Soolantra sales growing by 36%

Sales figures for rosacea prescription products are generally hard to come by. This is about as public as they get – the owners of Galderma, Nestle are touting how well Soolantra sales growth is contributing to their profits.

Nestlé (NSRGY) Q2 2016 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

In Nestlé skin health, we have a consumer range, which is growing north of — which is growing double digit, north of 10%.

And we brought in the market some breakthrough innovation with Soolantra, which is a new topical treatment for rosacea, which grew by 36%. So, all of these examples show you what we can deliver in terms of innovation and contribute to growth.

Nestle Skin Health was the company created in 2014 to house Galderma and other R&D and consumer skincare lines.

Soolantra is a hit

So Soolantra is being well accepted by rosacea sufferers and is selling well. It does seem that Soolantra has been generally well tolerated and beneficial to rosacea sufferers who have posted Soolantra reviews online.

I suspect that the consumer range alluded to within Nestle Skin Health, that is growing sales faster than 10% is in fact Cetaphil, another Galderma product that is generally well liked by rosacea sufferers.

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17 Reader Comments

  1. John tissington says:

    Soolantra works for me. I have tried all the others.

  2. stuart says:

    Best product for me.

  3. Comment via email.


    The cost of some topicals is outrageous.

    My Derm prescribed the smallest tube of Mirvaso, to augment my generic Accutane: $410 co-pay and I have very good BC/BS medicare advantage plan!

    Needless to say, I didn’t have that filled.

    Thanks for all the rosacea info.


  4. Comment via email.

    “Hi David

    I have been using Soolantra for a few weeks now. Is it supposed to actually do something other than bankrupt me?”

  5. Question via email.

    “Hello David.

    Thanks very much for this morning’s news.

    Regarding Zoolantra or Rosiver as it is called here in Canada, what are the findings (or are there any?) on long term safety?

    I have been using it since March 2015 and it does get results but I’m a bit nervous about a product that is basically an insecticide (Ivomec?)

    I’ve crawled around a bit on the web but haven’t really found much in that regard. Perhaps it’s too early to really know?


  6. Donnie Ford says:

    It’s a shame Gladerma is charging People with Rosacea that needs these topical treatments unrealistic prices. For example Azelex Patent has expired for awhile now but no other company has developed a Generic. Seems like Bayer wants to make as much Profit as they can on there Product Finacea as long as possible.I need Finacea as I have tried everything else except Soolantra but can’t afford the ridiculous price.I am sure there are alot of Rosaceans in the same situation as myself!!

    • David says:

      You can ship generic finacea from Australia generic as azeliac acid . I think it’s about $30 dollars too buy. It’s a non prescription item there.

      • stuart says:

        David just out of interest… do you think your rosacea was demodex related? Because you treated with zinc o. ? Sorry if im years behind

        • I don’t think Zinc Oxide has any effect on demodex. I don’t think that demodex had anything to do with my rosacea.

          • stuart says:

            I thought zinc was in some demodex treatments.soolantra is the best product ive used. I think that the mite theory is starting to get proper recognition instead of doctors brushing it off as in peoples heads.

  7. “Thanks for posting this, I’m unable to post a comment but wanted to send to you for posting

    Soolantra doesn’t seem to be working for me but I’ll use up the $400 tube just to be sure.

    With worsening rhinophyma it’s getting very frustrating trying all of the expensive drugs and getting NO results.

    thank you


  8. Alisha says:

    I have tried antibiotics, metro gel, finacea, protopic, natural remedies and supplements and laser treatments , most had little affect – the natural ones had the most effect while the prescriptions left my stomach a wreck and most topical a my skin couldn’t handle and made so much worse – I decided to try soolantra after reading about it here on the blog – my Rosacea has always felt cyclical and itchy and figured it was worth a shot! I started with my forehead and nose cuz I read you can have a reaction as the mites die off – which I did, little tiny bumps all over my forehead and some on my nose and they were weepy / that was around day 4 and that lasted 2 days and just like it suddenly appeared the rash was gone – I stuck with it for two weeks and then moved to my cheeks and then two weeks later my chin and upper lip – didn’t want a rash everywhere at once / I did do a honey mask the first night rashes appeared and that really helped the weepy part dry up. I have been on it 2 mo the today and I haven’t had this nice of skin ever – the bumps are fully gone, my skin is less red and another bonus is fully got rid of all the dry patches and the flakes – my skin was so inflamed and dry it was just flaky all the time –

    Here is my routine –

    PM – run combo oil of raw coconut/ olive oil gently into skin and then rinse with cool water – pat dry

    Apply soolantra all over face and down neck

    AM- apply crunchy mama brand oil called “inflamed” and oxygentix foundation to cheeks only sometimes I don’t apply makeup tho and just let the pink cheeks shine as they are so smooth and healthy now !

    I’m not paid – just a happy person who at her lowest point felt like nothing would ever help. The initial pain caused by years of steroid use caused my skin to go crazy flushing multiple times an hour followed my intense burning – my whole face and eyes were so sore I had a hard time functioning at work – I’m just happy people are still trying to find a help for this disorder –

  9. meg says:

    I was using finacea for years with good results. Last year, for some reason it wasn’t working as well, so dermatologist added soolantra to the mix. I am not really happy with the results and I am going to discuss this with the dr next time I see her. I went to renew my finacea and it looks like I am being steered to the foam formula, which if you read states it is pump measured and have to discard after 8wks. I got much more use out of my gel. The pricing is too high with the gel. Anyone try the foam after having used the gel? What is your opinions

    • stuart says:

      They say discard after 8 weeks but who really does? And how long did u use soolantra for? Ive had great results with soolantra. Better than finacea.

    • stuart says:

      Also any1 who has used soolantra past 12 weeks?? I just reached 16 weeks. Do i just use it as maintainence now say a few times per week?? Theres no info aftr you pass 12 weeks

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