturising my skin..Currently using e45 cream and eucerin anti redness, using avene cleanance gel for washing my face, seems to tolerate it well.

  5. carolyn says:

    Eldictator, you’re lucky you have found the right combination of the endless products out there…

  6. cara says:

    I wish I would have worked harder in the beginning to understand why I have what I have. Due to excessive use of anti-biotics many rosacea sufferers may inadvertantly complicate their condition by killing off the good flora; leading to much more serious conditions including SIBO, an extremely painful condition. I have a girlfriend suffering from this and it made me aware that some of my symtoms are like some of her earlier symtoms!

    The Paleo diet can help you manage your SIBO and IBS (and even Rosacea.) your IBS and SIBO by opting for a low-carb version of the Paleo diet that will … Your best bet is to be patient and use an elimination diet protocol to heal …

    In addition to these uncomfortable and life-disrupting GI symptoms, SIBO sufferers also experience at least one of these systemic symptoms (2-4, 7):

    skin problems (hives, eczema, roseacea);
    concentration issues (brain fog, fatigue);
    autoimmune disorders (celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes);
    inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis);
    IBS (irritable bowel disease);
    GERD or acid reflux;
    malabsorption and nutrient deficiencies:
    B12 deficiency;
    fat soluble vitamin deficiencies (vitamins A, D, E and K);
    fatty stools;
    leaky gut:
    food intolerances, fructose malabsorption and gluten intolerance;
    joint pain;
    headaches or migraines;

    • cara brown says:

      my friend suffered from acute SIBO for ten years, from dr to dr, eventually to the “coveted” cedar sinai gastro progrgram – the problem is they did what every other doctor did – anti biotics. this poor woman suffered so badly, each dr effectively making her worse and worse. finally a naturapath put her on high doses of specific pro-biotics after tests she ordered showed lack of specific ones in her intestinal track….the doctors mostly are clueless. she has to watch her diet, sugar and alcohol and all the usual culprits but the worse was ANTI-BIOTICS.

  7. Aurora says:

    For more than a year, i am having blushing on my cheeks and forehead if i am stressed, warm or cold. I never thought it could be a problem. But for 2 months it s itchy i want scratch it most of the time. It gotmore red. Was searching online and i m led to this blog which made me realise how serious the problem is. My mom has rosecea. She is red all over her face and swollen. She never did mention about this phases. Never had itch but she had the blushing issue for years. I use dove and netrogeena. They seems to help. My scalp is killing me. It hurts because of the scratching. I also have arthritis. I read here they are related. At least for 3 months i can t go to dr nor cant get any prescribed med. due to insurance problem. I need some advise. Do you think it s gonna be enough to do preventive care that listd above until i go to see doc.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Quentin says: Use this gold cream as a natural way for use as a PHK inhibitor. (PHK) an enzyme that causes inflammation in your face. This cream reduces redness and aleviates pain, and stinging associated with rosacea. After using this product you should notice that you do not need a moisturizer as much or at all. Has been a great help for me.

      If your face is oily then your sebaceous glands are inlarged due to milk products. Lactose is the enemy. You will probably notice that your pores on your face are larger than normal and your nose and around your nose is oily. Avoid anything with milk and oils and you will notice in about an average of a week that your face is not so oily

      Wash your face with Neutrogena fragrance free “the transparent facial bar. Then put on the Psoria gold cream.

      If you have never tried COOLA spf face mineral sunscreen unscented matte tint then your missing out on some really awesome stuff. Could not believe the way it felt when I put it on. Finally out of all the products I have tried I finally found one that did not hurt my skin. I highly recommend this product.

      Sorry I did not include links as I am on my way out of town right now and am in a hurry. All these are easily googled and pop right up. These products are not cheap. I am not rich either but they are worth the money. I really hope that this was helpful. God bless you and your family.

      • Natasha Troy says:

        I have an update on my earlier post which is very exciting. Whilst eating Paleo seemed to help quite abit, I was still eating a touch of cheese every week and grass fed butter. I started to get more and more flare ups after a while so decided to give up all dairy… It’s been 6 months now and my skin is better than it’s been ever – well, better than when I was a teen and I never broke out! To help with the redness left from some broken veins I use Dr Dennis Gross Sulphur mask and that entirely takes out any redness. For an extra glow I recommend Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil – I notice this visibly adds vitality to my hair skin and nails.

        Honestly, cut out dairy for 4 weeks and see what it does for you. Pretty much every ‘mammal’ over the age of 3 should not be drinking milk, especially from another animal – it’s extremely unnatural, especially ingesting all of the hormones naturally produced by the cow/goat/sheep specifically for THEIR young… Not us.

        I no longer need to wear b&b cream or foundation, just can’t believe it’s taken this long to finally discover the root cause! My dermatologist says that’s absolutely no proven link – which is completly bizzare considering the evidence.

  8. Caffreys7 says:


    Everyone’s rosacea is different, so it’s impossible to tell what will work for you. If you can’t afford to go to the doctor, it seems you don’t have much choice but to try some of the tips posted on this blog.

    One thing I strongly encourage you to do is buy a dandruff shampoo. Research the Prosacea thread on this blog because there are people on there who swear by using dandruff shampoo on their scalp and even on their face. Most recommended Selsun Blue,because it has sulfur (selenium sulfide) in it. Sebex might be another good one for you. You might have seborrheic dermatitis. There is a connection between seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea. I have it. You don’t need a prescription for these unless the over-the-counter products are not strong enough. If you need help, ask the pharmacist.
    Be warned that if you use Selsun Blue, if your hair has been chemically treated or if you have light-colored hair, the product may discolor the hair if not rinsed out completely.

    When I first saw my doctor about my rosacea she prescribed oral antibiotics and metrogel and told me not to use abrasive products on my face and always use sunscreen. I found even a normal wash cloth was too rough on my face and now use baby face cloths. I also wear an extra wide brimmed hat in the summer because I find that it’s not just the burning rays of the sun, but it is actually the *heat* of the sun that irritates my skin.

    I have read some posts on this blog swearing by changing your pillow case ever other day. Flip it over to sleep on a fresh side each night. There might be something to this because I first developed the p&ps on my left cheek and I sleep on my left side. I originally thought I was allergic to my laundry soap.

    Pay attention to your triggers and Good Luck!

  9. Caffreys7 says:

    One more thing Aurora, switch to mineral make up if you are not already using it. It has anti-inflammatory properties in it and usually SPF as well. Even mineral eye make up i s a good idea because of the ocular rosacea link.

    If you can afford it, I love Jane Iredale, but there are other good brands available. I’ve heard good things about Pur Minerals. I’ve also purchased Groupons for Intense Pulsed Light therapy for good results. There are no miracle cures. The closest I’ve found is my Jane Iredale foundation…

  10. Caffreys7 says:

    I have also heard good things about this soap for your face if you find the shampoo too harsh.

  11. Comment via email

    “Hi Aurora,

    Try Basis Soap for sensitive skin. I have used it almost every day for 20 years and it helps. I wash with it all over, not just my face, usually washing with my hands, but about once/week I use a soft baby wash cloth. If I try other soaps, my skin soon gets inflamed. Warm water, not hot. I use an Olive Oil shampoo, cannot remember the brand just now. And I use Burt’s Bees Radiance eye cream all over my face and throat. I always read the ingredients and always go for natural ingredients as much as possible. The further away I stay from strange chemicals, the happier my skin is. I stay out of the sun and heat, they are major problems for rosacea. I eat lots of vegetables and fruits. I do eat too much sugar and not enough sleep usually.”

  12. Aurora says:

    Thank you Caffreys and David,
    I am really appreciated for the great tips. The website was overwhelming at the begining but now i can think more clear.
    I figured out that there is no choice but finding a good specialist. This is not some thing to delay.
    Meanwhile a ll keep using my selsun blue medicated.
    I ll try the basis soap.
    I ll try to stay away stress which is the hardest part.
    Watch my diest.
    Use netrogeena 50 sunblock
    Moisturising my skin. And list is going on.
    Thanks again

  13. Aurora says:

    Thank you guys for your helpful and eye opening replies. To be honest, it was a bit overwhelming to read all this website but now i can see that , it s better to be a little scared than to be sad at the end.
    I am gonna go to see my physician. Maybe we can figure out a way and he can reffer me a good but not that expensive specialist 🙂
    Meanwhile i ll use your great tips and ll find my way to deal with this my longlife but not bebk friend.
    Thank you again!

  14. eldictator says:

    “Everyone’s rosacea is different, so it’s impossible to tell what will work for you. If you can’t afford to go to the doctor, it seems you don’t have much choice but to try some of the tips posted on this blog. ” Anyone else find this really depressing to read? I can’t imagine not being able to afford healthcare, I’m sure there are people out there who may be struggling. Thankfully I don’t have to pay to see the doctor and get reasonably priced prescriptions

  15. ladyesther says:

    Hello fellow rosacea endurers/ sufferers / or survivors? I went to the dermatologist and was dx with rosacea. I read a couple women here had the merina IUD and possible link to rosacea. Well I am up for a new one this year and i think I will try something else and see what happens. I also am interested in trying the tea tree oil. But I think that there is a connection with body systems / a general inflammation but what is the cause? Hormones, mites, auto-immune disease? I want to get to the bottom of this. I have a daughter who is undiagnosed disability and really have had my eyes opened to the medical “experts”. I thought they were gods. Hahahah. God forgive me! We or I, maybe I should just speak for myself, have put too much faith in others. Handed our health over to them. They should know right? I thought so. They do not. Some admit this but others are too proud and just say its idiopathic. I don’t accept idopathic. There must be a cause for everything. Mankind does a good job messing up the balance of nature so my guess is something that we brought about. I am seriously bugged when there are no concrete answers.

  16. conor says:

    Hello .I am Conor and a male I have had red hot FACE Since as young as i can remember so i found your site a lot of good information i work out doors would LIKE to know is there a good sun screen that wont make my face look oily Don’t want to look shiny I got Rosacea oil on line there was some good reviews about it well i don’t if it helps rosacea or not i only used it for two days what a joke how could any guy wear that on there face with the shine of oil off it as well the extra embarrassment of people seeing the shine five metre s away A shine makes you face look even more red at least that is what i think Am i applying the oil the wrong way don’t think so

  17. Alex says:

    The make up Cover FX has changed my life ! At least now I can go out to dinner or drinking with friends and not be desperate to look in the mirror to see if my nose is red. The cover is incredible – having tried Clinique! Bobbi Brown and everything else this is the only one that actually covers the red without looking like you have face paint on. I just wonder why the dermatologists don’t tell you about it . I now tell them!

  18. Reba says:

    My roseacea went away. I got it after a colonoscopy! I think i picked up a fungal infection either from the cannula they put in my nose or the other way!!! ( I read they reuse the things they put you know where and they can’t be properly cleaned) I wonder how may people would get one if they knew that!!! The treatments I used are CHEAP!!! Aspirin ground and put on face for five minutes, then rinse. Face Doctor Soap has a special oil in it that kills the mites. It’s around $20 at health food stores. Milk of Magnesia. Slather on, leave it for however long you want, then rinse. You could also combine this with the aspirin cure… Sometimes I would leave it on overnight. I try to eat low carb which incidentially is also recommended in the above comments and is a treatment for candida(a fungal infection) Grape Seed Extract is too… Allimax allicin(garlic) is expensive and I never tried it but read today is also a treatment for fungal and other types of infections. It is a natural antibiotic. (garlic is cheap, so just crush a clove and add to water on a spoon and down the hatch!) Magnesium Oil may work too. I clean my face with baking soda then smear it with cold pressed coconut oil. I read you should never put on your skin anything you can’t eat since it goes right through into your body!!! Hope these ideas help someone. 🙂

    • KRC says:

      Omg thank you! I swear I have been saying this all along….that I was fine until I got that damn colonoscopy. I now have gastro symptoms I never had in addition to Rosacea. How did you connect the two incidents? This Rosacea is miserable.

    • KC says:

      YES!!!!! THESE DOCS SHOULD BE DRAWN AND QUARTERED FOR NOT PRESCRIBING PRO BIOTICS after colonoscopy! I believe it is the prep, which strips one of all good bacteria more than the procedure itself, but your points are also valid. Colon cancer is no walk in the park, but how basic is it to tell patients to pro bio up? These so called pros only look at one body part at a time……so myopic.

  19. Angie says:

    I’d say full strength tea tree oil on my face has been saving my skin. I’ve been putting it all over my face, not just on the bumps because I found that treating only the bumps caused bumps to show up in other areas instead, every night before bed. I am a believer that mites cause Rosacea and that tea tree kills them. I also Prosacea (let it dry) and then I use cold cream on my face during the day under my make up (the generic cc that contains sodium borate/borax). Spraying my sheets and especially pillows down with alcohol on the days I couldn’t wash them really might have helped for the first two weeks of my aggressive treatment too. I also add borax powder detergent to my laundry washes now. About every two days I wash my face with selsun blue with aloe but only in the evening bc it makes my face shiny. I also usually follow that up with antibacterial hand soap. In the mornings I only wash with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. I know there’s a lot of different methods there but in a months time my skin looks better than it has in a long time. I didn’t find metro gel or minocycline very helpful! But I will say that when I went on a 5 day antibiotic for a sinus infection, it gave my progress a real kick forward and it hasn’t gotten worse even though that cycle was done 2 weeks ago! Hope I helped!

  20. Angie says:

    Oh and dr smiles drawing salv really helped with the tough pustules in the beginning. Use it and cover it with a band aid overnight. In 2-7 days it’s completely gone!!! That was the most exciting for me bc I hated the bumps the most!

  21. Catherine says:

    I have suffered terribly with rosecea for the last 3 years. I too once had lovely skin that I protected from the sun, only now to have dry, flaking, fragile, burning hot skin. I’d love to protect it with sunscreen or be able to moisturise but every application makes my skin worse. It is very depressing for me – I have easily aged 10 years in the last 3. I avoid catching up with old friends, as I know my appearance is so different – even my own dentist didn’t recognise me following a 12 month check up! Some days I do not want to leave the house. I have seen doctors and dermatologists, and they offer that the only thing to help would be laser treatment to diminish the redness and capillaries. My rosecea would be 9/10 for discomfort and severity. If anyone has come out of such a serious case, please – I would welcome your advice.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Katherine
      I had the burning and was put on roaccutane as it was so painful . It worked for the pain so I have stayed on it at 20 mg once a day and that keeps the burning away . I have had laser and IPL for the redness but in the long term it hasnt really helped. What has helped enormously is cover fx foundation compact – amazing cover up . Also there is a new drug out in the States called Brimodine made by Galderma which had excellent results for redness . Not available in the uk yet . Hope this helps

    • Carolyn Malek says:

      Catherine, my case is not severe, but what does help is rosewater on a cotton ball for cooling, and also Jason brand aloe vera gel . I don’t know if these would help you, but I just wanted to mention them to you. I know it’s a fine balance between cooling and irritating. Good luck.

      • Comment via email.

        “I would endorce Carolyn’s comment about rosewater. It works reasonably well for me and is a longstanding remedy for irritation and redness for many people. Do read the ingredients list though and avoid brands with preservatives and added perfume – and do not forget to moisturise”

    • Comment via email.

      “Catherine, my heart breaks for you. I have been there. If your rosacea is that bad it might help to cleanse your bowel. This can stimulate your immune system and eliminate many toxins. I think a daily tap water enema is the best way (high enema using at least one and a half liters of very warm water). Do this daily for 2 weeks and see if their is an improvement. Eventually you can probably switch to stool softeners (not a laxative) and drinking plenty of water + eating plenty of fiber (Metamucil is good, too). Their is a wonderful new product on the market called dapsone gel (aczone gel = brand name) that is actually for acne, but it has really helped my rosacea. Only problem; it’s terribly expensive!! – but a coupon can be downloaded from the internet that pays 75% of the cost. I HOPE you are seeing a good dermatologist! You only have one life to live, you’re worth it whatever the cost!”


      “Catherine, have you tried a bowel cleanse? This stimulates your immune system and removes many toxins. It helped me. The best way is a plain very warm tap water enema using at least one and a half liters of water. Do this daily for 2 weeks and see if their is an improvement. If so, you can switch to a high fiber diet with plenty of water, maybe include stool softeners (not laxatives) to maintain a healthy bowel. Gentle sulfur containing products also helped me.”

    • MsTeapot says:

      Hi Catherine,

      I currently use Revlon DNA Advantage makeup (no fragrance or nasties whatsoever), mixed with about a 10:2 ratio of SPF 50 ego brand sensitive zinc oxide sunscreen (no fragrance either) to cover the redness of my skin and provide sun protection. Used on its own the sunscreen is very sticky and gives a white cast to the skin, but mixed with the foundation it simply gives the foundation better coverage and enhanced sun protection. This is one of the only combinations I have found which both suits the lightness of my skin, and does not cause me irritation. It doesn’t stop my rosacea of course, but being able to cover it and protect my skin from the sun makes me feel more confident. See if it works for you.

  22. Coleen says:

    Catherine, I had laser treatments many years ago to get rid of capillaries on my chin and nose. I was referred to a specialist at Duke by my dermatologist. My face looked very bruised for about two weeks, but I’ve never had another treatment after the first two and no more problems. I still have ocular rosacea and have had laser treatments for that which helped. Blelpharitis is a problem because my eyes become easily irritated by petroleum, mineral oil and tea tree oil. Petroleum and mineral oil are in every gel and ointment for the eyes.

  23. Catherine says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments and support. I appreciate your sharing, and will give some a try. Best wishes to you all.

    • Carolyn Malek says:

      I wish someone had told me that rosacea was unpredictable, and somewhat manageable if you research because the average doctor may know very little about it. For example, 5 years ago if someone had told me that diet is a factor I would have been sceptical. But now I know that seborrheic dermatitis (often accompanying rosacea) is connected to saturated fats in the diet (the worst are butter, palm oil, and palm kernel oil ) . I also found out (on this blog ) about acid and alkaline properties in the food we eat ; too much acid like carbohydrates and the fats I just mentioned can aggravate rosacea, so there is a connection. According to Wikipedia : “The main species found in the scalp is Malassezia globosa, others being Malassezia furfur (formerly known as Pityrosporum ovale) and Malassezia restricta. The yeast produces toxic substances that irritate and inflame the skin. Patients with seborrhoeic dermatitis appear to have a reduced resistance to the yeast.[citation needed] However, the colonization rate of affected skin may be lower than that of unaffected skin.[7]

      Only saturated fatty acids (FAs) have been shown to support Malassezia growth.
      There is evidence of a relationship between seborrheic dermatitis and intestinal yeast, such as candida.[56] An antifungal diet consisting of the elimination of sugar and increasing vegetable intake should reduce seborrheic dermatitis” . ( in other words less acid foods, and more alkaline foods). Also, since there is a connection between this yeast that causes dandruff and the seb. dermatitis, even with dry skin and no dandruff, I used selsun blue 1% on my scalp and face every week or two for 3 or 4 mins. and it does make a difference in cooling and redness.

      My real issue is redness and complete intolerance to external heat sources (even a candle on the table in a restaurant!). I am trying to change my diet more and keep an open mind, and not panic because of the emotional factor in rosacea ( nice vicious circle!). Anyway, sorry if my thoughts are a bit scattered here; just wanted to let anyone new to this blog know that I think there’s a lot more to this ridiculous condition than we may realise and we have to be somewhat self- centered to manage it.

      • Sally says:

        That was really helpful, Carolyn. Thanks. And I want to add again my comment that I made years ago on this blog: what helped me immensely was getting anti-allergan pillow covers (cheap at places like Target) in hopes of keeping away mites; also I found a wonderful cleansing/moisturizing line of products (Essensa is the brand and I get the Sensitive Skin cleanser and moisturizer). Before the pillow covers, I couldn’t even touch my skin enough to cleanse it easily. It’s been so much better since I started using the pillow covers and the Essensa. Best of luck to everyone!

  24. Hello,
    I found that I have always been sensitive, so my big happiness was finding two soaps I could use. One is Tom’s Sensitive, it’s fragrance free and has chamomile. I don’t use it on my face often, only if the mineral makeup won’t come off. Canus unscented helps with the arms and legs during the winter.

    I was wondering about the pillow covers. I have to use a silk pillow case on the pillow because if I don’t, my hair knots something fierce. I will have to look into the mite covers maybe for under the pillow case? Hmmm. I just can’t have an y synthetics next to my skin or I get itchies bad.

  25. Sally says:

    Hi Janet, I use the zip-up cover and then put the pillowcase over that. I too have to use all-natural-fiber pillowcases. Just to be extra careful, I also use a zip-up mattress cover (also anti-allergen) under the regular sheets. I know this has helped my problem along with the cleansing products. Good luck!

  26. Cynthia says:

    What works for me- wash with cetaphil once a day, use Clinique redness solution lotion daily, weekly I wash hair and face with Selsun Blue shampoo (on other days, I just use regular shampoo). I also avoid spicy food, alcohol. My skin has been behaving itself now for a year doing this. I wish I had tried this years ago instead of trying prescriptions first!

  27. Eldictator says:

    I’ve been using a couple of new cosmetic products for my daily routine, recently discovered here in the uk Dermalex It’s similar to Eucerin’s redness relief cream but a better barrier and not as green.
    I had a stubborn red patch that often occurred before my rosacea on my nose. I Often found that only a bb cream or tinted moisturiser covered the redness, but often these creams left my face dry. Bioderma have an anti redness sensitive skin/ rosacea skin BB cream that is really excellent for stubborn red patches, blends in well with no tight feeling.

  28. Natasha says:

    I got rosacea / acne when I was 27, roughly 3 months into my pregnancy! After spending absolutely 100’s of pounds on facial gels, creams etc I wondered past a homeopathic shop and literally begged the woman behind the counter to help me. She asked me a series of questions then prescribed me Sepia… I have to say that it seems to have cleared up my skin! I also only eat Paleo now, and meditate each night before sleep to relax as I know that stress is my biggest trigger. Its all about finding what’s right for you but I thoroughly recommend three things…

    1. See a homeopath whether you are a believer or not (my sepia was £4.20 for 30 days so it’s a no brainer really!).
    2. Do not eat junk and steer clear from gluten. Give Paleo a try!?
    3. RELAX. Try not to get too stressed, take time out for yourself at bedtime and meditate. Feel your whole body relax into the bed. I was shocked how much I felt my muscles ‘go’, I must have been sleeping with a tensed body for years. It was pretty scary!

    I really hope this helps some people, it is such a dreadful thing to have but know that you and only you can heal yourself!

    • Terry says:

      One other thing – keep hydrated!!! When I don’t drink enough water, the whole cycle starts – redness, itching, pustules – and it takes days to calm everything down again. I make sure I drink at least three 16oz glasses of water each and every day – more in hot weather or if I have been working hard physically. It really makes a difference in my skin.

  29. wendy says:

    Hi ive been diagnosed with neurogenic rosacea for nearly three years and I can honestly say for most of that time my life has been hell. Severe burning pain, flushing and swelling primarily. (No spots) I have lost my job and much of my social life due to my intolerance of warm environments. Amazingly however, for the past six months or so I seem to be in remission. Due to the many variables which trigger my symtoms I’m not sure exactly why though. My medication has definately helped -clonidine, carvidiol, metronidazole antibiotics and HRT and I think the lovely summer we have been having has too. I also think the toleraine skincare range from la roche posay is fantastic and has really helped my skin enormously. Aloe vera gel though is what really helped me through the dark times. Without it I honestly think I would have gone insane! I put a blob onto a cool damp cosmetic pad and place onto the affected area- awww bliss but you need loads as the pads heat up fast as they absorb the intense heat from your face. If you suffer with painful flushing it’s worth a try. Hope it helps.

  30. I really feel for everyone who posts here, I know what we have gone through; the guessing games, the conflicting and unknown “causes”, the myriad management options, enough to really scratch your head and make you nuts. I was determined and still am to beat this thing. I have had enormous luck after much trial and error…..and it wasn’t an easy “fix”. Changing diet, making sure to briskly walk EVERY DAY for a minimum of 45 min, healing the gut, (see a good nutritionist) drink fresh green juice EVERY DAY, (investigate cleansing) staying away from starchy food, sugar, coffee, large amounts of animal protein. After having iffy bowel movements (although only 112 pounds) for most of my life, once i changed my diet (flax seed and magnisium citrate helps) the bm’s are regular and extra long and perfectly formed. This is the ideal, and when this happens my face clears up a day or two. When I went on a 5 day cleanse of raw veggies and juice at the beginning of this ordeal the same thing happened, clear in days.

  31. Theresa says:

    Eliminating gluten from my diet improved my rosacea immensely. I still have flare-ups, but overall the improvement has been miraculous. I was able to stop taking Oracea which I had been on for several years.

  32. Lonnie says:

    One round of Ivermectin cleared mine up almost overnight. My p&p rosacea seems to have been caused by intolerance to Demodex mites. Suggest you all look into that, as well.

  33. found an amazing new moisturizer – believe it or not it’s a cleanser with botanical oils called botanics (the power of plants) hot cloth cleansing balm with nourishing rose hips and olive oil and well the package i threw out so i don’t know what’s in it but it’s wonderful, inexpensive (Target) and i love it, the rep at target said i could use it for both…..after putting it on you use a hot cloth to cleanse with (not rubbing and has no soap) and then after i cleanse with it i use it to moisturize. yummmm! that and making sure i eat right, drink fresh green juices, and walk daily, and move my bowels and a good pro-biotic morning and night and other lifestyle changes with the help of a naturalpath/nutritionist, my face looks amazing, i am so happy!

  34. Hmom says:

    Hello everyone! I was just diagnosed about three months ago–mostly on my cheeks and nose–and unfortunately lots of p&ps. I found a really amazing makeup line through a friend of mine (who is allergic to the world–didn’t think anyone was worse than I am!) It’s called Southern Magnolia Mineral Cosmetics and it doesn’t have anything bad in it! It’s mail order only (free shipping!) but it comes pretty quickly. You can even order little trial samples (for $1.50 and up) to see if you like it.

    I tried Bare Minerals etc. but they ended up making my face much worse. I feel like I can go out into the world again now that I’ve found this makeup!!! 🙂 (P.S. I don’t work for this company–but this makeup has given me the ability to go out into the world again so I wanted to share this info with all of you in case it can help someone else.)

  35. Nancy Baroody says:

    When first diagnosed decades ago I wish I were told that there WAS HOPE, instead of constantly, the hopeless, “no cure,” and you’re basically screwed. Second I wish I were told that gentle daily exfoliation with a glycolic creamy facial wash and sunscreen were a must. Also, I gave up on dermatologists who knew very little if nothing about treating rosacea. I am lucky to still have good skin in the end with the exception of some tiny broken red capillaries which I plan to have eradicated during the cooler season (I live in Florida and train horses).

    • Nancy says:

      I would like to add for helpful reasons, that imbalanced hormones (I was on bio-identical that didn’t work because of my Hashimoto’s) and steroid injections WILL trigger an outbreak as they both did together
      in my case.

  36. susi says:

    I was diagnosed about 5 months ago. Thought I had developed a sudden intolerance to sun blocks. When diagnosed at the dermatologist I happily went home with a rosacure cream and cleanser and quite frankly expected it to be done with. Little did I know that it was only the beginning of a quite frankly very frustrating voyage.
    My checks were on fire and itcy bumps developed. Small pimple like bumps covered my bright red face – much to my dismay!. Before rosacea I never had more then the occasional hormone pimple, basically perfect skin.
    Looked up every web site and article I could find on the subject and quite frankly sat down and cried. The treatment options are so wide spread and are for most parts not backed up by any proper testing. The individual success stories are so different that it is hard to know where to start.
    I was on Metro gel for 2 days and had a sever reaction at which point I decided to take some responsibility. I found my triggers after some trial and error: wine, blue cheese, cured meat and cherries. No idea why, but it makes me break out.
    Did a 3 week course of antibiotics and got rid of most of the bumps and pimple like things.
    Now I manage to keep it at bay with rosacure cream and cleanser twice a day and I bought a hand held red light (at huge expense) which I use every night and it really seems to help keeping it calm.
    At this moment the bumps and pimples are still gone – only have a slight burning sensation and still quite red on the cheeks. I use Jane Iredale powder every day and it really makes me feel normal.
    I am scheduled for laser treatment next month and hope this will further help, but trying to keep my expectations low.
    However I am still looking for that cream that will get rid of the redness and perhaps one day I can enjoy a glass of wine or even better go out with out makeup.

  37. Victoria says:

    The best treatment I have found is Finacea Gel 15% (azelaic acid)……very expensive but it works

  38. Eva Merne says:

    After 6 months of being put on antibiotic after antibiotic, using various expensive facecreams, wasting a fortune on pricy alternative remedies, trying all kinds of elimination diets, buying piles of Rosacea cure books, all to zero effect on my raw, weeping,scaling, itching, bright red cheeks. I was at my wits end & financially a lot less well off- but I finally found my miracle cure by scouring sites like this one on the internet!
    I never had bad skin and only had slightly Rosie cheeks, until shortly after turning 38. It all started with a small patch of dry itchy skin on my cheek bones. I never could of imagined how bad things would get!!!! Until it spread to my eyes. I have yet to find a cure for my eyes but I will find one for this horrid curse called ocular rosacea!
    I have at least found a way to keep my other rosacea on my cheeks under control. Within 3 days My cheeks had returned to a normal colour and most importantly for me they are now itch, scale and weep free!!! My cure cost me just 6Euro for a 3+ month supply!
    I wish someone- namely my Doctor had told me this!! It is available over the counter in any chemist! Its called Selsun anti dandruff shampoo and I use it twice a week.
    I put a small amount neat onto my cheeks leaving it on for 1 min before adding a little water to suds it up and then rinsing completely off. The only down side to this is I found, that the rest of my skin became very dried out. To resolve this I cleanse everyday with a natural oil instead of harsh cosmetic cleansers or washes. I use caster oil but I’m sure almond or coconut oil would work just as well. I gently rub about 1 teaspoon of oil all over my face and very gently wipe off with a clean dry facecloth, then finish with a rich moisturiser.

    It works for me & is definitely worth a try before spending a fortune trying out other expensive ineffective treatments. Good luck

    • Carolyn says:

      Congratulations Eva…as I was reading your post, I was hoping your miracle product was “Selsun”, because it is so true. My main problem is heat and redness, but from what I have read there is a definite connection between the redness, and the mites that like the sebaceous oil in our skin, and create a redness while they live in our skin (yes, how disgusting)…. I have read in an old book about all kinds of skin conditions that if there is a problem on the face (with sebaceous oil) there is automatically a problem on the scalp; specifically the hairline. I also tried Selsun a couple of years ago and within 5 minutes most of the redness was gone; the sulfur must kill the mites. So now I use Selsun as my shampoo, put it on my face while in the shower, and wash the pillow covers in hot water (and use the dryer) on a regular basis. This treatment is really so basic (to at least parially help with rosacea) that I’m surprised dermatologists don’t automatically suggest this!

      • Eva merne says:

        Hi Carolyn,
        Nice to hear from you & im delighted about your success too!
        I hadn’t thought about the scalp connection in all of this- very interesting though! I haven’t tried washing my hair with Selsun, as to be honest my focus was only on the awful state of my face. I have really sensitive skin & I was afraid to over load myself with dousing elsewhere with selsun for fear of becoming allergic to it. But you have a valid point- it could be actually originating from my scalp. I think I’ll give that a try like you have and the diluted suds may actually help with my Ocular Rosacea too! Thanks for that, & the pillow cases too I agree may play an important roll!

        The whole idea of the mytes is so grotesque isn’t it!!! And to think that doctors and dermatologists never seem to mention using Selsun! Why I wonder?
        I mentioned it to my doctor when I first had success with it and she simply said, that’s fantastic keep using it. She then added that Selsun is known to control many skin complaints.
        I was so excited about finally making a break through with my skin, I didn’t think to ask her why she didn’t mention it to me in the first place. Strange how this seems to be the way with most of them isn’t it!!

        • Carolyn says:

          Yes Eva, I agree – so many comments her mention that their doctor had no, or few answers..I did come across some info years ago about a shampoo similar to Selsun (with a similar ingredient that would probably work on the face also) in relation to hair thinning. I read that it would “somehow” help with hair thinning, but there wasn’t much detail about how it would do this. When I told my doctor she had no idea what I was talking about. To her credit she looked it up after- hours and called me to tell me that she found no info showing the benefit to thinning hair.
          Well now we know that those mites like the oil on the face and scalp (and apparently they cause dandruff ) so getting them under control helps with dandruff and thinning hair 🙂
          For me it’s not about acne, and I will always have a rosy complexion given my English/Irish background and red hair, but the Selsun really helps. Glad you are having success with it too!

          • Eva says:

            I have heard it referred to as the Curse of the Celts-
            I am actually Irish & live in Ireland, but i am not very fair skinned. I have dark hair & Skin that tans easily without freckles.
            I do have blue eyes though, and have always had slightly rosy cheeks, both of which I have heard make you more prone!

            I think the weather plays a part aswell, as mine has been typically worse during the winter months & is a lot more manageable during the warmer albeit not very sunny Irish summers.

            Anyway, here’s to Selsun & mite free skin

          • Carolyn says:

            Yes (about the Celts) – my grandmother was the same,from a young age, and I also find that the redness is much better from Spring through Autumn and then as soon as the cold hits in December (Canada) it gets worse. Another thing I realised I was doing wrong was avoiding washing my face with hot water – of course I know now – wasn’t helping clear oil away (how odd that warmer weather and cleanig with hot water is better for red cheeks!)

          • Eva says:

            Well I tried washing my hair with Selsun and washing the suds over my eyes yesterday!
            I think I maybe onto a winner here as every aspect of my face has improved today including my eyes! The eye watering redness, tightness & peeling of the skin around my eyes has halved in severity! This is brilliant, the first relief in 6 weeks!
            I’m not sure if it was the suds over my eyelids that helped or if it’s due to my scalp being the source of the problem or both, but either way,
            Thanks so much for the tip off Carolyn!

          • Carolyn says:

            That’s great! who knew that good, old – fashioned sulphur could be so valuable 🙂

  39. Hillary says:

    The one thing I wish I was told … To stop layering on the skincare products and to go immediately to fragrance-free products. When I first got rosacea, the sweet, young esthetician with whom I was working recommended product after product from a French cosmetics line that uses lots of fragrances and is heavily oil-based. Which made it all the worse. Fortunately, my mother’s neighbor, also an esthetician, and who also has rosacea, put me on her product–all home made and all natural. Perfect for my suddenly very delicate skin. After a few months my rosacea cleared up significantly and my skin no longer felt raw and burned. Note: At this time I also gave up all alcohol, so that may have played a role as well! Not sure if it’s ok to post websites here, but in case anyone is interested in checking out her work, you may do so here:

  40. Natasha says:

    To follow up on my last comment about a year or two ago – continuing with no dairy, fermented cod liver oil (with, weirdly, butter oil) and Dr Gross sulphur mask my skin is still rosacea free and I now feel safe enough to get laser on my thread veins. It’s been a total nightmare but totally worth it! So happy. It’s totally treatahe disease needs to be treated from the inside out. It’s all about your diet – check out Emilia Freer’s cookbook. It’s my absolute bible x

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