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In a recent post to rosacea-support, some new rosacea resource pages were announced:

Over the last few weeks a new set of web pages that list a collection of resources for rosacea sufferers has been put together. These pages have been called the “Rosacea Support Resource Pages“. Here you will find information about such areas as supplements, the role of inflammation, and emerging treatment therapies. As you will be able to see from reading these pages there is a lot of interesting research going on, and good rosacea-related resources that you can read from all over the web.

Thanks heaps to Dan for his huge effort in getting these pages up and going. Many will have seen Dan’s interesting and useful posts to rosacea-support. These pages are very much written by and for rosacea sufferers, so they shouldn’t be read in isolation and no-one should change their treatment regime without seeking professional advice. Having said that I’m sure everyone will be inspired a bit and get a benefit from reading these pages.

The web site address is ;

(this is not officially a part of the RRF, the pages are just using the site as a host)

feedback is welcome,

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