Scenesse effective for Solar Urticaria

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For those following the progress of the development of Scenesse (formerly Afamelanotide), some good results from Phase II trials in treating Solar Urticaria.

Solar Urticaria is a rare skin condition that can be thought of as being like hives caused my exposure to the sun.

Participants received a 16mg implant of Scenesse and were found to have both a significant increase in skin melanin and decrease in sensitivity to previously irritating wavelengths of light.

Systemic photoprotection in solar urticaria with α-melanocyte stimulating hormone analogue [Nle(4) -D-Phe(7) ]-α-MSH.

Conclusion: Melanisation following afamelanotide is accompanied by reduction in solar urticaria response across a broad spectrum of wavelengths. Further study is warranted to assess clinical benefit in under ambient conditions in summertime.

Although not directly related to rosacea it does show that Scenesse is continuing its slow but steady progress towards proving that it is a safe and effective photoprotective treatment.

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