Sansrosa ingredients revealed in patent application

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A new sansrosa patent application has appeared, and from it was can see clearly what formula will be used for the sansrosa gel and sansrosa cream formulations. We don’t know the official name for the product yet, but it seems to make sense to me to call the product Sansrosa Gel and Sansrosa Cream.

Those following the development of sansrosa closely will be encouraged by this patent application; making this new treatment seem one step closer to being available.

Brimonidine Compositions for Treating Erythema, United States Patent Application 20090061020

The present invention is directed to a pharmaceutical composition including brimonidine tartrate in an amount from about 0.17 percent by weight to about 0.19 percent by weight in a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier such as a gel or cream. The invention also relates to a method of treating erythema in a patient with rosacea by administering the composition of the invention to the site of erythema on the skin of the patient.

More extracts:

A composition wherein the gel comprises water, a gelling agent, a skin-penetrating agent (propylene glycol), a moisturizer (glycerin), a preservative (methylparaben or phenoxyethanol), a gelling agent (Carbomer 934P), a protective agent (titanium dioxide), a carrier to have a pH of about 5 to about 7.5 (sodium or potassium hydroxide)

A composition wherein the gel comprises water, a carbomer, propylene glycol, glycerin, methylparaben, phenoxyethanol, glycerin, titanium dioxide and a sufficient amount of base to cause the carrier to have a minimum pH of about 6.2 and a maximum pH of about 6.8 when the gel is diluted by a factor of ten.

Later on we can see the relative amounts of each component.

Gel Formulation

IngredientWeight Percent
Brimonidine tartrate0.18%
Carbomer 934P1.25%
Glycerin5.5% 10%
Titanium dioxide0.625%
Propylene glycol5.5% 10%
NaOH Solution6.5%
DI WaterQS

The Phase 2 studies used a composition similar to the above gel formulation. Three strengths were used for the trials – 0.02%, 0.07% and 0.20% brimonidine tartrate. The placebo of course contained no brimonidine tartrate. A strong benefit in reduction of erythema was seen in the mid and high doses.

Cream Formulation

Ingredient Weight  Percent
Brimonidine tartrate0.18%
Disodium EDTA0.01%
Butylated Hydroxytoluene0.05%
PEG-6 Stearate (and) Glycol Stearate7.5%
PEG- 32 Stearate Cetostearyl alcohol4.0%
Caprylic capric7.0%
triglycerides Diisopropyl adipate7.0%
Oleyl alcohol7.0%
Lanolin USP2.0%
Ceteareth-6 (and) Stearyl2.0%
Alcohol Ceteareth-252.0%
Tartaric Acid0.001%
DI Water56.209%


We can also see that `Typically, one to four applications per day are recommended during the term of treatment.’

Do you see anything you don’t like ? Anything interesting or of concern given your own experience with topicals ?

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5 Reader Comments

  1. lINDA says:

    Do you have any dates that Sansrosa will be available .??

  2. David Pascoe says:

    The best information I have is “The latest official information from Galderma was that they `anticipate completing the study in the third quarter of 2008 and commencing our Phase III clinical trials before the end of 2008’ ” (Sansrosa Phase 3 Delayed until END of 2008)

    You can be sure that any new information will be posted here.


  3. excellent news says:

    This is truly something to look foreward to and perhaps we should all be celebrating one fact about this. (1-4 applications per day!!) This means that this can be used for redness removal ALL DAY. I initially feared a requirement of one application daily, limiting the potential amount of hours per day with the SANROSA benefits. This is really great news, even if it is one or two years away. Just imagine folks : )

  4. Arthur says:

    Ok, So now its January 2011…. What about this “SANROSA” Does anbody know if it made it to the general public ?

  5. Sadly, Arthur, Sansrosa is still a long way from being available. It may even still fail as a possible treatment. At this stage, anyone who knows a date is just guessing.

    Some recent articles on Sansrosa: Galderma sends Sansrosa backwards – Phase 2 Dosage Trials Again and Sansrosa delayed, sufferers make their own Brimonidine, BEWARE.


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