Sensitive Skin Care Products for Rosacea Sufferers

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Choosing Sensitive Skin Products for Rosacea Patients

Taking time to recommend the right skin care products for these patients will pay off in improved outcomes., By: Coyle S. Connolly, DO, Linwood, NJ

Most rosacea patients know all too well that there’s no quick-fix treatment for their condition.

These patients need to understand that curtailing their problem will require changes in the way they live their lives–some major, some minor.

In addition to the usual recommendations about avoiding triggers such as excessive sunlight, spicy foods, alcohol, and hot drinks, it’s important to speak to rosacea patients about their everyday skin care regimens.

Moreover, these patients often fall into the so-called “sensitive skin” category, by which I mean patients who report that use of many common skin care products causes irritation, burning or stinging.

The challenge to practitioners is to find cleansers, cosmetics and sunscreens–not to mention prescription drugs for controlling rosacea- -that are effective without causing irritation or aggravating the rosacea. Here is a brief review of the products I recommend to rosacea patients with sensitive skin, as well as those I try to have them avoid.


The general philosophy I try to adhere to in recommending products is “the fewer the ingredients the better.” To this end, I tend to disapprove of cleansers that contain fragrances or perfumes, which can cause irritation. Benzyl alcohol is another agent to avoid. Also steer clear of glycolic acid, isopropyl palmitate, lactic acid, sodium hydroxide and propylene glycol. What do your rosacea patients have in their medicine cabinet? The wrong products can irritate sensitive skin.

I find that most soap-free cleansers work best with rosacea patients for everyday use. Soaps are in many cases too strong, often drying sensitive skin. However, most soap-free cleansers come in liquid form only, and I’ve found that male patients usually prefer a solid bar cleanser. Galderma’s Cetaphil makes a superb cleansing bar, one for normal and one for oily skin. Another excellent cleanser is the Cleansing bar made by La Roche-Posay specifically for sensitive skin patients. What I like about the La Roche-Posay bar is that it lasts a lot longer than most. This resistance to disintegration justifies the product’s slightly higher price tag.

I warn my patients to be very careful with the so-called “natural” products that are so popular in today’s skin care market. The makers of these products will attempt to deliver a “shotgun effect” by including as many ingredients as possible, hoping that one will deliver on the advertised benefits of the product. The myriad vitamins, detergents and biological agents in natural products may do more harm than good. These products can put the patient at risk for allergies. For example, aloe–common in natural products–may cause contact dermatitis. A well formulated, pharmaceutical grade product is preferred.


For those patients who need moisturizers, I find Tolerin Skin Care from La Roche-Posay a reliable choice. Water-based instead of oil- based, it tends to feel lighter on the skin and doesn’t have the uncomfortable greasy feel of some moisturizers. This product also doesn’t contain propylene glycol, often used as a preservative in skin products and known to be the cause of stinging.

I see a lot of patients in need of moisturizers because my practice deal of dry skin. To women in need of a product to remove makeup without damaging dry skin, I recommend the Tolerin Dermo Cleanser.

It should be noted that the Tolerin can only be dispensed from a practitioner’s office. It’s a little more expensive than what can be found OTC, but I think it’s worth it. Some patients like the convenience of buying skin care products in their practitioner’s office, but others would rather shop at their favorite pharmacy. I like to give patients a choice, without making the choices so numerous they get confused. For those who prefer OTC products, Cetaphil offers a moisturizer that is well tolerated on sensitive skin.


For patients with more severe forms of rosacea, you might try to steer them toward a combination of medicated cleansers and non-soap cleansers, using one in the morning and the other before bed. However, be careful which patients you choose for this regimen. Sometimes getting a patient to use one product is difficult; two is an even bigger gamble. Men are especially prone to poor compliance when too many products are foisted upon them.

Plexion (sodium sulfacetamide 10% sulfur 5%), a prescription product from Medicis, is an excellent medicated cleanser. The nice thing about this product is that, although it contains sulfur, it doesn’t produce the unpleasant odor associated with sulfur products in the past. Additionally, it is cosmetically elegant in every other way. I ask the patient to leave this on for 20 seconds in the morning, and then at night to use Tolerin or Cetaphil.

Another solid prescription medication is Noritate (metronidazole cream 1%) made by Dermik, which is fairly new and raises the level of metronidazole from its previous level of 0.75%. There are no studies to prove the enhanced formula is any more effective, but I’ve seen good results in my patients. The enhanced formula also offers a compliance benefit since it can be used once a day instead of twice.

Galderma’s MetroGel and MetroCream–which, of course, also contain metronidazole–have been considered very reliable in the past, so I expect Noritate to prove just as valuable. These products are elegant and have a non-greasy feel. I would recommend the MetroGel for patients with oily skin because the gel base can be drying. The Noritate cream is a better choice for patients with dryer skin.

A third topical I’m fond of is another Dermik product, Klaron (sodium sulfacetamide lotion 10%). This medication contains no sulfur and is recommended for patients who have shown an allergic reaction to sulfur.


Toners are popular with women because they give a tight feeling to the skin. They require extreme caution, however, because they can be very irritating. Often they contain alcohol which can be very drying and cause burning. Also, they are likely to contain fragrances. One toner I recommend is BioClear (Genesis Pharmaceuticals), which tends to be less drying than most other toners. BioClear is available for office dispensing.

In terms of makeup, it is best for rosacea patients to stick with water-based products. Most makeup will fall into one of two categories: water-in-oil based, or oil-in-water based. Oil-in-water based products actually contains more water, so those are the products that should be recommended. They feel lighter on the skin and are less likely to cause irritation.

The two buzzwords to tell your patients to look for on cosmetic products or cleansing products are “non-comedogenic” and “non- acnegenic.” If the product claims these two properties and feels good on the patient’s skin, then the patient should stick with it.


Antioxidants have received a lot of support in marketing circles these days. In general, there are a number of misconceptions about their efficacy among the general public. The one exception is vitamin C, which when applied topically may help reduce erythema. The reason: free radicals may play a role in inflaming rosacea when patients are exposed to the sun, and vitamin is known to reduce free radicals. But just because a product contains vitamin C does not mean it will help reduce redness. You still have to watch how the product is formulated, preferably avoiding those with alcohol, propylene glycol and other irritating agents. If patients opt to use vitamin C, I encourage them to use Active C (La Roche-Posay). The light-textured cream can be used under make-up, a fact that appeals to many women.

There is also some evidence that vitamin C works at the cellular level to enhance collagen, which can reduce wrinkles. So there might be some value to vitamin C, but try to keep patients’ expectations reasonable, since these improvements tend not to be extreme.


AHAs can be helpful to patients with mild rosacea because they exfoliate the skin nicely and reduce the rough texture of the skin that rosacea produces. I would not, however, recommend them for patients with more severe forms of the condition, such as those with papules or pustules.

A good AHA product is called WellSkin by Genesis. This is light and mild and can be used once a day every other day, increasing to twice a day every other day if necessary. It should be left on for 20 seconds and then rinsed. But proceed cautiously with WellSkin; it contains glycolic acid, which might cause irritation.


Everyone should be wearing sunblocks or sunscreens, but rosacea patients even more so. Exposure to ultraviolet light will cause rosacea to flare up. But again we have to be realistic in our expectations. Not everyone likes the feel of sunscreens on their skin, and we should recommend the products patients will most likely put to regular use.

The most recommended product is, of course, a titanium dioxide sunblock. These products offer the widest range of sun protection and are much more cosmetically elegant and attractive than they were in the past. But not everyone will wear a sunblock lotion. Men for example often prefer a gel sunblock. However, gels are apt to contain alcohol, which can lead to irritation. So, tell the patient to watch for that.

I like SPFs to be above or at 30, but will allow the patient to come down to 15 if the product is comfortable. One excellent sunscreen to recommend is Ombrelle, which contains Parsol 1789.

Definitely stay away from sunscreens with fragrances, and those with low SPFs, and Hawaiian-themed illustrations on the bottle alongside ad copy that promises a “savage tan” to the user.

My advice to patients is that when choosing a sunscreen, or any other product, if they have a question, they can bring the product to my office and I’ll evaluate it. This illustrates to my patients how much these products can mean to their treatment, and that we both need to expend time, effort and care to keep their skin looking and feeling its best.

Dr. Connolly is in private practice in Linwood, NJ. He is assistant clinical professor ion the department of dermatology at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

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51 Reader Comments

  1. Yolanda L. Charvet says:

    Could you please tell me where I can find the sunscreen product listed in your article?- Ombrelle. What are the ingredients in this product?

  2. Kavita says:

    Hey..someone please reply to yolanda’s mail, i would like to know it too….would i get this sunscreen ombrelle in India….

  3. I think products containing Parsol are still quite hard to find in the US. See the following articles for more info:

    Zinc Oxide or Avobenzone boosts sunscreen protection and rosasol: would you like sunscreen with your metrogel ?.


  4. STEPHANIE says:

    I don’t understand how they tell you to use Cetaphil when it contains propylene glycol and parabens. They tell you to stay clear of that but it is in most of the gentle cleansers!!!! Any comments?

  5. Lisa says:

    Stephanie, I also wondered the same thing. Also, the Active C recommended above contains fragrance. Not sure what the best answer is. still looking for good products.

  6. losing patience says:

    yeah i find that alot of sites tell you what ingredients to avoid and then they name products that have those ingredients. i wanna go the organic route because i’ve tried so many OTC stuff that i’m about to go crazy. i’m looking into aubrey organics and thinking of using their sensitive line products. we’ll see how it goes.

  7. sakinah says:

    I suffer from Rosacea and although I do not use soaps or face make up, I feel my skin is getting drier as I get older (I am 33). I use a light exfoliating cream that washes off and I use soap and alcohol free products. Is there anything I can purchase in the UK that I can reduce the redness?
    And is laser treatment helpful?
    Thank You

  8. losing patience says:

    hello sakinah, i have heard of people having a lot of success with the laser treatment. they found it reduced the redness. if you feel your skin is getting dry then you’re probably not using the right products. try to find products with aloe vera or shea butter. they’re both meant to put moisture back in your skin. chamomile is good too. very light but effective. good luck. i know what it’s like to have rosacea so i feel your pain. take care.

  9. LaDonna says:

    Hi i also have rosacea and right now im extremly frustrated atmy derm dr. She just tells me to look OTC products tell ya what ive tried just about all of them and either ended up redder,drier,or buring. My rosacea is mild its on my nose onto my cheeks where im extremly dry/and very hyper-sensitive, but i also break out to even in those dry areas. Im using metrocream. but where i have dry patches on my cheeks the medication doesnt seem to want to do its job there. I cant use no alcohols,fragrances,no products that has sulfur based.and any of the SLS”s Any suggestions from anyone knows what im going thru.

  10. miss g says:

    Hi, I have Rosacea, and well, if you suffer from that, you understand my frustration and pain. I have spent lots of money trying to find the right products. I just started taking Herpanacine(which is 100 % natural), by the way you can get the 200 capsules bottle at for a very affordable price. I’m at the highest dosage right now, which is 3 pills in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. I’m going on my third week. I also found some extremely good natural facial cleanser (this stuff is absolutely amazing and it’s only $17.99), it’s called Rosacea Cleanser. I also use the Rosacea Moisturizer, wich is $32.99. You can find these two at I’ve been using this for a week; and let me tell you, for the first time, my face is finally clearing up. Just today I had one of my coworkers tell me that my face was so clear. I’m so happy! Using these three products, along with a toner for sensitive skin, and sunscreen, all these have definately helped not only my complexion, but my self esteem. I also try to avoid spices, and hot beverages, and eat lots of vegetables and fruits, along with whole grain products. I just felt obligated to write this review for all the people out there that suffer from Rosacea. If someone would of introduced me to these products four years ago, everything would of been different. But anyhow, I’m glad I found these products and that I’m now using them. Oh, I almost forgot, I don’t know if you know but I also found out that Rosacea is Cardiovascular related, so I started also adding to my diet the fish oil pills(I get these ones at Whole Foods-it’s their brand) they are very good quality and very affordable; I only paid 11.99 for a bottle of 250 softgels. I hope this helps someone out there! God bless…..

  11. sage says:

    Just wondering about the role of exfoliation.
    I am looking for the best treatment for my rosacea, sensitive skin. My instinct is that exfoliation would be too rough, and thus an irritant. But, I love that “scrubbed clean” feeling, and would appreciate advice on whether I should avoid or actively seek out cleansers with exfoliants.


  12. lynn says:

    I’ve liked the Aveeno ultra calming products-recommended by my dr. I also use the Neutrogena minerals makeup and it covers great. My dr. also uses this for herself. It has good coverage and goes on sheer. Neutrogena also has a perfect color match coverstick I use for redness and dark circles. It covers the red and is not cakey.

    Guess lasers will be in my future too-non of the meds have helped that much.
    Good Luck to all

  13. megumi says:

    Hi just wondering if Dipropylene glycol is the same as propylene glycol. As mentioned up there, the writer mentions that La Roche Posay Tolereine Line does not contain the Propylene glycol, but i was reading the ingrediants from the Toleriene Fluid, and it contains something called diproylene glycol. so just wanted to see if they are the same thing

  14. sree says:

    can i get ombrele in indian market..
    can somebody please answer me..
    or can somebody suggest best sunscreen i could get in india..

  15. gilly says:

    Hi to all,
    Can’t believe I’ve developed this rosacea as I’m in my 80’s. Rudolph, eat your heart out. I can lead those reindeers. Always had a dry sensitive skin and the occasional
    atopic dermatitis but this is ridiculous at my age. Love makeup so what can I use as a moisturiser and also a foundation? Has to be available in sunny Australia.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  16. Nena says:

    Hi Gilly, I am 55 and recently developed rosacea as a splotch on each cheek. I’ve been reading a lot, and trying things carefully. The one thing I use for flare-ups that’s expensive but works for me, is a lotion by Yonka called Lotion 54 for redness. I just apply a tiny bit on each area when I need it. Takes care of it very quickly, usually reducing it within a couple of hours. I put a little concealer on top of the area under my light foundation before I go to work. There’s a product called ZenMed from British Columbia that has excellent reviews. That is the one other item that is not over the counter that I’m trying. They put out a series of products and you can get a sample set from them. They’ve got their own website. So far Yonka works really well for me.

    As far as foundation goes, I just read some recommendations for Clinique Redness Solution Daily Protective Base SPF 15. It looks like a pale greenish foundation base that you put under foundation to tone down the redness.
    I am a firm believer in over the counter, easy to find products, and think you just have to look for them and read carefully. This one gets a lot of good reviews, Eucerin Redness Relief, which has a line of products. I haven’t tried it yet. The one I really want to try is Aveeno’s Ultra-Calming line.

    One of the most important things I would stress is to drink a LOT of water. I think all the toxins in our systems produce so many problems, and the skin is one place where toxicity really shows up. Water cannot be over-rated. At least 4-8 good-sized glasses a day, the more the better. Amazing how your skin looks and how the rest of your body and health follows suit. It’s so easy to do (but often boring), but most people don’t drink a lot, and it’s weird that medical practitioners don’t stress it enough. I took care of my Mom when she had Alzheimer’s, and her health otherwise was fantastic. She drank water all the time, and I attribute that in large part to her good health. Her sister hardly drank any water, just tea and coffee, and had many health problems as well as needing meds for problems caused by retention. I’ve cared for other people who are taking numerous meds night and morning, some of which would be unnecessary if they drank more water. Most drank as little as a small glass every day. Meds also build up in your system and need to be washed out or they cause toxicity.

  17. Nena says:

    Gilly and everyone else – also try, you can click on various types of products (Cleansers, Lotions, etc.) and find what people have said about them. Good info on this site. For my sensitive skin I also find I have a good response to Jason products. I am waiting for their Tea Time moisturizer (green tea, not Tea Tree oil) to arrive; haven’t tried a new one for a long time. From reading remarks on the above-mentioned website, it really shows how we all vary so much in what works and what doesn’t. It’s complex, a lot of things are involved. Next am going to experiment with applying a layer of aloe vera gel after a very gentle cleanser, then applying a very gentle moisturizer that doesn’t cause a reaction.

  18. gilly says:

    Hi to you all again,
    Am off to grab a piece of my aloe vera plant and see if it helps an itchy spot that has developed under my chin. Dr.tells me I have peri-oral dermatitis around the lips and Atopic dermatitis in other areas. Have had dry flaky patches for many years and was advised by doctor to use a cortisone ointment. Seems now that that has made the skin very thin and told to discontinue using it. Will let you know how the aloe vera gel goes.
    Best wishes to all for a nice normal skin.

  19. Kate says:

    Hi all. I’ve had fantastic success with Paula’s Choice products. They’re very gentle, no fragrance and reasonably priced. They’re not in stores, you have to order online at I’ve always had great service and no problems at all delivering to Canada.

    If you look under Shop by Concerns/Rosacea – she provides recommendations on which of her products to use.

  20. Jen says:

    I went to Ulta and bought a bunch of Mario Belusco products that the manufacturer had recommended for rosacea (I’m a newbie) and this REALLY irritated my skin, especially the cleanser that felt like a toner. So those are going back! This time I did my research though-I went to the Dermastore website and picked up some La Roche Posay products. I am not into makeup and just want my skin to calm down already. Does anyone know about the connection between rosacea and stress? I appreciate everyone’s imput here!!

  21. gilly says:

    Am positive there is a connection between rosacea and stress. Chamomile tea, especially before night time for stress. I was advised to try ‘Moo-goo’ cream to soften the skin which I’m finding really helps very dry skin. Check on the internet re ‘Moo-goo’. Available in many chemist shops especially the ‘cheap ones always being advertised.
    Hope this helps. Cannot believe how soft the skin has become.

  22. Megumi says:

    Hello everyone, I have rosacea for about 10 years now, I saw a book called Pure + Simple at shoppers drug mart and it caught my attention. The book talks about ways (holistic) natural ways to treat all kind of skin problems. Therefore, I have started using only products that contain natural ingrediants. Go visit Pure and Simple (google it) its in Toronto. They have all natural face products. Trust me, you wont’ be disappointed. I have had great results since going on their regime. and i want to let you guys know this because I know how it feels to have rosacea and not being able to find a correct skin care regime without waking up to irritation and worrying that it’ll make my face break out. I hope this helps!

  23. Hi Gilly,

    We love Moo-Goo products at our place – very mild and gentle. So far only the kids use it at bath time but I can see that the shampoo, conditioner and wash would be great for sensitive adult skin also.

    Moo Goo is an Australian company but do ship overseas and also have local sites in Ireland and Malaysia. I hope that others might discover this brand also!


  24. Sharon Wells says:

    Hello all..

    This is how i manage my lovely red face! I wash with Clinique redness solution cleanser, then use Avene Cicalfate all over my face, its wondeful for the spots and promotes a healthy skin and only £8 a tube last for a long time, then i use Clinique SPF 30 Face cream , then after a little while i add Clinique city block sheer SPF 25. My skin is very dry and if use only the city block i find its not enough…by using the other face sun cream as well i get a very happy skin and the city block has a tint to it which hides the redness perfectly.
    I have tried so many products and this trio of creams works wonders for me. The Cicalfate contains zinc and copper sulfrate and is amazing at healing my skin. This the best i have found for me..not saying for everyone but do give it a try.

    Good luck .

  25. Irene McDonald says:

    I find creams containing MSM are very good for calming inflammation. Serums with Hyaluronic Acid address the dehydration problem so common with Rosacea. When you flush and the skin heats you tend to lose moisture from the skin and dehydrate.

    Vitamins A, C and E are fantastic for strengthening the epidermal layer of the skin. These need to be in an oil formulation so they don’t go off.

    For protection and disguise a good all natural Australian mineral makeup is the secret. It is like putting on a new you. The redness is covered and because your confidence is increased you tend not to blush or flush. Zinc is very calming for red and sensitive skins.

    The other benefit of Mineral makeup is that it has an SPF so you don’t need to use that awful sunscreen which often causes lumps and bumps.

    Life is good when Rosacea is under control.

  26. Teri says:

    I have sensitive skin and I have been using SABON products. I love this store (can order on line too) I use the Aloe Vera Facial Wash, Cleanser and Toner. I also use their Aloe Moisturizer. Their products come from Isreal and use gentle all natural ingredients. Check them out.

  27. Maya 1 says:

    I have very sensitive skin and as a teenager, I tried all of the popular products- Sea Breeze, Oxy, you name it. My daughter and my niece now use the Green Tea Toxin Cleanser from Made From Earth Skincare, and I’ve seen a dramatic difference in their skin. I love it, and it’s not irritating like some of the other products. I’m also back to using it, and have recommended it to other family members. It’s a great product.

  28. jillian says:

    What do you do for perioral dermatitis? Have tried just about everything the doctor and dermatologists recommend. Told it is chronic which means it’s forever. No makeup used now, only The Body Shop Aloe Vera lipstick and I’m wary of using it too. Seems impossible to find out what lipstick to use that’s safe. Any ideas?

  29. jillian says:

    Gill. Apart from trying the Moo-goo MSM cream on my face which I find wonderful, I used their Eczema and Psoriasis balm cream on the area around my lips which I was told was Perioral dermatitis. No amount of prescriptions worked as did this Moo-goo cream. I am now going to try their shampoo and deodorant after reading all the reviews from the public. The MSM cream is the very very best I’ve ever tried to soften the skin and I’ve tried (many years ago) the most expensive ones. Wish I had shares in the company.

  30. Blaine says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I have just been diagnosed with the dreaded Rosacea . The Derm gave me the metro gel and the Finacea – both have made my face break out much worse. I have not been able to use any of the OTC facial cleansers or moisturizers at all. My face has the tiny bumps under the skin and some come to the surface now. I have always had acne and I thought that this was just adult acne. Since there are many of you that have tried lots of products- which do you recommend as the best? I have dry skin and I am a stage four breast cancer survivor. I also have been in menopause since my cancer at age 28. I am now 46 and I just keep getting more depressed about my face looking worse by the day. I was always told by derms that our skin would get better from the acne stuff as we got older. Any help or advice you could give me will be greatly appreciated! God bless all who are dealing with this skin condition. Thank you for any help. Need Help here in Nevada.

  31. sarah says:

    hi i do not have rosacea but i have extremely sensitive skin i have tried nearly every cleanser goin, most of the cleansers on the high streets that claim to be for sensitive skin are not, if you look at the ingredients list you will see most of the cleansers claimed for sensitive skin contain alot of irritants, so just because it states its for sensitive skin my best advice would be to ignore what it says and look at the ingredients list, the best route is to go organic or as natural as possible, things like propylene glycol parabens sulphates even phonexyethanol which ive noticed is now used alot instead of parabens, but is not much better than parabens, its still an irritant to sensitive skin.
    as ive had so many problems with my sensitive skin i decided to see a skin specialist he looked at the products i was using and he had an idea that my skin was very sensitive to alcohols he told me to steer clear of benzyl alcohol even though some companys say this is not an irritant, cetyl alcohol is another i do not react to these ingredients but they seem to strip my all ready dried out skin, ive noticed it seems ok at first but after a few days of using a cleanser with alcohols in it seems to realy strip my skin of oils,as a result of using harsh products my skin has also become realy dehydrated aswel.
    ive found that using cleansing balms that are oil based usualy contain no alcohols,so are more gentler,the only problem is finding one that doesnt leave residue after being rinsed away as ive found so many balms seem to do, but if you can find one your skin should completely calm down,if you cleanse with harsh strippin cleansers that strip your skin your skin will only over compensate by producing more oil so your skin will appear dried out and oily at the same time,switch to natural or organic and your skin will thank you

  32. Carrie says:

    Hi All-saw the derm dr yesterday- diagnosed my little rash next to my nose as perioral dermatitis. (Gilly mentioned that was her issue too) Now that i have looked into what that means… Wow. You all sound like “natural” women ( meaning beautiful & happy without makeup) -and I have always been a makeup girl. Any ideas of how to or what product i can use as a foundation/concealer/ lip stick /etc would be greatly apreciated. Does this ever go away?

  33. April says:

    Hi there :
    I have had rosacea for about a year. I have never had the red flushing problem, but I get the papules/pustules all over my face. They are very irritating and there are so many conflicting ways of treating them. Are aha or glycolic peels ok to use? I haven’t come close to finding what my triggers are so I wash with Cetaphil for dry skin and moisturize with argan oil but the bumps still come. I am on antibiotic and metrogel. Has anyone tried the oil cleansing method? Any suggestions on how to smoothe the bumps???? Thanks!! Good luck to everyone!!

  34. Nancy says:


    I have a very bad case of rosacea with hyper-sensitive skin and for me personally, the following products don’t irritate my skin:

    Vani-cream Sunscreen SPF #60
    Hylotopic Plus Moisture Foam(expensive if insurance won’t cover a prescription)
    Neutropenia Facial Cleanser (no fragrance)
    Elidel Cream or Protopic ointment
    100% Pure and Mineral Essence brand make-up brands

    I also just bought a bottle of NatureMade Vitamin-E gel capsules (1,000 mgs. Each) and apply the oil gently on my face. If anything it is moisturizing and acts as a barrier to the environment. My skin seems to like it and it looks

    I have found that i just have to do a test spot on my face with any new OTC or prescription product to see if it irritates my skin before using it on entire face. My dermatologist once said “you will have good days and bad days”. Hopefully most will be good!

  35. losing patience says:

    Hi April, I’m so sorry you suffer with the papules/pustules. I’ve heard that doing plain yogurt and honey masks are good at moisturizing and purifying the skin. You can try it out. Also, to aid your condition from the inside, try garlic pills. They are nature’s antibiotic and it has helped me with the redness. It may help you too. Good luck!

  36. Simon says:

    There is only one product you need to clear Rosacea, after fighting to clear up my Rosacea for years and trying many creams, changing diets, staying healthy i found one product that cleaared my skin in 48 hours. Mario Badescu Control Cream. Two friends have used this for Eczema and had the same wonderful results. I use their moisturiser as well. I can not rave about this product enough. This WILL work. It is very mild on your skin and is very effective. Buy it in the US and here in Australia from KIT.

  37. Christine says:

    I am a Singaporean. I was diagnosed to have acne rosacea skin 6 yrs ago by a dermatologist. Due to the lack of such cases in singapore, I am unable to seek professional advice on this skin condition.

    My skin condition started off as acne during my teenage’s stage, perhaps, due to the continuous usage of wrong products my skin has worsened to acne rosacea.

    I have been searching ways, consulting dermatologists in singapore throughout these ways but nothing seems to help my condition.

    My current skin condition are as follows;
    Congested pores with deep rooted white heads & blackheads which I could see clearly on the surface ( this puzzles me as on avene’s site it was stated that rosacea’s cases shouldn’t have black or whiteheads) , blemishes (papules) , redness on both cheeks, sometimes itchy, spider veins seen on cheeks. I tends to flush easily & whole face will be like burning as if my skin is very thin esp my cheeks.

    Thus, I really hope I can seek some professional advice on which pdts are suitable for me.

    Pls help thanks!

  38. Patricia says:

    I have had rosacea since 23 and am 30 now. I use Spectro facewash instead of Cetaphil because Spectro has no parabens. I also use Reversa toner and moisterizer, or LaRoche Posay. I also use the LaRoche Posay SPF 60 sunscreen in summer.

    I am looking for a good liquid foundation though! I used to use Tarte ReCreate ($48/bottle), but it was discontinued. 🙁 The new Tarte foundation has passionflower (maracuja) oil added to it, and it is yellow! I have also read reviews that it causes people to break out.

    Any help is much appreciated! I am tired of listening to dumb girls at Sephora who clearly do not understand. I tell them that I am looking for a non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic foundation with no fragrance, with minimum SPF 15 that matches my fair skin tome. They say, “Try this… try this”, directing me to products with fragrance, oil, nylon, etc. I tell them that I cannot just try random products because my face will break out / scar, but they do not seem to get it!

  39. heather says:

    Patricia, you might try the mineral makeup – it has the least amount of ingredients that irritate the skin. I’ve switched to it after years of liquid foundation and notice fewer breakouts. I’m using Bare Escentuals right now, but will branch out to Physicians Formula (much cheaper). Hope this helps.

  40. Michael says:

    Hi everyone,

    My problem started in September last year, few weeks after I got separated with my wife. I am not sure whether this is rosacea or just stress-related causing spots to come out. I also consumed huge amounts of chocolate whey protein as diet supplement. I have heard that chocolate may be allergic to some people and cause spots to come out.

    Coming back to the subject I am not sure if this is real rosacea. I can add that my face was covered with pimples but with time most of them gone.

    Now I have several spots on my cheeks and under my ears going down the neck. Not only face as from time to time I get them on my shoulders. They remain for last 2 months and do not seem to be packing their stuff and going away. All look same, big, red inside, deep under skin and kinda filled with water liquid, I know cause I squeezed them(which I know I should not do).

    After reading your post David, I decided to go for Cetaphil Cleansing Bar which seems to have VERY good reviews all around the world. I just did not find bad review about it.

    And my question is, if this is enough or there is something else I could try to help me get rid of those bad guys.

    Please help.

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