Self medicating with Duramectin instead of Soolantra


Is it safe to medicate yourself with prescription-similar treatments that you find on the internet? This is a critical question especially for rosacea sufferers who cannot afford full price rosacea prescriptions.

How about if you wanted to try the active ingredient in Soolantra, cannot afford it and wanted to try a seemingly similar product from another source? This short article from the British Journal of Dermatology gives you some valuable information.

Without Your Doctor – Take Care!

Once you start using prescription topicals without the support of your doctor you run the risk of exposing yourself to unknown safety profiles. What does that mean plainly ? Well you really have no idea of what sort of adverse reactions you might experience, and indeed with what intensity might you experience them. One advantage of going through your doctor and using Soolantra, compared to veterinary ivermectin for eg, is that you and your doctor have a good idea of how effective and how adverse your experience with Soolantra is likely to be.

Ivermectin 1.78% Horse Paste

The rosacea sufferer discussed in this paper was interested in their doctor’s opinion using a horse wormer as a cheaper alternative to Soolantra. The wormer was intended as an oral treatment for a horse, but the rosacea sufferer was interested in using it topically.

The doctor warned against formulations that had not been approved for use on humans, but also admitted that the ease of availability of some veterinary products makes human use inevitable.

For example, you can easily find reviews from users of Duramectin 1.87% Paste for Horses, to treat rosacea on Amazon. The authors warn that “The pharmacokinetics of ivermectin 1.87% paste applied to human skin are unknown.” In other words we don’t know how effective or irritating this horse wormer is on your skin.

Article Abstract

 Misuse of veterinary wormers in self-medication of rosacea and scabies.

Br J Dermatol. 2018 Dec 30

Hellen R, Ní Raghallaigh S

Dermatology patients are increasingly well informed about chronic skin conditions such as rosacea. Online forums are a popular way for patients to discuss treatments ranging from prescription drugs to alternative medicines. The introduction of topical ivermectin 1% has recently gained traction in these forums.

We report a patient with papulopustular rosacea who had an excellent response to topical ivermectin 1% cream

Facebook User Comment

 I have used prescription medications for my rosacea and have huge side effects from them, I then found out about the horse paste used it and have never looked back. It worked so well and have not had any side effects at all unlike the prescription medications I have tried in the past!

I’ve been using topical Durvet Apple Gel (ivermectin, horse paste / gel) for 2 months and it’s made a big difference! My 19 year old son is also using it because he had terrible acne and his skin is clearing up so quickly.

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About the Author: David Pascoe started the Rosacea Support Group in October 1998. .

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9 Reader Comments

  1. tomato says:

    There is 1% topical Ivermectin available for cats, which is definitely safe for topical use on humans (cats have very sensitive skin, and specifically cat and rabbit ears have been used as a “model” for sensitive human skin for decades) and also the same strength as Soolantra.
    There’s a version for ear mites (Otimectin in Europe, which is what I tried) and another for mange, which I think is a runnier consistency and comes in bottles.
    Since 1% Ivermectin is used on human skin, and the rest is just lotion, I don’t see why it should be unsafe. Now horse dewormer that’s something else entirely, it’s almost double the concentration of Soolantra, which could be irritating, and it might contain other stuff like sugar or salt that you wouldn’t want on your face.
    By the way, Ivermectin lice treatments have irritation, rashes, dandruff and dry skin listed as side effects, and that’s only at 0,5%.
    Which IMO is also a point for trying the cheaper cat lotion before you spend a fortune on human-approved Ivermectin. If you get a bad reaction at least you didn’t spend all your savings on it…

  2. “No it is not! Myself and numerous other people have come forward to show others links to side effects of ivermectin aka horse paste, but so many are desperate to clear their faces and DO no research on their own. I had side effects in less than a week and I’m still dealing with it. I only used the horse paste 9x. A friend used it only 2x. Some people push it on others and don’t bother to educate themselves first. It also has serious drug interactions with other meds. Educate yourself.”

    • I learned a valuable lesson in all this. I was brand new to the group and everyone was suggesting horse paste but when it came down to it, no one knew what was in it other than the active ingredient and no one ever mentioned that there could be side effects. I even looked on the box and it doesn’t list any ingredients other than the first one. It does however have a couple of different warnings on it. Again, nobody mentioned that and I didn’t even read my box until after I stopped using it. So now I have to heal my face from what horse paste did to it. When I was just using my brand new facial wash, high quality moisturiser and tea tree oil, my face looked a lot better. I’m back on that and I’m using a barrier cream to protect my face while it heals.

      • june says:

        i had the same reaction, very regretful i tried this. as we know takes months to heal from these flares. Will stop following all these crazy blogs, looking for fools gold. Terrible frustrating condition…

      • Ron says:

        Thanks for this information! I will NOT be using any horse paste of any type!! I was wondering what is your “new” facial wash? And what is this tree tea oil? Thanks for any info you can give my.

  3. For about two years, I have been using Horse Health 1.79% ivermectin horse paste topically but I dilute it about half/half with a moisturizer. It works just as well as Soolantra did, and I have noted no irritating or negative effects . I would not use it full-strength.

  4. Asmaa says:

    How about zz cream ? I found a good result with it
    Are the ingredients all safe?

  5. “Wash your face with tea tree oil shampoo people! Ivermectin is a neurotoxin!!!”

    “I used the horse paste for 2 wks and it did clear up my face a bit but started getting severe joint pain in my fingers and toes..never put it together but reading this it must be from the paste..i had stopped a few days b4 i got these symptoms so i dont think ill use again..glad i read this..thanx”

  6. Jack says:

    I have been using soolantra and Selsun Blue but it is getting worse. This is the first I heard of tea tree oil. Any brand ?

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