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Thanks to Laura for letting us know; you can now search for an IPL practitioner near you or near any city (US only sorry).

Using the search form, you can find a practitioner by treatment system. Thus you can search for an IPL Quantum or Lumenis One up to 300 miles around your city of interest.

See US Practitioner Locator

This search is provided by a patient information web site owned by Lumenis, the creators of the Photorejuvenation technology.

See also: Photoderm IPL Rosacea in Australia.

Below you can find links to the leading edge articles on IPL and rosacea. I have searched far and wide to bring you the best of the best on the internet.

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  1. nick figurski says:

    has anyone out ther had ipl treatments with the syneron ipl.if so have you seen any currently having a course.on third treatment but no change yet.

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