Soolantra works for a red face too


Some recent research into the effectiveness of Soolantra has found that in addition to being proven (again) as a treatment for the papules and pustules of rosacea, it is also showing to be effective for the redness of rosacea.

Soolantra (1% Ivermectin cream) is a recently approved topical treatment, officially for the papules and pustules of rosacea. For the official treatments for papules and pustules, such as Metrogel and Finacea, rosacea sufferers are also interested in whether a benefit will also extend to their redness symptoms. We are told that this research is the first time that Soolantra has been evaluated  against erythematotelangiectatic rosacea in a clinical trial.

Does Soolantra help with redness?

For this study results were divided into four levels of clinical improvement: 0-25%; 25-50%; 50-75%; and over 75%. Two dermatologists graded improvement using photographs illumicated bynormal polarized light.

The results showed that of the 34 sufferers trialed, the measure of 75% improvement was attained by 30% of the papulopustular rosacea group and by 9% of the erythematotelangiectatic rosacea group.

So even though a higer proportion of sufferers experienced a significant benefit with their papules and pustules, 3 of the 34 participants experienced an overall improvement in their redness. Note that 7 of the  34 participants experienced an improvement of at least 50% with their redness symptoms.

How does Soolantra help redness?

This is a great question. Sadly this research doesn’t come to any conclusion about the source of the benefits of ivermectin in reducing redness. In fact the reason that Soolantra works for the papules and pustules of rosacea is still under consideration – it could be the anti-demodex action, anti-inflammatory or anti-bacterial properies of ivermectin.

How to Wean off Soolantra

This clinical trial supplied the following instructions to participants who were wanting to maintain remission after the initial daily-treatment regime ended.

Follow-up varied between 2 and 5 months with a median of 2 months. Later treatment was maintained in 9 of the 34 patients with differing dosages.

Patients were instructed to apply topical IVM cream 2-3 times per week with the possibility of reinitiating treatment in case of an outbreak with application on a daily basis, and in more serious cases, every 12 hours.

So if are trying to wean yourself off Soolantra, reducing treatment to 2-3 times per week seems to be a good starting point.

More Soolantra Usage Advice

It should be noted that topical IVM cream is convenient to use and presents good tolerance along with an absence of resistence  with repeated treatments.

In our opinion, its use could be considered in treating an outbreak or used as an ongoing therapy.

In periods between outbreaks, its use could keep the presence of Demodex mites under control to minimize inflammation and bacterial antigens production implicated in rosacea

Article Extracts

Treatment of rosacea with topical ivermectin cream: a series of 34 cases

Dermatology Online Journal, 22(8)

Department of Dermatology, Clínica Dermitek (Bilbao), Spain

Rosacea is a highly prevalent, chronic inflammatory disease. The use of topical ivermectin cream has recently been described in the treatment of rosacea in three clinical trials.

We report our experience in a series of 34 patients treated with topical ivermectin cream. The results are a reflection of the reality of clinical practice and the perception of patients of the treatment.

We also evaluate the efficacy in cases of mild rosacea and erythematotelangiectatic rosacea which have not been studied in trials.


Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disease of unknown aetiology. Some contributing factors could be:

  • the proliferation of the Demodex folliculorum;
  • alterations to the immune response;
  • neurovascular dysfunction;
  • alteration of the epidermal barrier, and
  • bacterial anti-genes.

Demodex folliculorum (D folliculorum; D brevis) could be an additional factor in the inflammatory response, as well as being a vector of micro-organisms (Bacillus oleronius; Staphylococcus B-haemolytic epidermidis) either causing, or exacerbating lesions.

Ivermectin (IVM) might have an effect on rosacea owing to its miticide and anti- inflammatory properties, in addition to its possible antimicrobial properties.

It has been postulated that these mechanisms might play a role in the pathogenesis of rosacea on various levels, inhibiting the inflammatory cascade, and reducing the presence of Demodex mites in the skin, which would also reduce exposure to bacterial antigens, which are thought to be related.

Topical IVM cream was recently proposed as a new therapeutic option, having been approved for use by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in December 2014. The following is a report of 34 patients treated with topical IVM cream and the results obtained in terms of efficacy, tolerance, and satisfaction.


In our experience topical IVM cream can be an effective treatment for rosacea.

Our series demonstrates better results with moderate to severe papulopustular rosacea as in the cases studied in trials.

Nevertheless, we have also observed some response in mild cases of erythematotelangiectatic rosacea as well.

Tolerance of ivermectin cream is high and produces quick results.

Further studies would be required to determine the results and safety of ivermectin cream treatment. Finally, improved understanding of the causes of rosacea should lead both to a more optimum application of existing treatments and new treatment options.

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8 Reader Comments

  1. Email comment from Dorinda.

    “Yes…. it does work! However………I’M 67, on Medicare and supplement. and drug program. None covers Soolantra and itis $300.00… I just use the samples till done.”

    • Logan Haefner says:

      I am on Medicare/Medicaid due to disability and I actually just got this approved for coverage today. I didn’t pay a penny for it. My doctor had to send in two appeals over the course of 13 days, but it was finally approved. Best of luck to you !

  2. Barbara Ruchkall says:

    Yes, Soolantra works for me, too. After reading that it is based on Cetaphil cream, I’m wondering whether IVM is what is working for me, or the Cetaphil Lotion component of Soolantra! In either case, $300 is a lot to have to pay for a dermatological that is part Cetaphil!!

  3. Comments via the facebook posting:

    “I think a 9% success rate says it,that it doesn’t help redness in the majority of flushing,redness sufferers”

    “Too bad it’s so pricey. I have good insurance and it was still unaffordable. I’ve seen improvements using Cetaphil wash specifically labeled for redness.”

    “It has totally changed my skin. Such an improvement including redness. I am still a little red but much reduction”

    “Changed my life. With the coupon on the website, I paid $75.00 for a tube. It will last me at least 3 months.”

    “Why the huge price tag? Ivermectin isn’t an expensive ingredient–so common in heartworm treatment for dogs and a wormer for livestock.”

    “Rhofade works better for me”

  4. “I have just purchased a tube of soolantra and have to say I see results already £38 well spent “

  5. “Has anyone ever had any luck getting their insurance company to approve Soolantra after they have initially denied it?”

  6. casadeg says:

    I just found that ivermectin paste is made for animals. Wondering whether that would work as well for humans without the $375 (here in California) price?

  7. “I’d like to post an update I’m sooo freaking happy I got a call from my pharmacist to tell me my insurance company approved my Soolantra and that my co-pay would be $0.00 when I was having to pay $75.00 with the discount card .. Yay ”

    “You cant even tell i have rosacea since i started soolantra 2 years ago. what a godsend.”

    “I am on soolantra so far I love it!! Dont ve fooled though cause the first few times it will make it worse for some people then all of a sudden it will clear up and your good to go”

    “It really is amazing stuff don’t get anything thing really now worth its weight in gold ”

    “Sold as Ivermectin in Canada: has basically ‘cured’ my Rosacea with only an occasional mild flare up. Don’t have to use the cream every day and have had no issues for 3+ yrs.”

    ” Amazing stuff, wouldn’t be without it now. Clear for 6 months now ”

    “Third week using Soolantra and amazed by the difference. Got worse for a few days but now its the best my skin has been in a long time. Early days but looking positive.”

    “How much dose everyone pay for there Soolantra ???
    I had to pay $75.00 because my insurance company /Cigna wouldn’t cover it. I found a coupon discount card and used that.
    But they want me to use Metronidazole and it really doesn’t help my Rosacea”

    “Yes it helped my redness and swelling of the face , best thing so far ! Now just get rid of the broken capillaries “

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