`Soolantra: a tough topical’ wins marketing award

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Soolantra: Introducing a Tough Topical

As rosacea sufferers we are most familiar with the consumer side of medicine – we see our doctor, get a prescription and head to the pharmacy. But behind all that medicine is a commercial enterprise working to secure our prescription (and insurance) dollars. When a new treatment enters the rosacea market, the treatment will need to present an image that will appeal to sufferers and doctors alike.

So what did Galderma do to convince the world that their Ivermectin based Soolantra was the latest and greatest treatment that you must have ? Galderma went with the tagline “Soolantra: Introducing a Tough Topical”.

Area 23, Galderma and McCann Echo take top prizes at MM&M Awards

McCann Echo’s work for Galderma’s launch of Soolantra, a topical rosacea cream, won the silver prize in the Best Product Launch category. The HCP digital component of the campaign, which is called “Soolantra: Introducing a Tough Topical,” took home another notable award—the Titanium Award for Best in Show, a new category at the MM&M Awards. All told, the branded effort won five gold and silver awards, plus the Titanium Award.

The campaign “conveys the strength of the product in a creative [and compliant] way,” said Anne Whitaker, EVP and company group chairman for Valeant Pharmaceuticals and the chair of judges for the 2015 MM&M Awards. “Other dermatology brands tend to personify or bring to life the packaging. [Soolantra] brings to life the cream rather than the packaging.”

Soolantra is apparently an outstanding product for Galderma with around 5,000 prescriptions per week

McCann Health Agency, McCann Echo, Wins Titanium Award for Best in Show at MM&M Awards for Galderma’s Soolantra

Results for the Soolantra campaign were outstanding. According to MM&M, after just eight weeks on the US market, Soolantra commanded a 6.2% market share of the overall topical rosacea market (9.7% share in the dermatology segment). A post-launch survey revealed that 60% of physicians were aware of the brand. At awards submission time, prescriptions were averaging nearly 5,000 per week and total revenue was tracking above forecast.

It is worth remembering that there are large pharmaceutical companies behind the most popular rosacea treatments. Companies that have shareholders who want a return on their investment – and as we know in pharmaceuticals, new drugs are extremely expensive to develop.

More Soolantra Advertising

Here are some more examples of the marketing behind Soolantra.

soolantra_tough_guy_1 soolantra_tough_guy_2

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