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Rosacea News is featuring a series of articles that I’m calling “My Rosacea Story“. There is real power in hearing other people’s stories. We’d love to hear from you too. Feel free to send me an email, and to use the following questions as a starting point.

Thanks to Terry for sharing.

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 How long ago, and how did you discover you had rosacea?

I found out I had rosacea about 15 yrs ago .(age 50 ) I noticed a brochure in the dermatologists office when i was there for another reason and thought … this is me. At that time I just had some bumps on my cheeks and forehead.

 What feelings can you remember from when you first found out?

I  didn’t have a lot of distress  about it as my case was mild. I did think it was probably a problem that my Dad had but again not severe. If I had known how severe a case I would get I would have been quite distressed.

What did you start doing to find relief?

I began a 10 year search for something to help.  My face became more and more reddened, spotted and a huge problem with  my nose. I too thought i would soon look like WC Fields or at least a drunk.

What things did you try that didn’t help?

What didn’t I try ?? I changed skin care – trying all the clean skin care I could find. I tried Metrogel, Tetracycline, Mincycline, Doxycycline, Mary K, Rosacea II Melaleuca creams, natural organic skin creams (several), sensitive skin make up, – I tried different vitamin and mineral additives. I tried some herbal suggestions

Nothing I tried made a difference for very long. Originally Tetracycline, mincycline , Metrogel helped some, but if I went off the antibiotic the bumps returned in full fury. Never was I clear. I tried Rosacea II from the internet and it helped a bit. I tried gluten free, clean eating, organic eating, removed nightshades from my diet. Everything I read about that I tried. The Rosacea was worse and worse. I took a trip to Arizona in 2011 and the heat caused the Rosacea to really flare. Now I needed green powder and two layers of makeup to try to mask the rash and the redness and bumps on my nose.

What things did you try that did help?

 l finally was so desperate I went on a social media site called LinkedIn and asked for a natural remedy for rosacea. 100 people answered me, with various companies and skin care right down to chinese herbs.  I chose the cleanest skin care line that was offered, ordered and really didn’t see a difference. When that company, BlackBox Cosmetics offered an acne line, I ordered their skin wash and their treatment serum. Miracles !! Within 6 weeks I was clear. I have had an odd bump since but basically now have clear skin. I even venture out without any face makeup.

Where did you find the best advice?

 I didn’t find any advice that helped me until I decided to explore this myself . I had risked so  much money that the price to explore was minimal

Please tell us what advice you would offer newly diagnosed rosacea sufferers?

 If what your doctor prescribes works, then stick with it – I myself didn’t want to be on antibiotics all my life and wanted something pure and natural – that was my best risk. Although many sources tell me that acne remedies cannot work, this one did for me. I had acne quite severe as a teen if that makes a difference.

What hopes do you have for the future for yourself and for rosacea sufferers in general?

What hopes do you have for the future for yourself and for rosacea sufferers in general? the skin care regime that i follow has had so much success for me and others with rosacea, that I would recommend it.  A medical model for me was not the way to go. I have attached before and after one month pix for your interest. The one in pink is my today picture and I do have some make up on. I do have some scarring on my nose still. Thanks for listening !!

after one month


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3 Reader Comments

  1. Noreen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story and your before and after pictures. My rosacea mainly effects my nose and keeps getting larger as time goes on.

    Can you please share the details on your Blackbox skincare and makeup routine? Please include names of products and how often you applied them to your face.
    Maybe David could give you my email address if you’d like to email me directly or simply reply to my post so others can have the information as well.

  2. jagoterry says:

    BlackBox Cosmetics is a small company that makes very pure and innovative skin care. I did join as a wholesale buyer / business person when I saw my results – my post was not intended to sell my products but to help people be innovative.

    My routine in the beginning was Geniskin face wash and Geniskin Treatment Serum as well as the day and night creams (Infusion AM and Defiance PM) as the treatment serum lacks the moisturizer i need for my 60+ face. As my skin healed I was able to use the Geniskin Facial Scrub (but not daily) and the Geniskin mask for any rougue red spots.

    I am four years out of that treatment and mostly just use the regular products.
    I do take a probiotic, omega 3 oils and good vitamin daily.. not sure if that makes a difference.

  3. Gabriela Reynosa says:

    Mary, I read your story and something that got my attention is that you said you had acne as a teen and you used an acne treatment. My question is..did you have acne as an adult too? I suffer from cystic acne as an adult and now I have been diagnosed with rosacea so I am wondering if there is any connection there. Did you ever ask your dermatologist?

    Well, thank you again for sharing your story.

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