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Even though Soolantra has only just been approved as a treatment for rosacea, and won’t be available for a couple of months, can we get any idea of how well it might work ?

Thankfully the answer is yes. With credit to those who have been part of the extensive trials for Galderma’s code-named CD5024 we can have an early glimpse into how well Soolantra can treat the papules and pustules of rosacea.

Soolantra has been in trials as early as 2006, so there are plenty of rosacea sufferers who have been able to try what we now know as Soolantra.

Once Soolantra becomes more widely available and the early users of the official prescription venture online, a better picture of the utility of Soolantra will emerge.

For now, whet your appetite from the reviews of these early users of Soolantra, read on for more.

User Reviews

rachzon, Brisbane in 2008 says:

I have been on an Ivermectin trial for just over a week now with quite positive results. I have moderate Rosacea with frequent papules and pustules. My most recent flare up started in July and had continues until this week when I started the topical Ivermectin.

My skin had improved a little after I started applying Megan Gales Invisable Zinc about a month ago but the change in the last week has been quite dramatic.

My skin is still far from perfect but as the trial goes for about a year I hope it continues to improve. Initially I was getting about 20 papules on EACH cheek, forehead and even on my neck, so it was pretty ugly, the inflammation was not pleasant either.

I have the occassional papule left, the worst place is still on my neck but the texture of my skin is soft, no burning or itching and life is a hell of a lot more pleasant. My 3 year old son hasn’t been patting my cheek and asking me if it still hurts this week either.

Looks like those beastly mites have a lot to answer for in my case.

and then

It is a 30 gram tube with what I presume is 1% Ivermectin


I asked about other peoples experiences, they have about 10 on the trial at the Coast and all but one have had results similar to mine. The Derm mentioned that up to this point it has been very hard to treat Papular Pustule Rosacea so is very pleased with these results.


10 weeks I have been on the trial now and my face continues to be fantastic. I get the very occasional bump but it is gone within a few days.

RosaceaHater says:

The flare got so bad I considered withdrawing from the study. However, my study doc counted a huge change in the papules vs. pustules count that they tally on each visit and he also said it is common to see a change in the type of lesion before there is any improvement. So I kept with it and now the bumps are clearing up almost as abruptly as they arrived. I am fairly certain I got CD5024 and not the placebo. I will find out for sure in six weeks! If there are any questions thus far I would be happy to answer them.


Today I had my 4 week checkup with my study doc. My papule/pustule count went from 41 my baseline visit to 29 today. The nurses commented my skin looks better. And yes, CD 5024% is ivermectin! I will have my next checkup in four weeks. At that time I will provide another P/P count and I will know if I got CD 5024 or the placebo.

KP Says:

I am in the CD5024 study and they do draw blood at every monthly visit. I began the study in June 2012 and saw results quickly. I rarely break out and the cream has made my skin very smooth. My skin has never looked better. When the product finally comes on the market I fear I won’t be able to afford it as most new drugs are not covered by my insurance.

GW says:

I’m currently involved in a study of CD5024, and barring any side effects, it’s fantastic! I’ve been using it for 12 weeks, and my Rosacea was pretty much gone by the 3rd week. Now I have no visible Rosacea. What am I going to do when I run out?!

As for the white blood count, my doc knew before I did that I was sick. They called because the count was low, and that weekend I came down with a terrible cold. Thankfully, after I recovered the white count was normal.

Please Add Your Reviews

If you get to try Soolantra please do let us know below in the comments how you like it or not.

Were you on the trial, how did it go for you?

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505 Reader Comments

  1. CD says:

    I started 8 days ago. It got worse initially. The first week was really bad with bumps all over my face, particularly around my nose, cheeks, and forehead. Now things seem to be improving. I’m cautiously optimistic. It was helpful for me to read the advice of others to stick with it. I’ll keep it up and report back.

    • Ayesha says:

      Hey, I have been prescribed soolantra for papillae rosacea. I have been using the cream once a day for only 5 days. My face is bad. It has bought out red spots all over my face and nose. Before they were just bumps in the skin now they are showing on the outside. Not sure if it is meant to get worse before it gets better. I am getting married in 7 months and do not want to look like this.

      • stuart says:

        In 7 months time your skin will be better than its ever been believe me. 5 days is nothing. You will have weeks worse than others as the mite kill off happens until the mites are gone.but you will be happy. About 12 weeks plus you should be clear but in the weeks leading up to that your skin will continually improve dramaticly.

        • Ayesha says:

          Thank you for your advice Stuart. I have an appointment with the dermatologist tomorrow so will show him my face and see what he says.
          I was hoping someone would say it gets worse before it gets better. Today the redness is not to bad and the bumps are not as bad as yesterday. Not sure if that is because I have been in bed all day due to a sickness bug and not had the opportunity to go out and about. Hope soolantra works for me. I honestly do not know how I have developed papular rosacea. I have Asian skin, I am pretty fair in colour may be that’s why. Thank you for your support. Your words give me hope.

          • stuart says:

            Its fine. I had anti biotics to combat the mite die off for the 1st few weeks. Its 3 weeks, 6 weeks , 9 weeks that u will most probs have further mite die off. But you have to stick with it. Tgats the number 1 rule.

          • Carrie says:

            Your face will get soooooo bad before it gets better. Once it gets better though, it will be better than it’s ever been. I look totally different than I did 18 months ago. V Beam Laser helps a lot too. Don’t give up. The only reason I got past day 3 was because I saw a man on here begging people to just keep going. You will feel like a monster for several days, but don’t stop! All the bumps are the mites dying and you have to kill them all before you clear up.

            Good luck !

        • MT says:

          I suggest to keep more moderate words than “better than it’s ever been” mate. Soolantra is quite good, but not magic, and not for everyone. Worse before it gets better overall, we all know that now. But after about 2 years of Soolantra medicine, I can say it’s not always for the best in a pink glasses tinted world. Soolantra isn’t THE miracle product for all rosacea pathologies.

          • stuart says:

            I,l use watever words i like mate. And if its mite related rosacea then her skin will be better than its ever been .

          • MT says:

            Can’t tolerate any critisism, really ? So really, you’re dermatologist now ? Because you’re in this treatment 8 months ago ? I started it way earlier than you, and that doesn’t allow me to make such a statement.

          • stuart says:

            I can tolerate critisism fine but like i said il use watever wrds i like. Im no dermotologist either are u?? Many dermatologists think or thought the mite theory was nonsense aswell. And ive had rosacea since i was 20 im now 40. 8 months of using soolantra yes but years of nothing else working. Like i said if its mites then her skin will be better than its ever been. Fact.

    • claude caron says:

      hi I hope you enjoyed the magnificent results that I did. I had terrible papules diffuse over my forehead chin and cheeks after 4 weeks of soolantra I found an improvement of 70%. 3-4 weeks beyond this my condition cleared, amazing!!

  2. Chris says:

    @Ayesha Doxycycline is a life saver. I got big red bumps after a few weeks on ivermectin cream. Doxycycline made them disappear within a week. It means I need to stay on an antibiotic for a while, but I don’t notice any side effects from it during the 6 months. Now that my skin is much improved from the combination of ivermectin and doxy – much less flushing, burning, inflammation and swelling – I decided I’m ready for IPL. So far I’ve had one light treatment with small but noticeable improvement. I’m going back next week for the next one, which will be stronger. I figure once my skin improves enough, I’ll be able to go off the doxy (does anyone have experience with this?).

    • MT says:

      Same here. About Doxy, I’m used to go on and off alternatively : can’t stay under it all the time, so go off asap but come back to it regularly because of the ivermectin “bad times”.

    • Ayesha says:

      Thanks for your feedback Chris. I am going to mention this to the dermatologist tomorrow. They are that bad that even when I wear make up, the make up absorbs in to them and brings each one of them out on show. I am happy to hear you have some relief from your symptoms. It gives us faith. Keep posting and updating us.

    • Carrie says:

      Chris- is there a reason you are getting IPL vs the V Beam? My doctors always said V Beam was better for rosacea. It might be fore painful, but it is better for redness and killing the blood vessels. Whereas, the IPL is more for sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines etc and will require more treatments than the V Beam.

  3. Chris says:

    Ayesha, good luck! Keep us updated

    Carrie, I was considering V-Beam, based on your posts and seeing that doctors recommend it over IPL, but I decided to start with IPL, for a couple of reasons.

    1. Downtime
    After IPL, I can look pretty normal the next day (with powder). With V-Beam, it sounds like my face would be a mess for a few days. I don’t want this to impinge on my (or my partner’s) social life too much if I can help it. Since the downtime is brief, it doesn’t bother me as much that I may need more treatments.

    2. Safety
    Of course I went online and read all the horror stories, and I saw more for V-Beam than IPL. (I guess it’s similar for laser eye surgery – it worked for me and and most people, but most of what you see online is horror stories). I believe it’s easier to get a safe IPL treatment from a less experienced doctor than it is for V-Beam, since it does less damage. I live in Shanghai, where rosacea is very rare, so I don’t count on my doctor being very experienced with my condition. I’ve only had one light treatment so far, but the redness afterward wasn’t that bad. If I’d put on powder (doctor told me not to that day), I probably could have gone out a few hours afterward.

    3. Skin texture as well as color
    V-Beam is precise, using single wavelengths of light to target certain shades, whereas IPL uses all wavelengths within a range. Right now, I’d like to see what this more general approach can do, since I also hope to improve the dried-orange-peel texture of my skin as well as reduce the redness. There’s evidence that IPL improves skin texture and can slow or even reverse some aging. Experts looking at before/after pictures of people who’d been getting IPL for nearly a decade judged the “after” picture as being the younger face. A scientific study found that IPL resets half of the skin genes associated with aging to their original, youthful state.

    I also found this blog to be encouraging:
    This woman posted some photos of her progress, starting with anti-mite creams (Ivermectin, Permethrin, Lindane – I think they all have the same effect) and then finally eliminating her rosacea with IPL.

    I think that starting with anti-mite medication (with doxy if necessary) and finishing with IPL/V-Beam is the way to get rid of rosacea. I plan to get 3 more IPL treatments, for a total of 4, each about a month apart. If there’s still redness left that the IPL can’t seem to get, then I’ll go for V-Beam. I’ll update here on my progress.

    • stuart says:

      Is i.p.l permanent or do you have to go back every so ofter? Also whats everyones thoughts on general maintainence on mites. Do you apply ivermectin where there is no visible signs of rosacea on face? I.e.. head ?

    • Carrie says:

      Interesting. You are correct about the down time. I usually get the treatment on Thursday or Friday and go back to work on Monday or Tuesday. You get very red and swollen. I actually was swollen for days worse than my doctor had seen before. It requires lots of ice packs and rest. I am usually still a little puffy for several days after that, but everyone at work is aware and don’t seem to mind.

      What is the cost for an IPL over there? V Beam in the USA, Louisville, Kentucky to be exact, is $350 each time. It takes about 30 mins, maybe an hour in the beginning to do the treatment. What does an IPL feel like?
      V beam is pretty painful. It’s a strong laser so you have to be prepared for the pain if you have your entire face treated like I did. I too have seen horror stories online about people with lots of purple circles all over their face. It should not look like that. You should always go to an actual doctor, not a laser clinic. Those people had the laser settings up too high for that persons skin type. You can’t go cheap when it’s on your face.

      My skin is incredibly soft. No bumps or marks whatsoever now. I totally agree that these type of treatments really clean up the texture. My cheeks feel as soft as a baby. I assume IPL would do the same based on what you said. I have had 4 V beam treatments. I had 3 in 2015, each a month apart about a month after starting on Soolantra. Then 1 in the summer of 2016. I have the next one scheduled this summer. I plan to get 1 treatment a year for the rest of my life. My doctor and what I have read online says that the body tries to regrow the vessels so people with rosacea will always be fighting it.

      Based on where you live and what you said about it being rare, I guess you got lucky that you found at least one doctor willing to try new things and help you. That’s great!

      These really are good times for people with rosacea. I wish people in the past would not have had to suffer so long.

      Good luck!

      • Dee says:

        I’ve just had the v beam x4 – I was so relaxed I fell asleep during most treatments, no down time whatsoever. Just a little pink. I also had dermasweep inbetween. I’m using soolantra too and both my acne and rosacea under good management. No papules and pustules. My skin texture has little change though possibly plumped up a little. I’m now considering Ipl. You do need to be in good hands to get the right advice re the laser for you. Good luck

  4. Chris says:

    Carrie, that sounds rough! I hope I don’t have to go through all that. I guess I’ll see after a few IPL treatments if that’s enough on it’s own, or if I need to add one or two laser treatments as well. The place I go to charges nearly double for laser compared with IPL, so it’s around 400usd for laser and 220usd for IPL. They told me they have some fancy new lasers, so I guess that’s why.

    The IPL stung a bit, like being smacked with elastic bands, but not too bad. But since it was the first time, they had it on the lowest setting, so I guess it will hurt more and more each time.

    Stuart, they recommend that you get 3-5 treatments one month apart the first time, and then 1-2 treatments per year afterward forever. But that doesn’t just keep the rosacea at bay, but it also is supposed to help rejuvenate your skin. I hope it works as advertised!

  5. Same here. About Doxy, I’m used to go on and off alternatively : can’t stay under it all the time, so go off asap but come back to it regularly because of the ivermectin “bad times”.

  6. David Pascoe says:

    comment via email.

    “Dear Mr. Pascoe,

    After more than six years and 15 plus doctors, including dermatologist, RA, infectious disease,GP and a parascintologist And just about any other Dr? you can recommend I have five of them that reviewed all my records and tests and looked me in the eye and said Honestly I may add “I don’t have a clue what is wrong”. The rest, including Mayo all have their own opinions and all of them include sycopathic drugs, also it is all my imagination and I am delusional. I made up my mine to solve the problem and found a woman dermatologistdermotologist that worked with me and my PA.

    I am now finished with the miserable lesions and have the scaring to deal with. ALSO, my dermatologist ordered a Rx. for Soolantra and ordered it to be compounded. Soolantra averages about $350.00 and compounded Soolantra is $35.00 The people suffering with Rosacea and Demodex mites need to know this. I have spent thousands because the doctors choose to believe I was delusional. Thank you for your intrest.

    Sincerely, Susan “

  7. I have just finished my first tube of Soolantra and am delighted with the results. When I used it first I though it didn’t work well but now think I didn’t persevere long enough.

    I now use Soolantra every night and my skin hasn’t looked this good or clear for 15 years. Finally there seems to be a solution.

    I first heard of Soolantra at a Beauty Therapists seminar. A dermatologist gave a great talk on Rosacea and was convinced the demadox mite was to blame for the pustules. Now I agree, having been a sceptic for years.


  8. Dorota says:

    I have rosacea for about 20 years. But it was never as bad as last two years after I gave birth.It was so bad that I developed blepharitis, I had always very sensitive skin so I couldn’t use any cosmetics as I ended up with very red itchy face. I was waiting with treatment until I stopped breastfeeding and about two months ago I went to GP to ask for treatment. I got Soolantra and Oxytetracycline. I started with soolantra and for about 2 days nothing changed so on third day I started Oxytetracycline as well. And then it began. For a couple of days my skin was getting swollen, red and bumpy and then literally peeled off in chin area. I couldn’t leave the house. I was sure it was antibiotic, After about five days I went back to GP and they told me to stop using cream, that is highly possible that the cream was causing these reaction. I stopped using Soolantra and I’m on antibiotics now. I was prescribed Metrogel last month. Although my face looked a lot better I had to stop using it as I couldn’t get out when sun was out.I was wearing Spf 50+ but my face was burning and I need to be out with my son.My face looks a lot better now, no pimples only redness although it tends to be dry and itchy around chin where was pilling off. I don’t know what to do. Maybe someone can help?

    • Carrie says:

      Your face has to get really really bad on Soolantra before it gets better.

      Most people get very red and bumpy for days. This is the mites dying off.

      I looked like a monster, but you have to let the whole cycle finish or you will never get better.

      Go back to some comments that I and others made on this page from 2015 and 2016. Everyone explains the process they went through.

  9. Shagalov says:

    Thanks for the post. and thanks for the comments. Helpful.

  10. David Pascoe says:

    Comment via email.

    “Thanks for all the information you have provided over the years. I’m 64 and have had rosacea since I was in my mid 20’s. I have suffered mainly from pustules and postules. I live in South Florida where the climate is not good for rosacea sufferers. Three years ago, though, I went through a blue light treatment and I started using ivermectin cream by Soolantra. This has had a major impact on my rosacea. I would recommend these things for anyone who suffers from the pustules and postules. I’m hoping someday for a total cure from this dreaded disease but I doubt it will happen in my lifetime. Young folks may live to see it though.”

  11. lilahamptonstores says:

    Doxycycline is a life saver. It means I need to stay on an antibiotic for a while, but I don’t notice any side effects from it during the 6 months. I got big red bumps after a few weeks on ivermectin cream. Doxycycline made them disappear within a week. Now that my skin is much improved from the combination of ivermectin and doxy – much less flushing, burning, inflammation and swelling!

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