The Best Moisturisers with Sunscreen

I love CHOICE Magazine in Australia. They do great reviews, always concentrating on practical outcomes. A recent report dealt with moisturisers (yes we spell them with an “s”) on the Australian market that also contain sunscreen. For those that want both the protection offered by a sunscreen and a good moisturizer, this report is for you. A solid, but gentle cleansing, moisturizing and sunscreen regime is a key requirement for all rosacea sufferers.

Their detailed report is titled Moisturisers with Sunscreen, and is available from their web site for $13.95.

As a special favour to all you out there, here are the 3 cheapest of the recommended products, with their manufacturer’s fancy sounding description.

  1. Garnier Nutritionist Regenerating Daily Moisturiser SPF 15 (This day cream helps the appearance of fine lines look smoother and skin look brighter while providing added protection against the signs of ageing with SPF15.)
  2. Dove Essential Nutrients Protective Day Cream SPF 15 (Rich, smooth Deep Moisture Day Cream SPF 15 combines broad-spectrum UV protection and rich moisture to quench, hydrate and defend dry skin, for a healthy looking glow that lasts.)
  3. Cancer Council Moisturising Face Cream SPF 30+ (A light, non-oily hydrating lotion specially formulated for daily use either alone or under make up. Contains UVA and UVB sunscreen filters for broad spectrum skin protection.)

As well as making some recommendations, the CHOICE report also makes some good points about sunscreens in general.

As well as protecting us from cancer, sunscreen can reduce the signs of premature aging, such as wrinkling, rough skin, broken or burst capillaries, and uneven colouring. The sun is thought to be responsible for about 90% of the visible signs of aging among Australians.

I get the feeling that the average Australia still doesn’t use enough sunscreen, especially given our climate. Perhaps a moisturizer with a sunscreen in one way to get better protection.

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3 Reader Comments

  1. Leonie says:

    It would be interesting to find out which are also free of carcinogenic substances. If we’re going to be concerned with protection from cancer caused by the sun, it would be pointless to ‘protect’ yourself with a product that can cause cancer itself.

  2. A good point Leonie; to some extent we rely on the various drug approval agencies around the world to keep an eye on the ingredients that might be dangerous.

    For eg, I am glad to see that there is some supervision of the nano particles and how safe they are too.


  3. Joe says:

    I have been suffering through the worst flare up I have ever had this past month. I was prescribed MetroGel for the first time which irritates my face and made my redness worse. The “recommended” moisturizers for rosacea sting and irritate when I apply them. Desperate I tried Aubrey Organics Green Tea and Ginko Moisturizer with SPF15, hoping that the green tea would help with the redness. I have used it for 3 days now and I must say it is amazing. After just one day of application my redness and irritation was very noticably reduced. It also does not sting my face when I apply it, and actually has brought back the elasticity around my mouth which previously felt so tight it actually hurt to open my mouth wide. I figure by the end of one week of application my face should be back to “normal”. I highly recommend this product.

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