Senetek Trialling Pyratine 6 / PRK124

Written by on December 30, 2007 in clinical trials, Papules & Pustules with 4 Comments

A new trial has just been posted that will be looking at how Pyratine 6 (a variant of Kinetin) treats the papules & pustules, redness and visible blood vessels of rosacea.

From Clinical Trial NCT00580723: Effects of PRK 124 Lotion in Acne Rosacea

The purpose of this open-label study is to determine the tolerance and efficacy of twice-daily application of PRK 124 (Pyratine-6)(0.125%) moisturizing lotion for improving the signs and symptoms of mild to moderate facial rosacea.

Cytokinins are plant growth factors that regulate plant growth and differentiation. PRK 124 (N-furfuryl-9-(2-tetrahydropyranyl) adenine)(Pyratine 6™) is a cytokinin that has been shown to have modulatory, anti-ROS (reactive oxygen species), and antisenescence effects on the growth of human skin cells.

Originally created as an anti-aging product, Pyratine 6 is now being targeted as a rosacea treatment. Back in April 2007 a flurry of press releases (covered by Rosacea News as Pyratine 6 (vs. Kinetin) reduces redness and acne lesions) Synetek signalled that they were readying to trial Pyratine 6 for rosacea. The recently posted trial will run for 48 weeks and is expected to be completed in January 2009.

Previous studies that have been highlighted by Rosacea News have shown that the related topical kinetin is a good anti-aging moisturizer for rosacea sufferers and may even show some benefit for rosacea symptoms.

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4 Reader Comments

  1. johnk says:

    Pyratine-6(PRK 124) will be available in early February 2008. Ask your dermatologist for samples to try it out for rosacea.
    I saw some of the test results. There were graphs and photos but i can’t find the link now. It doesn’t remove rosacrea completely but it reduces the redness and inflammation by 60-70%. It’s a stronger version of kinetin(Kinerase).

  2. redfacegirl says:

    I was at my dermatologist office a month ago and she wanted me to try out the lumeris with pyratine-6 to see how well it would work on my rosacea. I’ve tried several other products that irritated my sensitive skin. I’ve been on it for almost a month and I’ve had pretty remarkable results. My horrible redness had subsided significantly and I’ve noticed that my skin has a nice glow to it. From my experience with the product I think it’s great to help keep my rosacea redness down and at the same time I get great looking skin!!

  3. mimi says:

    Is this an OTC product or an RX that your derm gave you?

  4. Hi Mimi, as the similar product Kinetin is available OTC I am guessing that this new version will also be available OTC. We are still to find out for sure though.

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