Rutin Forte Supplement reduces redness apparently

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A paper published in the Georgian Medical News, and listed on PubMed details a study that concludes that Rutin Forte is an effective means for the treatment and prevention of erythematous rosacea.

The supplement was included alongside regular rosacea therapy of topical and oral antibiotics.

What is Rutin Forte?

Rutin Forte is a nutritional supplement that contains commonly known ingredients. The makers of Rutin Forte list the following ingredients

Rutin Forte  – Aconitum, Lithuania ;

• rutoside – 200 mg,
• vitamin C with prolonged action (128 mg of calcium ascorbate) – 100 mg,
• selenium (25 mg of selenium yeast) – 50 μg,
• zinc (35 mg zinc gluconate) – 5 mg.

Perhaps Rutin is the only unfamiliar ingredient:


Rutin is a bioflavonoid. Largest amounts of rutin can be found in buckwheat flour, citrus fruit, black tea, and apple skin. During digestion processes rutin is metabolized into aglycon and kvercetine.

Mode of action:
Rutin is an antioxidant, it has anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic, cytoprotective and vasoprotective mode of action. It stabilizes vitamin C.

Besides, acting with vitamin C it increases it’s effect and has a positive effect on lipids metabolism.

Rutin strengthens blood vessels, decreases the permeability of the cell wall, bleeding rate.

It can stop the edema of blood vessels.

Rutin can help to decrease the cytoxicity of the oxygenated DTL cholesterol that is one of the factors responsible for the development of atherosclerosis.

There are some evidences that rutin can protect tissues from oxygenative lesions in case of inflammation by increasing the amount of antioxidant glutathione. Rutin inhibits the lipid peroxidation and protects organism from atherosclerosis.

These results should be considered preliminary.

Rutin Forte does not appear to be easily available outside Lithuania, although a similar combination of supplements may be available from many health food stores.

Article Abstract

Angioprotectors in the treatment of rosacea

Tsiskarishvili N, Katsitadze A, Tsiskarishvili Ts, Tchitanava L, Tsiskarishvili N.

[Article in Russian].

Rosacea – a common chronic inflammatory dermatosis (3-10% of all dermatoses) primarily affecting the skin of face.

Numerous methods for the treatment of rosacea are defined by the diversity of etiologic and pathogenic factors of dermatosis, its stage and clinical form. But a significant role in its development, most researchers relate to vascular disturbances.

It is suggested that vascular changes in this disease are the product of two interrelated pathological processes: the disturbances in integrity and tone of the vascular wall and disorganization of perivascular connective tissue. The results of these processes are formation of a stable dilatation of skin blood vessels clinically manifested by erythema and telangiectasia.

Based on foregoing, The aim of this study was evaluation of therapeutic efficacy of Rutin Forte in complex treatment and prevention of rosacea.

30 patients with an erythematous stage of rosacea were under observation (20 women and10 men) aged 25 to 50 years.

The first group (15 patients) was treated by the standard procedure (Antibiotics, systemic metronidazole, antihistamines, traditional external therapy).

Patients of the second group (15 people) additionally received a Rutin Forte containing long-acting vitamin C, zinc and selenium. The drug was administered at a dose of 2 capsule per day. Duration of treatment – 2 to 3 months.

Observation period after treatment were 12 months. During this period we revealed a significant reduction of erythema, recurrence of disease in the second group of patients was not observed, but in the group of comparison recurrences were detected on 3rd month of follow up and the degree of erythema reduction was significantly less.

Thus, the study revealed that Rutin Forte is an effective means for the treatment and prevention of the torpid relapsing forms of rosacea on erythematous stage of dermatosis.

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  1. KRC says:

    This supplement appears to only be available from Lithuania.

  2. Mary says:

    I wonder if this is the same a resveratrol. When I googled it that’s what came up. There’s also a supplement Rutin that people take for skin health and hemorhoids.

  3. Frank says:

    Did somebody try this?

  4. Rachel says:

    You can buy rutin as a supplement in the
    U.S. And the other ingredients alone as supplements too. Why not just take these and get the same result?

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