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From:  "Linda Sy MD" 
Date:  Wed Mar 17, 1999  9:58 am


Sorry I didn’t reply to your last posting. Just catching up w/ stuff at the office. Took a couple of days off after I returned. Am glad that your derm approved of my products.

As you may know, my products are dispensed in some dermatologists’ offices in several states. We are not known in the non-medical world (cause we don’t do much marketing until now and still very little) but have been around by word of mouth in the dermatological community. In answer to your question re whether or not to use the sunscreen I sent – since you are not spending much time outdoors, you are probably right. Sunscreens, especially chemical sunscreens, although necessary for rosacea sufferers, are harsh chemicals.

If one can tolerate them, chemical sunscreens are more elegant. The Recreational sunscreen I sent you has high SPF of 30 and because of the amount of silicone (dimethicone is a type of silicone we use a lot), it is also waterproof and sweat proof. However, this may indeed make it a bit heavy for you since rosacea sufferers tend to break out in pimples more.

The more the percentage of dimethicone, the more the possibility of breakouts. That’s why I caution every one regarding compounding etc. You CAN use too much of a good thing and get adverse results. Use this heavy duty sunscreen only if you are going outdoors during sunny weekends or use it on your torso. The Optimal Light-textured Sunscreen Lotion may be better if you wish to wear a sunscreen daily. In retrospect, I should have sent you the Optimal Light. As you see, I am learning a lot from this group!

Linda Sy M.D.
Linda Sy Skin Care


From: Thomas Voigt
Date: Friday, March 12, 1999 5:35 AM
Subject: [rosacea] Re: treatments

I wanted to report on the ‘2ND opinion derm" I saw on Monday. First, he wants me off the minocycline/other oral antibiotics entirely. Well, that was OK for a very brief time, as I am being treated for a sinus infection right now—after that, I will be on NO oral antibiotics.

He feels that there is no sign of seborrheic dermatitis, and I have all the symptoms of rosacea. He asked me a lot of questions, in terms of treatments, medical history, and then advised me from there–for a topical, he wants me off the metrocream (am)/klaron (pm) and has me applying Cleocin T LOTION for now–am and pm; I was told I could continue with Dr Linda Sy’s cleansing and treatment program, but agreed that unless

I’m exposed to the sun for a lengthy period of time, I ought not to use any sunscreen on a daily basis–he recommended wearing a hat (which I do anyway) on a daily basis, though! He gives the "Sy Skincare Program" his blessings (I brought the info in for him to look at) and wholehearted endorsement of the ideas to reduce inflammation/irritation for our type skin. I liked him very much, feel that he is sincerely interested in helping the rosacea patient deal with a frustrating skin condition and will probably continue in the future as his patient. I see now why he has such a good reputation around this area.

I mentioned my dermatology experience to my husband and he plans to make his next appointment with this derm,(skin cancer in his family–with black hair, hazel eyes, and dark ruddy skin, no less!!) also.


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  1. Pixie Girl says:

    I just wanted to post something about silicones and dimethylcones. I am a skincare consultant and have been for 15 years. The number one skin problem I see is Rosacea! It’s an epidemic.
    Silicones help produce Rosacea! I can’t believe silicones are even in skincare or haircare to begin with.
    Silicone and Dimethylcone is derived from glass! Basically it’s nano particles of glass! It’s glass that has been processed to be a liquid. It’s what gives produces that slippery feel. It was created by Dow Corning. The sinistar thing about cones is they can never be removed from the body once they are placed there. If you really think nano particles of glass are good and anti-aging…then look at a shoe that has been sprayed with silicones after a year! It’s all dry and leathery and turns to dust. The other thing cones do to your hair and skin is cut off oxygen and mositure!

    This is NOT an anit-aging product but an aging one. These glass particles are causing the Rosacea that I’m seeing everywhere.

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