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The idea of using an American Academy of Dermatology Poster session paper to introduce research around a new product is nothing new.

Getting a poster session approved is easier than a full journal paper, so this path is certainly an attractive way to publicize your research.The AAD Poster Sessions are therefore one way in which rosacea sufferers get a glimpse into the leading (or indeed bleeding) edge of rosacea research.

From the description of the Rosacea Treatment System contained in this abstract, it seems clear that this regime is the Obagi Rosaclear System.

Obagi is a registered trademark of OMP, Inc. OMP stands for Obagi Medical Products. OMP are listed as commercially supporting this trial.

Obagi promote the Rosaclear System as a containing ;

  • a “gentle cleanser that soothes your skin while helping to remove bacteria and other irritating residues”. It contains Aloe.
  • a Hydrating Complexion Corrector that “protects and moisturises your skin while helping to reduce the appearance of redness by utilizing multiple calming agents and light-reflecting minerals”
  • a Skin Balancing Sun Moisturizer SPF15 – a chemical free tinted UVA/UVB moisturizer which easily blends with your skin to help reduce the appearance of redness and blotchiness”. The ingredients list Zinc Oxide 15.5% and Titanium Dioxide 2.0%.

The 4th part of  the regime is a generic version of 0.75% Metronidazole Topical Gel available via prescription only.

We are told that the calming agents are licorice, aloe, lavender, sea whip and Mica.

P301 Evaluating a rosacea treatment system containing a cleanser, metronidazole, hydrating complexion corrector, and sunscreen

AAD Summer Academy Meeting 2010, August 4-8, 2010, Chicago Ill.

James Leyden, MD, KGL, Inc., Broomall, Pennsylvania, United States

Introduction: A rosacea treatment system (consisting of four components—cleanser, metronidazole 0.75% gel, hydrating complexion corrector, and sunscreen SPF30) has been developed to treat rosacea pharmacologically and non-pharmacologically. The system aims to reduce the appearance of redness as rapidly as possible while also providing other clinical benefits in the longer term.

Methods: Adult women with mild or moderate rosacea, and mild or moderate erythema on the malar area of the face, were eligible to enrol in this investigator-blind, parallel-group study. Participants were randomly assigned to receive one of the following three treatments for 28 days: the rosacea treatment system; the rosacea treatment system minus metronidazole; or metronidazole 0.75% gel plus standard skin care (standard cleanser and moisturizer/sunscreen). Each product was applied twice daily except the sunscreen in the rosacea treatment system was applied each morning and as needed.

Results: Overall, 30 patients enrolled and 29 (97%) completed. The proportion of patients who, at day 28, had at least slight global improvement (≤ 24% improvement) was 90% with the rosacea treatment system, 60% with the rosacea treatment system minus metronidazole, and 67% with metronidazole plus standard skin care. The proportion with at least moderate global improvement (25-49%) was 40% with the rosacea treatment system, 10% with the rosacea treatment system minus metronidazole, and 11% with metronidazole plus standard skin care.

At day 14, the mean erythema score had declined in the rosacea treatment system group and remained unchanged with metronidazole plus standard skin care.

At day 28, the proportion of patients considering their study regimen to be very effective, effective, or somewhat effective in reducing dryness was 90% with the rosacea treatment system, 90% with the rosacea treatment system minus metronidazole, and 78% with metronidazole plus standard skin care.

Also at day 28, the proportion of patients who reported their skin was easily irritated at least sometimes was 40% with the rosacea treatment system, 70% with the rosacea treatment system minus metronidazole, and 89% with metronidazole plus standard skin care. Two adverse events were reported (both in the metronidazole plus standard skin care group)—dry chin and burning sensation.

Conclusion: The rosacea treatment system may offer superior efficacy and tolerability to metronidazole plus the standard skin care used in this study.

Commercial Support: Supported by OMP, Inc.

My Thoughts

It is encouraging to see a company that is promoting the use of a complete, gentle skincare regime. For many rosacea sufferers, being able to find the best combination of a moisturizer, sunscreen and cleanser is a good step toward finding relief.

The Rosaclear web page has a nice morphing Before & After gallery tab for 2 patients who have used the regime for 1 or 4 weeks. You would have to say that the improvement shown in these photographs, though, is on the mild side.

Time will tell whether the combination suggested by Obagi is going to be find success as a complete rosacea skincare regime.

Rosaclear User Reviews

moree65 says

“I’ve had a great experience so far with these products. The face wash seems to calm burning and the moisturizer works for dry flaky skin, and also goes on white so it hides flushing when I do have an episode. Seems to make a big difference so I will continue using”

and also

“I actually got the Rosaclear samples from a spa that has a doctor on staff. I would not agree to purchase until they gave me samples because I’ve spent too much money on products that don’t work. I did purchase the kit after using the samples for 10 days. The kit includes a face wash, skin corrective moisturizer, and metro gel that is the same strength as the prescription one. You only use just a small amount so it should last quite awhile. Look online and see if there is a spa close to where you live that carries the line. Good luck and I hope it works for you too.”

Liz says:

Working well so far. Was put on the Rosaclear system about four weeks ago – I really like the cleanser a lot because it cleans extremely well and leaves my skin feeling soft and not tight at all. Smells fresh and takes very little to get the job done.

Donna says:

“Just thought I’d share … I recently started using the SPF 30 in the Obagi rosacea line of products and I’m really happy with it. It has a bit of tint which helps hide the redness, and it soaks in without feeling greasy. I apply a dime size amount to my face and wait about 10 minutes before applying my mineral foundation (Alima). I find I don’t need much foundation to cover the redness. It’s a bit pricey, but I bought mine on eBay for about US$22. This is my new favorite.”

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4 Reader Comments

  1. liza says:

    Dear David

    Thank you for your feed back on obagi. There is one thing which annoys me and makes me think it cannot be suitable for rosacea sufferers: the presence of mica, and furthermore, promoted as a calming agent. It is the contrary! Mica is rough and very irritating (like tiny blades) and that is why most rosacea sufferers cannot stand mineral foundation.

    By the way, have you heard of a mineral fondation without mica and bismuth (another irritating agent)? In France I cannot find one and I am willing to order one. Thanks



  2. Ana says:

    I’ve read your comment and was encourage to buy the product. Unfortunately my skin got really dry and flaky. I don’t know if is something wrong with the quality of the products or something else. Can anybody give me any advise? I bought the cleanser from a clinic and it works fine. The cream and sun screen I bought from a certificated web clinic in England. I hope anybody can help me out.

  3. Ash says:

    My dermatologist gave me the cleanser and skin calming cream. The wash was ok but it wasn’t as gentle as I thought it should be…the cream felt nice when my face was flared up but it didnt rub in very well and left a white film across my face. It didn’t moisturize enough either, clinging to dry patches. I only use it at night now.

  4. Susan says:

    I have tried this range and although I didn’t personally find it particularly good and felt it was more a marketing exercise in stamping average products with the word “rosacea” I would really disagree that the mica in the products (or any other) is “like blades.” It’s there to reflect light, as it does in makeup, but if your skin is in bad shape, it makes little difference when compared with a green-tinted foundation/concealer.

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