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Now that Yahoo! has greatly improved their web site search we can finally search the nearly 8 years and 87,000 messages of rosacea-support.

Here is the list of ways you can search the archives for messages that have been posted to rosacea-support.

1. The native Yahoo!Groups Search

The search feature built in to our Yahoo!Group has been vastly improved recently. You can now search between specified dates, for a particular author (name or left-hand-side of email address), and for a string in the subject or body of any message. I’d recommend you start here on your internet search quest.

Yahoo!Groups Search

2. Google Groups Message Archive

Messages posted to the group since July 2004 are also searchable via the Google Groups message archive. This search is fast and accurate and will be familiar to those who regularly use Google.

Google Groups Search (use the `Search this group’ box on the top right)

3. Search at

All online rosacea groups and interesting web sites are searchable via the RosaceaGroup search engine. You can restrict the search to just the archives of rosacea-support by using this link ; (you’ll notice that the string “…” is set in the box that says `URL matches:’.

Rosacea Search Engine

4. Searching The Rosacea Forum

You can search through the 27,000 messages that have been posted to The Rosacea Forum by using the link below. You can restrict your search to a subforum, by author name.

Rosacea Forum Search 

5. Searching ESFB

Although there is no longer a specific rosacea forum at The Excessive Sweating Flushing and Blushing Forum (or ESFB for short), you can still search for interesting and useful flushing and blushing related messages that have been posted to ESFB ;

ESFB Search

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