rosacea sufferers less interested in alternative medicine

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According to this recently published short correspondence, rosacea sufferers are much less likely to use complementary and alternative medicine compared to sufferers of psoriasis and other dermatological conditions. Whilst the reason is not clear, it appears one reason could be that sufferers are happy with the efficacy of their current treatment. The majority of patients felt that the complementary and alternative therapies were less helpful than conventional medicine.

Complementary and alternative medicine usage in rosacea, McAleer, M.A.; Powell, F.C. Br J Dermatol, Volume 158, Number 5, May 2008 , pp. 1139-1141(3)

In this article complementary and alternative treatments for rosacea included chinese medicine, herbal medicine and dietary supplements, aromatherapy, spiritual healing and meditation. The most common therapies used were herbal products, naturopathy and dietary restriction/manipulation.

Does this fit with your thoughts about rosacea sufferers ? Can it be that rosacea sufferers are far less interested in alternative therapies than sufferers of other conditions ?



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  1. Aimee says:

    I am thinking of trying a Live Blood Analyst for rosacea. I am told she is good, but haven’t made an appointment yet.

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