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How well does Soolantra work ? If you have the papules and pustules of rosacea, what kind of results might you expect ?

Well Galderma have released an impressive pair of before and after photographs of someone who has used Soolantra for 12 weeks.

Soolantra Before Picture


Here the trialist is a the `baseline’ before starting treatment. There are 63 inflammatory lesions (that is papules and pustules of rosacea).

The doctors have graded this presentation of rosacea as Level 4.

Soolantra After Picture


Here is the trialist again after 12 weeks.

There are now only 2 inflammatory lesions and the doctor has graded the rosacea symptoms as Level 1.

What do you think?

Is this enough to make you want to try Soolantra for your papules and pustules?

If you have tried and discarded Metrogel would you be willing to give this a try?

Surely Galderma would only release one of the best case results for their promotional material – but even so the Phase 3 Trial results do look promising overall for the product.

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93 Reader Comments

  1. Lori S. says:

    Certainly looks worthwhile for papules and pustules if this is representative of how well it works. Curious that it does absolutely nothing for redness – makes me think that demodex mites may get out of control after rosacea starts but that they don’t cause rosacea, as reducing their numbers doesn’t affect one of the primary symptoms. Still, as an adjunct treatment, this is very promising. Both my dog and I can be on Frontline!

    • kayla says:

      Miracle cream! Tried everything and this cleared me up in 1 week!

    • Dre says:

      I don’t have the papules and pustules – just extreme flushing, since I was a teenager. My dermatologist gave me four prescriptions to try and one was soolantra. It has decreased my flushing by 90% and completely changed my life. I was able to start a meetup group (before I avoided social situations) and I no longer flush when I become overheated, anxious, excited, driving in the car, for no reason at all, etc. I think this medicine DOES work with redness – I had no P&Ps at all and I hope they make this forever.

      • Derik says:

        I agree. I started using just three days ago and was very skeptical. I have the exact same issues as you. No P&P, only extreme flushing and the burning, stinging sensations that comes with. Soolantra has diminished those sensations and my skin feels much less reactive. I still don’t know if this is placebo. I also bought Mirvaso but will not use it if this amazing progress continues.

        • Dre says:

          I’m so, so happy to hear it! I’ve noticed that if I miss a night my face is redder the next day. Has anyone else seen that?

          • Derek says:

            I haven’t missed a day yet and will probably not for at least a month. I’ve been reading that people apply it in the morning. It’s not suppose to be applied in the morning, I also read not to mix och,add a layer with moisteriser.

      • MG says:

        Hi Dre,

        I was wondering if you could give me an update on your experience with Soolantra. Is it still helping for Flushing? I only have a flushing problem mainly from anxiety and I am not going to try Mirvaso as I have read so many negative reviews. I am going to try Soolantra but am really interested in your posts as Flushing and Blushing has been my biggest problem for 18 years!

        • Dre says:

          Sure MG! I would say I’ve been through about 4 tubes in 6 months. I don’t seem to need or use a full tube per month. The soolantra is still working perfectly for me. If I do miss a day or two I notice it immediately with increased redness. I don’t notice any dryness, peeling or tenderness anywhere.

          Sometimes if I miss a night I’ll put it on the next morning. I had a *horrible* reaction to the Mirvaso – it turned only the areas I applied ghost-white and then I had even more reactive and extreme flushing in all other areas and rebound redness.

          Please let me know if the soolantra works for you or if you find anything else or any other tips! I’d say flushing has been a big problem for me for 18 years too! There are so many of us out there struggling with this. My life was so different before I started the soolantra. I hope they’re making a ton of $ so that they keeping making this stuff forever!!

          • Bets says:

            I’ve been using Mirvaso in the morning and Soolantra at night… The Mirvaso made me so red I’ve stopped using both creams.. But after reading your post I’m curious if I should just use the soolantra alone.. Do you use it in the morning? (I, too, only suffer with extreme redness from certain food, sun or wine.. None of the pimples)

          • Dre says:

            @ Bets – I have tried using the Soolantra in the morning and the evening. I prefer the evening. I’d suggest trying the Soolantra alone to see if it works for you. Mirvaso was absolutely the worst rosacea prescription I’ve ever tried! It made my flushing WORSE!

      • KRC says:

        Now THAT is encouraging to hear! What is the holdup with gettiing this product available? Seems we have been talking about it for ages, but then I am not the most patient of souls.

        • Dre says:

          KRC – maybe your dermatologist might have some samples? Or could write you a prescription to have 1% ivermectin cream made up by the pharmacy?

    • Lori S. says:

      Thank you everyone who is replying about the redness issue. So glad to hear all these successes!

    • I love this Soolantra! I’ve been on it for like 6 months and the redness has been reduced by 98%. I still get the weekly pimple so using Accutane. The question is when do I stop using Soolantra?

  2. Patrick says:

    In my experience as a test subject for this compound it significantly reduced redness.

  3. EmilyKingston says:

    yes, I would be willing to try, but for me metrogel and metrocream were very very drying. I hope this product doesn’t cause dryness, as I would love to get off of abx and still keep the bumps away. I have the kind of rosacea that the bumps leave permanent scars so it’s very important to me to keep all bumps away.

    • Dre says:

      I have not experienced any dryness at all. It’s actually improved my skin’s texture (beyond just the flushing I used to get, no P&P’s) better than any expensive moisturizer or cleanser I’ve ever bought. My skin just looks more uniform – not patchy or irritated or extremely flushed. I apply the cream at bedtime, maybe 1-2 tsp for each side of my face and actually find it moisturizing instead of drying. I usually moisturize before and then wait 5-10 minutes before applying the soolantra. I’ve tried many other products for rosacea and this is the ONLY one that’s every worked for me.

  4. Smitty says:

    I have not used it but there seems to be nothing on the market that helps people with just very very red blushing on the cheeks. I have tried it all and the only thing that helps is V Beam. We all know that is aggressive but it stops the itching and severe Red Cheek syndrome.

    • Katie says:

      Mirvaso is for redness, but many people reported terrible rebound flushing.

      • Smitty says:

        I have tried it all and V beam does the best but you need to take 10 days off from work just to heal. Mirvaso works as well..Sort of. I have had some good results and once it was a slight reaction. A flare up. So I feel your pain. I also have some Seborrhea associated with my skin. This is not always recognized as much as I thought and my Doctor said many just dismiss it and it should be taken into account as well. So for now I am still hoping for a clear fix while I keep treating my self. Stay in touch!

    • Dre says:

      I know I’ve commented all over but just in case you don’t see the other comments – all I had was extreme flushing and this took away 90%. People say now after a “flushing incident” that I just look like I’ve been in the sun or have blush on. It’s completely changed my life. So it worked for me to decrease redness and I hope it helps many other people too. I know they have manufacturer’s coupons. I’d tried so many other prescriptions and over the counter creams before finding this one. Thank goodness they’re making things other than metrogel these days!

  5. Rob says:

    Fantastic, they got the approval now when will it be available to Joe Rosacea, will it be prescription and what will it cost?

  6. Erika says:

    I participated in the year long study. I am very excited about this medication as my face was absolutely beautiful by week 2 and persisted the entire study and even a few months after it ended. No dryness for me, no peeling, no irritation, it was awesome!! I just hope it’s not an arm and a leg cost wise.

    • GAP says:

      Erika did it also helped you with skin burning and flushing(redness)?

      • Erika says:

        Yes. There was no more burning or stinging. My face felt “normal” instead of warm/flushed like now without it. (Took about 3 months for flaring to start up again and I’m convinced it was because I started swimming. )There was a substantial decrease in redness but it did not go away completely. It was not bothersome at all and I was very pleased.

    • How does this product compare with Mirvaso?? I have stage 1 Rosacea which are basically very red or blush face. On occasions I have a bad flare up and I would love to find a product that works for people like me.

      • Soolantra is for the papules and pustules of rosacea and won’t help the redness of rosacea.

        • gillian Rolfe says:

          I have used it for 5 weeks now and my skin is 100% worse. My nose is very spotty and sore… is this normal

        • Dre says:

          Soolantra is the only medication that took away my severe flushing after only a few days of using it. I don’t have P&P. I know I’m just one person but I hope it’s helped other people who have moderate to extreme flushing. Mine was extreme.

      • Erika says:

        I’ve never tried Mirvaso. I imagine it won’t hurt to try Soolantra. My redness decreased but did not go away. I was happy not feeling as flushed.

      • share says:

        I can’t imagine soolantra and mirvaso are comparable. The only reason mirvaso “works” (using the term loosely) is because it constricts the blood vessels, thus reducing blood flow to the treated area.

        My husband and I are guessing Mirvaso is short for Miracle Vasoconstrictor. In my experience, once the effects wore off the blood vessels were “gasping for blood” so I was left more red than my already-very-red, rosacea face. Plus, mirvaso barely made a dent in my super-red cheeks.

        Not worth it. I didn’t even use the handful of samples from my derm PA-C.

        The PA-C also Rx’d oracea, which keeps my skin smoother but does nothing for reddness, but now I’ve developed hypertension. :((

        ugh. Rosacea.

      • Dre says:

        I’ve tried both the mirvaso and the soolantra. My husband was excited that my face became so white with the mirvaso. Unfortunately I had vicious rebound redness – even a very tiny area that I would miss with my face would show up as much much more red even than it was before the medication. So I was patchy all over – ghost white in some places and extremely red in others. The patchiness lasted at least a few weeks after I stopped using it.

      • Cheryl Hayward says:

        I am taking oracea and using soolantra. My face is clear too . soolantra works from the inside out . the pustules change from clear to a solid I do have some peeling at the site I did stop eating hot sauce . I use Mary Kay cosmetics and skin care with great results for less redness and no dryness.

    • Does anyone know if this is much like Mirvaso? Is it the same thing??

  7. Jane says:

    When can we start bugging (so to speak) our Derm doctors for the prescription?

  8. Rudolph Rob says:

    I contacted Galderma, they said they could not release any info while the product is in development but David Pascoe(author of this story) responded to one of my questions and said soolantra should be available early 2015 so I am guessing with my luck that means who knows? I will not hold my breath on this one. I am going for some V-beam tomorrow so I’ll ask my derm guy and let you all know if there is any new news. Happy New Year and best of luck to all of my fellow rosaceans.

  9. Jean says:

    My derm gave me an Rx for 1% ivermectin cream in a cetaphil base and a compounding pharmacy made it for me. I’m at the beginning of week 4 and my face is looking a lot better. A 12 week supply cost me $110 (Canadian).

    • Dit says:

      Jean, that’s resourceful! Did it help with redness?

    • Mimi h says:

      I just got my sole supply of soolantra today. In the process of ordering month ‘s supply. Heard great things about the drug. Was on sulfa drug which dried out my skin. Hoping for a good outcome.

    • ellie says:

      Can you please tell me the pharmacy in Canada where you got the SOOLANTRA and is it an online pharmacy?
      Thanks so much

  10. jthomasfl says:

    My derm gave me a sample and written RX for Soolantra this week. I’m hoping it will work well enough in controlling rosacea papules to discontinue taking doxycylene.

  11. Michele Kahre says:

    I visited a derm for the first time for rosacea this week. She prescribed Soolantra and Oracea. A local pharmacy that specializes in utilizing coupons/rebates/etc. when cheaper than insurance quoted me $25 for the tube of Soolantra. (Dallas Fort Worth area). The cash price on the Oracea was $50 for reference!

    • Annabelle says:

      What was your beginning dosage of Soolantra?? I see that it is available in 30g, 45g, or 60gr. Plus, I thought that if you started to use Soolantra, it would eliminate the need for Oracea, which here is Puerto Rico is now $600.00 for 30 pills. How long will you take the Oracea since you started Soolantra?? Was your Rosacea really severe??

  12. kayla says:

    This cream is 100% effective! I tried everything and soolantra cleared all rosecea pimples and redness within 2 weeks! I’m thrilled with the results and amazed at how quick I saw results.

  13. tina says:


    Did you experience any rebound of p&ps during your usage?

  14. Annabelle says:

    My husband has been using Soolantra now for almost three weeks and we really have not seen any improvement. I keep telling him to be positive and to give it a chance to work, but I am starting to worry, too. When will he start seeing some improvement?? He is so desperate, he is now putting his Desowen cream at night, and putting the Soolantra in the morning. Does anyone know how fast this cream will work?? Does it work on everyone with Rosacea??

    • Rob says:

      What are your husbands symptoms? Soolantra is supposed to be for P&P’s. Thursday the 19th will be my 4th week, my P&P’s have gone down but I had a relapse last week on my nose. I have decided to use salicylic acid along with soolantra to help clear out my pores because I have to believe the red bumps and whitehead looking things are infections from clogging pores, this is just my opinion but I will try whatever it takes and today my face looks much better. Time will tell if soolantra works or not.

      • Lesley says:

        Rob, I have extremely sensitive skin that is prone to clogging and rosacea. I am curious as to how you apply the salycic acid to your skin and in what concentration you buy it. Do you put the salycic acid under or over the soolantra, or do you apply a blend of the two to your face? I used a sample of soolantra that I received from the Dermatologist and am amazed at how the dryness and redness of my facial skin has diminished. But, I am noticing the appearance of blackheads. Previously, I never put a thing on my face as it would erupt. The result was dry skin (plus rosacea). Finally, went to a derma and am hopeful by the soolantra results…but a bit concerned about pore cligging. Thank ypu.

  15. e. says:

    I like soolantra, so far, however I will not continue use once this $270 tube runs out. I’m not sure I can afford that forever! !

    • Dre says:

      Do you have a dermatologist who might hand out samples? My derm is pretty generous with samples, also so I can try some meds before choosing to fill a prescription. $270 is a huge amount of money!

  16. Deborah says:

    I wounder if medicare will pay for it.It’s almost 300.00 .can’t afford that.

  17. Rich says:

    I’ve had papular and pustular rosacea for 3+ years and nothing has worked, including metrogel. Day 5 of Soolantra and this is the best my face has looked in a long, long time. I hope it’s not just a fluke, so I’ll report back in in a few weeks. So far, so good!

  18. Daniel says:

    I am confused. I trust David since he is the expert here, but he keeps saying that Soolantra does nothing for the treatment of redness, yet there is a person here who was part of the study group who said it helped the redness.

    Additionally, I have been on the Soolantra website and the model face has a girl who I consider having redness on her face. Her face looks like my face. I consider this to just be redness. Is this PP and I have misdiagnosed myself?

    I am in Mexico, and just started to get Rosacea within the last 6 months. If I was back in Vancouver I would see a dermatologist to be sure, but while here I am self-diagnosing.

    • It is not that Soolantra does nothing for redness, it is that 1) the trials to get approval did not assess redness 2) the company therefore cannot claim that it helps redness and 3) any redness benefit is likely to be different for all users and difficult to prove/sustain. Therefore any benefit you see is a bonus but not to be assumed.

      all the best,

      • Daniel says:

        Oh OK. I appreciate you clarifying because I was looking at your January 2nd comment where you said

        “…..won´t help redness of rosacea”.

        I am so frustrated with this condition. I moved to Mexico largely because I love spending the day at the beach with a beer in hand. Now as a result of rosacea I cannot go to the beach, or even be outdoors. I had to give up drinking, gluten, sugars, dairy.

        I have been taking oxytetracycline for months. Every time I think I have this beast under control……whammo….a new trigger seems to come out of left field and my face looks like a peperoni pizza.

        I have orders some Selsun Blue, and have my fingers crossed that I am one of the chosen who are blessed with that working. If that fails then I will need to look at coughing up the big bucks for Zoey Saldana…..oops Freudian slip…I mean Soolantra.

        • Dre says:

          So this is just my experience – anecdata – but my dermatologist told me my flushing was severe but she didn’t think anything would help because it was situational. The soolantra has CHANGED my life. My flushing is 90% gone even with my normal triggers – being around lots of people, getting anxious or excited, drinking alcohol, sitting in the sun, etc.

          When I first started using the soolantra I kept checking to see if the redness was “creeping up on me.” I’ve stopped checking! This condition that’s bothered me for 20 years is finally completely gone. There wasn’t ever a medication that worked for me – mirvaso was a disaster, antibiotics didn’t help,

          I tried one other new topical medicine on the market and metrogel didn’t do much for me either. I’d encourage anyone with redness without P&P to try soolantra just to see if it helps. This has changed my life so much that I feel like I need to spread the word. I must sound like a shill for galderma!

          • Clara says:

            Hi Dre,

            I’m happy that you found something for you.
            Could please tell me for how long you had it prescribed ?
            Do you think that the effects will still work after stopping ?

            I’ll be seeing a dermatologist soon about this problem that is taking over my life.


          • Dre says:

            Hi Clara! Sure. I’ve used it about three months and have a few months left. I use the Soolantra manufacturer’s coupon card and it costs $25 but would cost $50 or more without it for us. I didn’t actually purchase it until I’d tried at least 4 other different prescribed meds (samples and prescribed) and countless other over the counter meds. The funny thing is that even as my dermatologist was handing me the four or five samples of different medications to try she told me upfront she didn’t think anything would help with the flushing. I have had an evening or two where I’ve forgotten to put it on (or been too lazy) and haven’t noticed whether my redness was worse the next day. I’m afraid to stop using it because of how much it’s changed my life. Before I avoided social situations and now I’ve been able to set up a meetup group with over 100 people. I wish I’d had it 25 years ago and I hope it’s helping a lot of people who have flushing.

          • Bets says:

            Dre you are so inspirational,, I feel like there’s hope.. So are you a “blusher” as well as just getting red from other things like sun or spicy food, wine etc?

  19. lucas says:

    Go to the website. There is a coupon where you can get soolantra for $25 if you have insurance and $50 if you don’t or your insurance doesn’t cover. I think it is good for up to 12 refills of 30g. Only been on it a couple of days, so I can’t tell you how it works yet. Doesn’t burn like finacea.

  20. joanne seil says:

    After trying everything else out there, my doctor gave me trial samples of soolantra, and it by far surpasses everything else I have tried. I use Elidel cream once a day and also the soolantra once a day. What a huge difference it has made on my face and in my life! It has helped me with some of the redness at the itchiness and everything else is gone! I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!

    • Daniel says:

      I am curious if taking this product allows you to engage in all the activities which would normally trigger a flare up? Or if it just helps to eliminate the outward condition?

      For example, the sun, heat, gluten, and alcohol are my biggest triggers. If I was to take this product does this mean I can resume a normal life of sitting on a beach and enjoying a beer while eating pasta?

      • Dre says:

        I can do activities that used to make me very flushed – sitting in the sunlight, being around other people, drinking alcohol. The only other medication I tried that helped (and not to the degree of soolantra) is inderal, a beta blocker, that decreased my anxiety and redness. But the soolantra works better for me.

        • Derik says:

          Again, I can relate. I used inderal and anti-histamine when I went out drinking and socializing. It was not bullet-proofed but helped. Im so happy about finally finding something which seems to work. Very early to judge in my case but glad to hear of your absolute success.

          • Dre says:

            So glad to hear it’s working for you to Derik! I wish I could go back and give Soolantra to my teenage self. This stuff is a miracle in a bottle as far as I’m concerned!

  21. Hope says:

    My dermatologist prescribed to Superior Pharmacy in Tampa,the first time time Medicare covered it ,they told me that next time will be around $80.00,I have used it for 3 days only so I guess I have to wait to see the results.Can you use twice a day?

  22. B Gilbert says:

    RE Cost: My derm prescribed Soolantra for my nose and the area around it just yesterday. With the coupon on Aetna Medicare the 30g tube cost $50, without the coupon the pharmacist showed me cost of just over $500!. I will store in the safe. At 56, my fair skin issue isn’t really that bad but is worsening with age caused by stress, & is becoming a challenge & time-consuming to hide with makeup. Let’s hope this ridiculously priced med works. Glad to find this board.

  23. My dermatologist put me on this 3 weeks ago and my condition was far more severe that the trialist pictured above. I am very happy to say all my p&p are gone leaving just redness. I was also prescribed antibiotics alongside the cream so I’m not sure what part they play in the treatment but I will certainly be keeping it up. I am going on holiday to Tenerefe soon and asked my dermatologist about exposure to sun ( I live in Scotland so we don’t see much sun lol) he told me to stop the cream and just apply sunblock. Hope this helps others.

    • Soolantra Update: I have combo skin. I have a aggressive stage 1 Rosacea and I also have some Seborrhea . So treating this can be a real balancing act. SO to compound that problem even worse I have very sensitive skin and almost anything can trigger a flare up. So to give everyone some hope I have to say, I have been using Soolantra and Elidel w/ Therderm Sunblock. I apply the Soolantra and Elidel at night around 10 pm. I wait for about I hour then I apply the Therderm. In the morning I reapply the Theraderm and I also use Ecurine (OTC) Redness Relief with Green Tint. I use it lightly. After 3 weeks I have seen a 60% improvement and it is only getting better each day. So I hope this helps anyone that is fighting Rosacea. I know it’s been years since I had any real results. Good Luck To All!!

  24. Ismice says:


    Has anyone before using soolantra used the cetaphil facial cream alone? I think the active ingridients in most of the creams should work but some people gets irritated from the other stuff in the cream , soolantra for example has a cetaphil cream base, which can therefore irritates our skin and not letting the Ivermectin do it´s job 🙁

  25. DB says:

    Had redness for about 2 years increasing with time in frequency and severity. Skin has been sensitive so am careful with cosmetics and creams. Then the redness episodes became more frequent and severe. Then they morphed into p&p and then one day I looked like i had a bad case of the measles. Soon after I saw a derm and tried the soolantra. I was skeptical and only used it on part of my face but after a week could see a difference. I even had others tell me which side of the face was better and they always picked the treated side and they were 100% positive it is significantly better. So I stuck with the soolantra thanks to the 25.00 coupon and after a few weeks the p&p except for 3 stubborn ones were gone. A few weeks later the other 3 were gone. No more p&p, the slight itchiness burning was also completely gone, the warm feeling of flushing was gone and the red flushing episodes have minimized. I have tried a few times to stop soolantra and in 2-3 days the redness frequency and p&p return with those stubborn ones being the first. it continues to get work very quickly but also resolves in a few days once back on soolantra. I’ve been using soolantra now for about 4 months and I can say it works for me. Definitely no placebo effect here. I was never able to identify a consistent trigger. IMHO a trigger if removed symptoms subside and when introduced symptoms return consistently. If isn’t consistent, it is more of a coincidence than a trigger. I’m also not a believer (its the engineer in me) of how much we attribute issues to stress as being very accurate. I think it can be a contributing factor but not a cause. Good luck to all with this issue as I’m not very vane but it kept me in the home when it looked like I had a contagious disease and definitely was negatively affecting my effectiveness interacting with others. It also doesn’t take much. I use after wash face before bedtime and since skin is still moist, the cream spreads easily and can use less. If I have a papul or redness, I always be sure to start and apply a little more there. my cheeks, nose and chin combined only need about a pea sized amount of cream in total. luckily the tube allows you to dispense it in very small quantities.

  26. can I use both at the same time, soolantra and metrocreme?

  27. Ciara says:

    can somebody using Soolantra since last year give an update about the current skin condition? Is it still working for you?

    • CharmQuark says:

      Hey Ciara! I’ve been using Soolantra for 13 months now. I haven’t had any adverse effects. I put it on at night so it can sink in. I prefer that to the morning application. The medication continues to work for me – I don’t have anymore (or VERY infrequently) the very dark blushing I used to have. I don’t even have medium blushing. This medication, for me at least, was absolutely life changing. I would pay $50 a tube for it if I had to. I really hope it’s working for other people too.

  28. Ciara says:

    CharmQuark, thanks for such a positive reply! It really gives hope.. Did you struggle “only” with blushing or with p&p as well?

    • CharmQuark says:

      Ciara – no problem!!! I didn’t have any p&p, at all. I have struggled with the dark flushing for about 20 years now. My dermatologist still suggested and prescribed soolantra and it prevents the flushing for me at least so I assume they can prescribe it for that too. 🙂

  29. Bets says:

    So everyone is saying that soolantra is great for flushing.. But when you say flushing do you mean blushing? Like when your embarrassed? Does it help with that also?

    • CharmQuark says:

      Hi Bets! By flushing I personally mean extreme blushing. I have pale skin and used to get extremely dark, angry red (almost purple, I always say!) all over my face. More common was the moderate red flush. Blushing almost never – that would have been ok actually! By flushing I mean that it would be so obvious that people would be concerned by my appearance and ask me if I was ok which of course made it worse. It would certainly happen when I was embarrassed, or anxious, or overly hot, or drinking, or in any social environment, or excited (the list of triggers was never-ending!). So just to be clear – for me it wasn’t blushing – it was a much more extreme type of rush of blood to the face where it would just stay, sometimes for a couple of hours!

  30. Ciara says:

    OK, people, I must say the Soolantra magic starts working for me as well…
    I have very bad rosacea, with permanent redness and p&p. Recently nothing was working for me – only Skinoren (azelaic acid) made my face looking a bit better. However, I still got new p&p every couple of days.
    I started using Soolantra 7 days ago. At the moment the regime: Soolantra at night, Skinoren during the day works great for me.
    I just want to cry for happyness and pray that my skin will at least remain in the same condition as it is at the moment (it’s far from looking normal but the improvement is enormous for me – in just 7 days!!-it’s crazy…).

    CharmQuark , did you have moments of deterioration of your skin condition during first weeks?

    • CharmQuark says:

      I’m so, SO happy for you Ciara!!! That’s fantastic!! I hope you keep seeing better and better results every day, I really do. I thought about your question for a bit. Since it’s been maybe 14 months since I started it you know I just don’t remember what it was like at the beginning? I know it started working pretty quickly but I don’t remember my skin changing in any way in the beginning for the worse (or better) before the soolantra started working. Did you have any other changes in your skincare routine or any new products or medications you started or stopped using at the same time by any chance?

  31. Ciara says:

    You know, I don’t expect my skin to look completely normal, I deal too long with this cruel disease (14 years, I’m 34 now) to have this expectation…
    But this cream has made my skin look better than any antibiotic etc.

    No, I definitely did not change any of my skincare routine. My diet has been quite strict since a long time anyway…

    You know, the funny thing is that the dermatologist really didn’t want to give me the prescription for Soolantra, she was saying that my only hope is taking Isotretinoin in a high dose for at least 1 year. I didn’t want to go for Isotretinoin as my skin is extremely sensitive (tolerates only 2-3 creams, etc) and I read some bad stories about Isotretinoin making skin even more sensitive.

    I really do believe now that demodex mites are the main reason for my rosacea. First two nights my skin was itching like crazy during the night, I felt as sth was constantly moving there – bizarre feeling. And my neck (I didn’t apply Soolantra there) was covered with the red spots
    -like mosquito bites or sth similar.

    At the moment I see only posivite results of using Soolantra, will see what the next weeks/ months will bring :).

    That’s great that you don’t remember anymore how it was at the beginning of your Soolantra journey. I guess it means you just don’t have to pay so much attention to your skin anymore.
    Rosacea is totally controlling my life at the moment. It would be so nice not to think about possible skin consequences of each activity I undertake…

    • CharmQuark says:

      I know exactly what you mean! I’ve had rosacea for 20 years. The other day I had moderate flushing (for the first time in a long time, I didn’t apply much soolantra the evening before) and all of those feelings came rushing back to me. I’m so glad you persisted with your doctor and got the prescription and your story is incredible. Maybe it is those mites! I hope your skin keeps getting better and better for you dear!!! Hugs!

  32. Ciara says:

    Thank you so much for your support CharmQuark! You made me smile :).
    Nobody who didn’t go through it, is able to understand how much rosacea affects the daily life..Face is the only part of the skin that we can not hide.
    Hopefully Soolantra will work for most of people suffering from it!

  33. Ciara says:

    Ok, my next update:

    I think using Skinoren and Soolantra really does the trick for me.
    I do not have any new serious P&Ps anymore (only some red spots that are absolutely nothing in comparison to that I was dealing with before using Soolantra).
    And Skinoren makes my redness much less visible.

    I was using Skinoren before as well and it was helpful with healing P&Ps. But I was constantly getting the new ones..
    Soolantra eliminates the reason for P&P, giving the chance for Skinoren to show its power.

  34. hope please... says:

    Started Soolantra today. Trying it for flushing. No P&P. Fingers crossed…

  35. Ciara says:


    the 3rd week with Soolantra was not so successful for me.. More p&ps and overall the face feels less calm than in the previous weeks.
    But skin is still better than before starting Soolantra.

    ‘Hope please’ – what about you?

    • hope please... says:

      so first week done. when i put it on, i don’t know whether it’s a placebo or not for me so far – but it does feel calmer; it doesn’t aggravate at the very least. 2 episodes of bad flushing so far this week. one very bad one. at work there’s a room i have to go into sometimes and it’s very hot – always makes me flush. still made me flush badly, but i’ll see how it goes further on treatment. other time bad flush was after i washed with sulphur soap after a few hours – which is drying. in the past sulphur has calmed my skin. i’ve had sulphur soap for probably 2 years. back then, i didn’t know about demodex and how the condition gets worse before it get’s better when a correct treatment is hopefully picked, so i gave up on it. i started using sulphur soap on and off again the past month, which has probably altered where i am in the demodex cycle compared to if i had just started soolantra with no sulphur before. i’m going to quit the sulphur for now, and just do soolantra for the course. my gp didn’t want to prescribe the soolantra so i was lucky to get it. i don’t know if she’ll prescribe it again. has anyone else had that problem with gp’s? i’m also coming off sage as it was giving unbearable side effects (thujone free sage doesn’t agree with me either) and starting seabuck thorn oil it’s blurred showing which treatment will work/ not work i know, but i’m just pressing ahead. cheers

      • hope please... says:

        11 weeks tomorrow. no difference in flushing than before the start of treatment. i’ll probably only post here again if there is an improvement.

  36. Andrea Newton says:

    Been using soolantra for nearly six weeks but I’m still getting bumpy skin on my chin, really fed up with it all

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