The One Thing I Wish I Was Told About Treating Rosacea

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Do you have something that you just wish you were told when you were first diagnosed with rosacea? What little pearl of wisdom would have made the biggest difference to know straight up?

Often when someone is diagnosed with rosacea, their first trip to the internet is a scary one. Those pictures of the worst cases of severe rosacea are enough to depress anyone.

So what do you wish that you were told when you were first diagnosed?

What one thing has made the most difference to you that might help someone else?

My 2 Cents Worth

I took a long time to get on a treatment path that saw me getting consistently better.

I wish I was told about the importance of a physical sunscreen and of a gentle cleanser and moisturizer.

My skin was so inflamed and so un-cared-for that the regular rosacea treatments like antibiotics and Metrogel struggled to make a decent impression on my symptoms.

Only when my skin was able to recover and heal and be supported by a gentle skincare regime was it able to say goodbye to rosacea.

For me being a bloke I would probably never have thought of this as being important. I took a long time to believe it for myself. I could have saved so much time and grief if I had known this one tip.

Please Jump In

OK, even if you have never posted a comment on the Rosacea News Blog before, please help out everyone who has just been diagnosed with rosacea.

Leave a comment below and tell us the one thing that you think was the best bit of advice that you have gotten since you started in your quest to beat rosacea.

Thanks on behalf of everyone who comes to this page looking for good advice!

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242 Reader Comments

  1. Ken Marquis says:

    I stopped drinking hot liquids such as coffee. And using mild soap. I take a antibiotic daily.

  2. Gabriela Reynosa says:

    I use castor oil mix with tea tree oil, it has helped a lot with the redness and has help diminish the bumps. The oils do a great job moisturizing and killing the mites. I saw results after the third day. Before going to bed a mix one spoon of castor oil and ten drops of tea tree oil and put it on my face, the oils absorbed fast and then in the morning I wash my face with a gentle cleanser, put sun block, make up and ready to go.

  3. Ashley McCabe says:

    I would !like to try this new topical but I had a reaction to mirvaso. Has a gone else? Will you try this new topical?

  4. Jerilynn Collette says:

    I find an anti-inflamatory diet, using an omega 3 supplement, Vitamin C supplement along with taking Doxycyline has helped my skin alot. I only use Cal Ben Soap to cleanse my face and use Cere Ve as my moisturizer. I have a sulfur prescription from the Dr that helps with breakouts. For sunscreen, the only product I am able to use is the elta md Broad Spectrum SPF 46. The simpler the better for my skin. I wish my Dr would have been more straight up about how much diet would affect my skin.

    • Natasha says:

      I agree! Diet is a huge game changer. Since I gave up dairy it’s totally cleared up my face… Completely!! It’s really worth the pain of avoiding dairy. I would suggest giving this a go to everyone here. It takes a few weeks to notice the effects so stick to it and maybe it will work for you 🙂

      • Jerilynn Collette says:

        I do the non-dairy, also. It is so hard to eliminate the cheese & butter. I hear they have come out with cheese made from nuts so I am excited to try them. And our cooperative has an omega butter which I have also seen in the grocery store called Melt Organic that is OK but tastes like coconut to me. When I just have to have something, I use it, though! I drink almond milk and use it as a substitute in most everything. It works well. It is hard to know what to use at times as so many things cause a flare. I also have other auto immune diseases that cause havoc with my food diet. It is good to know what other people are using
        I have stuggled with the skin condition for years. I had accutane in my 30’s and it all went away until my 50’s. My Dr doesn’t like me to stay on the antibiotic forever, but without it, my nose started changing, so back on it again. I can’t afford the laser treatments as I am now retired.

  5. Ellie Smith says:

    Sleep with two pillows. This will limit the blood flow to facial area and thus reduce the problem. Worked for me.

    • C.Malek says:

      Great idea.

    • C.Malek says:

      Especially in winter- I find the redness and heat at its worst overnight. For occular irritation (clogged seb.oil glands in eyelids)I have found that wiping the eyelash area ( eyelid rims) with a q-tip in the SLIGHTEST touch of oil, like almond oil, works well and adds a touch of lubrication to the eyes, equalling less dryness and itchy redness.

  6. Margaret says:

    I was diagnosed with rosacea in Sept 2016, and fought it with Metrogel (worked for about 2 weeks, then stopped), changed the way I eat (no sugar, no white flour products, more veggies and fruit and good fats, lots of salmon oil) and decided that I would look up everything I could. Through November to January, 2017, it just got worse. I would feel like my face was on fire, and then I broke out in papules and my nose started getting bumps too, and my eyes were a mess.

    I read more and more, and actually bought some OTC ivermectin horse paste, and mixed it with Cetaphil face cream, using only Cetaphil face wash with 2 drops of tea tree oil per tablespoon added. FINALLY I could see some improvement. Enough that I decided to ask my doctor for Rosiver (Soolantra in Canada). He agreed.

    I got my Rx in the middle of February, and started right away. At the same time, I ordered (on the advice of my doctor), Cliradex tea tree oil eye wipes, and used them all over my face when cleansing.

    It has only been THREE weeks since I started this regimen. Cleanse very lightly with water only in the morning, Cliradex all over, then Rosiver all over, then Clinique Redness Solution (I think it’s the aloe vera that makes this so calming). Then again at night, cleanse with Cetaphil face wash, Cliradex all over, Rosiver all over, then Cetaphil lotion with a little tea tree oil mixed in (2 drops per Tablespoon) and let that dry.

    My face is 90 percent improved, with only the slightest redness and a couple of veins in one spot on my left cheek. The nose is smooth, and my eyes are perfect!!

    I wish I had gone for the Rx right away, and I wish I had used Cliradex right away. I can see again. I rarely wear makeup when I go out any more (I was using Clinique Redness cover), and my face is smooth. So happy.

  7. Carolyn says:

    I read somewhere that after making green tea (with a teabag; not loose), keep it in a little dish in the fridge, and then use for “hot cheeks” ; dap the wet teabag on your face and leave it to dry. I find that it works, and keeps getting a bit better/cooler for 15-20 mins.! It is also an astringent and is supposed to have good anti-skin damage qualities. Will also be great to use in the summer. I really like the simpler home remedies best.

    • Margaret says:

      I seriously advise everyone I talk to, to look into Cliradex tea tree oil wipes and to get a prescription for Soolantra. I’m now 6 weeks on Soolantra (Rosiver since I’m Canadian), and using tea tree oil wipes on my eyes and all over my face twice a day. My redness is 95 percent gone, I’ve not had a papule in 3 weeks, and my eyes are 100 percent cleared. The tea tree oil wipes work for me if I use them TWICE a day, and leave the solution to dry before I open my eyes. Initially, they burned quite a bit, but once the skin around my eyes healed, I only feel a slight tingle.

      I had papules all over, intense ‘sunburn’ feeling redness with tingling and sore spots on my nose and cheeks, and nothing else worked. I also changed to no dairy whatsoever (not even butter), take salmon oil capsules religiously, and eat NO SUGAR. I think combined with the skin treatments, that there is a solution that will work, but you have to be consistent. Veggies, wild meats, no sugar, no dairy (I use soy), reduce caffeine to (one cup a day lol), drink more WATER (not juice, no artificially sweetened anything either, no POP). Try those things, and I’ll bet you’ll find a huge difference, too.

  8. Elie says:

    I was reading a lot about what is on your face and body is also inside your body. So, I began to take probiotics. They have helped the rosacea, but not the arm wash. Still working on that. Also, I bought a good grade of coconut oil, and that has helped a lot.

  9. Mary says:

    I was taking minocycline for rosacea. My face did clear up. Dr said I was to take the
    antibiotics for the rest of my life. I am trying to heal from the inside out. After spending
    days on the internet, I too have eliminated sugar from my diet, flour, eat lots of vegetables
    and turkey burger and salmon. I have added olive leaf extract and probiotics. I take the
    olive leaf extract one dropperful in water morning and night with my meal. At noon, I take a probiotic with my lunch. It has been a slow healing process, 2 months so far, my nose went
    from red to normal no pimples now, the upper lip is clear, and now my chin is slowly clearing
    up. I still have the bumps but each morning my skin is improving. Patience is definitely
    needed. This is a very slow process but I was determined for my body to try to heal itself.
    I have lots of health issues I deal with but I was sick and tired of the doctors just giving me
    more pills to take.

  10. Charlie says:

    Great advice from people on this site …… I think for anyone starting out it can be quite daunting – you just have to experiment and see what works for you.

    I tried all sorts of things but settled on a strict diet with little or no alcohol, avoiding processed foods like white breads, no fast food – really just seeking out foods good for your gut like good old fashioned vegetables and fruits.

    On the skin I use Moisture creams like BB Olay – I found the Manuka honey gave some relief as well – always apply sunscreen ( cetaphil ) and cleanse at night using gentle soaps like cetaphil – you can keep it at bay but very hard to totally get rid of it unless you want to take antibiotics for the rest of your life.

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