RRF Announces 2005 Grant

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The Rosacea Research Foundation has announced their 2005 Grant. The Grant is titled Structural and biologic changes in the rosacea skin induced by pulse dye laser and intense pulsed light, and has been awarded to Drs. Payam Tristani-Firouzi and Nancy Samolitis.

The aim of the study is

… to examine the effect of pulse dye laser (PDL) and intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment of rosacea to determine whether, in addition to reducing the amount of blood vessels, these procedures produce structural and biologic change in the skin that may help identify and increase understanding of the causes of this disorder.

David Pascoe, President of the Rosacea Research Foundation said

“This grant will form part of the 2005 Grant Program as part of the National Rosacea Society’s annual grant scheme. The Rosacea Research Foundation will be credited as the source of funding for this grant.

The grant scheme of the NRS is extensive and thorough. Additionally the RRF MAC was able to provide some feedback and input to the researchers.

Whilst only one grant, the RRF has achieved a milestone that all of the supporters can be proud of.”

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