Rosacea’s 3 Big Questions

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J.K.L. Tan (who is an advisor, consultant, speaker and/or triallist for Bayer, Cipher, Dermira, Galderma, Roche and Valeant) writes in the September 2015 BJD – Deciphering the enigma of rosacea continues. . . -  distilling for us the 3 most pressing questions facing rosacea researchers (and indeed sufferers) today ;

  • (i) As rosacea has an important impact on patients, why is there such a paucity of trials reporting patient-reported outcomes?
  • (ii) What is the definition of ocular rosacea and where are the controlled trials for this condition?
  • (iii) Can any medical treatments prevent worsening or improve phyma?

Good Questions Eh?

Anyone out there have any wisdom to offer for these excellent questions? Surprise us all with an answer below.

Do you have a big question related to Rosacea that you would like answered? Go for it in the comments below too.

If you are a rosacea researcher looking for some inspiration, you have come to the right blog post. There is plenty of research work to be found – start writing your funding requests now – please!

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    “​I would like to know why dermatologists think it isn’t that big of a deal, prescribe the same Gel for everyone but don’t carrying different rosacea creams, etc in their offices for patient to try without spending hundreds of dollars on products only to find you are allergic to them. These products are not cheap and then they only give you 50 ml for $40.00. They don’t list all the ingredients so once it is bought you find it does have fragrance in it (after listing it doesn’t), it has parabens in it (which no one ever seems to lists nor did my doctor even asks if I was allergic to).

    I’m getting pretty fed up which makes me face red (pun intended)!!!


  2. comment via email.

    “The VBeam laser will help reduce redness
    The worthless for redness “

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