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Do you struggle with ocular rosacea and want to get some answers from an expert ? In a recent post to rosacea-support, Aurelia is appealing for group members to submit their questions ;

Many rosacea sufferers really struggle to get good advice on coping with ocular rosacea.

We’ve now arranged for a well-known ophthalmologist to conduct a question and answer session for you via email. This doctor has been an ophthalmologist for many years and is the head of ophthalmology at a large US school. He has a publication list as long as your arm, and has recently published several peer-reviewed articles on ocular rosacea.

Here’s your chance to get some good insights into the diagnosis and treatment of your ocular rosacea symptoms. Please post your questions to rosacea-support (ie. to the BOARD, not to me) by 31st January and we’ll summarise them to make them easy to answer. Here are some suggestions to get you started ;

  • what are your thoughts on topical metronidazole for ocular treatment, and whydon’t we hear much about it?
  • what new or existing proven treatments can you recommend for me to show to mydoctor?
  • are there any online or offline resources I could read to help educate myself?
  • what ocular symptoms most commonly suggest that rosacea is present?
  • what is your opinion on laser or pulsed light treatments for ocular rosacea ?
  • what do you feel most optimistic about for the future? (A realistic assessmentof what is promising and achievable in current studies, with likely timescales.)

Please post your suggested questions to the rosacea-support email group.

Here are some Rosacea News items that might help bring you up to speed on recent ocular rosacea items ;

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