Sea Buckthorn Oil Soap: User Reviews

Below are some extracts of rosacea-support member experiences with a soap based on sea buckthorn oil. Most are refering to the soap made by Facedoctor.

I had a look through the archives and it is difficult to find positive reports for this product. The web site selling this product claims that FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap, with an active ingredient Seabuckthorn Oil “is clinically proven to kill the Human Demodex parasite”.

As I wrote previously in can sea buckthorn oil cure rosacea ? can it touch demodex ?, I can’t find any indication that this statement is correct.

From: Erika in Michigan
Date: Nov 18, 2004 1:24 AM

I managed to get a bar of it for a good price, relatively speaking. I used it for about a week according to the package instructions (leave lather on for 10 seconds, increase the time each day until the lather is on for 2 minutes). I ended up getting a couple of nasty pimples on my chin & a couple on my forehead (which I seldom get pimples at all). I was also getting dried out, so I stopped & proceeded w/ the Ivermectin a few weeks later. I never posted on the soap b/c it was a bummer for me. In hindsight, IF the soap killed demodex, I suppose it was possible that the “dryness” was actually the flaking that some have experienced w/ using the Ivermectin. But in my case, the oiliness, pore size, skin tone, etc., was not improving. I guess too that maybe the soap was killing the critters, but the soap base was making everything else worse. I’ll never know for sure.


From: Keasha <>
Date: Nov 19, 2004 6:36 AM

I purchased the soap but couldn’t use it do to the overwhelming perfume smell, since I am sensitive/allergic to perfume. However, I would be interested in using the Sea Buckthorn Oil if it indeed did kill the domodex.


From: Gail Smith <>
Date: Nov 20, 2004 1:49 AM

I have the facedoctor soap, it does seem to help with acne but not rosacea. It makes your skin very dry, so it burns. I find it makes my face more red.


From: Don H <>
Date: Dec 7, 2004 6:32 AM

Group, One interesting development, the initial 6 days there was a definite overall improvement, but starting around day 6 my forehead started to get papules like I never had before. Some were the very painfull to the touch type, no pustules on the big ones, just painfull to touch type. Now, at Day 12, they seem to be subsiding on my forehead. My normal problem areas around the cheeks has wavered slightly but overall I still see improvement. I am happy to say I have had no new papules or pustules on my nose or cheeks since starting the Sea Buckthorn products.


From: trowdy1 <>
Date: May 5, 2005 4:08 PM

I used a Sea Buckthorn based soap and a salve moisturiser for a total of about two weeks. During the time that I was using these products my skin seemed great. I still got my regular few pimples that usually come and go in about 4-5 days (after I have squeezed them), but this time around these pimples didn’t seem to heal up and go away. I kept on getting a few more, then a few more until there was quite a lot of acne on my forehead because these pimples wouldn’t heal up properly.


From: Annette Roman <>
Date: Aug 4, 2005 6:37 AM

I’ve been trying to find things that work that are not drugs. I bought Face Doctor sea buckthorn soap and oh my, the rosacea got a little better, but the soap dried my skin out something awful, so I wasn’t any better than I started with. I threw it away.


From: rose jill <>
Date: Jul 14, 2006 9:40 AM

well for myself I tried only the seabuckthorn oil, and it aggrivated my rosacea so I had to stop using it. tamara


From: Lucia <>
Date: Jul 15, 2006 1:02 AM

I tried the seabuckthorn products from before n it aggrivated my rosacea, so I have to say seabuckthorn is no use for me.



From: Mike <>
Date: Jul 15, 2006 9:06 AM

i used the face doctor soap and the perfume was overwhelming and i was way to sensitive to it, i am sure because of that perfume in it.

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34 Reader Comments

  1. Annette Roman says:

    I have since used the seabuckthorn soap from Blue Sage Naturals and WOW what a difference! The lemongrass one is what I use. The soap does not dry my skin out, it actually feels moisturized. they use essentials oils in their seabuckthorn products if they are scented, not perfume oils.

    I use now their salve called Relief N Rescue and it has gotten rid of a lot of the bumps and redness on my face. I am not embarrassed to go outside now. I also sometimes use the seabuckthorn oil, the seed one. I use that when I have a really bad break out. You can get all three of them in a package deal they have.

    I just wanted to report back that yes, seabuckthorn DOES help rosacea, mine anyway. I think it all has to do with the product it’s put in. If it’s a quality product, then the seabuckthorn works, but if it’s not, like Facedoctor soap, it won’t work. At least that’s been my experience.


  2. Sadly, the above comment from Annette Roman is an example of why you need to be extra careful with Blue Sage Naturals and any claims you see for seabuckthorn soap. The comment reads as a straight sales pitch for the product. Real rosacea sufferers interested in helping other sufferers normally don’t write in this way.

    Be careful out there, some brands and products are just too closely associated with fake reports and empty promises.

    David Pascoe.

  3. Cindy says:

    I have had what my dermatologist said was Rosacea with seboriac dermatitis, sorry for spelling, since I was about 19. I am 45 now. I tried the facedoctor rejuvinating soap with seabuckthorn oil, at first it really made my skin crawl, but I kept using it and by the end of a month, my skin was clearer and smoother than it has ever been. I used a sensitive skin oil of olay moisturizer. I have been using the soap for 8 months still think its wonderful.

  4. cari says:

    Have you all read the article by annette anderson? It is extremely intersting to me. I would like to know how to respond to her interest in doing a study.
    I have had rosacea since my mid 20’s, [am now 37]; have kept it to a low roar with Metrogel [ took years to realize what I had-thought it was psoriasis or something]; recently developed ocular rosacea, which is horrible… am desperate to get it under control. I stumbled onto this site while googling ‘ocular rosacea’. Very interesting!

  5. carmen says:

    I have had Rosacea for over 10 yrs I was on Metrogel and that didn’t do anything. I started a regimen of seabuckthorn soap, pills and oil and in 1 week so some results it has been a month and I am extremely happy. I bought my from They are out of Canada and expensive for the 3 products but i have found them well worth it.

  6. Debbie C. says:

    First, I’m still not sure I have Rosacea. Every doctor says yes, but all I get is this tingly, numbing feeling all over my nose, then my nose feels swollen and it gets very red. Having said that, I tried the Blue Sage Naturals Sea Buckthorn soap. I liked it, it didn’t irritate my skin, I had less red nose. I felt like I was really allergic to the creams- even though I wouldn’t put them near my eyes, my eyes felt red and itchy and I would sneeze! It also helps, but does not cure the eczema I have on one hand, but not any better than say Curel lotion.

    I thought I would try the Face Doctor and will get back. I feel like maybe it is a rip-off as the SBT oil is so low on the ingredient list.

    Metrogel worked okay, I just got some samples of Finacea, but I want to try the Face Doctor first. If I don’t like it, I will at least re-order the Blue Sage soap. It didn’t make my skin worse, but I don’t have acne, just large, clogged pores that come and go.


  7. Simon says:

    can seabuckthorn stop hair losing?

  8. The best information that us rosacea sufferers can get is when other sufferers post genuine hints from their experiences. If you have used seabuckthorn and liked it or disliked it, please do let us know with a comment here – thanks !

  9. Felicia says:

    Hi there,
    I have had beautiful skin up until my late 30’s, then started having skin problems, which my skin doctor diagnosed as rosacea. I started reading up on different treatments, and decided to use the FaceDoctor soap since I prefer natural products. I left the lather on my face for 60 seconds when washing ( I think the box says leave on 2 minutes). I noticed a marked improvement after a week, and my problems came back after stopping use ( due to running out of soap!). True, I did notice minimal to moderate drying in the portions of my skin that were not regularly affected, but using Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer helped that. ( They stopped making my Loreal- 🙁 ) I’m thinking of trying the accompanying beauty cream to see if that makes any difference. If not, maybe I’ll try sulfur soap.
    Thanks for letting me comment!

  10. Debbie C says:

    Hi! Okay… I tried the Face Doctor soap. The smell is very strong- I think that is the Borax. I acutally liked it and my nose was less red. It is drying, so I did use a good moisturizer, but I have pretty oily skin, even at 52 yrs of age.

    Having said that, I found another dermatologist who put me on some newer Retin-A product and that has worked fairly well. She said I have over productive oil glands and I am going to go for some laser work :).

    But, I give either either the Blue Sage or the Face Doctor an okay… if your skin is more on the oily side.

    Hope this helps a bit.
    Debbie C.

  11. Thanks for the feedback Debbie.

  12. roxanna w. says:

    hi. i first got red bumps with flakes all over my face a few years ago. we didn’t have health insurance, but a neighbor said it looked like rosacea. i’d never heard of it. she told me her husband used blue sage naturals seabuckthorn soap and their relief and rescue, and that it helped him alot. i tried it. the soap didnt dry me out and it had no smell.
    i never tried anyone else’s soap. the relief n rescue helped me alot. i never tried the seabuckthorn oil. my bumps and flakiness are gone. i realize different things work on different people, but i wanted to put in my 2 cents on the seabuckthorn question.

    roxanna w.

  13. Deb M. says:

    I’ve been reading all the suggested remedies & comments with great interest. I have rosacea with papules and occular rosacea. Nothing my doctor has had me try has worked on the facial rosacea. About 1 month ago I decided to try some seabuckthorn seed oil, soap and cream. It has definitely made a big improvement. The papules have gone down and the veins are not as noticible. I’m not trying to advertise for them, but it was the Blue Sage Naturals products. Sometimes I alternate the soap which can be a little drying, with Aveeno Baby Wash, which helps with the occular problem and leaves your skin really soft.

  14. Lori says:

    I have been surfing the web and reading about the SBT oil and soap. Thank you all for your comments. I suffer from adult acne. I was looking to purchase SBT but I have been having excellent results with tea tree oil. i can purchase it at Walmart or Target for about 7 bucks!

    I use a glycolic acid treatment then the tea tree oil. After the TTO is dry, I use neutrogena 2.5 percent benzoyl. I have been on this regimin for 2 weeks. It is working well.

  15. carlita says:

    Hello, just wanted to know if anyone has tried the seabuckthorn products from aubrey organics. If so, does anyone have any feedback??

  16. Jen says:


    I bought the travel-sized sampler of Aubrey Organics seabuckthorn products and I’m happy-ish so far. lol.

    First of all the products feel very nice on my skin and haven’t dried me out at all. I’ve tried the cleanser, mask, toner and moisturizer that come in the travel bag. I thought $7 for sample sized bottles was a pretty good deal. I will warn you that the scent is on the strong side. I’ve read that the cucumber is the cause for that and not the seabuckthorn oil.

    I haven’t noticed a drastic improvement yet, but my breakout was pretty bad and it’s been less than a week, so I’m willing to keep using it until I run out. Right now I’m only using the toner because after using all of the products the scent left on my face was too strong and made me nauseated after the 2nd day.

    I would like to find a bottle of pure SB oil and incorporate that into my usual cleansing/moisturizing routine, because it does seem like the SB oil would be helping more if I could use more of the product.

  17. Deb M. says:

    Jen, try Blue Sage Naturals (just Google them) for the pure SB oil. They seem to be one of the more reasonably priced providers that I’ve come across, although there are lots of others out there. Their other products such as soap etc. are not highly perfumed, which I like. Their web site is nothing fancy, and is pretty straight forward, so you can tell they don’t put a lot of money into marketing like Aubrey does. Hope this helps.

  18. carlita says:

    Hey Jen, thanks for responding. I actually did end up trying the face mask of the seabuckthorn line, and atleast for me it didn’t work out. Maybe I should’ve tried the entire line, but just using the mask made my skin super oily. So i got scared of using anything else.

    Right now I’m using the Cetaphil gentle cleanser along with Purpose daily SPF 15 moisturizer. My skin has seemed to calm down drastically. It used to be soo irritated, ick!

    I still feel it’s a bit oily around my T-zone, but I’m afraid to use products for combo skin because it might irritate my rosacea. So for now i’ll deal with a little shine here and there, lol.

  19. Lisa Green says:

    My 12 yo son developed severe acne, has tried a boat load of prescription ointments, lotions, gels, etc. and been on various antibiotics. We heard about and started putting pure seabuckthorn oil on his forehead for about 3 weeks. At first the acne got worse, then, surprisingly, it is gone! It was almost unbelievable. If you saw his face, you would not believe how one oil, used consistently, could help! We are not putting it all over his face and know his face will be pimple free by the time school starts in Fall. I am ordering the seabuckthorn capsules also, as I have heard this encourages healing as well. I would recommend anyone who has a skin disorder, especially Demodex overgrowth, use this first!

  20. Sharon says:

    I also have roscea and seborheaic dermatitis and sensitivity to scents. I have been using Selsun Blue 2 in 1 for my dermatitis and decided to try it on my roscea. I only use once a day and leave it on for about 30 seconds and it has made a huge improvement. Once the rocea has cleared I use unscented goatmilk soap (natural ingredients only). I rotate these two as needed.

  21. gerardo says:

    solicito me puedan proporcioanr semilla de Seabuckthorn gracias

  22. Mc says:

    I too have used the face doctor soap. Have seen and felt a big difference. The soap at first was leaving my face dry, but the redness was gradually disappearing.
    I used too feel heat in my face when I ate spicy food
    or drank alcohol . I don’t break out or have those nasty
    papules like I used to. The product does take time to work but you have to give it a chance not just a week!!
    Family and friends have commented me on not having such a red face. I have used this product for 2yrs now
    and love it. I would recommend this to anyone.
    You have to follow the exact directions or you will not
    have great results. Give it a month & you’ll see a big

  23. Jomamma says:

    I have used Blue Sage Naturals seabuckthorn shampoo and seed oil for eczema and it really does work and it does not dry out my skin. I don’t have rosacea so don’t know if it works for that. I have tried products from from Shea Terra Organics and I like their face and body products too for dry skin esp the argan oil for face and the black soap for face, although the black soap can be drying if left on too long I like how clean it leaves my face without scrubbing.

  24. Lenitta Gomas says:

    I cannot agree with all these reviews. They are on a hurry and saying something blah blah. This is not the right way to post review about a product. I am so much sad to hear such bad words about a very useful natural product. I too have used the facedoctor soap and seen a big difference. If anyone want a proof I will show my old photo before using this product and new photo after using this product. Now I am 42, my teenage daughter also have the redness in face she is also using this facedoctor soap and it reduced the redness to a big extent. This is not a skin care product for instant results. This is for longterm results

  25. Janet Mcyntire says:

    I must say after reading the posts I am appauled.

    I’ve had acne rosacea for well over the last 5 years & the only product that has worked is….. SEA BUCKTHORN OIL 😀

    I’ve been purchasing from a store in Australia which has the Best customer service ever. When I read their “About Us” section I nearly cried. I was so deeply touched & understand now why they are only selling Seabuckthorn oil for the skin and not un-natural money making junk.

    For any one who’s interested please email me & I’ll give you the site as I don’t want to seem like an advocate though I am extremely satisfied!

    OH my email wont show…..

    Being very humble about it I ordered from [link deleted]

    I’m sure most sea buckthorn is fantastic from other shops too but Ethical care just seems more appropriate for me.

    Kind Regards & SEA BUCKTHORN ALL THE WAY 😛

  26. Michael says:

    Thanks Janet for your comment I might give it a try..

  27. Lisa says:

    This is the second time I have commented on Blue Sage Naturals. I have been helped immensely by their products. I started out using the seabuckthorn (sbt) soap, the sbt seed oil, and the Relief and Rescue salve. That was five years ago and my face is so much better than it was with anything else. I even was able to give up metrocreme. My husband swears that I don’t have rosacea any more. I did have to graduate to the sbt super moisture soap about 6 months ago when we moved to the desert because it is to dry here. In my 20+ years of living with rosacea, the one thing I can count on is that NOTHING works for everyone. You just have to try stuff until you find something that works and pray they don’t stop making it. Although, my skin is not perfect, it is much better than it was. Just my experience.

  28. Ann says:

    Thanks for your feedback Janet… have had rosacea for about 25 years… yuk… nothing much has helped… however someone mentioned Sea Buckthorn oil last year and the intuitive part of me kinda paid attention… I just ordered from [deleted] as it intuitively felt “right” to purchase from them! 🙂

  29. Sea Buckthorn Wonder says:

    I am a new found user of Sea Buckthorn products, and am a serious believer in the benefits it provides. I live in Canada, and I found out about Sea Buck thorn from [link deleted]

    I didn’t realize that my in-laws acutally had it growing in their back yard. So this fall I began eating just the raw berries. I noticed that I had nicer skin, and (sorry for this part) easier movements…they say its a digestive aid.

    The only problem was that I had eaten so many that I began to smell. My wife couldn’t stand the smell of me, saying that I smelled like “old man”. I read somewhere that is caused by the Omega 7…just don’t remember the site, or I’d post a link to that too.

  30. Beth says:

    I’ve tried Face Doctor and Blue Sage Naturals. The Face Doctor soap is loaded with perfume and dries out my skin quickly. Horrible stuff! The Blue Sage seabuckthorn soap is very creamy and luxurious, and it didn’t irritate me. However, it simply doesn’t really get rid of pustules as well as sulfur ointments such as Prosaeca. At best, it’s just a very fine non-irritating soap. As for Relief and Rescue seabuckthorn salve, I ordered it a few years ago and still have a full jar. I’ve tried to use it several times, and each time it breaks me out with pimples in places I’ve never had pimples in my life. It’s my firm belief that this stuff is just too oily. It clogs the pores. The website claims that the seabuckthorn brings the demodex mite to the surface, so your skin will get worse before it gets better. Supposedly, this is just the mites dying and liquifying in your pores. I’d rather kill the mites quickly with sulfur and use a lotion to counteract the dryness. My lotion of choice is Triderma Redness Relief, and believe me, I’ve tried every skin lotion from Cetaphil to Neutrogena to Eucerin to Aveeno and more. I’ll buy ANYTHING that claims to be gentle for sensitive skin. I like the Triderma because it has a beautiful cooling effect. (My skin can get pretty dry, hot and painful.) I’m not talking about a menthol type of cooling effect that actually stings or burns. I’m talking about a very gentle soothing sort of coolness. It almost feels as if you’ve chilled the Triderma in the fridge. Without this lotion, the sulfur would tear my skin apart. As much as I love the Triderma, it’s a dry sort of lotion that’s not so great for wearing under makeup. For days when I dress up and wear makeup, I like Olay Regenerist Serum, fragrance free. It helps my foundation go on so much smoother. As for makeup, you simply must try the Covergirl stuff with the Olay ribbons. Both the cake and liquid are good. These products help me fool the world into thinking that I have beautiful skin. Around age 37, I began to experience Rosacea symptoms. My skin became very rough and uneven with pustules alongside my nose and rashes on my chin. It took three years to discover the perfect balance of products to restore my youthful appearance. I’ve literally tried A TON products, so if you’d like to e-mail me before you try something, I can be reached at

  31. wes says:

    Hey everyone, I’ve been on and off of this site for years looking for ideas on how to treat my rosacea(yes it’s my first post). I’ve tried almost everything over the years. I’m in the Army so I don’t have to pay for a dermatologist or the medicine, so I bother them every month or so. I’ve had laser treatments(which have helped). I’ve tried every rosacea medication that you can think of including specially mixed medication prescription lotions(mystery lotion). The only medication that does anything for me is Ellidel. (AND I PROMISE YOU I’M IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH SIBU) but their soap (the bar) has really worked for me.

    I wash my face in the morning and then apply a light amount of Elidel and I do the same thing before bed.
    I’m about to see what happens if I repeat this at lunchtime as well.

    It hasn’t cured me by any means but there is a dramatic difference. And it was immediately after my first or second use. I’ve been using it for over a month now and my skin still looks good(I can really tell from pics that were taken of me at parties). I even drink alcohol and it doesn’t effect me (before when I drank I looked like a lobster).

    Lastly, I feel everyone’s pain on here. I’ve missed out on so many things in life due to rosacea because I just didn’t want to leave the house. And the last thing I want to do is give false hope to anyone(I’ve been down that road too many times).

    Good luck my friends and if this helps even one person I’ll be happy.

  32. Liv says:

    I have found success with using sea buckthorn seed oil all over my cheeks, forehead and chin. Unlike other oils it sinks in easily and has really helped to nourish and calm it down ( which as we all know is not easy!) and red bumps are clearing up as I continue to use it. I read about all these wonder creams etc that work and have tried most of them with varying ( to no) success. This oil is the best to date.
    I also use Essential Care Rose moisturiser during the day( also contains sea buckthorn oil) and Spot On. Both help without being too harsh. I also use tea tree oil ( about 3-4 drops) mixed with argan oil on my scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, ears and up my nose.
    All these products have helped to improve my skin.

  33. janinej7 says:

    Seabuckthorn soap is not for rosacea, it’s for cleansing the face. It had sbt in it, but it wasn’t specifically for rosacea. How could a soap thats a cleanser be for something other than cleaning?

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