Rosacea’s Inflammation Mechanisms: Symposium Notes

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Thanks for the tip from Dan, here is an interesting presentation from the AAD Summer Academy Meeting, August 4-8, Chicago, Ill.

The notes are titled Acne and Rosacea: Inflammatory mechanisms and their impact on therapy and were part of Symposium S012. The Symposium was titled What’s Breaking Out: Acne and Rosacea. Dr. Bhatia was the first speaker, and was down to cover this material in 30 minutes.

The handouts are snapshots of the 41 slides in the presentation slides and naturally a lot more information would have been available at the presentation itself.

Following are some slide titles and extracts to whet your appetite. For the full handouts see the PDF link above. This stuff is pretty technical, so don’t feel too bad if there is unfamiliar terminology being used.


Acne and Rosacea:
Inflammatory mechanisms
and their impact on therapy
Neal Bhatia, M.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor
University of Wisconsin Medical School
2010 Summer AAD Symposium 012

Neal Bhatia, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor
University of Wisconsin Medical School.


So what makes a papule ?

So what makes a pustule ?

Increased potential for scarring, necrosis, and nodules due to brisk inflammation.

Flushing vs. Blushing

Vascular elements of Rosacea.

What to remember about Demodex:

It is the density of mites or their extrafolicular location that induces hypersensitivity.

Impact of Photodamage

How does vasculopathy affect inflammation?

Anti-inflammatory activity of tetracyclines

Cathelicidins 101

Stratum Corneum Tryptic Enzyme trigger inflammation

Kallikrein 5 and Rosacea

Azelaic Acid suppresses KLK5 in keratinocytes in rosacea.

Retinoids and Inflammation

Doxycycline Mechanisms of Action

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