Soolantra + Oracea faster together


Selling you two rosacea prescription rather than one. Sounds like the holy grail for someone with a portfolio of rosacea treatments.

Of course `they’ are Galderma, and some recent publicity around a combination trial suggests that two may well be better than one. So, should you line up for two helpings of Galderma’s rosacea regime? Read on to find out.

Always keen to look for new opportunities to promote their products, Galderma initiated a study to discover whether adding in Oracea to a regime that already included Soolantra would offer any benefits.

The study was able to show that the time taken to get to `clear’ status was reduced when both Soolantra and Oracea were combined together. Also there was no increase in the number of adverse events when Oracea was added.  So for those who want more rapid results, combining Soolantra and Oracea may be a worthwhile option.

This research is similar to that undertaken by Galderma when Oracea was first approved, targeting the benefits of combining, at that stage, Oracea with Metrogel 1%.

Press Release

Galderma: New Data Reveals Benefits of Combining Oral and Topical Treatment in Patients With Severe Papulopustular Rosacea

First randomized clinical trial comparing the efficacy and safety of combined doxycycline 40 mg modified release (DMR) and ivermectin 1% cream (IVM),versus ivermectin 1% cream plus placebo in adults with severe papulopustular rosacea, reveals more than double the number of patients reach ‘clear’ (100% lesion clearance) at 12 weeks

Today, Galderma shares the results of its ANSWER study, which highlights a superior reduction of inflammatory lesions with combination doxycycline 40 mg modified release capsules (DMR) and ivermectin 1% cream (IVM), compared to IVM plus placebo, in adults with severe papulopustular rosacea (IGA 4*) at 12 weeks.

Results showed a consistent outcome in doubling the number of patients achieving ‘clear’ (IGA 0) which is defined as 100% clearance in inflammatory lesions and erythema (redness) at 12 weeks using combination therapy (11.9% vs 5.1%) in this severe population.

And the final publicity push

The ANSWER results demonstrate the optimized clinical outcome of associating these two treatments in patients with severe rosacea, both known for their efficacy and safety profileIvermectin again showed efficacy and the combination with modified release doxycyclinehas significantly increased the number of patients achieving 100% lesion reduction, without compromising the safety profile says Kamel Chaouche, Head of Global Medical Affairs Rx SIG, Galderma Nestlé Skin Health.

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  1. Jack Arbiser says:

    Accuitis just completed a phase 1/2a trial in which IGA improvement and erythema were improved, especially in heavy sufferers. The active, ACU-D1, likely works by blocking IL1beta and toll like receptor signaling, therefore, a single topical might offer a similar benefit as the combination oral and topical medication

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