Soolantra in Australia featured on Channel 9 News


We first learnt that Soolantra was available in Australia in November 2015. Australians have been telling us that Soolantra is a private prescription and will cost around $56 for 30gm tube.

It appears that Galderma was able to convince Channel 9 News in Australia to cover the availability of Soolantra downunder. Today Channel 9 aired a 2 minute story highlighting the recent approval of Soolantra in Australia and the promise that it might offer for the 1 million Australians who suffer from rosacea.

These sorts of medical stories aired by commerical television stations are very valuable to pharmaceutical companies, providing national promotional coverage, generally for free. As a result of this news item millions of Australians will now know that Soolantra is new, can work for rosacea, costs around $50 for a tube that lasts 6 weeks.

News Item

New cream promises relief for rosacea sufferers

April 18, 2016: A new cream for the skin disorder rosacea has been given the green light for sale in Australia.

There’s new hope for sufferers of the common skin disorder rosacea, with the greenlighting of a new cream that promises to offer much-needed relief.

A single tube of cream is expected to last patients about six weeks, and retails for between $50 to $55 dollars.

The government has no immediate plans to list Soolantra on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

More than a million Australians are estimated to suffer from rosacea.

More information

The National Prescribing Service web site has the Soolantra Consumer Medicine Information sheet.

Soolantra is also briefly mentioned on MIMS Monthly Update: New Product – Soolantra.

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5 Reader Comments

  1. john tissington says:

    It’s certainly worked for me. Nothing else did and i tried them all.

  2. Penny N says:

    I just picked up my perscription for this about 3 days ago – $70 from a pharmacy in Sydney! Oh well, I’m glad the cost has been reduced so that more Australians can try it.

  3. Comment via email.

    “I have been using soolantra for a few months now. My face has never looked better.”

  4. Comment via FB.

    “I have been on antibiotics on and off for several years for flare-ups. Dermatologist kept me on low dose antibiotic, but also prescribed Soolantra topical. I’ve only been on it for about 3 weeks but pustules are gone and redness dissipating. Will have to monitor for flare-ups over the next two months.”

  5. comment via email.

    “Hello David,

    As an aside to this article – I was told about the Channel 9 Soolantra piece by a friend and thought I would give it a try – I got a prescription from my Dr the day after the Ch 9 show. I went straight to the local Chemist (Terry White) and they said they could get it by the next day at a cost of $85 (Ivermectin10mg/ g 30g cream) – I said fine but it was quite a bit more than I was led to believe ie, about $50-$55? My husband picked up the script the next day and I said to mention the cost – the chemist/staff discussed this amongst themselves and came back and said they would sell us the tube for $55 for the first time only (because we were regular customers), but in future it would cost $85. I’ll look around a bit before I purchase it next time but it could be that $85 will be the price.


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