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Written by on October 28, 2006 in LED Therapy with 1 Comment

The `Red LED Lamps & Other Forms of Low-Level Light Therapy‘ page from the Rosacea Support Resource Pages has been updated. 

Citing studies like Low-level laser therapy induces dose-dependent reduction of TNFalpha levels in acute inflammation, and Effect of low intensity laser light in the red range on macrophage superoxide dismutase activity the RSRP article makes the link between the reduction of tumor necrosis factor (TNF-a) and increases in levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD) with the benefit seen by users of this emerging form of treatment.

Red LED and Low Level Light Therapy is emerging as a beneficial form of treatment for rosacea sufferers. As more research is published and more patients report good results, this therapy looks like becoming a promising treatment for us all.

Thanks to Dan for joining together some more dots to help us  understand Red LEDs, LLLT and treating rosacea.

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  1. Amon says:

    Just wondered if those using strictly the RED LED lamps have noticed any improvement.
    And or any negative effects from this treatment.
    Specifically I was wondering if it is typical to notice increased sebum production and papules from this treatment?



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