Sanrosa (COL-118) Phase 2 Looking Promising

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As was mentioned in January this year, COL-118 (product code used for the sansrosa product) is expected to move from Phase 1 to Phase 2 in 2007. Collagenex has published results from their Phase 2 trials that were conducted in order to test some dosage levels to assess how they effective they are and also any side effects.

Some interesting points in their press release: CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals Announces Highly Positive Results of Phase 2 Dose-Finding Trial of Col-118 for the Treatment of Erythema

  • 3 dosages were compared to a vehicle control
  • The dosage trials measured facial redness on a scale of 0 to 4, with 4 reserved for `fiery redness’. All trial participants were initially assessed as either a 3 or 4 on this scale.
  • The best news from the trial was that there was a good relationship between the dosage used, and the benefit measured. This is good news because it shows that the active ingredient can be proven to be effective.
  • The trial participants reported at least 6 hours of relief.
  • Over a third of the trialists using the highest dosage reported that their redness was rated as a 0 or 1 during the period that the topical was working at its best.
  • the side effects of the active formulation was similar to that of the vehicle control ie. no extra bad effects were seen.
  • Phase 3 testing is expected in the first quarter of 2008

Overall this is great news for those following the Sansrosa product. The product still needs further trials to confirm its safety and efficacy, and then will require approval by the FDA before it can become generally available.

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10 Reader Comments

  1. SMITTY says:

    Dear Rosacea Friends,
    Sansrosa or Col-118?

    Who really cares what it cost! Anything new on the market will always be a bit costly at first.And besides…if the Sanrosa or the Col0118 really does work….and I mean REALLY works! Then I can save a few bucks from the many products that have already cost me a arm and leg. If I counted up all the money that I have spent from Creams..and Web site claims. It would be be worth ever red cent! After 10 years of fighting Rosacea. I am ready for a proven product that works.

    Regards to All!


  2. Hi Smitty – I hope that it really does give people the sort of benefit they are hoping for. Here is an indication of the sort of benefit you might see.

    What do you think – are you thinking it will be all that you are hopining for ?

  3. southerngulfhome says:

    Well…If that is just one person’s picture of improvemant with the treatment of Sansrosa. It is approx. a 80 percent improvement. That’s always good! Anything but what we have now! Who know… perhaps others may also find even more improvement…Maybe even better improvement then is shown! I can only hope! My stage 1 rosacea is on my face..not on my forehead, or chin..just my cheeks. And by looking at that woman. I am a little more…worse off then she is. She’s about a 4-5 on a scale of red ness. I’m about an 8…with my Redness. So I hope something comes along soon! I;m trying the Genisis Laser now. And after this…I will try the Perfecta laser. I heard it is the best thing out there! Well….Unless this Genisis works!

    Best Regards to All

  4. It will definitely be interesting to see what sort of benefits people do get when SR is released.

  5. michael says:

    so when is this product going to be out, it is almost 2010? soon? also is this suppose to help with persistant redness, meaning permanant redness on nose?

  6. mike says:

    when is this product suppose to be out?>?> its almost 2010

  7. Hi Michael,

    The latest information I have found is that sansrosa is conducting strength trials which is a good sign that it is approaching its final hurdle before approval. No one can predict the future, so don’t believe anyone who says that they know when it will be available. It seems that 2010 is a reasonable guess though.


  8. Smitty says:

    Well…it’s now March 2010 , and still no progress. Anyone knows whats goin on with the SANS ROSA product?

  9. Sadly as the whole development for this product is being done inside the behemoth that is Galderma, very little information is available about their progress.

    Galderma has confirmed, though, that the product is back at Stage II testing and Stage III testing is yet to come.

    Anyone who says a date is just guessing – but it looks pretty clear that 2010 is totally out of the question.

    At least we know that they have the money to see this product through, should they continue to be of the view that it will become a proven product and make enough returns for their shareholders.


  10. rob says:

    any update on this product?

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