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The NRS have published their Summer 2007 edition of Rosacea Review.

They highlight a paper presented at this year’s AAD Meeting in Washington DC. Rosacea News mentioned this abstract in February as ;

demodex bacteria – could that be the cause ?

Some more speculation about how rosacea might be linked in some way to demodex mites. So far there is no causative link – that is scientists cannot yet prove that demodex mites cause rosacea. The quest continues to find if there is a good provable link between the mites and rosacea. I remain skeptical until some good research is published.

I also added some more background in June when a similar paper was published in the British Journal of Dermatology – demodex mite bacteria causes the inflammation ?

Personally I hope that the rosacea community doesn’t spend too many resources chasing demodex causes. If only the mites could be discounted once and for all. Sadly, though, I think the fact that a link is hard to find, just means researchers look harder. Maybe I’ll be proved wrong in the future, but I just can’t see demodex and their effects adding much to the rosacea cause research effort.

The rest of this edition of Rosacea Review is the usual light reading.

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