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Soolantra now $0 copay for insured patients

Galderma is now offering Soolantra, both the 30g and 45g tubes for $0 copay for those who are “Commercially Unrestricted”. Those eligible are described as;

Commercially Unrestricted refers to a payment by a patient that has commercial coverage (excludes all government programs) through a pharmaceutical benefit plan and a specific product has no restrictions (PA, Step Edit, NDC block, HDHP). These patients are eligible for the copay as little as $0 or $35, depending on the product.

See the full CareConnect prices here – Galderma CareConnect Prices [PDF].

Soolantra and Mirvaso Cards are no more

This new savings card – Galderma CareConnect replaces all of the existing savings card for all Galderma’s prescription products for rosacea sufferers – Mirvaso, Soolantra, Metrogel, Metrolotion, Metrocream and Oracea. Now all of the savings available from the previous programs and wrapped up in Galderma’s CareConnect.

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