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Even though Soolantra has only just been approved as a treatment for rosacea, and won’t be available for a couple of months, can we get any idea of how well it might work ?

Thankfully the answer is yes. With credit to those who have been part of the extensive trials for Galderma’s code-named CD5024 we can have an early glimpse into how well Soolantra can treat the papules and pustules of rosacea.

Soolantra has been in trials as early as 2006, so there are plenty of rosacea sufferers who have been able to try what we now know as Soolantra.

Once Soolantra becomes more widely available and the early users of the official prescription venture online, a better picture of the utility of Soolantra will emerge.

For now, whet your appetite from the reviews of these early users of Soolantra, read on for more.

User Reviews

rachzon, Brisbane in 2008 says:

I have been on an Ivermectin trial for just over a week now with quite positive results. I have moderate Rosacea with frequent papules and pustules. My most recent flare up started in July and had continues until this week when I started the topical Ivermectin.

My skin had improved a little after I started applying Megan Gales Invisable Zinc about a month ago but the change in the last week has been quite dramatic.

My skin is still far from perfect but as the trial goes for about a year I hope it continues to improve. Initially I was getting about 20 papules on EACH cheek, forehead and even on my neck, so it was pretty ugly, the inflammation was not pleasant either.

I have the occassional papule left, the worst place is still on my neck but the texture of my skin is soft, no burning or itching and life is a hell of a lot more pleasant. My 3 year old son hasn’t been patting my cheek and asking me if it still hurts this week either.

Looks like those beastly mites have a lot to answer for in my case.

and then

It is a 30 gram tube with what I presume is 1% Ivermectin


I asked about other peoples experiences, they have about 10 on the trial at the Coast and all but one have had results similar to mine. The Derm mentioned that up to this point it has been very hard to treat Papular Pustule Rosacea so is very pleased with these results.


10 weeks I have been on the trial now and my face continues to be fantastic. I get the very occasional bump but it is gone within a few days.

RosaceaHater says:

The flare got so bad I considered withdrawing from the study. However, my study doc counted a huge change in the papules vs. pustules count that they tally on each visit and he also said it is common to see a change in the type of lesion before there is any improvement. So I kept with it and now the bumps are clearing up almost as abruptly as they arrived. I am fairly certain I got CD5024 and not the placebo. I will find out for sure in six weeks! If there are any questions thus far I would be happy to answer them.


Today I had my 4 week checkup with my study doc. My papule/pustule count went from 41 my baseline visit to 29 today. The nurses commented my skin looks better. And yes, CD 5024% is ivermectin! I will have my next checkup in four weeks. At that time I will provide another P/P count and I will know if I got CD 5024 or the placebo.

KP Says:

I am in the CD5024 study and they do draw blood at every monthly visit. I began the study in June 2012 and saw results quickly. I rarely break out and the cream has made my skin very smooth. My skin has never looked better. When the product finally comes on the market I fear I won’t be able to afford it as most new drugs are not covered by my insurance.

GW says:

I’m currently involved in a study of CD5024, and barring any side effects, it’s fantastic! I’ve been using it for 12 weeks, and my Rosacea was pretty much gone by the 3rd week. Now I have no visible Rosacea. What am I going to do when I run out?!

As for the white blood count, my doc knew before I did that I was sick. They called because the count was low, and that weekend I came down with a terrible cold. Thankfully, after I recovered the white count was normal.

Please Add Your Reviews

If you get to try Soolantra please do let us know below in the comments how you like it or not.

Were you on the trial, how did it go for you?

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  1. JM says:

    In general it seems people either improve quickly with Soolantra or soon after use go thru “bad periods” and then improve. My feeling is if you do not have any reaction( either positive or negative relativelly quickly happens after starting Soolantra) then Soolantra more then likely is not going to work for you…….Opinions on this please

    • Sandra says:

      JM, I meant to explain above that I did not have a dramatic improvement with Soolantra for the first couple of weeks. Once I helped it penetrate deeper into my pores with the salicylic acid, it worked significantly better. Perhaps the Soolantra was just sitting on top of my skin before that, which limited its effectiveness at eradicating the Demodex living deeper in my pores. It also helped make a difference to treat my entire face and neck instead of just my nose and checks where my Rosacea was obvious. I did this on my own out of desperation for improvement, but I’d suggest asking your dermatologist about using salicylic acid or another pore cleaning method if you find you are not getting any significant benefit from Soolantra alone.

      • JM says:

        Sandra- Thanks so much for the reply I will speak with my Doctor. But Can you tell me exactly how you used the salicylic acid…was it a stridex pad and than 15 minutes later you applied the soolantra?? Or did you rinse your face after the saliycylic acid and then applied soolantra?? Also how many days(weeks) after you started with the salicylic acid did your condition improve?. Lastly whats your opinion if you had applies the soolantra twice a day vs once…. Lots of questions LOL. But if you hav time I appreciate your response. JM

        • Sandra says:

          JM, sorry for the long delay in replying. I’ve had a lot going on with several family sicknesses lately. I will try to answer your questions. First, I used Stridex pads because those do not contain alcohol. I chose to try salicylic acid (SA for short) because I read that the mites go deep it’s your pores during the day & to lay their eggs. I thought the SA would help clear my pores to allow the Soolantra to penetrate deeper. After I swabbed my face with the Stridex pads several times, I put on the Soolantra as soon as my face dried. I did this every night before bed. As to your question on whether I put on Soolantra more than once a day, I rarely do that since I already have very oily skin and the Soolantra lotion makes my skin shiny. However, sometimes when I’m stressed at work and my nose gets red and swollen and feels hot and tickley or even itchy, I will put on some Soolantra then put powder makeup on top of it. The Soolantra seems to calm it down some. This also helps some when I have a glass of wine in the evening or eat something that triggers my Rosacea. I have no explanation for why the Soolantra might help calm my red face in those moments. Perhaps the mites get worked up by stress or the ingested trigger making my face red and then the Soolantra kills them. Who knows?

    • Hi,

      Overall, Soolantra appears to play a significant role in reducing both redness and bumps for me. I’m on Week 7 with only a little redness on forehead next to scalp, some redness on scalp, and on nose after work. I also take Accutane–I recommend this combination for folks who have very oily skin. The only side effect that I have noticed is dryness in the ears and around nose–no thoughts of Suicide, et. Cetera. Give it about 7-8 weeks to notice a dramatic change. As you can see in my recent profile picture taken yesterday I look pretty good considering the fact that about 7 weeks ago I looked like I had Poison Ivy!

      Anyone else take Accutane with Soolantra?

      • stuart says:

        Hi im currently on week 16. Skind great.but wat do i do now? Just use it once per week as a maintenence or carry on once per night? As more thsn likely killed all mites off by now.any advice?

        • Carrie says:

          I don’t plan on ever stopping the Soolantra. We taste good to the mites so they will probably come back if you aren’t using something to keep them away. Several people have said that they tried stopping the cream for several days or a week to see what would happen and their red bumps came back.

          You could try using it just once every couple of days, then 3, then 4 and so on and experiment with how long you can go. It sure would be cheaper the more days you could go in between uses, but most people will always need to use it every day.

    • Yes! I went through a bad period for about 5 days!

  2. Crawfish18 says:

    My experience with Soolantra… I used it 4 months straight with no improvement.. my rosacea actually started to get worst as the weeks went on.. I stopped using it and went back to zinc oxide 20% CVS brand and my face is starting to clear up a bit.. the slight redness is still there just like before I started Soolantra, but at least I don’t have a bunch on bumps to go along with it.

    • Nancy says:

      This is a very interesting comment regarding the 20% zinc oxide. I have been using Vani-cream #50 sunscreen with 7% zinc oxide and it always immediately calms my red Rosacea cheeks as well as masking the redness. I’m going to try the CVS 20% zinc oxide ointment as well to see if it provides additional anti-inflammatory action.

      • crawfish says:

        Nancy, that’s pretty much all I use to keep my rosacea bareable.. just put it on at night and leave it overnight.. hope this helps.

    • Sandra says:

      Crawfish, I like your comment name! Are you from Louisiana too, like eating boiled mudbugs or just referencing their red color?

    • donna says:

      hi my name is donna im reading your posts i started soolantra 5 weeks ok i have mild roseca on my cheeks i see no improvement i keep getting little pimples on my cheeks this never happened before, can it be from the soolantra? im so fustrated my skin seems more red than it was before soolantra, you say zinx oxide does that help your redmess/.

      • Carrie says:

        The Soolantra will make your rosacea much much worse before it gets better. Some days you won’t be able to stand it, but the little pimples and white dots are the mites dying and causing a reaction to your skin. This means it’s working.

        Are you covering your whole face with it at night?

        • Sorry to add a contrary view but I had a 80% improvement after 48 hours and some continuing improvement over 10 weeks. All spots gone so now just some redness and swelling. Teatree oil shampoo helped my hair which was getting awful with normal shampoo.

          • Carrie says:

            Was your rosacea not very bad? It sounds like you did not have a large mite die off like the rest of us.

        • Mindy says:

          Hi there. I started soolantra a week ago and its so much worse since starting soolantra.
          I am wondering if I should stop. When did u notice it getting better. I have pimples that r red with little white heads all over my entire face. Every day worse. Using a sulfa wash as well all prescribed by my Derm. He is going to put me on the oral ivermectin today as its so bad. I’m truly depressed and won’t leave house. It was confirmed with a scraping that the demodex r there and overgrown.

          • Carrie says:

            You sound just like I looked. It was bad. My face was totally covered in red bumps with white heads. It was really really bad for several days and then after that it was just red bumps. I don’t have any of them now. It made such a drastic difference in my face. I am like a new person.

            Go to the top of the page and just take some time and read down through all of the conversations over the last few months. Everyone is pretty much going through the exact same thing.

            I posted kind of a timeline a couple months ago. I used to take a picture every day so I went back and looked at the dates on them and gave someone an estimate of how it went. It took about a week to really get over the bad part. The redness might not all go away with just the cream though, I posted about the V Beam laser too, that has been life changing.

            I don’t know anything about sulfa washes, they never put me on that, but I have heard several people who had it really bad were put on ivermectin pills. My doctor probably would have if she had known how bad I was going to get.

            Stick with it.

            I did, only because I read a post from a guy late one night encouraging people to stay on it and not to give up and not to think it was just like everything else they had tried before. It’s not. This is new medicine, and a new chance to change our appearance.

            Good luck!

          • Mindy says:

            Thank you so much for responding. I guess I’m panicking because I am on day 7 and it’s still getting worse. My dr gave me the pills and I have them but their r serious side effects that worry me so I haven’t taken yet. It sounds like you were getting better by day 7 and I’m still getting worse and today when I put on soolantra my face got red and it stung. It’s still red and stinging a few hours later. I’m feeling truly overwhelmed. I appreciate your kindness. Thank you.

          • Carrie says:

            Days 2 to 6 were my worst. By far. But even for a week after that it was still noticeable that something was different about my face. I told someone a while back that no one at work mentioned it though. I’m the only girl and no guy there would be that dumb. Lol

            Change your pillow case several times a week and keep an allergy zip cover on the pillow. We bought a huge heavy duty Allerease brand zip cover too for the new mattress we bought a year ago. Change pajama tops several times a week. I think those things also helped me. Keeping the bugs to a minimum by washing in hot water and drying on high heat and changing linens often made a difference.

          • Anthony Avery says:

            I took 5 tablets yesterday of Iverson (sp) and 5 more next week. Anyone have any luck with this oral RX?

          • Anthony Avery says:

            Hi hi Mindy did the oral ivermectin work? I took 5 pills yesterday. I feel a little tired and dehydrated.

          • Nancy says:

            Anthony, are you supposed to take 5 pills in one day directed by your doctor? You have to give your body time to adjust to medications. As with any treatment, you have to be patient and let the medications work. Believe me I’ve been there!

          • Mindy says:

            Hi. I didn’t take it. Was scared. I’m supposed to take 4 and then another 4 the week after.

          • WY says:

            Mindy & Anthony: Took 3 Ivermectin pills as prescribed by my doctor on day 32, due to intense feeling of crawling sensation and lesions as a result of the Demodex cycle still existing on the face. The first time I took my 3 pill dosage, I felt my skin was better the next day. There was a noticeable decrease in the crawling sensation and inflammation. The doctor prescribed the amount of pills according to your weight. I received 3 doses of 3 pills each dose. I looked it up on the internet and it was correct for the amount of pills I was given according to my weight. If you are given two or three doses, make sure to take each dose or set of pills again after 5 or 6 days, do not wait more than 7 days. This is to kill the Demodex egg hatching cycle from what was explained to me which made sense.

            It will feel like a long road in the beginning. A never ending feeling of being discouraged until one day you see a hint of improvement then another day of slight improvement. Those first signs of improvement will be your turning point both mentally and physically. I am a few days shy of the 120 days on Soolantra, (134 days or 19 weeks now from Demodex appearing on face) and I am glad I stuck with it Soolantra. The Doctor that prescribed the Soolantra andIvermectin pills mentioned that after I go thru this course of three pills taken three times, do not take it again until after one year. It must be super strong if taken more than prescribed. Not sure what the long term effects are.

            In addition, my new dermatologist last week suggested I try a product called Finacea in Foam, not gel form, which contains azelaic acid to help exfoliate the skin so the white bumps can surface quicker to be easily removed and also for inflammation. I can use Finacea Foam now since I finally got rid of the open lesion stage the Demodex was causing during the first 3-4 month. Dermatologist recommended I continue with Soolantra which is applied after the Finacea Foam product dries on the face. I am one week into Finacea Foam and I have already seen some white milia bumps surface and removed just from regular gentle daily face cleansing as well as less inflammation. Remember, you are not alone and I am glad I was encouraged by reading those comments from people who have gone thru ad passed the stages that I am at now. Gives me continued hope getting better!

          • Carrie says:

            Wow this is all so encouraging. So many new things out to help people. I feel like we r having a rosacea revolution !

            Soolantra, Ivermectin pills and now Finacea foam. Wow. I guess now that science has actually figured out the cause, doctors are going at it full force to cure it!

            How exciting ! I feel like there is hope.

          • Mindy says:

            Hi again. Thank u so much for your information. I feel like I have little white milia on every pour of face. R they all going to turn into a pimple? I tried the financea foam just on chin and it irritates and inflamed me so I just did it once. My dr gave me 8 pills of ivetrvectin and I’m sop posed to take 4 pills of ivervectin the first week and 4 a week later. I’m 120 pounds. I don’t know if I’m having a reaction to the soolantra because I’m on day 7 and today it stung my face and made it red for hours for the first time. It went away about 6 hours later. I stopped using my sulfa wash as wasn’t sure if that was irritating things. What is your routine? I don’t have any open pustules or soars. Just red pimples and also little white heads. Skin very very stressed. When did things start getting better for u ? I’m not leaving my home. My poor kids. This came out of nowhere. I was never diagnosed with roseca but had a scraping done and there were demodex there. Doctors thinking of taking me off soolantra since skin so irritated and I’m getting worse and worse even at day 7 and not better. What was your time line like ?

          • WY says:

            Milias just appear and remain until it either gets extracted by a professional dermatologist or exits on its own due to the skin exfoliating enough to allow Milias to exit. Avoid removing them yourself to avoid scarring!! Since the skin is super sensitive from
            over active Demodex, my dermatologist recommended not to apply so many things on the face at once which may increase the inflammation. I used Soolantra in the morning, Cliradex wipe in the afternoon, Soolantra in the evening and Cliradex in the middle of the night when the Demodex surface from the pores. It’s interesting different dermatologist suggest different protocols. Finacea foam was recommended to me after the initial stages of open lesions and intense inflammation subsided 4 months later, to help with Milias and existing inflammation. The Dermotologist also did some milia extraction on the larger ones. Timeline for month one was the most difficult phase. Going aggressive with Oral ivermectin pills helped. Most postings mentioned you’ll start to notice slight improvements in 8 weeks which was also my experience. The slight improvements seems to gradually continuing after week 8. Finacea Foam was added to my regime in week 19 after the skin got stronger combined with Soolantra. So far on week one using Finacea. Will see what results it yields soon.

          • Mindy says:

            Thank u so much for ur info. I’m getting a leave in conditioner tea tree oil as well. I don’t have any open lesions. I hope I don’t get those. I’m hoping to see improvement before a full month ! Do u use tea tree oil soap ? Also do u think people can have a negative reaction to soolantra ?

          • WY says:

            I used the TTO bar soap by Dr. Bronners on my face initially for a month and his liquid version on the body Both the bar and liquid form can be found at major drug stores. This brand has been around for generations. Google Dr. Bronners website to read about his products which I believe are organic. Less chemicals the better! Suggestion: Try to introduce one product at a time on your face and body. By doing so, if you get a strong allergic reaction, it will be easier to know which product may have caused it. Depending on each individual, any product, including Soolantra could cause adverse reactions at any given time. However, according to postings on this site, it seems like the face gets worse before it gets better with Soolantra. Your dermatologist should be able to assist you on your progress.

          • Mindy says:

            Thank u so much !!!

          • Mindy says:

            Thank u so much for your response. Is your skin clear? Do u use a special shampoo and wash? Have u ever heard of the soolantra being the reason you’re breaking out?

          • Sandra says:

            The reason you are breaking out is the Demodex are dying in your pores and the bacteria they release is causing a bad Rosacea flare up. That is what you want to happen. Yes, the Soolantra is killing the Demodex & thereby causing your breakout. But if you don’t go though the Demodex death purge, these mites will continue to flourish on your face, inflame your skin and your Rosacea will not likely get better.

          • Mindy says:

            Ok. I appreciate your help. Thank u. Any makeup u like that u don’t think makes it worse? Also how would u handle if it’s in eyelashes? I ordered the claridex but do I need my eyelashes debrided by eye dr? I saw a video saying it could be asymptomatic but still bad and cliridex only work on mild. Also what do u wash ur face with

          • Anthony Avery says:

            Go ahead and take the pills
            I took mines yesterday and 5 more next week also sulfur face wash was to harsh for my face so using Cetaphil

          • Carrie says:

            Avon and Mary Kay make-ups always made mine worse. Cover Girl foundation and powder would break me out so bad my face hurt. I would get huge red bumps after that.

            I wash my face with Dove for sensitive skin. Any other kind, even Oil of Olay sensitive skin would make it red. Same with those wipes they are always advertising that have soap in them, you just add water and wash. Oooh man, I tried those once, horrible idea. Never again.

            I use Maybelline make-up now. It doesn’t seem to cause any reaction at all.

          • Mindy says:

            Thank u!’

      • Nancy says:

        Hi Donna, I use zinc oxide to calm my skin. I mix zinc oxide powder in with my moisturizer at home and it really calms down the inflammation at the end of a long day. I also use a sunscreen (VaniCream) that contains zinc oxide and titanium oxide.

        Regarding Soolantra, many people seem to go through a period of getting worse before they get better. I would suggest a trial period of a full three months, as the instructions indicate. If after this time you see no improvement, then consider discontinuing use. What I did was take a selfie before I started using Soolantra then after a few months just to mark any progress. Apply Soolantra 1x daily, at night before bed. Use a mineral powder during the day to cover Rosacea and make you feel better about your appearance as you go about your day. Often it takes trying many different meds and products until you find what works best for you. Don’t disspare, Soolantra will take a good 3 months to kill off the over population of Demodex mites and for your skin to heal enough to see the real effects from this medication. Best wishes!

      • So far my experience with Soolantra 1% Cream is positive. Like most people here it got much worse to the point of tears, stares from others, and questions like “Do you have Poison Ivy?” After 2 weeks the red welts are starting to dissipate, still some white dots and itching, and less bumps. I did have a flare up over night because I ate Barbeque sauce on chicken strips. Dermatologist will start a regimen of Ivermain (sp) pills. Anyone have any luck with the pills?

  3. JM says:

    Does anyone know a good concealer (makeup) for the red marks on the face?…Thank you

    • Nancy says:

      Mineral makeup (high coverage) powder foundation by Minneral Essence is excellent at covering the red while letting your skin breath. It’s great for sensitive skin. Also, DermaBlend, originally developed to cover scares, will cover the darkest of marks. Both are made in the US.

    • Kristina says:

      I used to use Dermablend when my Rosacea was very bad. It covers almost too much, in a good way! Just only use if you want something very heavy and thick. I loved it for years. Now that my Rosacea is much better, I use Bye Bye a Redness by IT Cosmetics. It’s AMAZING. Still fantastic coverage but doesn’t look so Cakey.

    • Carrie says:

      Have you tried green colored make up? There are green concealers in liquid and in stick form, some powders too. Since red and green are contrasting colors it cancels out the red. Before I had the laser for redness I used these products. It took all of the color out of my face then I would just use regular foundation or powder. Maybelline makes a cover stick in green that looks like a tube of lipstick.

      • Nancy says:

        I tried the green concealer once and to me it just gave me a weird green tinge. I only use mineral powder now and it works to cover my very red cheeks.

        • Carrie says:

          The liquid did seem darker and it might have done that if I put a ton on. I used the stick one the most and as long as you just make a little line or mark on the red spot, it looks fine. I always put light foundation and maybe a little powder over it. Maybelline products seem to break me out the least. Revlon, Mary Kay, Avon, etc all would make my skin hurt so badly that it was almost purple back then, but Maybelline didn’t. I don’t use any of the products anymore since I started Soolantra and had the V Beam. Have any of you, Nancy, Kristina or JM had the V Beam? If so, what does it cost in your town/city?

          • Nancy says:

            Yes, I’ve spent over $7,000 ($500 per treatment in No. CA) but it didn’t really work well. I’ve seen qualified Derms. so I know it’s not the doctors. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll give it another try but for now, it’s not worth the expense and recuperation time with a red puffy face.

          • Carrie says:

            Holy Crap ! You spent $7,000 and don’t look any different ???? That is serious money. It sounds like they didn’t have the beam turned up high enough and just went really lightly. My doctor said the most she has ever done on someone was 7, you have had 14 already? Ouch! I am always swollen for several days, but I keep the ice packs on all the time. Sometimes I have her use the laser that really pin-points certain areas, it’s the really strong one that will hit big veins with precision. It actually leaves a purplish black bruise for a few days, it’s worth it though. I just can’t imagine there not being a huge difference. My doctor said I was one of her worst patients lately and this July will be my 4th treatment. I had 1-3 last July, Aug and Sept.- she really cranked up the intensity on the last one or I would have needed 4 in a row. She said people usually need between 3 and 7 with a touch up once a year. I think I’ll tell her to really crank it up this time. I took a couple days off from work and it’s around the 4th of July holiday so I won’t have to go back for 5 days. Should be ghost like after this one! LOL

  4. Carrie says:

    I love Soolantra. It is the ONLY product that has helped my rosacea. Please please please give it a try. I can tell you it will change your life. I had very bad, very red sores on my face, it hurt all the time and was so red it was almost purple. They are all gone now. It is true that like other products, you will get worse before you get better, but it’s worth it. Days 2 to 6 were the worst, I took pictures all along the way for months documenting the progress and it’s drastic. During the first week I had tons and tons of tiny very painful bumps where the mites were dying and even splashing my face with cold water felt like needles. My skin is clear and baby soft now. During the first days when I used the product, I almost didn’t want to go to work, I literally cried one night when I got out of the shower because not only did it look horrible, it hurt too. After the first week though, it was much better and I began having marked improvement very quickly. You just have to give all the mites time to die. I would also recommend changing your pillow case more often than the once a week that you change the whole bed, I switch out the pillow case at least every other night. My doctor said this also helps keep the mites and allergens away from your face. Since the product is so new, my doctor didn’t really know too much about it, so she was unaware of just how badly you might look during the first week- especially at night and after a shower. I am sure many people have stopped using the product early because they thought it wasn’t working, so I made sure to show the doctor my pictures so she could explain the process to others and she was very appreciative. If you think there is no help, no more products to try, nothing can fix you- like I did, pleeeeease try Soolantra…just give it time to work.

    • SteveOL says:

      I gave it a good 4-6 weeks and it did nothing. Not for me.

      • MT says:

        Well, 6 weeks isn’t long enough. To me, good effects appeared only after about 10 weeks…

        • SteveOL says:

          Thanks Doc. It was probably more like 2 months. I get pustules on the nose after two days after a decent drink. Should I not drink it goes back to normal by the fifth day. I’m certain it’s not mites and don’t see how ivermectin can change what is going on. Have gone back to Rozex and Doxylin. Clearly I’m not the only one on this forum who has found no success with Soolantra.

          • Carrie says:

            Are they totally sure that yours is rosacea and not something else? Everyone that I know that has actual rosacea has had success with soolantra, with all of the revelations in science, most doctors are sure it comes from the mites which are killed with ivermectin. A lot of doctors are now taking a skin scrape sample to check for the mites and finding them every time, with those people, ivermectin works. Maybe you have something else and rosacea treatments are actually making it worse. I worked for a dermatologist and lots of people had different types of bacteria on the skin that caused a wide range of issues even though they had been diagnosed with rosacea in the beginning. A lot of times it turned out to be something else. If doxy helps you, since that is an antibiotic and that treats bacterial infections, then that makes it very interesting. We had one patient who had staph on her face and used to rub her nose and would spread it causing huge acne pustule looking things. She thought she had rosacea on her nose too, but it was staph. You should probably go see a totally new doctor and tell them you are certain it’s not mites, they might have a new diagnosis or give you something else to try. It couldn’t hurt to ask ! I know when we have dealt with issues like this for so long, sometimes we just give up and are reluctant to try new things, thinking they won’t work, but there is hope, everyone just has to find the right doctor who thinks outside the box.

          • Nancy says:

            I’ve had Rosacea over 10-years and have been treated by some of the top “scientists/doctors at UCSF and I think it’s a big leap to say it’s caused by just the mites. I think Rosacea is a multifaceted skin disease. I’ve had success using Soolantra but it’s by n means cured. It takes a lot of trial and error to find the products and medications that work for you, one product doesn’t work for the entire population.

          • Carrie says:

            I don’t know if it’s a huge leap. Everything is caused by something. Stomach viruses, skin conditions, colds/flus. For years we had a lot of conditions that were thought to have been caused by various things, only to find out later that it was a specific bacteria or virus.

            The Soolantra will not get rid off all the redness though. Just bumps and sores. In order to get rid of the “red face” you really have to get the V Beam laser and kill off all of the teleangienctasias vessels. I have started those treatments and talk about a miracle. Total redness gone. Some other patients told me that they thought the laser helped their bumps too so they were going to try and stop the Soolantra after their laser treatments were gone to see if the bumps came back. I don’t know if I want to risk it ! I might just keep up with the cream forever.

            I have an aunt who refuses to believe that she has tiny bugs on her face. She even has the itchy eyelashes. Her doctor told her to get a scrape of the eyelash at her next eye doctor appt and they would show her there are mites in the lash. She still refuses to believe. LOL, I guess it just sounds too gross for her and she doesn’t want people thinking there are bugs on her skin. I guess that’s a different generation. I don’t care if people know, as long as I get better!

    • BH says:

      Hi Carrie, I was so glad to read your post but i’m still really concerned. I’m at day 10 and since day 7 my rosacea has become so much worse. I used to have flareups that were red bumps but never a pimple in sight. My skin is now so much worse and I have pimples all over my face, they are literally a millimetre apart from each other. It makes sense that this might be the die-off period but I’m not seeing any improvement and I’m not sure how much longer I can carry on as l don’t even want to leave the house it’s affecting me so much.

      So I was wondering if you had posted your images anywhere? It would be amazing to see someone’s experience to see if it’s similar and visually see the stages you went through.

      • Sandra says:

        To BH, there is a girl who posted her progress with Soolantra on YouTube. You can probably find it by searching YouTube for Rosacea or maybe even Soolantra.

      • Carrie says:

        You sound like you are on your way to clear skin. It gets baaaaaaaaad before it gets GREAT. I have not posted them anywhere, but imagine if your face was totally red, then throw a handful of red and yellow sprinkles all over your face. That’s pretty much what it looked like the first week. It was really hard to leave the house. It was almost like every other pore was inflamed, which I took to mean that there was a mite in that pore that died off. The next day, the area near that pore was inflamed. The mites die off at different times. Yours might be deeper in the skin than mine which is why your worst days are further into the 2nd week than mine were. My doctor said I could use the cream up to 2 times a day. I only did at night after a shower. The worst time of the day was right after that shower, soooooooo red and painful. Remember, change that pillow case and wear a new pajama top to bed at least every other day. I really think those 2 things helped. I looked at some of those YouTube videos, but they didn’t really look like mine. My face looked like EVERY PORE was red. Based on what you are saying, I think you are just in the middle of a massive mite die off. My face is bump free now, and believe me, I was a total skeptic that anything would ever help me because of all the other things I had tried. I just pretty much had the attitude, oh well, I don’t have to look at me, everyone else will just have to get over it. However, when my doctor gave me Soolantra she didn’t really know about the mite die off, so after a couple days when my face exploded I was like OMG WTF ?!?! I did research online for hours, and read a post by someone else that said, just keep going, it’s worth it, he was begging people to just stay on it and not stop because they were afraid of going out and how they would look. So I did…and that’s why I made my post. In the hopes that someone like you would read mine, like I did his, and come out on the other side a happier person!

        • Nancy says:

          I’m a big time blusher with only the occasional bumps. When I started using Soolantra I thankfully only improved from day one. My skin gradually became softer and the skin barrier healed (the faking skin healed). I still can out blush anyone BUT, the inflammation has greatly improved. I used to come home after a long day at work and take my makeup off to swollen irritated skin. Now, my skin seems so much calmer with less redness and puffiness. It’s a marked difference. After researching the life cycle of Demodex Mites, it seems the die off cycle can take quite a few weeks. So I would hang in there and continue using Soolantra for a few months if it’s not causing pain or burning. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish an allergic reaction.

          • WY says:

            Nancy: Cliradex wipes that contain the main TTO ingredient against demodex was well worth it to help decrease, control the demodex during the initial stage of my issue. (Started with 2 boxes, 2 times a day as directed by my physician) It was recommended that I go aggrssive in the beginning to try and eliminate as many adults as soon as possible. Soolantra is my daily go to cream but I still use the Cliradex wipes when I feel the sensation of the demodex cycle starting up again. I also wanted to avoid having the possibility of any demodex start up on my eye lashes, which they are comonly known to exist, according to eye doctors. Since the product was safe enough for eye doctors to prescribe as a treatment for demodex near the eyes, my physician recommended it for my face. I would also use the wipe in the middle of the night when I woke up from the tingling sensation of the demodex, probably due to them surface from the pores which they are known to do in the dark. Without turning on the lights, I would wiped my face with Cliradex and the tingling sensation minimized almost immediately. i guess it also made me feel better knowing more adults demodex were being eliminated with TTO penetrating into the pores quicker than the Ivermectin cream, which works to destroy the nervous system of the demodex while they still live out their lives without the possibility of mating from my knowledge of Soolantra. Thanks for letting me share my personal experience.

        • BH says:

          Thanks Carrie, some really good advice. I wasn’t told anything by my dermatologist when i got the cream so like you it was a big surprise…lucky for Google!! I’m now on day 14 and have actually seen some significant improvement, I’m so pleased. I’m not counting my chickens just yet as I know some people have said they had a few die-of flare ups but my fingers are crossed I’ve seen the worst if it. Thanks again for your comments.

          • Carrie says:

            You are welcome! Hopefully, yours will be like mine and never flare up again. I started Soolantra on 06/24/2015 and haven’t ever looked the same. I haven’t had any days that were as bad as that first die off.

            Some people I have talked to had huge flare ups, but that was because they stopped using the Soolantra thinking that they were “cured”. I don’t think that exists. We taste good to the mites so they will always be there. So I plan to always kill them off. I only ever get 1 red bump here and there. Probably from touching my face or holding my cell phone too close !

            Read some of my posts to others, I explain about using the laser treatments and the actual timetable that it took to get better.

            Glad to hear you are improving!

          • Carrie says:


            How are you doing since it’s been another month?

      • Mindy says:

        Hi there. I was wondering what u did regarding soolantra? I’m on day 7 and I have exact same reaction and face is getting worse. Did u stay on it and get better or go off of it? Have u had any success with other things ?

    • Maple says:

      Hi Carrie. Thank you for sharing your experience with Soolantra. I am in Canada, and just started to used the cream two days ago. The cream is called Rosiver, but the pharmacist said it is the same cream, just changed the name in Canada. I have been suffering to see myself getting worse last two days and thinking of throwing this cream away, but it is really good to know that I need to wait for a week. You saved my hope and the cream. I will update once I see the improvement.

      • MT says:

        Hi Maple and all other new comers to Soolantra ! Just one word to say that Soolantra might be judged only after a very least 2 months period of stand alone and rigourous use, not before. 3 months is a better bet, as asked in the users’ instructions. And even after that, it’s known that the treatment should be continued. Experiencing some bad periods is perfectly normal during all this time. The only thing that may make you reconsider the Soolantra treatment is if your skin is highly rejecting the cream since start with no improve in the time.

        To me Soolantra isn’t miracle, but its general effectiveness is worth, no doubt on that.

        • Maple says:

          Thank you Carrie for your input. I will try it for next 4-6weeks as my Dr suggested. As of day 2, I am getting bumpy and many acne like small white headed things. They are itchy and red spots all over my face. I wanted to die this morning after seeing myself in the mirror. It is so good that I found your post. I will share what worked for me later on the post. Sorry got to go today.

          • WY says:

            Maple: Tomorrow makes 3 months on Soolantra and it was worth struggling through the first couple of weeks not knowing if the product was going to improve the demodex condition. I agree with Carrie to keep it up since it’s a process you need to be patient with. I still get some red bumps every 10-15 days. I think it might be due to the dying cycle of the demodex decomposing, left as waste product in our system. However, it’s getting less and less as the weeks go by while on Soolantra. Hopefully, the adult demodex nervous system is being affected by the cream so their existence will be at a normal human level and under control. I keep a log of what I eat too so that I can see if certain foods increased the inflammation. So far it looks like sugary foods, especially desserts increases my inflammation. Let us know your weekly progress! You are not alone!!!

          • Maple says:

            WY, thank you. I will let you know how it progresses. For me, yes chocolate and other sugarly things trigger. Also I noticed when I had a hamburger, I was a little more red next morning. With lots of water, veggies, and eat until I get satisfied, keep my condition a little better. And don’t forget to moisturize your skin. I mix distilled water, aloe Vera(cut and peeled from a planter) and glycerine for my toner. It doesn’t bother my skin at all, and good for your wallet.

          • MT says:

            I’m not Carrie 🙂
            “Small white headed things” ? That looks to be a good point : I experienced this too, but not as soon as you. With time, Soolantra changes the regular big red bumps (very inflammatory, so making the skin redish) into more occasional “small white headed things” (which are much less inflammatory). I’d say you’re probably on the good path. Just be patient for about 10-15 weeks and things will be much better.
            Still, as said times to times, demodex isn’t all thr rosacea problem ; so keep far from spicy food, very hot food/drinks, sun high expositions (protection needed), massive creams applications, drinking sessions (or expect easily 2 horrible days then), etc etc.
            Good luck !

          • Maple says:

            Sorry MT, I am very new to this site and reading on my iPhone is very cofusing. I have both. Very red bumpy area and small acne with white headed things. I can’t go out without my cc cream from La Roche-Posay. It has been saving my face from being a monster. Not complete, but way better than nothing on my face. It is so nice to share experiences with other people like you. It really gives me a hope and a positive feeling, way way better than just visiting Doctors.

          • WY says:

            This site is very supportive, giving comfort, especially since my initial dermatologist said I may have psychosis because he couldn’t find anything going on with my face even though I told him about the pin prick and tingling sensations with photos of inflamed lesions! Can’t believe everything they tell you!

          • Mindy says:

            Hi. Are ur bumps better? I’m on day 7 and still worsening a lot. And when I put on soolantra face stings and got red for the first time on day 7.

          • Maple says:

            Hi Mindy, I have been on Soolantra for a little over a month and I see a big difference. If I am in a good condition, my face is not red at all. Obviously, I still need a cc cream since I get red with sun, washing my face, walking out and get warm and so. I got two normal size pimple on my chin and on nose today, but overall I am happy with the result I got. No more white headed tiny pimples and no more sting/ itchy feeling. Right now I am curious what if I don’t put Soolantra one night before going to sleep, but I am too chicken to try that. Also, I have been changing my pillow case every 2nd day as Carrie says. Another thing is, I try to drink water, eat probiotic yogurt. You will have a good result, but you need to wait. I know it is hard, but don’t give up!

          • Mindy says:

            Thank u for sharing !!!’ I am on day 7 and getting worse. More pustules and white heads. For the first time soolantra irritated my skin today which is day 7. So I’m very down.

          • Maple says:

            Hi Mindy. I was just checking my pic of day 7 and I was very red and bumpy. I remember I was struggling to cover my bumpy red face with cc cream and powder foundation. Don’t take me wrong, I still have redness and some red spots that can be seen as freckles. However, my skin is not bumpy anymore and redness is very manageable. I hated to go out even to drive for couple minutes that I thought people can see my red face even I am in the car. Now I can go without make ups for short time. Also I was suffering from very dry skin and peeling all the time. Now it is really nice and smooth. I used to hide my face when I chat with my parents on FaceTime, but now, I put my face without make ups on. I am sure there are still ups and downs, but stick to Soolantra. You will be thankful.

          • Carrie says:


            I am soooo glad to hear you are doing so well. You sound just like me.

            Glad you stuck with it and it has worked out !

        • Maple says:

          I am so sorry MT. Thank you for your comment. As for now after the shower and I applied the cream for the third time. Within an hour, tiny pimples with white heads are out, just like dandelions after the rain.

          • Carrie says:

            Maple, MT and WY-

            Doctors just don’t seem to have any idea what happens or they don’t think it will be as bad as it is for some of us.

            WY- I can’t believe your derm told you that you might have psychosis, that’s crazy. They need to be better informed of how science believes rosacea starts now- with “tiny bugs” rather than something else.

            Maple- That’s exactly how mine would be. Take a shower, even before putting on the cream and my face would be on fire with millions of bumps and very red. Doesn’t last forever though, just have to kill those mites.

            MT- Be careful putting too much cover up on during this first mite die off time. You don’t want to clog up those pores, you want to make sure the medicine gets in there really good. I was afraid, even though I looked like a monster, to put too much make-up on because I didn’t want to have any extra reactions. Does your cream cover it enough that people aren’t noticing anything is wrong?

          • Maple says:

            Carrie, just came to my mind and I hope someone has answer to this. I am on day 3 and still many tiny pimples and bumpy red skin. I had similar or the same reaction in past when I applied a lotion that I made with apple cider vinegar and aloe water. I know I reacted to the vinegar, but if I think back, was the vinegar killing mites on my face? Off course, I got horrified, and stopped using that lotion in a day.

          • Carrie says:

            Hmm I don’t know if the vinegar was killing them or not. Maybe. Tea tree oil seems to. I had those bumps really really bad from day 2 to at least day 6. After that still tons of them but not as red and not as bumpy for the next few weeks. I would stick with the Soolantra and skip the vinegar.

          • Maple says:

            Hi! I noticed on day 5 I have less tiny pimples, but still very red and also my skin is dry and flaky. I put Soolantra in a night, I use sunscreen during the day. I hope my redness and dryness will reduce.

          • Carrie says:

            How does it look today Maple?

          • Maple says:

            Hi Carrie, I am on day 8 and my skin looks better. Less pimples and less dry skin. Still I have red skin, but slightly less than before. I hope the redness will go down.

          • Carrie says:

            Well, SOME of the redness will go away, but not all….that is the issue with Rosacea.

            It’s 2 part- acne like bumps AND red blood vessels close to the skin.

            Once all the bumps are gone and just redness is left, look really closely at your skin, you should see tiny little red lines. Those vessels will never go away no matter how much cream you put on. You have to have the V Beam laser if you want to get rid of your Rosacea totally.

            Once my bumps were gone, it was a vast improvement. I still wanted the redness gone though.

          • Maple says:

            Thank you Carrie,
            My skin improved compare to what it was a week ago, but I still have slight dump and pimples. I don’t see white headed tiny pimples anymore. I was all red, but I see many red spots on my face now, to me that is a little different. My family doesn’t see the big difference and yesterday was less red, but I see myself more red today. I will keep observing if there will be any improvement in this red face or not.

          • Carrie says:

            Doing any better Maple?

          • Maple says:

            Hi. I am on day 16 on Soolantra, and my face is less bumpy and smooth. I feel the difference when I put my cc cream on. I am not that dry like before, that I was peeling and flaky. I still have some bumpy pimples like things on my forehead and cheeks, but not on my chin anymore. However, the redness is still there. I am planning to try Paula’s choice product. I am putting Soolantra in nights, and once PC product gets delivered, I will try PC during the day.

      • Carrie says:

        Thanks! Like I said in an earlier post, I read a post from a man that was begging people to stay on it, that it would get better. That was the only thing that kept me from stopping that first week. I was sooo close to stopping because I thought for sure I was having a reaction, but after reading how he described his face, it was just like mine, so I kept going. When I showed my doctor the pictures, she was shocked and said she was surprised that I didn’t stop, but that she was glad I didn’t!

        MT might not think Soolantra is a miracle, but I do. It is like a wonder drug. If you knew what I used to look like, compared to how I look now, you would think I must have received a new face!

        Read some of my other posts about the timeline for how long it seemed to take and I posted about the laser treatment too. Laser is the way to get rid of the redness.

        I thought I looked like a monster that first week or so, but I knew the old saying “it has to get worse before it gets better” was exactly what was going to happen and I was just gonna have to suck it up and soldier on.

        Good luck! Keep going!

    • Anthony Avery says:

      I’m on day 5 bid and the whole face is red and bumpy. Someone at work asked me if I had Poison Ivy. So I hope and pray it’s working

      • Carrie says:

        Yep that sounds like what I looked like. I am the only girl at my work so none of the guys had the nerve to even comment on my looks that week. Lol. Guess they knew better. Obviously they could tell something was going on and when I was totally clear some of the ones I am really close to asked what I had done.

    • Lisa says:

      I am afraid to try but my chin has bumps and go away then come back . How are you doing now after been using for awhile?

      • Carrie says:

        Great. It’s been 11 months now. No more purple red skin. No more bumps.

        Smooth clear skin. It turns out I’m actually very pale you just couldn’t tell because I was so red.

    • Mindy says:

      Also I only had a few bumps and no redness before using soolantra. Once I started soolantra the bumps and redness r now all over my face. When I put on the soolantra today the 7th day it burned and I turned red. I know I have demodex. My dr did do a scraping and looked under microscope. I never had roseca before a week and half ago as far as I know.

      • Carrie says:

        Maybe they caught yours in time. If I look back at pictures of me from 2007 I just have slightly pink cheeks. Then they get a little more pink. 2010 they are very pink. Then red. Then red with bumps. Then lots of bumps. Up to 2014 my bumps were so large and red my cheeks almost looked purple. They were sore and hurt. I cried. It was a slow progression. Now that I have been on Soolantra a year at the end of this month, I am pale. No bumps hardly at all unless I touch my face a lot or put my cell phone too close to my chin.

        I never had a scrape done. I think with how bad mine was she just kinda knew. I would have been very interested to see it though!

  5. Sandra says:

    SteveOL, Maybe your inflamed nose is caused more by a yeast or fungus like Malessezia? Excess facial yeast and fungus have also been linked to Rosacea flare ups. That may explain why the Soolantra did not seem to work for you. On the other hand, that does not explain why oral antibiotics seem to help you.

    • SteveOL says:

      No I don’t think oral antibiotics help me either. I’m just doing what my GP tells me. Nothing I’ve used works. The only thing is not drinking then I don’t get any symptoms. But I like a drink.

  6. Sandra says:

    The other comment I wanted to add is that I had one facial IPL treatment for broken veins. It helped temporarily, but they came back. My Derm suggested I have more IPL treatments because she said it sometimes takes more than one to get rid of the broken veins & capillaries. I scheduled another, but then changed my mind and canceled it. Every treatment carries some risk and I read on a website called Real Self that any type of facial laser treatment has a risk for facial fat loss. In other words, the laser may cause the fat on your face to dissolve or shift, which can cause your skin to sag or wrinkle more. As a woman, I can wear makeup to cover my red face and broken veins, but I don’t want to risk losing more facial fat volume and looking older than I already do. And I don’t want to consider getting facial fillers or plastic surgery to combat more wrinkles and sagging. At this point, I will just stick to the Soolantra and makeup.

  7. Nancy says:

    Hi All, I just wanted to share a combination of products that work really well for me. So I have had success using Soolantra to decrease redness and inflammation in my face but I also use an anti microbial face wash 2x a day called Hibiclens that I buy OTC at CVS. First I take my makeup off and wash with CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser then I pat the Hibiclens on my face and rinse it off after 2-3 minutes to make sure it kills all bacteria. To sooth my face I mix a bit of zinc oxide powder (very calming) into my moisturizer.

    Also, I’ve been having success taking Aspirin 3x day (regular strength). The baby 81mg 1x daily did nothing for me but when I increased the dosage my face was much less inflamed and red. Managing Rosacea can be an intricate process but all of this works really well for me.

    • Sandra says:

      Nancy, that sounds interesting! I have some Hibiclens and may give it a try. My only worry is killing off good bacteria along with the bad. I take probiotics daily, which seems to help decrease my flare ups. I read that there is some evidence that taking probiotics may help with Rosacea. It might have been on the Cutis website if it was not on this very website. David Pascoe is very good at writing about any new medical information on Rosacea as it comes out. I really appreciate him keeping track of it all for us. Nancy, can you please tell us where you get the zinc oxide powder? Is that from your local drugstore as well? Thanks, Sandra

      • Nancy says:

        Sandra, I also take probiotics. I use RenewLife brand 50 Billion from my local Whole Foods Market refrigerator section.

        The zinc oxide is by LaLune Naturals on-line.

        Hibiclens was suggested by my doctor at UCSF. It’s the same product doctors scrub with prior to surgery. I dilute it 1:1 with filtered water and put it in a spray bottle to spray onto a cotton pad then dab on my face.

        • Sandra says:

          Thank you, Nancy! I appreciate the tip regarding the Hibiclens and I will look for the zinc oxide online. Just so you know, Renew Life was rated as the top probiotic by LabDoor Inc., so you picked a really good one. I’m not sure if we can insert links in these comments, but here is the LabDoor ranking:

  8. WY says:

    On week 10 using Soolantra for facial demodicosis as a result of complication from a fractional skin laser resurfacing procedure. Skin has definitely improved although the occasional break outs still appear, but far and fewer inbetween the Demodex life cycles. Break outs and inflammation are also less and smaller in size. Inflammation has improved but still exists. However, not as bad compared to pre-Soolantra. I also use Cliradex pads, a product that eye doctors use on patients for demodicosis of the lashes. That had helped decrease the demodicosis to a more manageable level. I still use the Cliradex pads along with Soolantra only when the tingling sensation cycle of the Demodex is felt approximately every 18 days. Plan to continue Soolantra up to 180 days. I read that’s how long it may take to rid of the long and short size type of Demodex that may both exist.

    • Nancy says:

      WY, I wouldn’t stop using Soolantra after 180 days. These skin mites live on every human skin and may exist in greater numbers on people with Rosacea. These mites are everywhere and will return to exacerbate your Rosacea again. It sounds like you’re getting better so keep doing what works for you. You don’t want to backslide.

      • WY says:

        Nancy-Thanks for your supportive comments. I also read somewhere it was necessary to continue Soolantra treatment up to 1 year. The dermatologist prescribed ivermectin pills as a one course treatment at the beginning of the infestation that helped too.

        • Carrie says:

          I’m with Nancy, don’t stop. My doctor never mentioned ever stopping the Soolantra. I always assumed it was a forever type thing since the demodex will come back. Like Nancy said, they are everywhere. They are attracted to people with excess sebum. So if you are a person who produces extra, they will always be attracted to you. I will probably use it forever, simply out of fear that it will come back with a vengeance!

          • WY says:

            Carrie-Thanks for sharing your comments. When did you acquire the Demodex and was it on your face? Also, do you still feel any tingling skin sensation from the repeated life cycles of the Demodex?

          • Carrie says:

            My cheeks were always slightly rosy. I had bad acne later in high school. That went away after both a bad sun burn in France the summer after I graduated in 2001 and from using some Clindamycin pledgets around that same time. You would wash your face, then rub this little thing, kinda like a stridex pad all over. It put medicine on your face, but it would also show you just how dirty it still was even after washing. Right after the acne cleared up, but my cheeks were always a light pink. I would say it really exploded around 2011/2012, before that I always just looked like I had slight blush on, but no bumps. After that, I got tons of bumps and my cheeks were really sore and almost purple. I have read that pets can cause people to have demodex worse because they live on animals too. We have 3 cats, and the 3rd one came along in the fall of 2011. So…who knows, maybe that made it worse. I do not notice any tingling now, when I first started Soolantra it made my face burn like fire and it hurt in very precise pin point areas which made me really buy into the fact that it was killing little bugs. The cream itself doesn’t burn now like Finacea always did for me. That stuff hurt. Using Soolantra, combined with the V Beam laser, has made my skin so soft. It’s different. In the past, if I would wear make-up it had to be for very special occasions only because my face would be so red and sore and I would get a huge break out for a week after. I wore make-up for a wedding on Saturday, and today I am totally fine. The soolantra keeps those break outs from happening now.

  9. WY says:

    Carrie-Appreciate you sharing your story on how you think you contacted Demodex. It is unbelievable the damage they can cause both mentally and physically. I am thankful for Soolantra. I stopped using my regular face creams and all cosmetics for that matter Just use Soolantra now for my day and night cream since it’s not drying on my skin. Tried some new oil free Bobbi Brown Long Lasting foundation under my eyes to conceal inflammation for the first time after 3 months in with this Demodex issue. 48 hours later, a few red rough textured looking bumps appeared that reminded me of the initial red bump stages of Demodex pre-Soolantra. I guess I’ll pass on any type foundation make up for now. Has anyone else experienced this while testing out their foundation during the healing journey process? Also, has anyone else tried the Cliradex wipes formulated specifically for Demodex? I found that super helpful along with Soolantra.

    • Nancy says:

      WY, how much do you spend on Cliradex? I Googled this product and its $45 in the US for 24 cleansing pad. If used 2x daily this can really add up! It appears to be a Tea Tree oil derivative. I use Hibiclins anti-microbial wash along with Soolantra and I’m doing much better.

    • Carrie says:

      I only use Maybelline make-up- like powder, foundation and concealer. That is the only brand that didn’t break me out before starting the Soolantra so I have kept using it, and no break outs at all with it while on Soolantra either. I use the little foam make-up throw away wedges too, I don’t use the powder puff or brush. I never use anything twice.

  10. Donna says:

    I’m on day 5 of Soolantra and my skin is a little more bumpy and a little itchy (but not irritatingly itchy) is this normal or is it a reaction?

    • Nancy says:

      Donna, I think as long as you’re not experiencing burning or real discomfort, your skin may be adjusting to the medication. You’re also in the process of killing mites and clearing the bacteria that your skin has been reacting to so give it some time. Unless your Dermatologist instructs you otherwise, keep using the Soolantra for at least 6-weeks and if after that time you see absolutely no improvement then think about using something else. From what I’ve been reading here, Soolantra users have different adjustment periods but the vast majority eventually show great improvement. Just know you’re not alone, we’re all in this together so hang in there!

      • Donna says:

        Hi Nancy, thanks for the reply, it was very helpful 🙂 I will keep going with soolantra and hope I see a difference in the weeks ahead.

        • Carrie says:

          Day 5 was right in the middle of my worst week. Very red and bumpy and itched a lot. The redness will fade and the bumps will go away. The bumps are the reaction your skin has when a mite dies and their “poo” gets on your skin. It causes an allergic reaction and you get redness and a bump. As soon as you have killed the mites, no more mite poo, means no more bumps! Just keep going. My transformation was amazing.

          • Donna says:

            Hi Carrie, that’s so encouraging to hear. I guess it’s a good sign that it’s actually working. I can’t wait to see the results in a few weeks time. How long did it take for you to see a positive result?

          • Carrie says:

            I looked back at my pictures and the date stamps show I started on 06/24/2015. By 06/30/15- it was fully exploded- REALLY bad. It stayed that way for a few more days. Then there was a week of lots of redness with bumps in various places. By 07/10/15- the redness was fading and bumps were decreasing. By 07/15/15- bumps were mostly gone- just redness left. I had my first V Beam laser treatment on 07/17/15, then another on 08/21/15 and the last on 09/25/15. I haven’t had bumps since last July. Some days I wake up and my face doesn’t have redness at all. As the day goes on, some redness appears, especially if I have a rough day. I used to get red after a couple of sips of wine or a margarita. It was bad, 2 sips and it would look like I had been drinking all night- very embarrassing. Now. I can have a whole drink and look normal. The Soolantra will get rid of bumps, and some redness that is caused by the inflammation. However, it DOES NOT get rid of the majority of the redness, because that is actually caused by the large blood vessels in our faces. Those have to be zapped by a V Beam laser in order for them to go away. My doctor said that is where people get discouraged, they keep trying creams over and over thinking it will take the redness out and it doesn’t so they think it’s not working. She says once the bumps are gone, that you then have to remove the vessels, it’s a 2 part process. I am having another treatment on 06/30/16, my 4th one. My doctor said most people need a touch up once a year, after an initial 3 to 7 treatments. I probably should have had 4 in a row instead of 3 last year, but I got busy with vacation and holiday stuff from Oct to Dec and since you are red and swollen for several days, I didn’t have that much down time during those months.
            It is not painless, let me tell ya, it was worse than I thought it would be, but I just kept thinking, ok, I’ve had this for years, I can deal with 20 mins of pain for a new look. You gotta REALLY want it. Every time you go in, you’ll be like, what is wrong with me?!?! I let these people torture me, and I pay them to do it! LOL. …..but, after you see the results, you will go back again and again like the rest of us! The difference in my pictures from this time last year and the ones I took yesterday, look like 2 different people.

          • Sandra says:

            Hmmm. I wonder if taking Benadryl or some other allergy relief medicine would help calm down one’s facial reaction from the dying mites? In my case, putting Metrogel on my face helped calm my face after my Soolantra outbreak by killing the poo bacteria released when the mites died and drying up the resulting pustules. Perhaps someone who doesn’t have Metrogel could use calamine or caladryl lotion, Aveeno lotion with oatmeal or some other skin calming lotion to help soothe the reaction after Soolantra starts working?

          • Carrie says:

            Sandra, I don’t know. My doctor said not to use ANYTHING else while I used the cream. No face creams or lotions because it is so new that they don’t know what might interfere and reduce the effectiveness of the ivermectin. I followed that exactly as she told me and mine did well. I would be hesitant to put something as heavy as caladryl on there. I break out so easily that the only face cream I ever used was Oil of Olay for sensitive skin.
            As for internally, like Benadryl, that’s a good question. I was not allowed to take advil before my laser treatments, I did see that on the list. I also was not allowed to use the Soolantra on the night of each laser treatment, but could continue as usual the next day. I take a Cetirizine- OTC for Zyrtec every day, I don’t know if that kept my break out down or not. Maybe it did and mine would have been worse! I can’t even imagine it being worse though.

          • WY says:

            Carrie, Sandra: I did contact Soolantra’s office to ask if moisturizers or sunscreens can be applied after Soolanta. The customer service rep said she would check with the Soolantra team and call back. She did within 48 hours to say it was ok, but to apply it after Soolantra has penetrated into the skin an dried off for a few minutes. For those of you out there that are using lasers to remove the red inflammation, are you finding positive results? I am thinking of adding that procedure but kind of tentative not knowing how the demodex will react or other unknown results that may cause my current situation to be worse. Comments from anyone that had laser results to rid of demodex inflammation while on Soolantra? Thank you!

          • Nancy says:

            I have been using Soolantra for almost a year now (June/July) and have continually applied lotions and sunscreen after first using Soolantra on my freshly washed face. My skin dramatically improved regardless. I do let it dry as much as possible first.

          • Donna says:

            Hi Carrie, I woke up today and my face is covered in tiny little bumps but not too much redness. I really hope its just because I am killing all the mites. Its a little scary seeing my skin like this 🙁
            I will keep going with it though, its great knowing your skin reacted then you had a great outcome. Thanks for telling me your experience.
            I didn’t know about the laser treatment – that may be something I will look into in the next few months, it sounds a little painful but I would totally do it if it means the redness will be reduced

          • Carrie says:


            That makes sense. We always told patients to use prescription meds first, then follow up with lotions. I only use the Soolantra at night. I no longer need a facial moisturizer/lotion, the Soolantra does the job. Since I use the Soolantra at night only, by the time I need sunscreen the next day, it isn’t a problem- I just put it on. I would always put on a medicine first, then follow up with lotions or sunscreens.

            If you are wondering if the laser would increase the mites, I really don’t think so. My doctor said other people told her they believed it was actually helping to kill them off and I tend to agree. The laser is what you really need to get rid of the redness. You need a qualified dermatologist though. Not just some fly by night laser clinic. An actual dermatologist that has trained in cosmetic and surgery procedures. My doctor did fellowships in both. You don’t want someone who just decided to buy a laser and start offering that treatment.

            This is the website for my doctor’s bio. You want the person using a laser on you to read something like this. I know her well, I worked for the same company that she did years ago and now I see her as my doctor. She is the only dermatologist in the area that I really believe has been properly trained and knows how to use the equipment. (I have seen what happens when someone doesn’t know how).


            There are some pictures under Media- Photo gallery. My pictures aren’t on there yet, but they might be some day. They need to add more pictures. Some of them don’t do the treatments justice. I have seen the Fraxel laser do miracles. When I worked with her, my colleagues and I would see the people come in for a consult, then we watched them progress from the first treatment to the last, sometimes the results were amazing.

            I really don’t know why I waited to so long to get the laser. I guess I was just afraid that it wouldn’t work and I would be let down again. If I am being totally honest, that would probably be the reason. I will never regret getting it done, and I am glad that I didn’t wait too long. My doctor said the longer people wait, the worse they get. The skin can get hard and builds up and then it’s difficult. You know how you see older people with big red bumpy noses and cheeks and everyone assumes they just drink a lot? Their noses didn’t always look that way, but over time without treatment that’s what happens.

            I know this post is wordy, WY, but I really think you should give it a try and I always think people should have all the details before they decide on something.

        • Carrie says:


          How are you doing today? Any better? My red bumps would begin to fade after a few days, but there were still bumps under the skin and my skin itched for the first week or so. It all eventually went away though.

          • Donna says:

            Hi Carrie, The bumps have gone down a little today which is great, yesterday was by far the worst day. My skin is a little red but not as bad as some others reaction. Though my skin still looks bad I can see its on its way to recovery. Yay 🙂

          • Carrie says:

            any better yet Donna?

          • Donna says:

            Hi Carrie, The bumps have gone down a lot but I still have all the redness. I have been on it for a month now so I was really hoping for the redness to be reduced.

          • Carrie says:

            The inflammation and some redness that goes along with the inflammation will go down once the bumps are gone, but the majority of the redness will not go away unless you get the V Beam laser. The red blood vessels in our faces are close to the surface and there are a lot of them. You have to zap them to get the red out. It’s really the only way. I never really understood that Rosacea was a 2 part disease until I started the Soolantra and it erased the bumps, then I was left with just all the little red vessels on my face. My doctor said, creams will not erase vessels (which makes sense!). I have never been happier than when I saw the drastic reduction after my first V Beam.

          • Donna says:

            Hi Carrie, I think I may need to look into that eventually for the redness. Do you mind if I ask if it’s expensive to get the laser treatment?

          • Carrie says:

            Hey Donna

            Mine was $350 a treatment. My 4th will be in July. Total drastic difference in my face.

  11. Just on the `should I use the prescription before or after a moisturiser’ the consensus seems to be that the prescription should always go on first – Should I moisturize before or after Finacea – it doesn’t matter!”

    • Carrie says:

      Hello…do you know of any ways we can add a small picture to our posts on your website ? I have some cheek pictures that might benefit some of the new users. If they saw the bad that turns into good they might stay on the treatment. Thanks

  12. HI

    I was prescribed Soolantra/Ivermectin. 48 hours later, all bumps gone or going. I have kept using it for 6 weeks and my face is really good – no sores at all. Still red and still swollen with inflammation but I hope that will reduce over time. Overall – fantastic. After years of useless isotretinoin and Metrodyzanole and Lymecyline – all ineffective – this has been the first break through. What does taking aspirin daily do?

    • Nancy says:

      Theflourishinglawyer: I am a heavy blusher and since starting Soolantra my skin has decreased in inflammation, its like my face deflated because I didn’t have as much inflammation. The skin bearier also healed. I used to have flaky skin on my cheeks that no amount of moisturizer would seem to solve. I used to get maybe 1-2 red Rosacea bumps on the bridge of my nose but haven’t had one appear since starting this topical almost a year ago. I know I’m the minority in that I never experienced a worsening before improving, but I’m a blusher only. Regarding Aspirin, I have been taking regular strength 3x/day and find it helps decrease the redness and inflammation. The baby 81mg strength did nothing for me. My Rosacea has dramatically improved since I started using these items primarily: Hibiclins anti-microbial wash, Soolantra, Aspirin (regular strength), zinc oxide powder mixed into my moisturizer (calming on the face), and using mineral powder make-up instead of liquids (containing no irritating Bismuth Oxychloride).

  13. Tina says:

    Hi, just chiming in here on soolantra. I have been using it for a year and it’s the only thing that I find that works. Good luck to those that are just starting out. On a different note, does anyone know how to treat demodex on the scalp. My scalp continues to be problemic, itchy and hair falling out. Any thoughts?

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Tina – First, I would visit your Dermatologist and/or Internist and find out if your itchy scalp and hair fallout isn’t caused by something else. Is it a severe case of Dandruff and you’re scratching too much causing hair fallout? Are you allergic to a shampoo or another product you’ve been putting on your hair? Once you rule out other potential causes, ask your doctor if their is a prescription shampoo treatment to kill Demodex mites? Funny, I think I’ve seen a variety of products to treat animals but not we humans. I also think I’ve seen products offered online at Amazon claiming to treat Demodex mites. Always look at the ingredient list before buying to see if it contains a known ingredient that can kill the mites. I don’t know if Rosacea is exacerbated by an overgrowth of the mites or if we’re having an allergic reaction to them? At any rate, Soolantra has helped my skin. All these are just suggestions to try. Best wishes!

    • Sandra says:

      Tina, maybe Nancy has a good idea! You can try medicated dog shampoo or dip for mange or human lice shampoo, which is similar but more expensive. I actually used to apply dog dip for mange on my face with a cotton ball before I started using Soolantra. It was helping to kill the Demodex, but I was concerned about using it daily due to the oily texture because I already have very oily skin. Another option is to use a shampoo with Sulphur, Tea Tree Oil or pine tar. You can find a lot of choices in the ethnic hair care and dandruff shampoo sections of your drugstore. You can also make your own TTO shampoo by mixing the oil into your favorite shampoo. Unfortunately, those products have a strong smell, so I think I would rather use the medicated dog shampoo. It smells better and is relatively cheap and easy to find at pet supply stores, online retailers, groceries, drugstores or at Walmart.

    • WY says:

      Tina, I was recommended a product that contains Tea Tree Oil by Bronner’s. A multipurpose product that’s been around for generations sold at Drug Stores or on line. I even use their Tea Tree bar of soap for bathing. A bit drying but it did help with the Demodex on the scalp and no hair loss like other shampoos for Demodex scalp issues. Just be prepared to use lots of conditioner after rinsing out the shampoo. After I got my Demodex under control, I now only use (which you can alternate with Bronner product when you feel you need it) Head & Shoulder’s shampoo that contains Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint essence. Let me know if that works for you! Good Luck!

  14. Anthony Avery says:

    Day 3 I look awful. I need encourage ment please.

    • Maple says:

      Anthony, hang on there. I had many many pimples and bumps and redness on day 3. I think I started to see some improvement after a week. I am on day 21, and I don’t have pimples. No bumps, but still I have redness, but no comparison to what I was on day 3. Good luck!

    • Sandra says:

      Anthony, just keep in mind that means the Soolantra is working and killing the Demodex mites. Your Rosacea flare-up is not an adverse reaction to Soolantra. It is a reaction to the mites dying in your pores. In order to improve your overall facial skin condition, you have to diminish the Demodex mite population. Then your skin barrier can heal and improve. I know it is hard to stick it out while you look bad, but maybe you can put some type of tinted facial sunscreen on your face during the day while you are out and about to camouflage the outbreak. You can tell people it is tinted medicine to treat your Rosacea. It will be worth it to get to a better place. While Soolantra may not cure all symptoms of Rosacea, it has really helped the majority of people who have stuck it out through the Demodex purge.

    • Carrie says:

      Hey Anthony !

      If your face looks bad on day 3, then it is working! You are on your way to smooth bump free-pain free skin! Trust me, you won’t believe the difference. I was skeptical at first because I had tried so many other things and nothing worked, but this is my miracle cure.

      Read back on this page some of my older posts, a month ago I gave a break down to someone who asked the cycle of how my face looked and told them what it was like going through it.

      This whole page has some really good conversations between a lot of people who really love the product.

      Good luck!

      • Anthony Avery says:

        Thanks I will. The itching was bad last night. How can I add a profile pic?

        • Carrie says:

          I think you can click on the picture and it says view complete profile, that might let you.

          • Anthony Avery says:

            It took me to some webpage called Gravatar.

          • Yes in order to have an avatar appear here, you need to create a gravatar linked to the email address you leave when you post the comment.

          • Anthony Avery says:

            Day 7 of Soolantra 1% and my forehead is starting to scap and there’s some white flakes. I’m hoping that if falls off and I can get my skin back to normal. It does look a little better to much relief. Yesterday was really bad. Someone at work asked me if I had poison ivy. I was in tears.

          • Carrie says:

            aww. It gets better. I know that first week is tough. It’s been 11 months for me and it’s totally worth it. I hate that it has to get worse before it gets better, it’s such a deterrent for people.

            Just hang in there. Hopefully this extended weekend holiday will be good for you. I know it helped me a lot just reading on here that other people had the same experience and came out the other side a totally new person!

  15. WY says:

    Anthony, Definitely need to hang in there since Soolantra is a slow process but one that will yield positive results. That’s where your mental strength will need to kick in until you start to see some results. I remembered how desperate I was when Demodex mites was finally diagnosed during my 1st. week of outbreak. The crawling skin sensation, pustales and inflammation increased almost by the hour, daily.

    If you are still in this early stage of “desperation”, may I share with you my personal story that might help offer you hope. When Demodex was confirmed as the culprit on my face, my husband, who is an eye physician suggested I use a product called Cliradex Wipes. He prescribes and dispenses this to his patients diagnosed with Demodex on their eyelashes which is a common eye issue. (You do not need a prescription but it is sold thru eye physicians or Cliradex website.) The main ingredient in Cliradex is Tea Tree Oil, which is a known ingredient that has been effective in killing Demodex mites.

    Since this product is safe enough to use around the eye area, it is safe enough to use on the entire face. The results after my first use was dramatic in reducing the inflammation and itching sensation within 24 hours. with a few days of using Cliradex 2 times a day, I could feel the Demodex mites were being controlled or slowly eliminated since the crawling sensation also decreased drastically. The immediate results knowing it was getting better by the day and not worse was a huge relief.

    I was also prescribed Soolantra by a dermatologist, but noticed it was is a slower process of eliminating the Demodex mites initially. So I continued with the Cliradex. I also added Soolantra into my routine along with Cliradex the second month which allowed me to use only one Cliradex wipe at at night.

    Routine: Soolantra in the day and Cliradex at night since Demodex mites crawl out on the surface at night which is a good time for them to be in contact with the Cliradex’s Tea Tree Oil. I am currently on day 107 on Soolantra and it seems to be working as an on going maintenance to prevent Demodex from over populating. Just occasional red bumps appear and disappear every so many days.

    My Dermatologist asked me what I was using since he never saw patients with bad stages of Demodicosis clear up so fast. I told him it was a fairly new product called Cliradex. Most Dermatologist have never heard of this because it was developed for eye physician patient.

    Please check out the Cliradex website if you want more info on this amazing product. I can personally say it was a “God sent, prayers answered” product for humans with facial Demodicosis. If you purchase Cliradex thru their website, they also have a product guarantee that you can return the product for a refund even if the box is empty. It’s not inexpensive but it works and is worth it and worth your sanity.

    A word of caution, home made remedies using Tea Tree Oil can be very caustic to your face, so beware of this so you do not end up with scarring. Not worth it to save some bucks and end up disfigured. My dermatologist has one patient that resulted in scarring for using over the counter, full strength Tea Tree Oil out of desperation. The medical grade Tea Tree Oil in Cliradex was the answer for me and well worth it! Good Luck!

    • Carrie says:

      Wow, that’s great that you had such good luck with those wipes.

      I used Cleocin pledgets for my acne at the end of high school/start of college and they really helped too. I assume they also helped with the rosacea because my face was really clear for a while until I got older and didn’t have good enough insurance to keep buying them.

      If we could just get the word out to everyone about using the Cliradex wipes and the Soolantra, followed by the V Beam laser, not as many people would have to suffer with rosacea as long as the rest of us have.

      Wouldn’t that be nice!

    • Anthony Avery says:

      Day 6 noticing scaling and very dry skin around nose area from Soolantra 1%. I have used it there because of redness. I use it all over the face BID hoping it will treat and prevent red bumps and redness. I also use Ketoconazole cream 2% for seborrheic dermatitis on face pm. Some of the redness has lightened and less bumps. Any thoughts?

    • anthonyavery says:

      Day 6 noticing scaling and very dry skin around nose area from Soolantra 1%. I have used it there because of redness. I use it all over the face BID hoping it will treat and prevent red bumps and redness. I also use Ketoconazole cream 2% for seborrheic dermatitis on face pm. Some of the redness has lightened and less bumps. Any thoughts?

      • WY says:

        Anthony, It’s a process like watching grass grow!. I remember my first week, first month and week wondering when this situation was going to be over. Try to refocus and allow it to take its course on the road to improvement. I’m on day 113 using Soolantra and it has calmed down redness, and bump flare ups. However, the redness, although lessened by 90% is still a working progress. When I was heading into day 90 with Soolantra, the red and roughness was hardly noticeable on a “good day”. Inflammation and bumps still seem to appear depending on stress and diet. A simple food dairy might be helpful so you can see what foods might be causing more inflammation. From what I read, most people see improvements closer to 8 weeks using Soolantra. When I finally came closer to 8 weeks, I too, started to see the improvements. Patience is my only recommendation and I’m sure you will also start to see improvements with inflammation and red bumps.

        • Anthony Avery says:

          Thank you!

          • Carrie says:

            How are you doing today now that the long weekend is over?

            I only use Soolantra once a day at night after a shower. I would assume if you are using it twice a day that a much worse reaction would happen faster.

            Is your profile pic recent? You don’t look too red.

        • My face is 98% better! First I used Soolantra tablets then switched to their cream twice a day with Ketaconzole. I do have a red spot that formed under my eye which I’m sure is due to eating grain crackers! You are right: you have pay attention to food triggers!

          • stuart says:

            The disapointing thing for me although soolantra has done wonders for my skin is that i thought after ive killed off all mites with soolantra then that would solve the problem. But its like rosacea has alot of strings to its bow. If its mites causing or aggrevating then i thought killing them would solve problem. Use for 4 months solid and then tried to cut dwn to 3 nights per week but tgen had a breakout. So frustrating. And if it was mites being the problem then why does certain foods trigger flares for some people. Soolantra was made to target mites so sort of had jn my head that would be the cure for me. So im going to just use soolantra for 12 months and go from there.

  16. Donna says:

    Thanks Carrie 🙂

  17. Mindy says:

    I will do those things. Have been changing pillowcases and washing in hot water and highest setting in dryer. I put pillows in highest setting in dryer as well without washing. I’ll change pajamas more. I’ve spoken to two derms and both said the mite cannot survive outside the body for more than a few hours. What about makeup?

    • Carrie says:

      I use the little make up sponge triangles. I don’t reuse them or use brushes or pads. I wear very little make up. Only to weddings and fancy occasions. I have never really worn make up just eye liner every day. When I do wear it I use only maybelline. I think that’s how u spell it. Lol. I use a green concealer stick that gets rid of redness. It tones it down so you can’t see it under the light foundation.

      • Mindy says:

        You really think the bugs r crawling all over our beds ?? My dr said they can’t survive. After reading about the bugs moving around I think I feel it but I never did before so maybe in my head lol. My dr said they typically stay on face. How do u know if on hair or other parts?

        • Carrie says:

          The bugs are attracted to the oil and dead skin cells and those things fall off of you onto your bed. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how changing their pillow case often has helped them. Washing your face right before bed and using a clean pillow case seems the best.

          Lots of people have the mites on their scalp. Several people on here have talked about having to use special shampoo for their hair to get rid of them.

          • Mindy says:

            Ok. Which shampoo u recommend ? I’ll try it. I think anything with tea tree oil best? I have been changing pillow case nightly and pajamas. Also I ordered the eye wipes. Two boxes. I’m not sure I have as no signs but I’ll use them on eyes and then face. It looks like they use the same one on eye first and then face. Is that what u do? One for both eyes or one for each eye ? U have been so helpful. Thank you. Truly. My face still awful. Today will be 8 day. Did soolantra ever turn u red and sting u ?

          • Carrie says:

            I haven’t used any special shampoos, mine is just on my face. I have put tea tree oil in with my wash for sheets and towels though.

            Even cold water stung my face during that first week or 2. I don’t know if the meds turned me red because I was already soooo red from all the bumps and inflammed pores.

            You are welcome !

          • Sandra says:

            Carrie or anyone else,
            Some of you talked about changing pillowcases and sheets to avoid re-contracting the Demodex. Do any of you have a significant other who also might be re-infecting you with Demodex from their face? I’m asking because I worry about recatching Demodex from my husband.

          • Carrie says:

            Sandra, actually it’s very interesting that you mention that. I change my fiancés pillow case once or twice a week, I change my own at least 3 times a week. I have all of his pillows covered with allergy protectors too.

            I close the door now and don’t allow our cats to lay on the bed all day while we are at work. I had read several things on pets with mites and then transferring to humans.

            My fiancé doesn’t have facial acne, but he does have some on his back even at age 37. So I considered putting some Soolantra on a test spot on his back to see his it’s actually the mites. I had just mentioned to him doing that the other day because I know my rosacea got worse when we moved in together. So it’s either him or the cats giving me mites! Maybe both of them have to go! Lol

  18. WY says:

    For Shampoo: I tried several with TTO but like the effectiveness of Dr. Bronners, a safe, all purpose product which includes bathing and shampoo use that comes in tea tree oil. Very drying on the hair but I found it effective for decreasing the scalp overpopulation of Demodex quickly. Just use a strong conditioner after rinsing like Paul Mitchell Extra Strength Conditioner. I also use it as bath soap in the shower. The all purpose made it great for disinfecting the sinks too. As for the Cliradex wipes, one wipe for both eyes. Flip the wipe over after wiping one side of your eye and brow. I found it helpful to keep one wipe near your bedside to use in the middle of the night when you wake up from the crawling sensation activity of the Demodex coming out of the pores at night onto the surface to mate. You get use to opening the wipes and applying in the dark to quickly try to eliminate them. Two to three wipes per 24 hours was what I used in the initial month when Demodex seemed out of control. Cut back to two them one wipe afterward. Inflammation, red bumps may still appear but the crawling sedation of live Demodex will be reduced. Keep us posted!

    • Mindy says:

      Thank u so much. How long did it take til u were bump free? Did soolantra ever make u red or sting ?

      • Mindy says:

        How much tea tree oil do u put in the wash? Any idea how long til u were bump free? I’m not sure if they r in my hair. Can’t tell

      • WY says:

        It’s been almost 120 days and the bumps, red inflammation and linear raised inflammation decreased about 90%. Soolantra seems to be working even though there are occasional flare ups. However, much better now than the initial few months when you keep asking yourself if it will ever get better. It will.

        • Mindy says:

          Thank u so much for all the time you have given me. Did u ever find soolantra irritating? Were they on ur scalp? Did u use tea tree oil? I can’t use sulfa wash. Too irritating to me

  19. tina says:

    I had TERRIBLE rosacea with the papule/pustules,red bumps, i looked like A CYSTIC ACNE teenager!
    I used Ivermectin Paste by Durvet 1.87% on my face and internally for a year.
    (1 whole tube) on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. Wait an hour to eat.
    The first 4 months i took it every 3 to 4 days. Now i maintain with just 1 dose a week.
    Used it on my face for about 4 months every day. It was even a little moisturizing but kind of greasy so i wanted to go back to my lotions and just kept up the internally therapy.
    It worked like a dream. My skin is clear. I only get a small white head every now and again if i eat too much sugar. BONUS: My Eye doctor said my Blepharitis was also gone!

  20. Chris says:

    Interesting thread. It seems like the amount of time it takes for ivermectin to work varies a lot – weeks for some and months for others.

    I’ve had rosacea, gradually worsening for 15 years now. Before starting ivermectin cream, it was just redness and puffiness, no bumps.

    I started using ivermectin cream (my own mix of veterinary liquid ivermectin and cerave moisturizer) 4 months ago. I didn’t notice much change in my skin in the first 6 weeks. My skin did look somewhat less puffy, but the redness was the same.

    Then, after 6 weeks, the breakouts started. I’d never had papules and pustules before. Now I know what that’s like. I’d have about 10 red bumps on my face at any one time. As they healed, new ones appeared. The worst of it lasted from week 6 to week 12. Then it started to subside. Now the bumps are fewer and smaller.

    Four months in, my skin is still worse than when I started, but at least I’m past the worst of the breakouts. It’s getting better from week to week, so I’m hoping that my skin will eventually surpass the way it was before I started this. After 15 years of rosacea, I didn’t really expect an overnight cure. I guess that for people who haven’t had rosacea so long, they might see much faster results than me.

    Even though the breakout sucks, I’m just interested to see ANY change in my skin. Metrogel and Finacea never had any effect on me in the past, better or worse. According to the mite theory, the breakdown of dead mites should cause a breakout, so this is to be expected. My skin isn’t great now, but it is different. Less puffy, and even a bit less red in between the spots.

    I’ve started using my spare tubes of metrogel and finacea again in the hopes that they might help contain the breakout. Hard to tell, but at least it’s subsiding. I’ll come back and update this in a month.

    This process takes patience. Makeup is a life saver though. I’m a guy, so I can’t get away with wearing obvious makeup. I use only powder, and not super heavy. I still look a bit flushed by the end of the work day if I don’t reapply, but at least I don’t look rashy with it on. No one has commented that I look worse than usual, and, for what it’s worth, I can still get laid – if that provides some sort of a gauge of my appearance to others.

    Bottom line – be patient and wear powder. It’ll get worse before it gets better and it might take months. Whether or not this has all been worth it?… I’ll let you know when know for sure.

    For some inspiration, check out the blog “Bother this Rosacea”. A woman documented her experience getting rid of mites and took pictures periodically. It took a long time, but she completely healed her skin.

    • Hi Chris,

      As a guy I can empathize to your post. I’m on Day 30 of Soolantra and my face looks a lot better with little redness and less p and p. I recommend using Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets coupled with Palladio translucent oil-absorbing blotting tissues (@Ultra stores). I also use Make Up For Ever HD concealer (@Sephora). Go there and they can find the right shade to cover the p and p’s.

      Is anyone pass the Day 30 mark for Soolantra? Is it working for you?

      • WY says:

        Anthony:Glad to hear you are seeing some progress 30 days into using Soolantra. I looked at my Soolantra daily log and also noticed some positive results so I kept continuing usage. Now I am on day 136 with Soolantra and for the past three days, I’ve noticed the improvement is almost like the inflammation is hardly there, including the P & P. Looong road and I hope it continues to get even better for all of us on Soolantra!!! I still use 1 Cliradex wipe in the evenings since TTO is known to kill Demodex. Extra help may have assisted in getting to this stage of improvement since it’s our goal to try and eliminate them to a more manageable level where we can feel and look “normal” again! Keep us posted on your Soolantra use!

        • Mindy says:

          Hi. I have been on soolantra for three weeks and two doses of oral ivermectin one week apart. I went through a terrible two week period. I looked like I had leprasy. Before that I had a bad breakout that I have never had previous. I have never been diagnosed with traditional rosacea. But after a few misses my doc did the scratch test and found the demodex. Then soolantra and awful breakout way worse than what I started with. 3 plus weeks and now much better but still a few bumps. Hopefully will be gone eventually. The texture of my skin has been terrible for about a year. Very rough and enlarged poors like an orange peel. Maybe this is why? I hope it smoothes out. Anyway the bumps are almost gone. A few still there and some new ones. I hope none eventually and smoother skin. This site has helped me so much. Thank you everyone !! And the cliridex wipes really upset my skin. I feel like they made it worse. Does anyone know why ??

          • WY says:

            Mindy, The roughness, linear surface lines and enlarged pores were the same things I experienced too. Never thought it would go away but it has slowly diminished as the demodex count dropped. From what we understand about these mites, the inflammation that comes and goes is caused by the decaying mites left inside our face that are at their dye off stage. During the first two weeks of using the Cliradex wipes, my face appeared so inflamed. However, I felt less tingling and crawling sensation from within. If you feel your skin surface is too sensitive to the wipes, perhaps you may want to adjust using one wipe a day before going to bed, closer to the time the demodex surfaces at night to mate so they can still come in contact with the Tea Tree Oil properties in the Cliradex. If you feel your skin is still too sensitive, cut the Cliradex wipes back to every other night. Using Cliradex, Soolantra and everything else people are sharing on this website is to be using it consistently and to hang in there. This website has definitely been a positive support that kept me going through the months, as I am still continuing treatment. (4 & 1/2 months since my start of Demodex face mite attack) My family and friends are noticing improvements and you will too so don’t give up, especially when the worst part of the inflammation and P & P cycle appears. It will lessen with time as we all patiently work toward decreasing the demodex count on our face! Keep us all posted on your results!

          • Mindy says:

            Thank u so much. I will try them again if u think I should. I use the soolantra daily and took the oral ivermectin twice a week apart. My face is so much better but I still wake up with a few little bumps. They r very tiny. The worst was first two weeks. Now I look normal. I never had redness. The wipes made my face sting and irritated it so much so I stopped but stayed on the soolantra etc. can I start moisturizing again? What do u use? My skin is very very dry. Flaking. I have dry skin in general. The wipes dried me out so much I felt like skin was cracking. Know all of this u still think I should use the wipes? I never felt the mites at night thank God. I still don’t. I am praying those lines and pores will go away like urs have. I appreciate ur insight and all the information so much. U should really start a blog or publish something. You truly get it and have been invaluable to me. You know more than the derms. Thank you so much!

          • WY says:

            Mindy, I have been using Soolantra as my moisturizing day and night cream so the mites have nothing else but the Ivermectin from Soolantra to feast on! When my face feels dry, I apply another layer of Soolantra which has helped. If your skin is super dry even with additional applications of Soolantra, my Dermatologist suggested it’s fine to use a moisturizing cream after the application of Soolantra has dried. If the face gets oily after several long hours have past, I just wash up and reapply Soolantra on clean skin. Demodex loves oil so try to keep your face clean throughout the day whenever possible.

            As for my initial 2 weeks use of the Cliradex wipes, I also had surface dried, inflamed skin that almost looked like it was cracked. However, I felt the TTO ingredient in Cliradex was assisting to eliminate the demodex resulting in some inflammation and bumps that surfaced most likely from their die-off stage.

            In the beginning of my demodex ordeal, I would feel the tingling and prickly sensation on my face at night which is what woke me up. Now that the demodex has decreased, they still do their thing and exit the pores to mate at night on our face. However, the sensation is less due to the decrease of demodex, which is one reason why we probably sleep better and not able to feel as much of their night time mating activity. Still, best to know there is TTO they come in contact with during the night to try and rid of as many adult demodex as possible which is the main goal.

            Consider slowly introducing Cliradex back into your program. Perhaps start with once every other night before bedtime. You may start to see bumps and some inflammation appear initially when you start up with Cliradex again. But that may be due to the TTO which is a scientifically known ingredient that is effective in helping to slowly eliminate the demodex in our face to a more controllable, “normal” level of existence. My personal program now is Soolantra throughout the day and Cliradex at bedtime on clean skin.

          • Mindy says:

            The soolantra is drying me out. Definitely not moisturizing. I’ll try the cliridex again but I’m afraid of it. It’s very very harsh on my face. Tea tree oil is too strong for me but sounds like u think it’s necessary. I thought soolantra alone was enough ? My Derm felt the tear me tree oil could cause other issues. Sigh. It can disrupt and damage the barrier of skin. I think I’ll try one more time. My skin is so dry already. What do u wash face with? I actually tried and like baby shampoo. A little drying though but no brake outs from it.

          • WY says:

            Mindy, Your personal dermatologist would be able to monitor your physical changes on your skin with the protocols she recommends for you. Best to always keep them your doctors in the loop so they are aware of your concerns and can answer questions you may have. My personal experiences shared are based on what my physicians recommended. I then adjust it to what I feel works best for me. For example: One physician recommended that I apply Soolantra after I apply Finacea. However, I felt the Ivermectin ingredient in Soolantra would be more important to rid of the demodex first, then applying Finacea over the dried Soolantra to help exfoliate the skin so that the bumps can push their way to the surface for easier extraction.

            As for using Cliradex, results on individual skin textures can vary. I adjusted the usage according to how my skin surface reacted to the product. Many physicians are not aware of Cliradex if they are not in the field of Ophthalmology. They regularly deal with demodex on patients as a common occurrence on eyelids. If the TTO ingredient in Cliradex was created to use around the eye area, then it should be safe and gentle for use on the face. That was my miracle product during the initial stage of infestation and time of desperation!

            It made sense to me and my Ophthalmologist that TTO in Cliradex would work quicker to eliminate the demodex vs. Soolantra, which is used to slowly paralyzing the demodex so they couldn’t mate. My dermatologist noticed on a follow up visit that my demodex count decreased rather quickly and asked if I was using something other than Soolantra. I told the dermatologist my Ophthalmologist suggested I try Cliradex for demodex-rosacea which yielded positive results. She asked me for a sample of Cliradex probably so she could reference the science behind the product. Having spoken to several other physicians that are unaware of Cliradex, their knowledge on TTO seemed limited as it related to the use of it to help eliminate demodex mites.

            Perhaps you can ask your physician to try Cliradex on a more mild or moderate use along with Soolantra.

          • Sandra says:

            WY, My dermatologist also said to use the Finacea (azelaic acid) first, wait a few minutes and then apply the Soolantra. She said the azelaic acid would exfoliate my skin so that the Soolantra could penetrate deeper into my pores. I usually apply the Finacea after cleansing, brush my teeth while it’s soaking in and then apply the Soolantra.

          • Carrie says:


            I agree with WY. You seem to want to try it all. Which isn’t a bad thing if it’s done carefully and a little at a time, but mixing too many products together could negate the good effects of the Soolantra.

            My doctor had me stop everything and just use Soolantra. Worked perfectly. So if just doing that after a few months really isn’t working, you need to discuss it with your derm.

            You may have had a very bad case of the mites and it’s just gonna take a little longer for the Soolantra to take care of it.

            I have now been on Soolantra for 1 Year and 2 Days ! Looking in the mirror right now I would hardly recognize the me that I was a year ago. No bumps and just slight redness on the apples of my cheeks, my 4th laser treatment should take care of the last of the redness next week.

            It will make you a new person, just give it time.

      • Bel says:

        Hello All,

        I started Soolantra & Solodyn in January 2015. I did go through the rough phase like everyone the first month. After 3 months I started using Soolantra & Solodyn every other day and was able to maintain clear skin. On January 1, 2016 I stopped using them both, not because I wanted to, but because my brother was taken to the ER this day and diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. I stayed at the hospital with him every day and simply forgot to take the Soolantra & Solodyn during that time. It wasn’t until after my brothers funeral on January 28th that I realized my skin was still clear. It remained clear without either medications until mid May. I started noticing the redness and bumps coming back little by little. Since June 2nd I’ve been back on both meds. This time the first two weeks were worst than the first time I tried these meds a year ago. THE WORST! My guess is the mites came back with a vengeance while I was off the meds. I’m happy to say that this morning I woke up to a much calmer face. My doctor said after 3 months of every day use of both meds that I could reduce it to every other day to keep it maintained and under control. I’ve certainly learned from my mistake and will not forget to take these meds ever again.

        • Mindy says:

          I’m so sorry to hear about your brother. That is awful. Glad your face getting better again. What is solodyn? I’m on soolantra but have not heard of the other one.

          • Sandra says:

            Solodyne is an oral antibiotic that comes in various strengths. My son took it for acne, but I’m sure it can also be used for rosacea. I’ve never taken it.

          • Carrie says:

            They gave me Solodyn for rosacea. It was horrible. I was very allergic. It have me hives and made my scalp feel sooo itchy. If it had made a huge difference in my face I might have stayed on it, but it didn’t.

          • Mindy says:

            Thank u!! Good to know. Do u use the cliridex wipes as well or some kind of tea tree oil? What do u cleanse face with as well? My skin doesn’t seem to like the tea tree oil but I only used a few times. It dried it out awful

          • Carrie says:


            No, I never used the wipes. I know that I had them there though because my eyelashes would itch. Just using the Soolantra took care of the itch all over so no wipes needed. I put a little tea tree oil in with my sheets and the towels since my fiance uses those things and I don’t want him transferring the mites back to me.

            I wash with Dove for senstive skin and then put on Soolantra. That’s it. Same thing I have done for 1 Year and 2 Days.

            I went to a wedding Friday night and wore full-on makeup. Before Soolantra I would have woken up the next day and had a horrible reaction with a purple bumpy face. Not any more, absolutely nothing happens when I wear make up anymore, but I do still only wear Maybelline.

          • Mindy says:

            I have only been on soolantra a little over three weeks so not very long. Skin much better with bumps and pimples. I never had redness or rosacea before this. Anyway I’m not sure I have rosacea but definitely the demodex. I just felt like the wipes were very very harsh on my skin. I do wear makeup again. Didn’t for a week. It seems ok. Got new makeup and mineral based outside of my sunscreen which is tinted and has some zinc in it and also hyorlonic acid. I need something for moisture. I’m incredibly dry. Using a small amount of an avene product my dr likes. Says its gentle. Won’t clog pores etc. I’m not sure if skin would be better without but then I flake and get irritated. How many times a day r u using soolantra ?

          • Carrie says:

            Once a day at bedtime after I wash my face or take a shower. I have always just used it once a day.

        • WY says:

          Hello All: Has anyone else ceased their prescriptions after seeing clear skin only to have the mites return? If so, what time duration that passed before you noticed the face mites returned? Wondering if anyone went thru this without any relapse…

          • Sandra says:

            I read somewhere that a single Demodex mite can lay 25 eggs a night. I don’t think it would take long to repopulate at that rate. I sometimes get lazy and skip applying all that stuff on my face every night. If I skip a couple of nights in a row, I start feeling that crawling sensation again around my nose. It does not help that my husband probably needs to be treated too in order to prevent the mites from being constantly transferred back and forth between us.

          • Has anyone tried oral Accutane and topical Soolantra? Are you getting good results? I’m scared of Accutane.

          • Sandra says:

            Anthony, I agree that Accutane is scary. I personally have never taken it even though I have very oily skin. My son took it for teenage acne. While it cleared his face remarkably, he also experienced hair loss, which is a known side effect of Accutane. He recovered some of his hair loss, but some areas did not grow back as thick, which can be as traumatic to a teenage boy as a bad complexion. My advice to you would be to thoroughly research the side effects of Accutane before you decide to try it and to read through some online user forums just as you are doing here for Soolantra. In my opinion, my son’s dermatologist emphasized the benefits of taking Accutane and did not thoroughly cover the potential downsides. Even after I pointed out my son’s hair loss, his derm’s response was to lower the dose and to say that the hair usually grows back within a few months after the Accutane regimen ends. However, when I read through several online Accutane user reviews and hair loss forums, I found out that both men and women often noted that their hair was permanently noticeably thinner after using Accutane.

          • Anthony Avery says:

            Thank you for your reply. I will check out the online forums.

          • Carrie says:


            You have to be very careful with Accutane. I have not taken it myself, but I worked for years at a Derm office. We had one doctor that would give it to people with just a zit or 2 because he could charge a follow-up appt every 5 weeks (that’s how often you have to go in and have blood drawn to get a new Rx). One of the other doctors we had would only give it in extreme cases, which is how it was supposed to be. I have seen people who had faces almost deformed take the meds and get a drastic result.

            It is VERY drying, your lips will almost peel off. People would always ask us for samples of this medicated gel stuff to put on their lips because they were so bad. Pregnancy is also a big issue for men and women. Women who are on it are always told that they need to use birth control and make sure the Man uses condoms. Even if it’s the Man on accutane, they and their partner still need to use both. We had a case once where, even though those things are stressed OVER and OVER, a girl got pregnant, her mother really didn’t take it seriously. I remember hearing the doctor yelling at her that she needed to pay attention because that baby could come out REALLY messed up. I had never seen anyone as mad as that doctor. It’s a big no no to get pregnant on accutane and these people were acting like it was no big deal.

            So….like I said, if someone has acne, and sometimes they will give it for rosacea (but now with the understanding that it’s caused by mites, they might not do that as often anymore since it’s not acne related) and they are REALLY bad, it can give them drastic changes…..but it comes with very dry lips and skin, constant every 5 week appts, and all those co pays and the chance of having a deformed baby if you get pregnant or get someone pregnant. LOTS to think about.

    • Hi Chris!
      That’s me who documented my P&P rosacea journey to show my dermatologist the progress. I recently posted a one year update. My skin is still rosacea free! …which still surprises me when i think of how sad/embarrassed my complexion made me feel. I can go out without any makeup on these days – something I could never have done 3 years ago.
      Good luck with your journey.
      Best wishes

  21. Ciara says:

    Hi All,

    I’ve been using Soolantra for almost a month now.
    I have quite a severe form of Rosacea, with a redness and p&ps.
    After 2 weeks my face looked better, during 3rd week quite terrible.
    Interestingly, when I put Soolantra on my face, I start getting red spots on the neck and the back. I assume mites are trying to survive…

    I really hope Soolantra will be my miracle remedy…

  22. Klawyer says:

    Hi all,

    I was just diagnosed with mild rosacea. I was on retina a for a long time, and stopped because I had a cystic acne flare on my cheek.

    During retina a, my face would peel slightly (when I was too aggressive with it) but I never had zits. I think i got the cystic flare mentioned above because i was careless and put my hand to my face too many times.

    I’ve been off retina a since mid-May and went to the dermatologist to get rid of the red mark left by the cystic acne. While I was there, the dermatologist took one look at me and told me I had rosacea. The p&p kind. Suddenly everything made sense.

    Certain products did irritate my face. My dermatologist gave me an IPL (although that confused me as I’ve heard v-beam is much better for rosacea) that day, and then 6 days later i started on soolantra for my cheeks. the odd thing is, I use retina a for my forehead and chin (my derm said it was fine since those are not my problem areas), and those areas have always been clear.

    I started soolantra four days ago and I think it may be making my skin slightly worse. My doctor also prescribed me 150 mg of doxy, as it reduces inflammation for rosacea folks. I’m not sure if the doxy is mitigating the flare ups of the soolantra, but the soolantra is not drying my skin out. I’m on it twice a day and have started changing my pillow cases 2x a week. I am also switching to tea tree oil shampoo.

    I wash my face three times a day with cetaphil, apply soolantra morning, afternoon, and evening. Retin a every other night on my forehead, chin, and nose. Those three areas with the retin a stay clear. So far day 4, soolantra definitely has helped and if anything I think it may be clogging a few pores.

    how can you tell if it is a mite dying or just a clogged pore? the only thing I’ve seen in a new white head crop up??

    BTW–my derm didn’t tell me anything about soolantra. She said it would feel “cooling.” That is the only thing she said. She didn’t tell me to expect a crazy breakout or anything. I have my second IPL scheduled for August 3. You have to stop doxy and retin a 7 days before an IPL. So I’ll be just two weeks into my new regime when I have to hit “pause.”

    What’s weird is that the doctor said that after this next IPL, she’s going to start me on a lower dosage of retin a all over my face. I told her how well it worked for me for almost a year with no breakouts, and that I was just on too high of a dose. She said that too high of a dose can not only irritate someone with rosacea it can trigger an early onset. I guess that it what happened to me.

    Has anyone here heard of a doctor only prescribing soolantra for two weeks 2x a day, with doxy ? It seems like all of you are planning to be on it permanently?

  23. Ciara says:

    Hi Klawyer,

    The lifespan of a demodex mite is about 3 weeks.
    Applying Soolantra on your skin only for 2 weeks would most probably mean that your skin gets worse and then you stop using Soolantra before the mites are dead.
    I’m really not sure if your dermatologist really knows much about Soolantra..

    • Klawyer says:

      Thanks, Ciara. I know, she’s been EXCELLENT on everything else. She diagnosed me with rosacea within two minutes of seeing me. Read my mind with all the questions and answers she asked. Prescribed IPL over v-beam because there is literature that shows IPL helps with killing the mites. But you’re right. Two weeks x 2/day still seems like it isn’t enough time.

      That said, I’ve been on this for 5 days now…and my face looks the exact same. I don’t even think it is slightly worse…

      What do you do if after a week and you’ve been using this twice a day and there is NOTHING different. is that normal??

      • Klawyer says:

        Nevermind. I now have two small whiteheads on one cheek….not sure if this is just the soolantra clogging my pores or if it is mites. I also feel like I’m itching everywhere else, but that might just be my imagination playing games on me.

        • Anthony Avery says:

          The itching is the result of mites dying–it will eventually end.

          • Klawyer says:

            Thanks, Anthony! I’m happy to hear this worked for you. My doctor has me on an aggressive two week plan 2x/day + 150 mg of doxy/day. I also kicked the whole thing off with an IPL.

            I’ve heard that there is some evidence that IPL helps to kill off any demodex on the face, but it cannot get to the eggs. I’m wondering if that is why my initial response is a few days delayed…

            Does anyone know anything about this? I’m really not looking forward to work this week…

  24. Ciara says:

    Hi Anthony Avery,

    can you please let me know what’s the current condition of your skin?
    I’m during my 4th week – yesterday morning my face looked not too bad, today’s morning is a disaster..I’m scared that it won’t get better :(.

    • Hi. I’m so sorry that your face has not cleared up yet. Are you using Soolantra twice a day? That’s what I do plus an antifungal cream (Ketaconzole) and Accutane (plus Benadrly and Iboprofen for hives/inflammation). I would say that my face is 80% better than a month and a half ago.

      Please talk to your dermatologist and keep us posted!

      • klawyer says:

        I’m on Day 7 and my face now has two new whiteheads and a new zit. All in my “problem area.” I’m going to get a second opinion with a dermatologist today. I called my derm yesterday and told her what was going on and she recommended quitting soolantra and starting clindamycin. As much as I want relief, I’m not sure that coming off soolantra right now is the right move.

        I’m also on 150 mg of doxy/day. I don’t think my derm knows much about soolantra:(

        • Carrie says:

          My face exploded with white bumps and redness during weeks 1 and 2. Anthony is right- it almost looked like I had leprosy.

          The worse your face gets, the better it will be. The mites have to die off and there could be multiple mites in EACH PORE. Every bump is a mite dying off. You want tons of bumps the first couple weeks. Then you will clear up to almost nothing.

          I have been on Soolantra for almost 13 months. I will never stop using it. I recently had my 4th V Beam and I am looking like a totally new person.

          If you truly have rosacea, don’t stop the Soolantra. Get a 2nd opinion from a new Doc.

          What city are you in? Maybe someone on here knows a good one.

          • klawyer says:

            Thank you, Carrie!!! Your posts (along with Anthony, Nancy, Mindy, and several others) are the only things that are keeping me going.

            I met with my *new* doctor today. She is excellent. Not cheap, but excellent. She didn’t rush me. Sat down with me for 30 minutes. Talked all about soolantra. Told me that they give it to many of their patients. She did advise that I only use it once a day at night. She said that the medical reps instructed the doctors to tell their patients once a day…and she said that could help with some of the oiliness of my skin.

            She also just got real with me and said that the doxy I was on would work, but it will take around 2-4 weeks (I’m on day 8 of doxy) and that the soolantra was a great drug, but I needed to give it time to work. She actually said my face was pretty mild and that she knew it was hard but she advised me to stay on soolantra for at least a full four weeks–maybe 6 weeks–before making a decision. If my face was still not showing ANY progress at that point, then we could talk about other options.

            Carrie–she also said that it is possible to do the v-beam treatments (she recommended them for me) in conjunction with the soolantra + doxy process. Or I can just wait until after my face has calmed a bit. Carrie–I’m on day 7 of soolantra, so I think things are probably going to get a bit worse for at least another week or two before they get better, but did most people see improvement by the second or third week? I just don’t want to go through 6 weeks of getting worse and worse…

          • Carrie says:

            I was really bad probably days 2 to 8. Something like that. Then just moderate redness and bumps for 2 more weeks after that. I started the Soolantra 6-24-15 and did my first v beam 7-17-15. Then another in August and September. She said probably once a year after that so I just got one 6-29-16.

            You should scroll all the way back to the top of this page and take some time to read all the posts. I made one a couple months ago where I laid out a timeline for how mine went as well as reasons for doing the v beam. Others have posted their success and failures as well.

            I would also change ur pajama top at least every other day and pillow case as well. I think that helped a bunch.

          • Klawyer says:


            I had the v-beam yesterday. so far swelling has gone done (I think she went light on me because it was my first time). One capillary has already completely gone–and one of my red marks looks much less red!!

            The only bad news is that there appear to be two new bright red pores that I never had before on my left cheek. Is this normal? I just emailed my doctor to see if this is normal. everything else with the treatment went fine–no bruising, no scabbing, no crusting. Swelling gone. I really hope that these two new bright red pores go away…

            Does anyone else have experience with this?

          • Klawyer says:

            Hey all,

            So this coming Wednesday will mark 5 weeks on soolantra + doxy for me. I think my doctor wants me to finish another month of 150mg/day doxy before we move to the new “oracea” medication, which is just a lower time released doxy.

            I will say that my skin has significantly calmed down. I’ve been diligent about avoiding my triggers and cleaning my bed linens twice a week. I think because my skin started showing such great improvement (I’m also one vbeam treatment in and have seen a decrease in redness as well) I got a little too confident.

            I went out with friends last Friday and had three drinks and was in a very very hot restaurant environment. Based on what others have said on here about soolantra and alcohol, I skipped the soolantra Friday night and picked it back up on Saturday.

            I noticed a little rosacea bump on my nose this morning. The first one in five weeks since I started. Since I never stopped the doxy–I’ve got to believe this was soolantra related. Lesson learned–no more skipping soolantra, it just isn’t worth it!!!

          • Carrie says:


            what did others say about alcohol and soolantra?

            I remember 1 guy months ago thinking it made his worse, but I think the consensus from everyone was that he might not actually have rosacea.

            I would never skip using soolantra. I can’t see how the topical would be effected by ingesting alcohol. Alcohol just makes ur cheeks red, which might be why some people thought they had a reaction, but I would think that would be rare.

            Using soolantra has changed me so much that I can actually have a drink now and not get red.

            One of the guys at work actually thought I was sick the other day because he said I looked so pale. I NEVER thought I would ever hear that after what my cheeks looked like for the past few years. I know he didn’t mean it as a compliment, haha, but I took it as one.

    • Hi,

      Overall, Soolantra appears to play a significant role in reducing both redness and bumps for me. I’m on Week 7 with only a little redness on forehead next to scalp, some redness on scalp, and on nose after work. I also take Accutane–I recommend this combination for folks who have very oily skin. The only side effect that I have noticed is dryness in the ears and around nose–no thoughts of Suicide, et. Cetera. Give it about 7-8 weeks to notice a dramatic change. As you can see in my recent profile picture taken yesterday I look pretty good considering the fact that about 7 weeks ago I looked like I had Poison Ivy!

      Anyone else take Accutane with Soolantra?

  25. Klawyer says:

    Hi all, a little progress today–Day 8. First, my skin (while it might not look amazing) feels really smooth. I used to feel all these little bumps everywhere, now it feels pretty smooth.

    Second, I saw that there was some discussion about make up above. I just recently switched to bare minerals SPF 15 original foundation. It is awesome. Doesn’t look like you have make up caked up at all, just a light dusting so no clogged poors, and provides awesome coverage.

    Third, I decided to stick it out with soolantra at least for a full 4-6 weeks. This morning for the first time, I woke up, and the two tiny whiteheads were gone. The pimple that had emerged yesterday was significantly decreased (not completely gone, still a light red mark there). For those of you who have the actual rosacea bumps (not the pimples) but the bumps that look like zits that you can’t ever pop, do more of those tend to crop up along the way? I saw a new one this morning and got a little worried…but I guess it won’t be the last one I see!

  26. klawyer says:

    Hey all,

    I’m wondering if people have experienced any negative impact between 1) alcohol and soolantra and 2) caffeine and soolantra? Ever since being diagnosed, I’ve tried to greatly reduce my intake of both. I have 1-2 cups of iced coffee a week and maybe 1-2 beers a week as well. Do I need to completely cut these out while on soolantra?


    • MT says:

      Soolantra doesn’t help with transitory additional redness, said my derm and it’s what I experienced. I’m always horrible the day after a nice evening with my friends, and possibly the day after again… I guess it’s not a good bet to mix up, so I don’t put Soolantra the night in question.

    • Carrie says:

      MT is right- Soolantra will get rid of the mites- which cause the bumps and itch. It will reduce the inflammation which can cause some redness, but the main redness that you have is caused by the blood vessels.

      The only way to truly not be red is to get the V Beam laser. I just had my 4th treatment and I have gone from cherry tomato red and sometimes purple, to now light pink and sometimes snowy white. HUUUUUUUUUUUGE difference. V Beam is not without it’s cost and pain though. You gotta want it.

      • Klawyer says:

        Day 14 of soolantra, so far very minor bumps that appear to be nothing more than clogged pores and go away in a couple of days and one of my rosacea “bumps” is completely gone. The other one which appeared after a bad flare in June is less red in color and has significantly gone down. Did people notice their bumps going down gradually or did they just wake up one day and they were gone? Mine seem to be more gradual.

        Carrie–I’m having my first v-beam a week from this Friday. I have one larger capillary and a flag few red marks and scars. Did you treat diffused redness with the v-beam or capillaries and scars as well? If the latter, did you find it successful? Thanks!

        • Carrie says:

          Scars? What kind of scars are you referring to? From the rosacea? I don’t think I had any. A Fraxel Laser would probably be needed for scars, it’s a deep tissue laser that I have seen used for bad acne scars and burns.

          I had tons of very visible blood vessels on my cheeks. My whole face would turn red after just a few sips of wine. I started the v beam with just my cheeks and nose being done, but we have now done my whole face- cheeks, nose, chin, jaw line, and forehead. If you looked really closely at my cheeks you could see millions of tiny red lines. Now, just a few.

          • W Y Dung says:

            Carrie & Klawyer: Just wanted to share that a Fraxel procedure I had done this January was the cause of my major Demodex issue. I’ve had a successful Fraxel done 3 years ago without any complications but this time, not so lucky. Noticed an odd creepy, crawly, prickly sensation with increasing, weeping open lesions from the Demodex that started to surfaced on day three after the procedure. I never had this experience result from the prior Fraxel so I had it checked out. The surgeon said the lasered areas of skin that needed to heal naturally, allowed the Demodex to zero in on those areas where the immune system has been compromised from the procedure.

            The quick proliferation of the Demodex on the face started under both eyelids and quickly spread to the cheeks within a matter of a 3 days. The surface of the skin attacked by the Demodex looked like the texture of a lava flow that was gradually spreading outward. Antibiotics quickly put a stop to the spread. It was having to deal with curtailing the increasing Demodex population as the next stage which can be frustrating. (This is where this website gave me support and I am thankful to everyone who takes their time to share their journeys)

            If you are already on this website with an issue related to Demodex, you may want to share my experience with your provider or wait until you are completely healed from your current Demodex issue in hopes to avoid opening up or increasing the Demodex population again.

            FYI: I am on day 169 using Soolantra with continuous improvements in addition to one daily sheet of Cliradex TTO wipes in the evening before bedtime. Awaiting the day to get the skin back to a more “normal” color and skin texture. Thanks for allowing me to share my personal experience.

          • Mindy says:

            I now believe after reading your post the same thing happened to me. I had a fraxel done 2 years ago and skin got weird after that. Been on soolantra for about 8 weeks and has helped a ton. The cliridex seemed to make my skin much worse personally. Dried it out so much etc. my face looks normal now but still have some of those weird lines and orange peel texture.

          • W Y Dung says:

            Hi Mindy,

            Thanks for sharing your post! I thought I was the only one that experienced a Demodex attack after Fraxel! Those weird linear lines and orange peel textures were scary. Do you still have them or did they finally go away? I also noticed some “tiny pore holes” that open up on the face occasionally, but they seem to disappear and fill back up after a few weeks. Possibly due to Demodex activity since they munch on us!

            I believe Soolantra helped and now my linear lines and orange peel texture have disappeared, at least for now. Finacea seems to bring out white and red bumps so I stopped using it except on my chin area so I don’t waste an expensive product. Cliradex dried my skin out in the beginning too. I eventually cut the application back but wanted to make sure I had the TTO ingredient known to kill Demodex in my program to this day, post op day 182.

            Read somewhere it may take up to 1 year to get the Demodex population back to a “normal” level. Do you recall your skin status 1 year post op Fraxel? What were you using to handle your Demodex prior to Soolantra since you mentioned just being on Soolantra for 8 weeks?

          • Mindy says:

            Hi there. I had no idea I had demodex. Just thought it was stuff from a bad reaction to The fraxel. I still have some of those lines and orange peel texture in areas. For me the demodex gave me pimples and I didn’t experience them until about 3.5 months ago. Those are gone pretty much. The texture and weird likes and some pores like u said r still there but a little less. I’m afraid to go back to the cliridex but maybe I should. How is the texture of ur skin this far out?

          • Klawyer says:

            Hey all,

            Just wanted to post some progress: Tuesday will mark 3 weeks on doxy + soolantra. Here is what I’ve noticed: my two rosacea “bumps” are no longer bumps. They are tiny red marks. No new bumps have formed since I’ve been on this combo.

            I have my first v-beam scheduled for this upcoming Friday, August 5. I’ve been to two dermatologists, and both thought that my one capillary, light redness, and mild red marks/scars could be addressed with V-beam.

            I’ve done a lot of research on v-beam and am getting a nervous (but not nervous enough not to do it!!). My doctor didn’t say how many treatments I’ll need but I’ve read that capillaries like mine (which isn’t too big) normally take 2-3 sessions of non-purpuric and scars can take between 4-6 treatments.

            For those of you on this thread that have used v-beam, can you please tell me how the improvement was with treatments? Were the side effects scary?

          • Anthony Avery says:

            V Beam vrs. IPL. Which is better for Roscea?

          • Klawyer says:

            Great question, Anthony. Judging by what I’ve read online, I think the preferred method is usually vbeam. Although the first dermatologist I saw recommended we start with a series of 3 IPL and then “go in with a v-beam to get whatever the IPL didn’t get”

            I will say this–I had one IPL nearly a month ago and was fine with the results. It zapped very very small capillaries and got rid of some dark pigmentation. I think it can probably do more if you do a series (I only did one).

            That said, the second dermatologist I saw recommended the Pulsed Dye Laser (of which v-beam is the most famous and highly regarded). She said that the vbeam can get larger capillaries–I have one on my cheek that is larger–and will go after anything red in terms of red marks and red scars. Some of my scars/red marks appear to be nothing more than clusters of veins when I look more closely.

            We are going to try a series of v-beams over the next 4-6 months, and see how it goes. My derm seemed pretty confident that we could get everything with these. I’m lucky in that my scars are flat, so I don’t have the texture issues that fraxel really focuses on. That said–I’m very interested in what others (Carrie I know you’ve had v-beam) have experienced.

            Also Anthony–how did you know that it was the soolantra and not the accutane that was helping your situation? I can’t tell if mine is getting better because of soolantra or doxy?

          • Anthony Avery says:

            Thanks for responding. Like yours’, my redness marks on my cheek are flat.
            I used Soolantra first and only recently started using Accutane. It is a great combination for me because I have very oily skin. I will try and post an updated picture on Tuesday morning.

        • Carrie says:

          The V Beam feels like having a rubber band snapped on your face…..500 times. It’s pretty painful. Some areas aren’t so bad, but tender areas like the apples of the cheeks under the eye, hurt a lot. It kind of reminds you of a bug zapper. The noise, the light, the sound, sometimes the smell if it burns off tiny facial hairs. They give you ice packs right away. My doctor never mentioned doing anything other than V Beam.

          The first few hours after you get the V Beam your face will be very red and hot. You need to keep ice packs on it all the time. You will start to swell. The amount and areas depend on the person. My swelling starts in my jaw and moves up my cheeks, to my eyes then forehead.

          The first couple of times, I slept in bed and could hardly open my eyes the next morning. The last couple of times I slept in a recliner and that was much better. I tie ice packs all around my face with bandanas.

          Yes….it is just as attractive as it sounds, LOL.

          I usually get the V Beam on Thursday or Friday afternoon and return to work on Monday. By that time, most of the swelling has gone down, not all. You can still tell that I have had something done. My latest one I got around 4th of July weekend. I got it at 1pm on Thursday, took Friday off from work, had Monday off for the holiday and returned to work on Tuesday. That worked out well.

          It takes a few weeks for the blood vessels to die off and reveal what the procedure as really done for you. Sometimes she uses a higher beam laser than targets larger specific vessels and it did leave a little bruise mark for a few days. However, you should NOT at any point have purple circles all over your face. I have seen pics online of people who did that and people who got burned. I can only assume that their doctor had the laser up too high for their skin tone. My doctor always says, never find a doctor on Groupon. She says you must get a board certified doctor who has trained in this. She has had to fix the problems that people got by having a technician at a salon do it or lady at some laser clinic. She said if their tag doesn’t say MD and they haven’t done actual training, don’t get it, it’s your FACE.

          • Klawyer says:

            Hey Carrie,

            Thanks so much for responding. This is very helpful.

            I don’t have a lot of “diffused redness” just a couple of capillaries (most are very small) and a few red marks/scars.

            I also appreciate the distinction between the bruising and non-bruising. My doctor does this day in and day out, and she basically said that she would do a test spot and if it bruised she would adjust the settings so that there wasn’t any bruising. It seems like most of the complications with v-beam arise from the bruising settings. And as you and your doctor point out, from going to technicians at spas and the like that are not formally trained in this type of laser application.

            I really appreciate what you said about the downtime. I think based on your response, I may need to take Monday off. I”m having it done this Friday at 2 (obviously not going back to work on Friday) and then I figured I’d take the weekend and maybe Monday morning. I’ll let you know how it goes!!


          • Carrie says:

            Awesome! I can’t wait to hear what your experience was like.

            If she is just doing a couple of spots hopefully your swelling won’t be so bad. I have my ENTIRE face done every time. So my aftermath is probably much worse than yours.

            People are so surprised at how pale I really am since the pink was removed from my forehead and cheeks. (I am very pale because I always wear a hat when I’m outside- working for a dermatologist years ago, it scares you when you see what happens when you don’t). I still blush a little when mad or laughing a lot, I guess that never fully goes away, but at least I can have a glass of wine now and not go full on tomato red.

          • Carrie says:

            Klawyer- how did it go?

            It has now been almost 3 months since my last V Beam and I can tell a huge difference now. The little vessels are starting to die off. I appear very pale in the morning and mostly pale for most of the day now. My left cheek still seems a little more pink than the right, but it was always the worst one.

            Have you noticed a difference yet?

          • Klawyer says:

            Hey Carrie–

            It went great! I had my second v-beam last week. There was definitely more bruising after my second than my first treatment, but I am already seeing the benefits from the two treatments. My dermatologist recommended 4 treatments, and so far two blood vessels and one red “scar” are completely gone.

            I have two more scars left, and those have even been significantly reduced to pale pink. I can get away with wearing some light bare minerals powder over them now without them really sticking out. I”m hoping that they will continue to be reduced in redness with the next two treatments.

            One question I had is how many v-beam treatments people normally undergo and how many are normally needed (and with what frequency) for maintenance? I’m definitely a big fan and will be singing the praises of v-beam from now on!

          • Carrie says:

            My doctor told me between 2 and 7, with most people doing just 3 or 4. She said some people, especially women, will want it all gone and will do up to 7 to become totally clear. She said after the initial 3 or 4 treatments (doing 1 per month for 3 or 4 months) she said people usually need a touch up once every year or 2. She said your body will “rebuild” those pathways and grow blood vessels back, for some people more than others.

            It seems to be the case with me, I was ready for a touch up after about a year. Now I am better than ever. I have my next one set for July 2017.

            You sound like you had good success, and like you, I tell everyone that the V Beam is the way to go. The cost, swelling, pain and down-time can be big detractors for some people, but it’s sooooooo worth it.

            I wish I had just a few like you. My face was pretty much one big tomato.

          • Anthony Avery says:

            Did you use PDL?

          • Carrie says:

            My doctor called it V Beam- which is what the office I used to work for also called it.

            I suppose it is otherwise called Pulsed Dye Laser- versus the IPL- Intense Pulse Light.

  27. Ciara says:

    Hi All,

    an update from my side: Soolantra is definitely working for me.. It’s still a long way to go but I see an improvement – my skin looks better, even though I still get a few new P&P from time to time… But overall my skin is much calmer and less red.

    But my neck and back look worse than ever – did any of you also have such a reaction?
    It looks like these stupid mites moved to a different location…
    I can’t afford using Soolantra there as well :(.

  28. Ciara says:

    Btw. does anybody from you put Soolantra directly under the eyes?
    I hadn’t apply it in this area till a week ago, as my skin there is absolutely fair and without any issues and I was scared to have an eye contact with Soolantra.

    However, as my eyes were bothering me a little bit, last weekend I started to apply Soolantra under my eyes as well.

    Let me tell you, the mites felt very comfortable there for sure, as almost immediately I started to get itchy on my entire face, exactly the same as at the beginning of my Soolantra treatment.
    For me it means that if I leave a part of my skin uncovered by Soolantra, I can be almost sure the mites will migrate there..

    One night I got lazy with applying Soolantra. My skin payed off for that next morning, I started getting P&P and my skin was itchy… It looks like I can’t afford skipping any dosis at the moment as these suckers are just waiting to start a party on my skin again…

    • Klawyer says:

      Hi Ciara, so funny you say this. I’ve been on soolantra for 12 weeks now. I was on a high dosage of doxycycline for the first 8 weeks and then switched to oracea for the last month.

      I put the soolantra pretty high up on my cheeks (right below my eyes) for the first time a few days ago, figuring that nothing would happen since I’ve been on it for so long, and I got two bumps on either side! My first bumps in awhile. So odd. I also feel like the mites really enjoy the eyebrows.

      I haven’t even tried to skip a day of soolantra. I will say that since I lowered my doxy dose to the non-resistant 40 mg of oracea, I have noticed more bumps. I guess the doxy was helping more than I thought. that said, I’ll just have to stick with it and see which drug was really the one helping!

  29. Lisa says:

    This has been very encouraging to read everyone’s comments. I have been on Soolantra for exactly one week now, 1 time at night, but my condition has gotten worse. But after reading previous comments above, it is very encouraging to know that this might be typical for some: getting “worse” before getting better. I am going to try a new face wash as well, perhaps something gentle or hypoallergetic. Thanks everyone, I am going to keep at it!

    • Hi Lisa,

      I use it twice a day along with Ketaconzole (anti-fungal). It is has been 2 and a half months for me and all of the red bumps have flatten. I may have to use a laser for the redness left on my cheeks and forehead. I guess people are using VBeam.

      Stick with it!!

  30. Klawyer says:

    Hi all,

    I have been on soolantra + oracea for nearly a month now. I went through an initial flare, which seems to have subsided. However, I do notice that even after 3 months on soolantra, I do still get rosacea bumps. They don’t stay big for long, but they do get smaller and then stick around for awhile. Is anyone else experiencing this while on soolantra? Not complaining just trying to understand if I need to switch medications.

    • AD says:

      Same with me even after 9 1/2 months with the occasional bumps. But they do disappear.

      • stuart says:

        Hi i thought the whole point of soolantra was to kill the mites? So how long are we supposed to use it for? Ive used for 4 months you day youve used for 9 months. Do we stay on it indefinately?no1 seems to know

        • MT says:

          Hi ! Same for me here, after about 8 months of treatment in about 1 year. Rosacea is polyfactor, you can be sure it’s not only a question of mites. I will keep a 1/3 time of treatment now as I don’t see a clear efficiency of Soolantra, even if I think there is a bit.

        • AD says:

          It was recommended to use up to 1 year to get the mite life cycle back to the lower normal human level of existence. If you stop Soolantra too early, the existing mite population may possibly explode again. You will feel the prickly sensation if you do stop Soolantra early. Worse case scenario would be to start treatment all over again to get it under control.

          • MT says:

            AD, could you provide any medical source about this “up to 1 year” ? My dermatologists didn’t tell me this, nor the medicine instructions. It more was a “3 months very regular treatment and something like twice a week then, possibly forever”.

          • AD says:

            I can’t recall where I read this piece of info that stuck in my head. More important is following the advice of your physician on the treatment they prescribe. I personally want to make sure for my peace of mind that the mite cycle is minimized from the Soolantra vs. having another possible attack of mites. My physician is aware and ok with the longer term use, especially since a few bumps still appear occasionally,

          • stuart says:

            Yes thats understable. If soolantra targets mites and they have a 3 week life span then surely 4 konths would be sufficient time 2 use once per night . Then maintainence use. I emailed galderma and they replied saying 4 months nightly then repeat it again if needed. Then they added that no trials exsisted of mainainence we are basicly just gonna have to trial ourselfs. Even if we kill off all mites and clear up our skin then people prone to them do they come back just as quik? I myself used for 4 months straight with brilliant results so then cut down to 3 nights per week and hey presto had a outbreak. So it was very disheartening to think that i may have to use for life. And basicly beg my g.p. to keep prescribing.

  31. Klawyer says:

    HI all, I’ve seen a lot of discussion on this. My dermatologist simply just told me to keep using it nightly. I think I will stop if and when I get pregnant, since you can’t use it while pregnant. It seems to be working pretty well with the oracea, but like I said–it isn’t a once stop shop for me (you’re lucky, CArrie!!). For me, it has been avoiding triggers + nightly soolantra + rosacea + vbeams.

    As an aside, has anyone tried Finacea with success? the only reason I ask is that I Feel like soolantra has been pretty good for my rosacea but it has also clogged my pores around my chin area. I’ve read that this may not be as big an issue with rosacea. Do any folks out there have oily skin and rosacea? it is a weird combo, and one that there is very little about!@

    • stuart says:

      Yes ive got very oily skin and have tried finacea. It does exfoliate as its a chemical exfoliator. I find soolantra is kinder on the skin over long periods than finacea. Also suprisingly soolantra didnt clogg my pores as much as i feared. I used finacea once nightly because when you use it at first in tingles.

    • AD says:

      Tried Finacea but it left the skin with red inflamed bumps the next morning. Needed to let the bumps calm down on it’s own which took about 5 days. Decided to try it again and the results were the same. Waited a month before a third attempt with Finacea. Results were the same as prior with red angry bumps surfacing the next morning. Product sounds good but perhaps not for everyone. Sticking with daily use of Soolantra since it has better results with the appearance of the skin while eliminating mite cycle. Still occasional small white bumps but better than larger red inflamed bumps on the face!

      It’s been approximately 9 months since breaking out with demodex on face. Thank goodness for Soolantra and Cliradex Tea Tree wipes that got me through the worse stage!

      Can anyone share their results that are near the 8-10 months mark?


    • Carrie says:

      I tried Finacea for several months a few years ago. Cleared me for a while then I plateaued then got worse. It burned like fire though. Always made my face hurt and be red. I have very very very oily skin. I put a light coat of Soolantra on.

      The Soolantra was great for the bumps and painful tender skin, but the v beam is what really helped. No more redness.

      I have been on Soolantra since June 24th 2015. So a year and almost 4 months. No plan to stop. I’ve gotten zits if I touch my face too much, but no milk dots, aka the little white pustules.

      My doc said stay on it as long as it’s working.

  32. Klawyer says:

    Hi all,

    I’m so disheartened. When I was on soolantra + 150 Mg of doxy my skin completely cleared up for two months. I started v-beams and I thought I was smooth sailing. Then a month ago, I switched to soolantra + oracea (since 150 mg of doxy is not sustainable and you can develop resistance).

    Chaos ensued. In the past month I’ve had three new rosacea bumps pop up (one completely healed already), the other two small. That doesn’t bother me and I think is to be expected. What bothers me is that I now get clogged pores on my chin area that don’t seem to leave, I’ve had a couple of whiteheads on my nose, and I’ve had two large cysts on my chin.

    I’ve NEVER had two cysts within a month’s time on my chin. NEVER. I’m supposed to be going in for my third v-beam today and I’m going to discuss with my doctor. Maybe four weeks on oracea + soolantra just isn’t enough time, but I can’t take much more of this. My confidence is in the gutter, my face doesn’t seem to be healing, and I feel like this is worse than my initial entry to soolantra (which was relatively easy probably because of the doxy).

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

    • stuart says:

      Hi have u tried finacea? Just for the angry spots. And chin area. I use finacea dorectly on any spots i get and it clears them quikly.

    • stuart says:

      Also it will stop any eruptions and the chin area is a place that tolerates it well in my personal experience.

  33. Jane says:

    Hi everyone, very helpful to read your comments on Soolantra! I am on my 4th week and am back to have a big cluster of pustules along with a very deep rooted one. My 3rd week on it was wonderful, no new bumps! But now it’s back and just as bad as before I started Soolantra. Would you say this is normal? How long should I expect to be on it before I see consistent improvement?

    • stuart says:

      Yes its normal. My skin was very good up to 3 and half weeks then brokeout then cleared again and broke out again around week 8. Then cleared. Keep going once per night you will reap the benefits. Dont panic and keep going. Its normal to breakout 3 then 7th week and maybe 11th or 12th. Mite cycle apparently. Im on week 18 and skin has never been better .

  34. Bob says:

    Hello everyone, I have been using Soolantra for about 3 weeks with great results, I have been battling rosacea for 15 years and nothing I have tried has worked as well as Soolantra. I did notice however although my face is already 80% clearer, I have some P&P in my scalp area and in my goate. I surmise the dermites migrated to thoes areas after applying the Soolantra. So I have started using a TTO shampoo to hopefully combat this.I do take Doxycycline as well but I have taken it for a few years with mixed results. I am thinking of stopping the Doxycycline and see how just using the Soolantra works.

  35. I am using the combination of Soolantra-ketokonazole-Doxycycline
    and I worked.

  36. Chris says:

    I’ve been using anti-mite creams for 9 months (DIY Ivermectin, then switched to Permethrin). The most important learning: if your skin starts getting worse, with lots of red bumps, start taking doxycycline. For me, it’s an essential partner with anti-mite creams.

    I had terrible bumps for months once I started using anti-mite creams, but within days of taking Doxycycline, they started to subside and were gone within a week. I stayed on Doxy for a month (100mg/day), went off, and then the bumps came back. Went back on Doxy and they went away just as fast, so I’m sure that it’s the Doxycycline.

    I don’t want to be taking antibiotics forever though. Does anyone have suggestions for how long it should be necessary to take it? Currently, my regimen is to just to go on it for a couple of weeks whenever I start to get the bumps and then take a break while my skin is clear, restart when the bumps come back, etc. Is this the best way to use it, or should I just stay on Doxycyline for 2 or 3 months at a time?

    The combination of anti-mite cream + Doxycyline is working though. My skin is better than it’s been in years, and still improving.

  37. Chris says:

    Anthony, great to hear you’re having success! I’m thinking of using Retin-A cream too. Do you think it works well in combination with anti-mite treament?

    Also, it’s interesting that you, MT and Daniel are all taking Ketoconazole. Does that help with rosacea or is that just to prevent facial dandruff? (which I don’t have, mostly)

    • Thank you. I would try Accutance so if your skin is oily it will dry it out nicely. Retin-A may be too harsh, but ask your Dermatologist. Ketoconazole is anti-fungal so it helps a lot with Rosacea. Try the pill form of Soolantra as well.

  38. ChrisG says:

    I really needed to leave a comment here regarding soolantra.
    Ive had acne rosacea for 9 years. Now in early 40s and in the UK. I take 100mg of doxycycline every day and have been taking it for years and it does work, However, over the last few years, my skin in the T-zone has been getting worse with larger pustules and papules. I cynically went to a new dermatologist in London and he said there might be help at hand. He recommended Soolantra which is new to the UK and laser treatment but the soolantra course was to start first. I didnt hold out much hope and was very cynical.

    Day 3 of applying the cream, my face went from bad to worse. I thought i was just having a bad episode but then made the connection that the cream might actually be working and killing the dems. Even taking the doxy, the breakout was still exceptional. If i wasnt on the doxy goodness knows how bad it was going to be. Within a week, the bumps were disappearing along with the redness. 6 weeeks in, several people have commented how much improvement my skin is. It feels smoother, there are no symptoms and after 9 years of taking antibiotics, this is the first time I have seen a substantial improvement. Everyday – its getting better. Looking forward to a few more days to see how it looks. Im sincerely hoping that the improvements will continue. My hope is restored that this product may actually work. To all those that are debating using this product – do try it but keep at it.

  39. Mary says:

    Did Soolantra give anyone relief from the burning sensation and flushing? Am at week 2, very few bumps. At first I thought the burning and flushing was improving, but last 2 mornings, the flush and burning was back. Is this normal? Does the flushing and burning improve over time?
    Does the hyerpigmentation eventually go away? I am praying this will work for me.

    • Carrie says:

      Hello. Look back over some of my older posts. I talk a lot about the laser and how u need to use that with the cream. I started soolantra in June 2015. Most of the redness is caused by the blood vessels and the only way to get rid of that is with the v beam laser. That has done wonders for me. I look totally different. I have had the laser 4 times.

      • I’ve been on Soolantra twice a day for over 6 months with amazing results. Now I use nightly on problematic areas; however I notice that my nose is red in the day time. Is this typical?

        • Carrie says:

          Hmmm…well, is it red like red bumps or the vessels or just the skin looks irritated?

          The nose is the hardest place to treat, says my derm doc. Very oily and lots of pores.

          Even with the laser, the skin is the toughest texture wise, and it’s a hard area to get the laser into. My nose vessels grow quickly and compared to the rest of my face, my nose is probably the reddest besides my left cheek which had the most vessels to start with.

          I don’t know if I would only use the Soolantra on problem areas. You are kinda just putting a little on your forehead and chin and skipping cheeks? Something like that? I would put a thin layer all over rather than skip areas. I would think the mites would gravitate and continue to grow in areas that you are not actively treating which would then probably spread all over.

          I use much less on my face now than when I started, but I still put a thin layer all over.

  40. Mel says:


    I’m trying soolantra (rosiver in qc). I started dec 23 and i already see a big difference. The redness disappears quietly. I’m on antibiotic too. I have acne rosacea (type 3) for 20 years and metrocream never worked with me. Hope it will work without antibiotic. With rosiver, no itching and no burning in my face but this morning my face was peeling a little but nothing scary lol. I continue the treatment and i will come to give you some news 😉 I’m only at 6th days and my family already sees a difference.

    • Mel says:

      Hello 🙂

      Already 5 months i am using rosiver (soolantra) and the first time i can say something work with me.

      Last month, I stop taking minocycline antibiotic and it’s the first time in 20 years i am not taking it. When i stopped them, I was very scared. I just can beleive what happens to me :-))

      Rosiver really work for me 🙂


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